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... tenuous outer portions of the column sheath. In combination with the bluish color of the central core, the polar vortex would exhibit the classical blue-green or turquoise of myth and artifact. In the intricacies of myth we find Leo, the zodiacal lion, whose colors were red and green. In the present-day constellation, one of the prominent luminaries, Denebola, is associated with the color blue and was known by the Euphratean name of Mikid-isati, or burning blue fire. Adjacent to the lion was the zodiacal crab, the dark companion ... . I am not prepared to make such a concession at this time because the dynamical problems of a Saturn-Earth coupling present nearly intractable difficulties that are beyond my comprehension. I must therefore agree with the conclusion of John O'Neill in that the Saturnian deity became personified as the planet only in much later times. (3) The identification of planets with gods, as we know them, is a convention of convenience. And, as for that of Saturn the god with what is known as the planet, it was most likely a ...
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252. New Scenarios for Solar System Evolution [SIS Internet Digest $]
... out of nothing and that this matter is still exploding away from itself in all directions. An enormous edifice of theory has been built upon this assumption but, like an inverted pyramid resting on its apex, it all rests on the assumption that the shifting to the red of the light of faint galaxies means that they are receding from us with speeds that can approach the speed of light. For the last 33 years, however, observational evidence has shown that objects of enormously different redshift can be at the same place in space ... 16, June 7 and 8 Bergamo, Sala dei Giuristi, Citta' Alta, June 9 Introduction: This workshop deals with a wide range of scientific topics based upon developments in the research of the last twenty years that cast new light in the recent past of planet Earth and consequently in the ancient history of Homo Sapiens, where the roots are to be found in mythological and religious heritage. Among the important new findings in astronomy are the discovery of the chaoticity of the planetary orbits and the presence of agents that can catastrophically ...
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253. Astronomy Anomalies by Subjects [Science Frontiers Website]
... Earth-Moon Acceleration Discrepancies ALB4 Earth-Moon Acceleration Incompatible with Moon's Origin in Earth Orbit ALE LUNAR GEOLOGY PROBLEMS ALE1 Asymmetrical Distribution of Maria and Large Basins ALE2 Sinuous Rilles and Formations Resembling Terrestrial Water-Formed Features ALE3 The Lunar Rays ALE4 Lunar Features Seemingly Shaped by Ice ALE5 Swirl Markings ALE6 Anomalous Red Formations ALE7 Layered Structures ALE8 Lunar Glasses ALE9 Nonrandom Distribution of Lunar Craters ALE10 Unexplained Minor Surface Features ALE11 Large-Scale Asymmetries in in Composition ALE12 Dark-Haloed Lunar Craters ALE13 Local Concentrations of Radioactivity ALE14 Scarcity of Dust and Meteoric Material ALE15 Young Lunar-Surface Ages ALE16 Local Concentration of Volatiles ... ACB5 Changing Cometary Periods ACB6 Jupiter's Family of Comets ACB7 Low-Eccentricity Cometary Orbits ACB8 The Scarcity of Hyperbolic Orbits ACB9 Cometary Groups ACB10 Orbits of New Comets Diverge from Common Point ACB11 Excess of Retrograde Long Period Comets ACB12 Uranus-Neptune Region Favored as Comet Source ACB13 Cometary Perturbations Suggestive of Planet X ACB14 Rapid Attrition of the Oort Cloud by Molecular Clouds ACB15 Dynamical Improbability of the Oort Cloud ACO OBSERVATIONAL ANOMALIES OF COMETS ACO1 Two-Dimensional Comet Tails ACO2 Cometary Activity Far from Solar Influence ACO3 Comets without Nuclei ACO4 Absence of Meteorites from Comet-Related Showers ACO5 Contraction of Cometary ...
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254. Thoth Vol. I, No. 11 May 3, 1997 [Thoth Website]
... /PR/97/08.html and via links in or Press Release posted to the sci.astro (Usenet newsgroup): "Meteorite study shows glimpse of Red Planet's ancestry" March 18, 1997 WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.-- While the controversy continues over whether a Martian meteorite bears evidence of ancient life on Mars, a Purdue University scientist says the rocky fragments can tell us something about the early life of the ... suggests that there are no real constitutional differences between them. Comets appear as they do because of their charge difference with the inner solar system and the fact that they have been better able to preserve their volatiles in the depths of space. (Tom Van Flandern's exploding planet model would also have no intrinsic difference between comets and asteroids). [End of W.T. Comment Because Hale-Bopp was unusually bright when it was still a great distance away, well outside the orbit of Jupiter, it has given scientists their best view ever of ...
