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111. Chapter II: The Events [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... the earth about 1450 BC. The results of this encounter were recorded by many ancient cultures, but these events are most noted for being the plagues associated with the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt The first physical evidence was a reddish material falling through the atmosphere. RED Rayleigh showed that practically all the light seen in a clear blue sky is a result of scattering by the molecules of air. If it were not for the atmosphere, the sky would look black. However, as the amount of the atmosphere increases, the ... is evidence that cows were, at sometime in the past eaten in India. Later, they became very sacred, and were regarded as daughters of the heavenly COW. 22 Today in India, cows are still considered sacrosanct. Velikovsky observed that "Isis, the planet Venus, was represented as a human figure with two horns, like Astarte (Ishtar) of the horns; and sometimes it was fashioned in the likeness of a cow." 23 Also, Velikovsky used a quote about primitive tribes on Samoa who did not ...
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112. Trisms and Planetary Iconography [The Velikovskian $]
... devastation that accompanied the Hebraic Exodus from Egypt. (11) The following are some illustrations which support Velikovsky's contention: Figure 42, is my sketch of part of a wall painting from the catacombs beneath the Via Latina in Rome. It depicts the crossing of the Red Sea. In the sky above, a bright, celestial object is shining. It could be Venus. Figure 43 Figure 44 Figures 43 and 44, are my drawings of illustrations showing a medieval Passover Haggadah. Figure 43 shows the Hebrews leaving Egypt under a ... that such an event was an astronomical impossibility. (7) Given their distances from the Sun, only an observer using a telescope with a filtered lens could discern these planets transitting the Sun while they were in conjunction. So as to eclipse the Sun, either planet would have had to be large and out of orbit, abnormally close to the Earth. I will present examples to suggest that such anomalies occurred frequently. With luck, the examples themselves will reveal the reasons for their occurrence. Trisms can often appear as one ...
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113. Velikovsky's Martian Catastrophes [Aeon Journal $]
... the ancients of the 850-700 B.C. era attached so much importance to the activities of Mars," (18) he is concerning himself with a situation that never existed. The prominence of the Martian deity during this stretch of time is based on a catch of red herring. Velikovsky was guilty of singling out Mars to the exclusion of other deities in this particular period of history. An in-depth study of the religious beliefs of the time amply demonstrates that the other planetary deities were just as prominent as the Martian ones. 2 ... . This can be stated despite the fact that some of the chronicles be cited as evidence do seem to hint at a series of cosmic disturbances during the 8th and 7th centuries B.C. In-depth investigation, however, has not revealed the celestial culprit as having been the planet Mars. As Velikovsky himself admitted: [This was the time of the Hebrew prophets whose books are preserved in writing, of Assyrian kings whose annals are excavated and deciphered, and of Egyptian pharaohs of the Libyan and Ethiopian dynasties; in short, the catastrophes ...
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114. The Birth of Monotheism [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... regarded as a fallen star-angel, which is Lucifer, another name of Satan. Set, the Egyptian name of the damaging comet, is the origin of the very name Satan. Uzza, the other form of Azza, (32) was ? thrown into the Red Sea ? (33) which implies that the authors of this legend knew the role of Venus in the cataclysm of the Sea of Passage. Also in the Arab pantheon el-Uzza is the planet Venus, (34) and as late as the Middle Ages it ... so kann das nur dem befremdlich order anstössig erscheinen, der an den Fortschritt menschlichen Denken nicht glaubt. H. Torzyner, Die Bundeslade und die Anfänge der Religion Israels, (2 nd ed., 1930), p. ii The Israelites lived on the same planet as the other peoples; the same world catastrophes impressed them as the other peoples. The cause of the catastrophes, as far as it was known to the Babylonians or Egyptians, must have been known also to them. Since the world catastrophes were caused by ...
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115. The Saturn Myth [Maverick Science Website]
... dominating the celestial landscape. At the heart of heaven the massive gas giant Saturn appeared fixed atop the North polar axis, with Venus and Mars set within its center like two concentric orbs (see figure one, where Venus is the green orb and Mars the innermost red orb). The theory holds that the origin of ancient myth and religion — indeed the origin of the primary institutions of civilization itself — is inextricably linked to the appearance and evolutionary history of this unique congregation of planets. Figure One How does one go about ... them as occupying "impossible" positions and moving in a manner which defies astronomical reality (as currently understood, that is). The ancient sun god, for example, is said to "rise" and "set" upon the same sacred mountain. The planet Venus is described as standing at the "heart of heaven" or within the crescent of Sin. Mars is pointed to as a principal agent behind "eclipses" of the ancient sun god. 2 While not one of these scenarios is possible given the current ...
