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... Ev Cochrane in _Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion_: "Earthlings have long been fascinated by the planet Mars. Well before modern science fiction speculated about advanced civilizations upon Mars and the dire threat of invasion by little green men, the red planet was regarded as a malevolent agent of war, pestilence, and apocalyptic disaster. In an attempt to appease the capricious planet-god, various ancient cultures offered it human sacrifices. What is there about this distant speck of light that could inspire such bizarre conceptions culminating ... planets that allows them to assume that the equations will yield accurate records of where the planets were tens of thousands of years ago. Second: to solve the mysteries of Mars astronomers must first answer the following historical questions posed by Ev Cochrane in _Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion_: "Earthlings have long been fascinated by the planet Mars. Well before modern science fiction speculated about advanced civilizations upon Mars and the dire threat of invasion by little green men, the red planet was regarded as a malevolent ...
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272. Afterword [Kronos $]
... "Velikovsky's Principal Hypothesis", and he purports faithfully to tell what it is. I will follow this for two or three pages, and the reader will have enough. Sagan says: "at the moment that Moses strikes his staff upon the rock, the Red Sea parts... ." Later, "after the death of Moses... the same comet comes screeching back for another grazing collision with the earth. At the moment when Joshua says "Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou ... text quoted by Huber is compared in its brilliance to the Sun itself. What is more: in an earlier prepared review, to explain a series of facts otherwise unexplainable, Huber expressed the surmise that the solar system may have been visited or invaded by a new planet that caused havoc in nature and awe in man: "highly improbable, but not to be excluded capture of a rather large foreign heavenly body into the solar system in historical time... ." (My italics.) SAGAN As my opponent for ...
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... ., and provides a mechanism for the stabilisation of the solar system after an episode of chaos.( Very important given the wealth of evidence for recent electrical scarring of planetary bodies). It also offers a simple mechanism to explain Halton Arp's epochal discovery of quantised red shifts of quasars. Of course that doesn't explain how action at a distance, mediated by something we call the electrostatic force, actually occurs. It is a postulate that fits the observations- including the "spooky" instantaneous connection between fundamental particles discovered in recent ... sense of or create meaning from a selection of observations. Gravity, for example, made sense of falling apples and revolving planets. The other viewpoints "saw" no connection between apples and planets. Definitions changed: The observations once considered important in the term "planet" were replaced with other observations. New mathematical techniques were developed which would have seemed nonsensical to people occupying the old viewpoints. The resulting view of the "gravity universe" was that of isolated "billiard balls" occasionally perturbing each other. This replaced the ...
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... value there would be a 'flashover' similar to atmospheric lightning but in a very dense medium, causing a stream of positively charged material to be ejected from the core, continuing outwards until it emerged at the surface and leaving the planet-sized scar now known as the Great Red Spot. From then on the process was studied in detail by computer, enabling values of the product of charge on the ejected material and on the Sun to be determined which would produce a trajectory of the newly formed cosmic body such that it would eventually attain ... (Feb 1987) Home¦ Issue Contents Computed Planetary Orbits and the Babylonian Observations of Venus Eric W Crew The Babylonian inscribed tablets, sometimes described as the Ammizaduga or Ninsianna tablets, as those found in the ruins of Nineveh, record the disappearances and re-appearances of the planet Venus over a period of about 21 years. Computer programs were compiled to show the orbits of Earth and Venus in a simplified co-planar model. The times of inferior and superior conjunctions were obtained and the intervals between similar conjunctions (synodic periods) plotted against time ...
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275. Quantalism: The Big Picture [Aeon Journal $]
... , "Infant Killing and Cannibalism in Free-Living Chimpanzees," Folia Primatologica 28, 259-282 (1977). [15 E. H. Wilson, The Insect Societies (Cambridge, 1971), pp. 353-371. [16 J. H. Schwartz, The Red Ape: Orang-utans and Human Origins (Boston, 1987). [17 E. H. Wilson, loc. cit. [18 Ibid., pp. 421-423. [19 P. C. Jay (Ed.), Primates: Studies in ... of thinking that either anticipate or go beyond those of Velikovsky. As William Mullen pointed out, [2 there are varieties of catastrophism. The two types of catastrophism distinguished by Mullen are: palaeocatastrophism and caenocat-astrophism. [3 Palaeocatastrophism is the theory that, although our planet has undergone disruptions of global extent, none of these disruptions have occurred since the appearance of human beings. Caenocatastrophism is the theory that global disruptions have occurred within the memory of mankind. Palaeocatastrophism, though long out of favor, has made an undeniable come-back in ...
