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... years that he was confined to autoeroticism, his fantasies and exercises, occurring privately, aimed at real female acquaintances and attractive female images in equal proportions. By increments of experience and learning, before he was forty, he could publish the article of a friend in Psychology at the University of Minnesota, arguing that sample surveys might be improved if they solicited information that would place the respondent on scales of masculinity-femininity, allowing sex to be a finer variable, capable of more meaningful correlations with other behavioral variables like "political candidate preferences ... in Manhattan, Theodore Lazar, adorative of V .'s books, who wrote a pamphlet about Venusian-derived phallicism, the commentary image as it entered so many ways into the brain and behavior of mankind. V. was wrought up at Robert Stephanos, a Philadelphia school system psychologist, the most faithful, pleasant and helpful of disciples, for pushing favorably the work of the New Yorker. And, later on, he was angry to hear that Stephanos had been flirtatiously corresponding with a Southern devotee and, not long afterwards, in a ...
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... , that of a fish an ichthyoologism, that of a bird an ornithologism, and so on. Here it may be useful to recall the system of the self and the other developed by George Herbert Mead.(43) In the light of his behaviorist social psychology, values are never entirely "subjective" or entirely "objective", never wholly in the subject alone or in the object alone, but in the ever-fluctuating and novelty-producing relationship between the two. With the possible and only partial exception of certain strictly idiosyncratic experiences ... experienced in clusters, in more or less harmonious blends or in mixtures and combinations full of conflict. Like the fact-side, again, the value-side of concepts and phenomena occurs in all spheres of nature and culture and can be classified as physical, chemical, biological, psychological, logical, mathematical, economic, technical, lingual, aesthetic, ethical, moral, religious, political, legal, and so on. Each of these divisions can, of course, be further sub-divided. Various ends call for various means, various fields ...
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... extremes of somberness and exuberance, are nevertheless occasions for the relief of tragic memory, more or less deeply suppressed. Anniversaries cluster around the great cycles of the ages, which give evidence of having been common to most of the world's cultures. Calendar diversions, not psychological changes, have driven apart the anniversaries of different cultures; they are farther apart in days than they are in mind. The end of the year inspires saturnalia in many cultures. Also thus, Roman Catholic and Greek churches mark a different Easter holiday for unessential ... the memory deck can only be reshuffled. To retain self-awareness without schizotypicality is a contradiction in terms. Human creation involved a basic reconstruction of mammalian mind; to extinguish this essential schizotypicality would restore man as an instinctive mammal, but is in any event now physiologically and psychologically impossible. Symbolism as the effect of the split self, flows naturally and cannot be obliterated. By the same logic and dynamics, treating symbolically with both the "other self" and the "outsider-others" must inevitably result in projectional thought, that is, ...
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... ---<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< THE COLOR PURPLE By Mel Acheson Rediscovering F. A. Hayek's The Sensory Order has been exciting. He began his inquiry into the foundations of theoretical psychology in 1919 before specializing in economics (and winning a Nobel Prize in that latter field in 1974). He didn't publish The Sensory Order until 1952, when he found "with considerable surprise" that theoretical psychology "remained pretty much in the same state in ... stasis to "the prevalence during this period of an all too exclusively empirical approach and of an excessive contempt for 'speculation'. It seems almost as if 'speculation' (which, be it remembered, is merely another word for thinking) had become so discredited among psychologists that it has to be done by outsiders who have no professional reputation to lose." (Preface, p. vi, 1976 paperback reprint by University of Chicago Press.) Hayek presents the fundamental problem with which psychology is concerned to be explaining the existence ...
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145. CHAOS AND CREATION: CHAPTER 6: THE URANIANS [Quantavolution Website]
... a hominid, similar to this present physiognomy in so many respects as to be indistinguishable except for one thing. That thing is what theologians and the human race has always called a soul. But to my thinking, that soul is the inward turning of the new psychology upon itself-- self-awareness. And the link to divinity was historically inescapable. As the soul, or the split person looking at himself or herself, was born, it observed itself as born and in the company of a great active sun that was the ... Sky and each was of monstrous proportions because the holes were often the scene of large intrusions of meteoroids upon Earth. The connection of men and gods could be attested to by the observable physical facts of the sky as dealt with by symbolic projection. It was a psychological mechanism of which much is to be said later on. The fervent wish for order brought forth the goddess Themis eldest child of Ouranos. Themis warned her sire of his approaching end, and he responded by bringing down the canopies to smother Mother Earth and by ...
