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81. Discussion [Aeon Journal $]
... construct not unlike the religious community in this regard. When recorded data cannot be valid as compared to the reference of currently popular theory, Science simply consigns the record to "mythology" and defines that body of literature as the product of human imagination, without basis in observational fact. Mr. Cardona mixes the observations recorded with the observer's comments concerning " ... of the post-Velikovskian debate. The progressive demonstration by David Talbott, Dwardu Cardona, Ev Cochrane, et al. that the "Saturn configuration" alone can make sense of the mythological record has been impressive. An inevitable concomitant of the mythologically compelling but mind-boggling celestial dynamics of this scenario has been Cardona's systematic destruction of most of Velikovsky's celestial identifications in favour of ... comparative method. While I have serious reservations about Mercury's involvement with any Tower of Babel-like episode, there is little doubt that, as Sammer pointed out, an intriguing nexus of mythical motifs appears to be associated with Mercury, including private property, theft, trade, writing, memory, intelligence, speech, caduceus, wind, etc. Sammer left it ...
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82. Solar System Studies [Aeon Journal $]
... domination of heaven and Earth by the planetary gods Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. He described the last two of these in detail, relying heavily on old writings, mythology and his own revised chronology of ancient Middle East history, plus references to the geological record. His work aroused a heated and negative reaction within several branches of science. In ... he left enough information for us to weigh his ideas against the general evidence for upheaval in the Jovian system, but one might have hoped for more. Hopefully, the new mythological research of the past ten to fifteen years will yield additional and more specific details. SATURN The Saturnian orbital plane lies between those of Venus and Mars at 2.5 from the ecliptic ... the blood-stained stormer of walls and the destroyer. Wherever one encounters the wars of the gods, one will usually find a Mars-god in the midst of the fray. If these myths constitute a veiled record of actual events, then the planet Mars should be an excellent subject for further analysis. ASTEROIDS, METEOROIDS AND COMETS Bode's law predicts a planet at 2.8AU ...
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83. Mars Gods of the New World [Aeon Journal $]
... no relation whatsoever to any objective phenomena associated with the red planet. According to this argument (evident in the presentation of such scholars as Jastrow and Jacobsen), the peculiar mythology that eventually came to surround Mars stems from the early identification of that planet with the Akkadian war-god Nergal, that identification being wholly arbitrary in nature. (1) Thus Nergal ... into abandoning his vows, thereby bringing about his fall. Here, as in many of the Mexican accounts surrounding Tezcatlipoca-Huemac, a tendency to localize and "historicize" the earlier mythic traditions is noticeable. In this role, Tezcatlipoca appears in the archetypal role of the planet Mars as the agent responsible for the collapse of the Golden Age associated with Saturn. ... If the New World sources preserve traditions paralleling those from the ancient Near East, a prima facie case is thereby made for the thesis defended here, which holds that the characteristic mythological traditions surrounding the respective planets stem from objective astronomical observations. If such traditions are absent in the New World, the argument swings in favor of the conventional position, which holds ...
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84. The Paleo-Saturnian System [Aeon Journal $]
... the Deep," AEON III:3 (October 1993), pp. 59-61. [31 D. Gifford, Warriors, Gods& Spirits from Central& South American Mythology (N. Y., 1983), pp. 92-96. [32 M. de Civrieux, Watunna: An Orinoco Creation Cycle (Berkeley, California, 1980) ... . (Part 3), AEON IV:6 (May 1997), pp. 49 ff. [75 D. Cardona, "The Reflective Canopy Model and the Mytho-Historical record," AEON IV:4 (April 1996), p. 24. [76 Ibid., pp. 22-25. [77 Idem, "The Demands of ... in Earth's north polar region. [12 Lynn Rose identified the Afar Triangle of Ethiopia (a highland region-- ground-zero of a three-plate split) as a candidate for the mythic World Mountain. [13 According to the "out-of-Africa" model (which I'm not entirely fond of), Homo sapiens sapiens did originate in the general vicinity of Ethiopia to ...
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... This was especially true for Coroibos, the victor of the "first Olympic Games." Of course, Coroibos is not a historical person but a well known figure of Greek mythology. It is more that questionable if his putative victory at Olympia caused a following inclusion into the mythical record, as some historians claimed in order to explain the fabulous character of ... , despite its central importance for European identity. This obvious chronological inferiority-complex certainly provided one of the reasons why historians, for a long time, believed in the authenticity of ancient mythological genealogies. Thus, the long-cherished desire to lengthen Greek chronology was overpowering when suddenly Egyptian relicts were excavated in Greece at the end of the nineteenth century. In antiquity, a ... , Brinkmann attested all the names, that were recorded in the register indisputable authenticity. Only later, he claimed, some of these victors changed into heros of the legends and myths-- not the other way around, as Beloch had insisted. Beloch, however, was not convinced by this argumentation. He retorted, that Brinkmann had completely failed " ...
