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... reading a book that, more than any other I have ever read, cuts across a large section of the struggle of ideas with the reception problem in the area of medical psychology. It is Frank Podmore's FROM MESMER TO CHRISTIAN SCIENCE, published by University Books in New York. It is a reprinting. The book itself was published in 1909. Such ... inclinations and so forth, they are held by uniformitarian but they don't explain anything to a Velikovskyite you see... Third Voice: Of course, there is a built-in psychological problem. I don't know that it's uniformitarian but it's built into our Western logic... Voices of Agreement... New Voice: If that's nature, we should ... forbidden in principle to a psychoanalyst: V. therefore needed to believe that the truth would free man and wished a social policy that would acknowledge ancient traumas of catastrophe so as psychologically to free him in his behavior today. Given V. 's authoritarian bent, a contradiction of feelings arose which was displaced upon Stecchini's innocent and free-wheeling skepticism and attacked unreasonably. ...
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... ¦ Issue Contents Lucid Dreaming and Visualization Techniques in The Sacred Tales of Aelius Aristides David Walter Leinweber There exists an ongoing link between religion and that field of inquiry modern scholarship calls psychology. Seldom has this bond been more evident than in the dream temples associated with the ancient Greek healing cult of Asklepios. Many questions remain regarding the nature of religious experiences enjoyed ... in which they expect to dream of divine nocturnal visits by their favorite deities, such dreams are routinely achieved. How does one account for this? In some schools of modern psychological thought, lucid dreaming and guided imagery are closely related. Lucid dreams, it is sometimes argued, can "be induced, and when this phenomenon takes place, they become ... girl. He apparently believed that his supreme devotion to the gods had entitled him to superior treatment. However malevolent the beliefs may have been, they seem to have benefited Aristides psychologically, if not physically. After the girl's brother also died during a smallpox epidemic, Aristides again viewed the death as a supplication for his own ailments. Finally, he took ...
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... that a honeyguide can perform the manifold behaviors attributed to it without any prior experience, learning, or knowledge being required would appear a most untenable position from the standpoint of animal psychology. To suppose, on the other hand, that random errors in genetic replication could somehow provide an untrained bird with the very knowledge necessary for pursuing its remarkable symbiotic relationship with ... the fact that it would be difficult to find another issue upon which these men would agree. (55) At this point a brief review of the opinions of various prominent psychologists is in order. Racial Memory in the Annals of Psychology Wilhelm Wundt is rightly regarded as a founding father of experimental psychology, but his influence upon physiological, social, and ... biological development proceeding without taking this factor into account." (60) William McDougall made a name for himself in the first four decades of this century as a pioneering social psychologist who stressed the instinctual basis of human behavior and as an outspoken critic of Watson's behaviorism. Indeed, his Social Psychology (1907) is still regarded as a "founding book ...
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... From: Horus Vol. 2 No. 1 (Winter 1986) Home¦ Issue Contents Four Faces of Collective Psychology Jerry Kroth Jerry Kroth, Ph. R, is an Associate Professor in the Graduate Division of Counseling Psychology and Education at the University of Santa Clara. His articles on Collective Amnesia and Jonestown have appeared in KRONOS and the Journal of ... 1, 1979. 6. Jerry Kroth, "Recapitulating Jonestown," Journal of Psychohistory, Vol. 11(3), 1984, pp. 384-393. 7. Psychological Abstracts, Vol. 12, 1938. ... years earlier!(3) While Velikovsky's entire list of scientific prognostications may not all be validated in the course of time, he has suggested a workable and meaningful method collective psychologists ought not to ignore. Specifically, our legends, fairy tales and myths may be rather explicit, literal descriptions of events, and our own present day scholarship should weigh them ...
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... inability to consciously remember its catastrophic experiences resulting from the Earth's participation in a series of disastrous cosmic perturbations. The subject of a collective amnesia is still a basically unexplored area of psychology requiring penetrating research far beyond the immediate scope of the present paper. The following essay is therefore primarily intended as a fascinating and provocative case study of two fictional accounts involving psychological ... From: Kronos Vol. I No. 1 (Spring 1975) Home¦ Issue Contents Phobia, Amnesia, and the Psyche Lewis M. Greenberg "It is a psychological phenomenon in the life of individuals as well as whole nations that the most terrifying events of the past may be forgotten or displaced into the subconscious mind. As if obliterated are ... , Schwartz finds himself on an Earth far removed from the Chicago of 1949 though he does not know it. The unrecognizable surroundings cause Schwartz to doubt his sanity. He is psychologically disoriented and wanders in search of familiarity. After encountering some strangers, Schwartz is taken to the city of Chica for supposed therapeutic treatment. Once there, he is still unable ...
