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... think that the Mars devastation had actually occurred during prehistoric time, but well within the memory of mankind, and that these entities may have come from Mars to escape the catastrophe. Despite a flurry of highborne speculation, Hancock seems reluctant, even hesitant-- as if he had a sudden attack of cautious conservatism-- to admit that the Martian plain of Cydonia may be home to pyramidal artifacts and, most notably, the notorious Face. And yet, comparisons among the work of various cartographers and topologists have shown that the pyramids on Mars as contrasted with those in Egypt and Mesoamerica have exhibited mathematical relationships that have all the elements of a sophisticated code contrived by intelligent beings. Some of these combinatorial pyramid alignments stretch the arm of coincidence beyond the pale of naturally occurring formations, as both Martian and Earth-side structures embody the mathematical functions of p (pi), the irrational square roots of low integer prime numbers, the logarithmic function e, and the ratio function (phi). Hereafter, this reviewer won't be able to look at the symbolic ...
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... can in the Yucatan by John Eskridge and David Griffard Over the past few years the Institute has sponsored a number of EduTours- educational excursions to archaeological sites of interest to our members, readers, students, and general public. In the Fall we are planning another EduTour to the southern climate and seashores of the Yucatan peninsula. [Now is the time for readers to consider the tour because of the advanced planning time required.We fly first to the city of Merida, capital of the Yucatan, this Mexican land of ancient pyramids and temples. We will stay at the Hotel Colon, a pleasant old hotel with marble floors and columns, brightly colored ceramic tiles and grand piano-bar in the lobby. The hotel staff makes guests feet at home with polite, pleasant, and good service at the outdoor pool and gardens, the suana and steam-bath rooms, and at the patio restaurant. But enough about the comforts for now. What about the adventure? The eight-day EduTour will include the best-known sites in the region- Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Kabah, ...
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43. Conference: Our Violent Solar System [SIS Internet Digest $]
... explain to the interviewer that he was talking about galaxies and quasars, which are different from planets. Is the world ready for this? The Seminar: Dave's three presentations were wonderfully enhanced by Rick Smith's animations of different phases of the polar configuration. The revolving crescent is only the beginning! He's pictured so much of ancient traditions with this one planetary model. The personalities of the gods, the sidelock of the priests, the feather of evening and dawn, the crown of the pharaoh, feathered headdresses, the steps of the pyramids, coils of the serpent, locks of Medusa, the wheel of the sun (the progenitor of prayer wheels, calendar wheels, chariot wheels, etc.) I could go on and on. Some of Dave's recent attachments (see his Kroniatalk post from 9/16 titled "Twins and Conical Crown") give a tantalizing preview of what his presentation was like. But setting the pictures in motion, showing how the "White Crown" changed over a day's time (as seen from Egypt's latitude) is nothing ...
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44. The Nine Steps to Heaven [Thunderbolts Website]
... often confusion arises over the method of counting: the platform at the base or a tent or dwelling at the top might or might not be included in the figure. But even allowing for such flexibility, the predominance of seven and nine is too striking to be dismissed as fortuitous. This impression is strengthened by the fact that the number of levels is consistently embedded in a similar cosmological framework. The tiered building is typically regarded as a manifestation of the cosmic mountain in the sacred centre of the world. The Egyptians modeled the pyramids on the Primordial Mound that rose out of the abyss at the time of creation. And the pagodas of India were deliberate replicas of the polar Mount Meru, called Kwen-lun in China. Like the towers, these mountains were widely envisioned as terraced structures. As the mountain pierced through the heavens, its seven or nine layers corresponded to the imaginary 'sheets' of heaven that lay superimposed over each other. This belief system has been detected in all ancient cultures and most illiterate cultures. Previous attempts to explain these beliefs have failed ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 45  -  29 Nov 2006  -  11k  -  URL:
45. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... . This final piece of utter carelessness caps a superficial, trite performance, worthy of the Velikovsky Affair.- ISRAEL EXPLORATION JOURNAL vol. 30, 3/4 (1980), pp. 249-51 Wilson's Pyramidology Built on Sand Ian Johnson has sent us copies of Edgar Wilson's article "Evidence for the Stability of the Solar System Since c.2700 BC" and his refutation of the same, which, because of its length, we are unable to print in full. Wilson's evidence is a rather colourful analysis of the arrangement of the Pyramids of Giza, built during the 27th century BC (by conventional dates). His alarming conclusion is that they show that the Solar System has been stable since their construction, which is used to justify Harlow Shapley's decision "to prevent by all possible means the spread of Velikovsky's ideas until such time as admissible evidence on the subject might be presented". Amongst Wilson's assumptions is the notion that the ancient Egyptians had access to an accurate value for the velocity of light; also that the pyramids of the Giza complex represent the ...