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... the true author (this being Shakespeare himself). My choice of analogy, therefore, has a built-in lack of confidence in any of the attempts to sort out, via mythology and so forth, the "true" planetary agent that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. This point is that if one planetary agent (or "true" author) can be ... selectivity and, in a sense, it is. In actual fact, however, Velikovsky was allowing himself to be led by what he saw as the consensus of the overall mythic record. Unfortunately, the reasoning behind his judgements was not often clarified. Worse than that, he did not always judge well- as I have indicated in many of my ... . His commentary on this topic, in part, reads: "I am well aware that Velikovsky postulated the existence of collective amnesia to explain the shortcomings of the historical and mythological evidence for his scenario... "It has always seemed to me that the collective amnesia hypothesis is no more than an ingenious excuse for the flagging evidence for the Venus ...
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87. Snapshots of the Gods? [SIS C&C Review $]
... 1998:2 (Mar 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Snapshots of the Gods? by Charles Raspil Interpreting ancient art as being representational rather than symbolic may answer some riddles of mythology and religion: what do the Buddha, Typhon, Jesus, Astarte, Nimrod, Humbaba and other deities and phantasms of the ancient world have in common? why do certain ... war, in which two sides try to reach or overcome each other. Fig. 7 Gorgon from Perugia Fig. 8 Cernunnos Omitting here a fuller exposition on the myriad trismatic mythic themes, we can turn to nature. Fig. 6 depicts the Earth's magnetic field. Note how the lines of force bend away from each other at the poles. If ... accompanying Thor et al in fig. 26) and may be electric discharges affected by proximate strong magnetic fields. These 'trees' and other Lichtenberg traces may explain why so many myths occur in forests and gardens. 8. Some Old Goats Fig. 33 Italian petroglyphs Fig. 34 Returning to the Utah petroglyphs and the early portrayal of Helen, a closer ...
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... examination of his words will show. Hera-- proclaimed by some to have been the mother of Typhon. (Marble statue now housed in the Vatican.) In Greek mythology, Typhon is presented as the son fathered by Tartarus on Gaea [21 or the fatherless son of Hera. [22 This has led to some confusion since some mythologists have ... Gaea's son as Typhoeus, reserving the name Typhon for Hera's offspring. Others have utilized either of the two names, as also Typho, to denote either or both of the mythological characters in question. In his treatment of the subject, Velikovsky opted for the name Typhon as supplied by Apollodorus whom he quoted. [25 Bob Forrest, who did not ... His brutish ass-head touched the stars, his vast wings darkened the sun, fire flashed from his eyes, and flaming rocks hurtled from his mouth." [34 The Typhonian myths are primarily concerned with the furious battle the monster fought against Zeus, the king of gods and men, who saw in him a dangerous contender for Mount Olympus, the traditional ...
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89. When Venus Was A Comet [Kronos $]
... legends surrounding these celestial visitors, the present authors began an extensive investigation into the role of comets in ancient tradition. It was discovered that comets played a significant role in ancient mythology and religion, one which would appear to be totally out of proportion with respect to their celestial prominence.(1) It eventually became apparent that most, if not all ... which frequently adorn his body-- prompted Joralemon to remark that: Figure 7 "The primary concern of Olmec art is the representation of creatures that are biologically impossible. Such mythological beings exist in the mind of man, not in the world of nature."(20) Is it not possible that, rather than trying to dream up the " ... star", and "torch star". (See also the mysterious spiral exuding from the dog's mouth in Figure 12.) Fig. 12 GREAT STAR When considering Mesoamerican myths and glyphic language, it is important to keep in mind the aura of uncertainty which still surrounds the findings of modern scholarship. Very few of the myths have been preserved in ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 2906  -  05 Mar 2003  -  60k  -  URL:
... three millennia. (It is interesting, in this connection, that the Hopi consider themselves to be the first people to have arrived in the Americas). According to their mythology, the world has been destroyed three times, in each case because of the wickedness of mankind. Just before the destruction of the first world the Hopi were told by Sotuknang ... was called upon to explain or interpret what was happening. Any situation in which man is helpless to act or unable to understand and verbally conceptualize would, in responding with a mythological interpretation' be a function of The receptive, nonverbal, totalistic activity of the right hemisphere of the brain. As soon as myth becomes verbalized, invariably through oral communication, ... be known, found that Vico had made precisely this claim two centuries before. Vico insisted that, if a full history and understanding of man was to be known, the myths of earlier times ought to be taken seriously as themselves accounts of the actual history of those times. "The fables in their origin," said Vico, "were true ...
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