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... of the analytical method are of particular interest. Figure 2 shows the general schema of the painting, one of a series created by a 55 year-old woman who was experiencing a period of heightened unconscious activity in the course of her treatment. The painting shows a planet-like red and blue sphere ringed by a wavy silver band. The contours of the band indicate a four-fold division around the sphere, identifying the whole as a quaternary mandala.* The band was compared to the ring of Saturn but "unlike this... her ... such objects as the wheel and the cross that are known all over the world... Precisely what they symbolize is still a matter for controversial speculation."(12) Velikovsky has indicated that the Egyptian god, Horus, was originally the name for the planet Jupiter which "had already caused havoc in the planetary family, the earth included," prior to the period covered in Worlds in Collision.(13) As the principal planetary god, worldwide, during a long period of ancient history, Jupiter and its ...
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... .......... Amy Acheson THE LOGIC OF HISTORICAL EVIDENCE......... David Talbott MORE THAN ONE TYPHON.............. Dwardu Cardona THE GREAT RED SPOT: COMMENTARY.......... Wal Thornhill CYDONIA COMMENTS............ .various email listers---- QUOTE OF THE DAY If Columbus had succumbed in mid-voyage, it's unlikely ... I tend to disagree. However, that said, I must also report that in all the years since WORLDS IN COLLISION was written, AND DESPITE WHAT WAS SAID IN IT, I have not been able to discover one single bit of evidence that would tie the planet Venus to the event. All that can be said with SOME certainty, is: (1) that a comet does seem to have made its appearance in the sky during the Exodus; (2) that this comet was NOT the comet Venus; and ...
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... postulates a smaller globe before the break-up of the continents, does not make sense- only the egg-shape fits the picture. 2. The Afar Triangle would have been the northernmost point of Earth in this set-up. The breaks in the Earth's crust that now form the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden only fit if the point where the two meet was once raised. 3. The Face on Mars- Cydonia: this was mentioned several times, though Richard Hoagland, who was to cover it, did not appear at the conference ... them did not know what the others were postulating. Zecharia Sitchin: 'Celestial Encounters'. Sitchin's work is interesting for the materials he shows but, as far as I am concerned, useless for the conclusions he draws from it. (His book is The Twelfth Planet.) He claims to have studied the Old Testament in Hebrew, to know Arabic and to have studied Sumerian. In the Bible, he noticed that a verse was translated 'Those were the days when there were giants...' when in fact the ...
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... the planet's surface.) An item on Venus in the Houston Chronicle (12/15/78, p. 4, Sect. 1) contained the following thoughts of Dr. Donald Hunten of the University of Arizona:" 'I think we were seeing the red glow of the surface rocks, which got brighter as the probes neared the surface.'... 'It doesn't make any difference what the composition of the rocks might be, it's hot enough on the surface of Venus to set them afire'." ... is back to the drawing boards."- Dr. Thomas Donahue (University of Michigan physicist who designed the 30 experiments carried out in the Venusian atmosphere) Thus ran some of the reactions of the scientific community in the wake of Pioneer Venus 2's descent to that planet last December 9. The initial influx of data from the Venus probe was virtually overwhelming. At Mountain View, California, a computer line-printer disgorged "strange numbers onto a white roll of paper". Scientists anxiously and excitedly scanned the reams of computer printouts. ...
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... were distinct, there would have been an understandable fear of falling off at the "end" or "edge" of "Earth". As a traveler left the sub-Saturnian point, atmospheric refraction would cause Saturn to swell and redden. (To this day, red is a signal of warning.) Saturn's lighting and warming effect would diminish; even its shape would change, as its lower edge became still more severely refracted. The oracular music would gradually fade, with more air to traverse. The increased size of Saturn ... will argue that from a Velikovskian perspective all of these difficulties can be resolved.)*** After the popularization of the doctrine of homocentric spheres at the hands of Eudoxus, Kallippus, and Aristotle, it was rather commonplace to treat a sphere that carried a planet or that carried the Sun or the Moon as the same sort of thing as the sphere of fixed stars. But if we put ourselves into a pre-Eudoxan frame of mind, the analogy between a single body and the sphere of fixed stars is far from obvious ...
