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151. Index of Titles [Uncategorised]
... the End of the Late Bronze Age Assyria: is the Conventional Profile Believable? Assyria, Karduniash, Babylon: A Rational chronology Assyrian and Babylonian Chronology Assyrian History: the 'Black Hole' Assyrians and Babylonian Chronologies for 8th- 6th Centuries BC Assyrians, Sodom, and Red Herrings Assyro-Babylonian Chronology In the 620's B.C. Aster and Disaster: The Golden Age- II Aster and Disaster: The Golden Age- I Aster and Disaster: The Fallen World Aster and Disaster: Toward a Catastrophist Mode of Mythological Interpretation Asteroid Researcher Discovers Prehistoric Moon ... To Critics Answers To Further Critics Antigravity Beamship? Antiquated Textbooks: Redesigning the Solar System Antiquity of the Egyptian Decans, The Aphrodite- The Moon or Venus? Aphrodite The Moon or Venus? (Continued) Aphrodite Urania Apocalyptic Imagery In Modern Political Spectacle Apollo and the Planet Mars Apollo Objects, Atlantis and the Deluge: A Catastrophical Scenario for the End of the Last Glaciation Apollo of the Wolf, the Mouse and the Serpent Apophoreta 2 Apophoreta- 3 Apophoreta- 4 Apophoreta- 5 Apophoreta- 6 Apophoreta Appendix to My Articles on ...
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152. The Eye Goddess [Aeon Journal $]
... Exalted is your power, O Burning One, O Sated One, O Mighty One, Powerful, Skillful of Flames, Lady of the Sky, Mistress of the Two Lands O Eye of Horus, and his guide, Lady of Eternity, Fiery One, O Red One, whose Flame burns, Serpent Uraeus, who guides the people, O Lady of Fire, O Searing One, O Devourer, O Scorching One..." [19 The mythology surrounding the two goddesses also shares important themes in common. One ... the vertex of Re." [10 But if Hathor must be clearly distinguished from the Sun, with which celestial body should she be identified? A survey of the available evidence, both within Egypt and without, indicates that Hathor is to be identified with the planet Venus. In identifying the Egyptian goddess with their own Aphrodite, whom Plato and Aristotle had identified with Venus, [11 it would appear that the ancient Greeks knew what they were doing. Fig.2: Hathor as cow wearing the menat, with the eight-pointed star ...
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153. SERVANT OF THE SUN GOD [Aeon Journal $]
... follows: 121 Attributes of the Warrior-Hero Child formed in the heart of the sun god or creator. Child in the eye, little man, doll or mannikin in the eye, pupil of the eye, apple of the eye. God or hero born as a red head, or conceived or born from a red stone or red fruit. God or hero born as or from a drop or clot of blood. God or hero born as or from a ball of red clay, earth, ochre, or excrement. God ... the poet, artist and craftsman; we confront the mythical ideal of the priest, yet also the predecessor to the jester, minstrel and fool. In this paper, and several to follow, I will seek to show that the biography of the ancient god and planet Mars provides the necessary unifying principles and that these enable one to understand the many encountered themes as aspects of a single and pervasive mythical figure. Figure 1. The Polar Configuration It is assumed, of course, that readers are familiar with the general thesis of ...
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154. CHZ and Solar System Stability [The Velikovskian $]
... response, is no response. Typical of this is Barry Evans' explanation: [It is tempting to think the reason [Mars has no water is simply that Mars orbits farther out than we do, but the distance from the Sun turns out to be a red herring. To illustrate this point, consider two facts: one, Venus receives twice as much solar radiation as [the Earth, yet it actually retains less solar energy than [the Earth does (because its sulfuric acid clouds reflect 80% of sunlight before ... This was explored by Su-Shu Huang. (5) Life, as understood on Earth, is essentially related to liquid water. Without liquid water, most life forms on Earth would not exist. In essence, the Continuously Habitable Zone is the region in which a planet can retain a significant amount of liquid water at its surface, assuming a suitable atmospheric pressure. The climate extremes that would prevent a habitable Earth are, then, the cases where all the water has been evaporated from the surface (runaway greenhouse) or where ...