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... U) scientific viewpoint that triumphed over Catastrophism (C) in the early nineteenth century. That is, the Unconscious is not explainable merely as an accident of the history of psychology, nor as a necessary, pure scientific discovery coming at a certain stage of scientific development. Nor was it a mere conceit of the intellectual salons. The concept of the ... . Such is the thesis here: the concept of the unconscious in literature is postulated as a reaction to the uniformitarian paradigm in science. The study intends to demonstrate that the psychological concept of the "Unconscious" originated, developed into its present form, and functioned in part so that creative writers (among others) might cope with certain burdensome restraints imposed ... , there has been no vessel to hold its acids. The U theory had implied that "in time" therapies would be devised to control and appease the Unconscious. Behaviorist psychologists such as Watson and Skinner have tried to turn their backs upon it. Under the U theory, all is explainable; when explainable it is controllable; when controlled, anxiety ...
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7. The Early Years: Part Two [Aeon Journal $]
... Simon Dubnov. And David Katz of Rostock presented a paper concerning special nerve endings that he thought registered vibration-- a topic that would lead Immanuel Velikovsky into the field of psychology. (16) But even in its truncated condition, it was an impressive-enough omnibus for Simon Velikovsky's old foe Chaim Nahman Bialik to proclaim it "the greatest collective work ( ... Theodore von Rarman of Aachen, Selig Brodetzky of Leeds (the second Hebrew University president), and Joseph Popper-Lynkeus of Vienna (who had in some measure prefigured Freud in his psychological theories). (15) In addition to further volumes in the Mathematica et Physica and Orientalia et Judaica sections, works were also planned for Litterae Humaniores and Bioloqia et Chimia ... is not a function of the brain at all. (44) But for Velikovsky, psychic functions and contents are inseparable. Reviving the old "brain mythology" of early psychologists such as Johann Friedrich Herbart, Gustav Theodor Fechner, and Oswald Kuelpe, he echoed the views of Nobel physicist Wilhelm Ostwald that it was "possible to subordinate to the idea ...
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... The Rising Sun (N.Y., 1970), p, 977 on Hiroshima. 27. Toynbee, p. 15. The authors plan a separate monograph on "The Psychology of War." 28. M. Arnold-Foster, The World at War (N.Y.. 1973), p. 276. 29. See N. P. Davis ... an uneasiness which has affected a whole age."(2) "In ways that defy definition, [the terminal resort to its [the atomic bomb's use created the psychological atmosphere of the postwar world upon which the nations... looked out as the smoke cleared away from the ruins. This was a somber victory. It is hard to ... man see Me and live."(9) Yet on that fateful July day there were those who dared to look upon the face of God and many were never again psychologically the same. To Brigadier General Farrell "no man-made phenomenon of such tremendous power had ever occurred before. The lighting effects beggared description. The whole country was lighted by a ...
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... wenn sich ihre Tatsache nicht bezweifeln lässt, uns um ihre Erklärung zu bemühen. Aber es ist nicht zu leugnen, dass schon dieser Entschluss uns schwer gemacht wird durch intellektuelle, psychologische und historische Momente ?. (diese sind die allgemeine Leichtgläubigkeit, und dass in der Welt des Okkultismus eigentlich nichts neues vorgeht,- was in unseren Augen allerdings nicht als negatives ... unmöglich entgehen konnten. Wir haben den Eindruch, dass die besten Beispiele, die Freud begebnen konnten, von ihm nicht festgehalten sind, da es schwer denkbar ist, dass ein Psychologe im Laufe eines Lebens nicht bessere Beispiele bemerken würde. Im ganzen sind fünf Beispiele der ev. parapsychologischen Phänomene in dem Kapitel über ? Traum und Okkultismus ? gebracht. Erstes Beipiel ... , und eine große Zahl sogar von solchen, die die Realität der Telephatie mit aller Entshiedenheit abstreiten. Aber auch noch nicht so lange her haben Lavoisier und Franklin die allerdings keine Psychologen von Fach waren die Mesmerischen Phänomene als Betrug bezeichnet; heute aber ist die Hypnose (wenn auch möglicherweise oft mit Charlatanerie verbunden) selbst jedoch als eine Tatsache anerkannt. An den ...
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10. Chapter 1: THE NORMALLY INSANE [Quantavolution Website]
... genetic component exists, but how is the genetic component transmitted, and how do the genetic component and the environment component interact." A colleague who heads the NIMH Laboratory of Psychology and Psychopathology, D. Rosenthal, reports from a study of several thousand Danish adopters, that the adoptees typically pursue the schizophrenic or non-schizophrenic condition of their natural parents, not ... hang-ups, depressions, avoidance, suspiciousness, acid stomach, fear of abandonment, nightmares and other symptoms of stress and troubles of the mind abound in ordinary experience. To have psychological problems is normal, even universal. "Do you know, Martha, I think everybody is crazy, except thee and me," said the Quaker to his wife, ... a gift, or a symptom of insanity, according to cultural norm; in a doubting and liberal culture, as for instance the United States today, one may discover even psychologists who cultivate hallucinating, whether for religious reasons, adventure, or self-experimentation. Practically every symptom of nervous disease disappears into the tolerant maw of culture. Intercourse among uncles and nieces ...
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