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186. The Kaaba [Kronos $]
... 40. F. Lenormant, loc. cit. 41. In full- Abu-r-Raihan Muhammad al-Birun. 42. G. de Santillana& H. von Dechend, op. cit., p. 221. 43. G. Annequin, Little-Known Civilizations of the Red Sea (Geneva, 1979), p. 205; H. Lewy, op. cit., pp. 341-342. 44. Ibid 45. S. Welles, et al., op. cit., p. 101. 46. J ... From: Kronos Vol. XII No. 3 (Spring 1988) Home¦ Issue Contents The Kaaba Dwardu Cardona Copyright (c) 1986-87 by Dwardu Cardona 1. Abraham's Shrine Planetary worship did not die out in the centuries before Christ. In Arabia, the planet Venus, under the name al-Uzza,(1) was still being widely venerated down to the 7th century A.D. In some parts of the country, the Arabs continued to seek the planet's aid down into modern times.(2) Mohammed (also rendered ...
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... come all the way from Beijing to hear Halton Arp. SIS Chairman, Trevor Palmer, welcomed us and introduced the first speaker, Halton Arp, on 'Observational Cosmology Impacts Modern Physics'. Having had the good fortune to read a large chunk of Arp's book Seeing Red [* on the way to the conference, I was able to get more out of his presentation than I would have if I had approached the subject cold. Active galaxies, Arp told us, eject material. In the 1950s, it was accidentally discovered ... give us an entertaining presentation of 'Velikovsky's Challenge to Astronomy', which contained many quotations of letters between Velikovsky and Einstein. What is sad in this correspondence is that Einstein obviously was not willing to entertain any ideas beyond conventional teaching as far as the history of our planet was concerned. He is also quite insulting to Velikovsky, when he says, for example 'However, it is evident to every sensible physicist that these catastrophes can have nothing to do with the planet Venus...', thereby denying that Velikovsky was sensible ...
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188. Nemesis for Evolutionary Gradualism? [SIS C&C Review $]
... which survived the Late Cretaceous event were the same ones, with some exceptions, which survived the Late Triassic extinctions [100. One of the most persistent critics of catastrophism, or rather of some of its adherents, is Leigh Van Valen, best known for his Red Queen hypothesis of evolution [101. This is named after the Red Queen in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, who spoke of running very hard to stay in the same place, and argues that both predators and prey need to evolve continuously to maintain the ... review articles. Evidence continues to accumulate for extraterrestrial impacts at the Late Cretaceous and other mass extinction horizons. A possible periodicity in mass extinctions has been detected, which may be associated with cometary or other bombardments resulting from the effects of a Solar companion, a tenth planet, movement across the galactic plane, or ejection of core material from large gaseous planets. Following the publication in 1980 of the paper of Luis and Walter Alvarez and their colleagues [1, who argued that the mass extinctions at the end of the Cretaceous Period ...
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... comet, so that radiation effects are logically to be expected. Recent studies have discovered high levels of radiation in fossil flora and fauna, going back far in conventionally dated geological time. Kloosterman writes of" anomalous high radioactivity" in a fish from the same Old Red Sandstore beds in which the Pterichtyades occur, "fishes often invoked by catastrophists..." and quotes Hugh Miller (1841) on a quiet but potent agency of destruction erasing "innumerable existences of an area perhaps ten thousand square miles at once, and ... it was preparing to assault Jerusalem. "The angel of the Lord" is credited with the deliverance from the enemy by the Bible. The angel is identified as the Archangel Gabriel. He is connected with divine fire, with the founding of Rome, with the planet Mars. It was "a consuming blast" that rabbinical sources say burnt the souls of the Assyrians but not their bodies. An analysis is contained in Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision (230-41) in several fine passages. The grotesque incident was coincidental with several other ...
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190. Sagan's Folly Part 1 [Kronos $]
... comet is cholesterol to harden Pharoah's [sic heart"--and misspells the word Pharaoh in the process, as he does throughout his paper. Sagan (p. 20):"... at the moment that Moses strikes his staff upon the rock, the Red Sea parts.... Then, when the Hebrews have successfully crossed, the comet has evidently passed sufficiently further on for the parted waters to flow back and drown the host of Pharoah [sic." In addition to making mistakes with regard to Worlds ... utilizes in developing his thought. The burden of proof should be shifted from Velikovsky, who uses ancient sources for data, to those who so blithely dismiss the details of myths and present their own interpretations --interpretations which reflect a 'verbal' reality unrelated to events on our planet" (" Myth and the Origin of Religion," Pensée IX, Fall, 1974, p. 50 --emphasis added). Deloria's last statement is especially applicable to Sagan who, despite his deep involvement with humankind's future "cosmic connection", is stubbornly ...
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