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276. Discussion Comments From the Floor [Aeon Journal $]
... written: Monuments, erected by the early kings of the 18th dynasty, are still extant: upon them they are represented combating and conquering a nation, that the historic evidence we have adduced, shows to be no other than these invaders. They are portrayed with red hair, blue eyes, and a physiognomy totally distinct from any of the descendants of Abraham, and are evidently a race which has disappeared from the vicinity of Egypt. Among those nations that are noted in sacred history, we find none with whom they can ... of the earth's history; that is, through the actions of weathering, erosion, transportation, and deposition, the face of the globe is being altered constantly and ever so slowly. But the forces of the type that have actually sculptured the major features of our planet are fortunately seldom seen-- never, in our lifetimes. Only because of these violent intrusions can we talk about a 'geological column'; otherwise there would be none. The schematic column should be modified to show a cyclical arrangement of uniformity-catastrophe. And if ...
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... or chaos, produced by the turbulent convection. Here Juergens made a fundamental error. Turbulence does not rule out the existence of large-scale order as Juergens thought. Simple reflection on such phenomena as a hurricane viewed from above, an atomic bomb's mushroom cloud, or Jupiter's Red Spot reveals large scale order in the presence of turbulence. The point is that mathematically chaos does not refer to the geometrical order in a system but instead refers to the ability to predict the system's future state. The existence of granulation in the photosphere, per ... a credible explanation for equatorial glaciers and corals and coal in the Arctic. Submergence and emergence of land far from ice caps are now understood as a result of global isostatic adjustment to changes in crustal loading [W. R. Peltier, Ann. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci. 9, 1981, pp. 199225. Recent advances in climatic modelling show that no pole shift or axial tilt is required to explain the location of the last ice cap. Its eccentric location with respect to the pole is a natural consequence of ...
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278. Thoth Vol. V, No 4 March 15, 2001 [Thoth Website]
... terms of the scatter in the probability distribution of galactic positions across the sky. HANK ADDS: I came across mention of the new book by Burbidge, Hoyle and Narlikar. However, Alpher says he hasn't read it. EARL STAELIN ASKS: After reading "Seeing Red" I rather doubt that Bahcall is correct. I wonder if anyone in our group or Halton Arp has analyzed Bahcall's report, what the results were, and if a written response has been published. Or does anyone plan to do so? If not, ... ancient Greek images of Zeus, the bearer of the thunderbolt, wielding his weapon against the powers of darkness. Zeus is, of course, the Latin Jupiter, and classical images were strongly influenced by the Akkadian images of Marduk, the king of gods, the planet Jupiter, famous for the thunderbolt by which he assumed celestial sovereignty. It was Immanuel Velikovsky who, in _Worlds in Collision_, drew our attention to the ancient memory of lightning passing between planets. The historian Pliny, for example, wrote: "Most ...
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279. Clashing Magnetic Fields [Aeon Journal $]
... of Joshua, 1404 B.C.E. and the Tower of Babel Holocaust, 1944 B.C.E.) The two parties agreed that the deity who answered with fire, He was God. The first turn went to the priests of Baal, who danced, lanced themselves, bled red and generally went into an ecstatic war dance for their chief deity. Nothing happened. In the mid to late afternoon, Elijah took center stage, prayed to the God of Israel, reconstructed a 12-stone altar, quartered a beef, and drenched it with 12 ... (1990) Home¦ Issue Contents Clashing Magnetic Fields Donald W. Patten and Samuel R. Windsor INTRODUCTION The origin and repeated fluctuations of Earth's geomagnetic field are the issues of this essay. The origin of this field was the repeated, cyclic close encounters with a planet member of the Solar System. These ancient flybys are believed to have been very close and their cycle so regular that the same side of Earth was presented to the passing planet in alternating passes. The smaller planet, 11% of Earth's mass, deeply invaded ...
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280. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... is due to fall on to Mars in the astronomically short time of less than a hundred million years. And what of the late planet's own satellites? If such a body were slung directly at Jupiter, says Van Flandern, we might have an explanation for the Red Spot [and also, we might suggest, the rings round Saturn, Uranus, and now Jupiter. If, as we so often do when we transfer cosmic processes to a Velikovskian scenario, we allow that the astronomers' "millions" or "billions ... , 1906), IV, p. 228. Exploded Myths? In a refreshing approach to the origin of comets, a recent study in the American astronomical journal Icarus carries forward the theory, first proposed in 1801, that the asteroids are the debris of a planet formerly orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Building on the work of OVENDEN, who has shown that this must have been a Jupiter-type planet of around 90 Earth masses, THOMAS VAN FLANDERN (Icarus 36, 1978, 51-74) has put a date on what must ...
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