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... the east. It is marked by a welt, more than a cut; the welt takes the form of volcanoes, mountains, deeps and fractures. From the Mediterranean this Tethyan welt crossed over the new north-east fork of the Indian fracture at the Aegean area and Red Sea-- Dead Sea axis; it carried through the middle of the Near East and then through the southern borders of the Asian continent. There it was to be over-ridden by the Indian subcontinent moving northwards. But it continued and appears in what was becoming ... was an almost unmitigated disaster. THE PASSAGE OF URANUS MINOR In the 12th millennium B. P., a major element of the disintegrating Super-Uranus may have fissioned from the larger complex. We can call it "Uranus Minor" and it might have been actually the planet "Uranus" (or Neptune) of today's sky. It passed closely by the Earth, in the shape of a great ball trailing an enormous tail, which it ultimately lost, moving across the ancient axis of Solaria Binaria. It excited an accumulation of ...
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... and islands (even with familiar earthly names, such as the Nile in the Zeus-Typhon legend) are celestial features [74. Atlantis was so interpreted, despite its human inhabitants and its interaction with Athens. The Egyptian Black Land of the fertility god Osiris and the Red Land of the destroyer, Seth, are not even considered as the Nile strip and the desert: they are identified, it seems, with the two circles of Timaeus, and therefore with the arms and legs of the goddess Nut... (Apparently ... livers of sacrificial sheep. This is explained by the supposition that "each sheep was in fact some kind of celestial object which was in the habit of going into predictable decline before fragmenting into a number of bright offspring under circumstances which were not without danger to our planet" [51 i.e. the sheep were comets. We are told that the character lubat signified sheep or 'wandering star' in Babylonian, and that the zodiac's literal meaning is 'a fence or stream enclosing a sheep meadow' [52. This is the evidence ...
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... organic creation was equally affected by whatever so destroyed and entombed them. However their burial was frequently abnormally varied. While most caves and fissures have yielded wide ranges of once contemporary animals (many, such as whales with land animals [17, dolphins with bears and Red Deer [18 and horses with sea urchins [19, being faunistically incompatible and congregated purely by chance), several caves contain the relics of just a single genus. Thus, in the Sicilian Cave of San Ciro only hippopotamus bones occurred [20; the ... infilled by 'drift'like deposits, is that which extends unbroken from Sumatra in Indonesia to the Mediterranean [11 via the Gangetic Trough and the Persian Gulf. Informed opinion [12 has concluded that this fracturing occurred more or less simultaneously everywhere, indicating that Earth, as a planet, either abruptly malfunctioned or was suddenly subjected to some damaging external influence. Either way, massive crustal dislocation resulted globally. Mountain ranges [13 were heaved up, former oceans displaced, earlier river systems disrupted and land areas extensively fractured as, concomitantly, earthquakes ...
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258. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Queen of Sheba. Schlenker was dealing with the legendary descendents of the Queen of Saba and related the tale of the Ethiopian princess Bilkis travelling from the royal city of Saba to visit King Solomon, by whom she became pregnant. Her journey entailed a crossing of the Red Sea at its narrowest point and an approach to Jerusalem on camels from the Arabian side (he said the Kingdom of Saba stretched on both sides of the Red Sea). Mrs Kluitman points out that, therefore, "the Queen of Saba, or Sheba ... 23.10.85 Richard Durisen of the University of Indiana has a new theory on the formation of the Moon. Whereas many astronomers believe the Moon was captured by Earth, some hold that the Moon could have been formed from Earth's substance as a result of a collision with a planet as large as Earth, while Earth was in a solid state. Now Durisen is working with computer models which predict that the collision with a planet the size of Mars would suffice: Earth would have been still in the liquid phase, and the debris of ...
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259. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Even though this little star is invisible except through a powerful telescope..., they know its size, its orbit around Sirius A, and that it is made of super-dense matter." He cites written evidence from ancient sources that Sirius was thought to be red in colour (viz. Horace, Cicero, Seneca), but by the first century B.C. it was described as white, just as it appears today. According to Mr Berry, no star can change its colour like that, but it might be ... Jupiter. The most frequently used adjective is still "surprising". It would appear that each satellite looked at in turn is quite unique and with different features from any previous. Of Uranus itself, "we are happily bewildered..." and "the planet is totally different from anything seen before..." and "for every new piece of information... it seems that dozens of questions arise". One of the greatest mysteries is the 55 degree separation between the planet's magnetic and rotational axes, ...
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... color in connection with a specific phase in its history. The two planets appeared as one -a grayish, or blue-grayish color represented by the clay forms of the goddess.---- DWARDU CARDONA COMMENTS: Well, for one thing, some clays are actually red. More than that, natural RED clay was considered of special, even sacred, significance, as I learned this past September when I visited Central Anatolia in Turkey. For another, why not consider the possibility that Venus and Mars appeared as one (or ... the Mind of God, at least in general outline if not in every detail. When the Big Theories can explain the general structure of all space for all time, why consider that a bit of research into the imaginative literature of a short era on a small planet could reveal an entirely different structure to the universe? One answer is the provocation of curiosity inflamed by the enticement of opportunity. A logical method applied to a relevant set of data has resulted in knowledge that doesn't fit --that even contradicts --previous knowledge. The comparison ...
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