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46. Miscellaneous [Pensee]
... some disguise. If everything goes well, my wife and I shall come to Lethbridge a year from now. I thank you, dear Chancellor, the General Faculties Council, and the Senate of the University of Lethbridge. Truly yours, Immanuel Velikovsky A SECOND NASA LECTURE. Velikovsky has accepted an invitation to lecture at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, on December 10, 1973. Engagements at neighboring institutions may also be arranged immediately to follow or precede the Langley lecture. THE (DIS)ORIENTATION OF THE PYRAMIDS. In 1940 the archaeologist Flinders Petrie, having surveyed the pyramids of Giza, found that their general alignment is four minutes west of north. Now his observations have caught the attention of the physicists. G. S. Pawley (Edinburgh University) and N. Abrahamsen (Aarhus University) have analyzed this shift in light of its possible causes (Science, 179, March 2, 1973, 892). Builders' error is estimated at no more than one minute. The movement of the true pole over a 4500-year ...
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47. Graham Hancock Position Statement [SIS Internet Digest $]
... during and indeed before 1998. In my September 1998 book Heaven's Mirror (with photographer Santha Faiia), and in the accompanying television series "Quest for the Lost Civilization", I likewise make absolutely clear my full acceptance that the Great Pyramid (or at any rate most of it) was built during the Fourth Dynasty. This is not a sudden conversion. Although I was still open to the erroneous forgery theory while Keeper/Message was being written, I was also very much open to the orthodox theory that the Giza pyramids were Fourth Dynasty work- irrespective of the provenance of the quarry marks. The central thesis of Keeper/Message-- that the Giza monuments were built to commemorate the sky of 10,500 BC-- does not require us to conclude that all the monuments were necessarily built in that epoch. On the contrary I wrote in Keeper/Message that "the Great Pyramid must have some extremely strong connection with the epoch of 2500 BC- the approximate date at which all orthodox Egyptologists and archaeologists in fact believe it to ...
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48. More Pyramid Caveats [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 42: Nov-Dec 1985 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects More Pyramid Caveats Australian readers were quick to respond to the item on pyramids Down Under in SF#41. Considerable doubt appears to exist as to the reality of the "pyramids." One correspondent asked if photos are available. The Australasian Post did publish a picture of an unimpressive, vegetation-obscured rock terrace. But until we can find out more: Beware of Australian "pyramids." From Science Frontiers #42, NOV-DEC 1985.© 1985-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, MI5, NSA, etc) Free resource for people thinking about working at home. ABC dating and personals. For people looking for relationships. Place your ad free. ...
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49. Were Abraham, Joseph, and Moses Located in the Old Kingdom? [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... with an interesting thesis. He puts Abraham, Joseph, and Moses in the Old Kingdom. He places Abraham in the middle of the First Dynasty. He then positions Joseph in the Third Dynasty and early Fourth Dynasty. Finally, he theorizes that Moses should be placed at the end of the Sixth Dynasty. Abraham One of the supports Fry uses to place Abraham in the First Dynasty is that Josephus claims Abraham taught the Egyptians mathematics and astronomy. That would necessitate Abraham's entry into the Egyptian Kingdom prior to the building of the pyramids. A second reason is that the Bible states that Hebron was built seven years before Tanis (Zoan). The Book of Jubilees states that Abraham lived during the time of Hebron's construction, and further Egyptian history mentions Tanis/ Zoan in the Old Kingdom. A third reason claims that the artifact found in the Royal Cemetery ofUr, called by archaeologists the "Ram in the Thicket," is indeed a very close parallel to the story in Genesis of Abraham's sacrificing Isaac. Fry has other small proofs for his conjecture, ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 45  -  05 Mar 2003  -  5k  -  URL:
50. New World Culture Old [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 67: Jan-Feb 1990 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects New World Culture Old "Archeologists working in Peru have unearthed stunning evidence that monumental architecture, complex societies and planned developments first appeared and flowered in the New World between 5,000 and 3,500 years ago-- -roughly the same period when the great pyramids were built in Egypt and the Sumerian citystates reached their zenith in Mesopotania." Among these edifices are great stepped pyramids, U-shaped temples over ten stories high, and broad plazas with adjacent residential areas. Scores of such sites built by an ancient Peruvian civilization are nestled deep in narrow valleys leading from the Andes down to the Pacific. Archeologists date this civilization as thousands of years older than those that arose in Central America. The age and size of the Peruvian remains impelled Yale archeologist R. Burger to remark: "This idea of the Old World being ahead of the New World has to be put on hold." Of course, this Andean ...
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