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146. Science and Novelty [SIS C&C Review $]
... which has increasingly become a fundamental tool of science, in partial replacement of the absolute function formerly assigned to the logic of certainty, has itself met severe conceptual problems, the subject of laborious but fruitful work now going on, involving various disciplines and with links to psychology, economics and the social sciences. In another direction, there are increasingly close links with the biological sciences following the discovery of the laws of genetics, already some years old, and subsequent major insights in this area, culminating recently in the breaking of the ... is wrong of these scientists to keep up the foolish caricature of science as a banal repository of beautiful truths and discoveries to be committed to memory and arrogantly professed; this is a one-sided and impoverished view of the situation of science which ignores or disdains any philosophical, psychological or, indeed, any extra-scientific aspect. The sufferer is not philosophy but science, which becomes discredited and obstructed at every step in its development. Open-mindedness and Fossilisation To remedy this deplorable situation, the best solution would seem to be to overturn it: to ...
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... " had failed to pay attention to minute details while finding it much more exciting to produce a new theory of chemical bonding. Yet he ignored the failures of many "respectables" when they discussed Velikovsky's theories. In earlier reviews Davis was familiar with the field of psychology: the psychology of character(5) and the innovative and complex psychology in Conrad and Henry James.(6) Yet about Mankind in Amnesia, written by a psychoanalyst about a psychoanalytical technique, he said that it was flatly contradictory to what is known ... did not reference any section from any physics or geology text which dealt with psychoanalytical modeling. Nor did he reference any biology text which indicated that Velikovsky's successfully applied technique was contradictory to the principles of psychoanalysis. If he had not been at least intuitively familiar with the psychological phenomena discussed in Mankind in Amnesia, he would not have written in a previous review of the poetic sense when one looks at a reconstruction of Tyrannosaurus Rex and feels a very mammalian chill.(7) The aforementioned "slip-ups" by Davis were brought to ...
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... of its message and the condition of its audience. It is a racial memo whereby our subconscious collective past speaks to our fragmented present. I shall conclude with a short anecdote which seems to support my interpretation of the soap opera. It is an axiom in analytical psychology that one of the greatest difficulties in overcoming a person's neurosis is not the discovery of what is bothering him, but the way in which this is revealed to the person himself. A neurotic who has evolved compensatory tactics and illusions to help him maintain a sense ... stability, and thus of local and private stability, and thus of stability itself. As a result, our buried ancestral catastrophic fears concerning past cosmic instability are aroused more actively than otherwise and threaten to come to the surface of our consciousness. We therefore need the psychological relief provided by the safe and comforting displacement of the soap opera, which substitutes for our actual fears, and, by creating an ultimately safe context for them, keeps them dormant. They are prevented from rising to consciousness, and our everyday lives are therefore ...
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... flint striking stone. The human mind, as soon as it starts working, builds a multiple identity, a self-awareness. In the origins of the race, this trait is so pronounced as to set the creature apart from other forms of life. Self-awareness is the psychological manifestation of a physiology of the central nervous system, especially the cerebral cortex, which presents a person with the feeling of being at least two persons. It is like the bother of two eyes that cannot focus well upon a single object, but it is ... say then that a natural force has to be animated into a god by some separate superstition which the observer must be trained to apply is incorrect. Depending upon its impact, the force is a god or a manifestation thereof. It is historically, as well as psychologically, incorrect to think that humans invented gods as a kind of convenience to collect their thoughts and then gave them names. It is more likely that gods were observed and in the very process of perception named by ejaculations (so beginning human speech), and ...
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150. Index of Titles [Uncategorised]
... , David: more Myths, Monuments, and Mnemonics: A solstice visit to Machu Picchu Griffard, David: MYTH, MANDALA AND THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS Griffard, David: Myths, Monuments, and Mnemonics Griffard, David: Perception and Ancient Astronomy Griffard, David: Psychology And Ancient Astronomical Discovery Griffard, David: The ISCBM Newark Earthworks Conference Grinnell, George: Catastrophism and Uniformity: A Probe into the Origins of the 1832 Gestalt Shift in Geology Grinnell, George: THE ORIGINS OF MODERN GEOLOGICAL THEORY Grubaugh, Robert: A Proposed ... , PETER J.: Some Notes on the "Assuruballit Problem" John Eskridge and David Griffard: You too can in the Yucatan John Lynde Anderson and George W. Spangler: Radiometric Dating: Is the "Decay Constant" Constant? John M. MacGregor: Psychological Aspects of the Work of Immanuel Velikovsky John Myers and Warner B. Sizemore: Velikovsky, Brasseur, And The Troano Codex JOHN DAYTON assisted by Ann Dayton: MINERALS METALS GLAZING& MAN JOHN V. MYERS and LEWIS M. GREENBERG: Theomachy in the Theater ...
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