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155. Thoth Vol. IV, No 9 May 31, 2000 [Thoth Website]
... found alongside the largest furrows (they are not cracks in the ice). None of the usual geological principles are much use in interpreting the features seen on Jupiter's moons. For that matter, it remains to be seen whether they apply on Earth. "Seeing Red" seems a popular headline these days!? Wal Thornhill____ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 18, 2000 WANDERING PLUMES, SEEING RED, AND SLIP-SLIDING AWAY ON IO Detailed analysis of Jupiter's moon Io reveals a colorful, active world full of surprises, ... Using a comparative method, he pieced together a coherent story. In support of his reconstruction he found physical evidence from geology, paleontology, and archeology. He also formulated a series of predictions-consistent with his hypothesis, but unexpected by previous theories. He predicted that the planet Jupiter would emit radio signals; that the planet Venus would be much hotter than astronomers expected; and that craters on the moon would reveal remanent magnetism and radioactive hot spots. Velikovsky's ability to anticipate scientific discovery produced a surprising statement from the renowned geologist Harry Hess ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 503  -  21 Mar 2007  -  40k  -  URL:
156. Day Star [Aeon Journal $]
... support of planetary catastrophism in general and the Saturn theory in particular. In surveying the names and epithets with which the ancients denoted the respective planets, it is possible to find some for which the intended meaning will be obvious. The description of Mars as "the red star" makes perfect sense and thus it should come as no surprise to find that this is a common name for that planet around the world. Yet this finding tells us little about the recent history of the Solar System or whether it was subject to drastic ... , as there is every reason to suppose that Mars maintained its bloody color in prehistoric times. Ancient myth, in fact, confirms as much. In other cases, however, the original significance of the stellar nomenclature is less obvious. The Maya referred to Venus by the name of Nohoch ich, "Great Eye," a most peculiar appellation. [4 Inasmuch as the Maya were devoted skywatchers and interested in the movements of Venus to the point of obsession, it stands to reason that this epithet describes something they deemed ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 503  -  05 Mar 2003  -  29k  -  URL:
... happening in the inner solar system to keep me busy. But I will toss in a few facts and ideas for you to think about. Uranus and Neptune seem to form a pair, in size and appearance of their blue atmospheres- believed to be due to red light absorption in methane. They both have oddly offset magnetic fields which may have something to tell us about their different electrical nature. Neptune is the only planet to show changes in brightness of up to 4 percent. Neptune (17.2 Earth masses) is both ... the calendar symbolism, to slip into a state of enchantment over the system's mathematical symmetry, forgetting that there is a far more vital question: what were the experiential origins of the collective fear --the fear of a world falling out of control? And why did the planet Venus figure so prominently in the calculations of world ages? Perhaps the answer lies with the famous Calendar Stone, on which the time-keeping hieroglyphs are recorded. Enclosing the stone, and thus encompassing the entire cycle or world age is the two-fold form of the great ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 503  -  21 Mar 2007  -  32k  -  URL:
158. Ice Cores and Common Sense Part 1 [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... , and Soot... reddening of the earth's surface by a fine dust of rusty pigment. In sea, lake, and river this pigment gave a bloody coloring to the water. Because of these particles of ferruginous or other soluble pigment, the world turned red. [Ibid. p. 48 The presence of the hematoid pigment in the river caused the death of fish.... [Ibid. p. 49... meteorite dust... is found on the snow of mountains and in polar ... 1990) Home¦ Issue Contents Ice Cores and Common Sense Part 1 Sean Mewhinney Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice.-- Robert Frost Except for losses from ablation, snow falling on most land in the polar regions of this planet is locked into ice caps for many thousands of years. There it sinks beneath the weight of succeeding snows, is compacted into ice, and slowly flows downhill. Preserved in the ice is a wealth of information about past climatic conditions. When Worlds in Collision ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 503  -  05 Mar 2003  -  56k  -  URL:
... phase begins with the reign of Djoser, whose construction of the famous Step-pyramid inaugurated the series of masterpieces which comprise the pyramid age. Gardiner points out that his "importance as the founder of a new epoch is marked in the Turin Canon by the exceptional use of red ink." 5 About the achievement of the pyramids themselves it is enough to say that their builders, among the many other things they had in mind, were concerned to erect the stablest possible architectural form, which could survive anything. In this they succeeded ... existence in the world now? It is like the public's successive responses to man's landing on the moon. First there was awe at the feat, then enthusiasm about knowledge to be gained by the feat, but finally puzzlement about the value of such knowledge for the planet we inhabit. PSYCHOANALYSIS AND MATERIALISM The Pyramid of Unas: Sarcophagus Chamber, East Wall. The sarcophagus lid is lying on the floor. Dr. Velikovsky's own training has led him to see the relevance of his work in psychoanalytic terms. He has expounded often ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 503  -  05 Mar 2003  -  45k  -  URL:
... would like comments as to whether this has the relevance that it seems to me to have on the surface to the problems of computations based on celestial mechanics and the alleged difficulty of regularising the orbit of Venus. Roy: I think this is a bit of a red herring. I mentioned that in the last twenty years the atmospheric density at high altitudes has been known to change sometimes by a factor of 5 because of solar activity; and the amount of solar activity and the changes that take place in the atmosphere caused by ... forbidden by Newtonian point-particle mechanics, which is what most people think of; but by saying "dynamics" I am including tidal friction. Resonant motion: A resonance occurs when two of the planets have periods which are multiples of each other. For example, the planet Mars is almost in resonance with Earth, in the sense that the period of the orbit of Mars is almost exactly twice the period of that of the Earth, that is, the Martian "year" is almost exactly twice the year of the Earth. ...
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