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... the sequence of events responsible for the mystery and complexity surrounding the Pleiades. There is, of course, much more to the story. Mars, in fact, was a veritable child of the Pleiades. Its father was Saturn. But for a mother, the red planet had the seven rings surrounding Saturn. Mars was the only god in antiquity given such a multiplicity of maternal progenitors. All this, and much more, is upheld by the scattered testimony of the ancients. The details of this reconstruction-- and of ... and Aish were to be understood as names of planets, meteors, or comets rather than those of stellar constellations.(21) Sieff also referred to the ancient Near Eastern tradition which supplied the same name for a constellation as well as for a related star or planet. Thus, for instance, the constellation of the Medusa and the planet Venus both received the Babylonian name of Ninsianna(22) "If the Hebrews had a similar custom it is easy to see how confusion could have set in and misled later translators into ...
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117. Briefings [SIS C&C Review $]
... like that of "aggravate", "chronic" et al., is a little lax, and a far from promising start was made in the programme by the reference to Velikovsky as "the man who has ascribed historical events such as the opening of the Red Sea for Moses to collisions between the earth and major meteorites or asteroids". Nevertheless, this would appear to indicate an acceptance of the story of the Sea of Passage as an historical event rather than pure legend. But, of course, Velikovsky went wrong ... for the postulated process to be completed. (The stability of their orbits, it was found, was dependent "mainly on the ratio of orbit sizes" (in Bode's-Law fashion?), and not on the distances between orbits; also, the larger the planet, the shorter its stay: a planet four times the mass of Jupiter would last only "a few decades" in Venus' orbit.) "A dramatic finding was that the orbits became unstable very suddenly," reports NASA. "This meant catastrophic ...
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118. Focus [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... young and the features in the illustration could have been formed in a few tens of thousands of years, I would have thought, if the planet is cooling rapidly from an incandescent core, or part core, ejected from Jupiter. Perhaps this also explains the Great Red Spot, as this is a little wider than the diameter of Venus! It also seems to explain why the planet is still very hot and has negligible rate of spin. Of course, followers of the 'runaway greenhouse effect' cult would not agree with this ... the axis of rotation of the Earth, even if this is generally regarded as merely legendary. The same issue of New Scientist showed NASA artists' view of Venus (p410) and the comment below the picture about the 'Velikovskian cult' seems uncalled for. The planet is regarded as geologically young and the features in the illustration could have been formed in a few tens of thousands of years, I would have thought, if the planet is cooling rapidly from an incandescent core, or part core, ejected from Jupiter. Perhaps ...
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119. Venus: A Battle Star? [Horus $]
... it is interesting to note that the Venus Table in the Dresden codex (p 47e) contains a glyph of the victim of Venus, which Thompson read as Chac Bolay. Alternatively, the victim's name could also be read as Chac Balam, "great Jaguar (red puma)." This observation, coupled with the fact that the "Diccionario Maya Cordemex" includes entries which indicate that other students of Maya history regard Cit Chac Coh as a god of war, gives a reasonable basis for assuming that Venus and warfare were ... in China, and in Mesoamerica just prior to the Spanish Conquest. Whatever the source, these beliefs have been echoed by cultures half a world apart and separated in time by many centuries. Venus in Babylonian Beliefs One of the most ancient documents yet discovered concerning the planet Venus is the so-called Venus Table K. 160, which came from Assurbanipal's library in Nineveh. This table is a list of the movements of Venus and its expected influence on human affairs. As can be seen in the following English version [based on a ...
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120. Letters [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... of electromagnetic effects in celestial mechanics. B. the retrograde satellites of Jupiter should be compared as to their charges with the direct satellites. Experiments should be performed with positively and negatively charged metallic drop solutions revolving in a magnetic field. C. spectroscopic analysis of the red spot should be performed as to the presence of iron and sulphur vapors, especially over the periods of conjunction with Saturn. VI. Saturn A. tests should be devised for detection of low energy cosmic rays emanating from Saturn, especially during the weeks before and ... radiometric) from the ground and from a balloon. C. the temperature of the clouds measured at three year intervals; it is conceivable that a slow drop of the temperature of the Cytherian cloud surface will be observed. D. the phenomenon of Venus (a planet with a weak magnetic field) shielding the Earth, at conjunctions, from protons of solar origin, should be evaluated as to a probable net charge of the planet. IV. Mars A. spectral analysis of the polar caps is possible at the time when ...
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