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51. Velikovsky and Oedipus [Aeon Journal $]
... level; rather, it appeared to have been inspired by celestial events. This is more than a little ironic, of course, since it was Velikovsky who first claimed that mythology could be viewed as a reflection of planetary upheaval. THE CONSTRAINTS OF TIME A major stumbling block in the way of Velikovsky's thesis concerning Oedipus and Akhnaton, in my opinion, ... right on this particular identification; rather it is Velikovsky's approach to comparative mythology and his handling of the ancient sources that warrants our attention. It was Velikovsky's novel approach to comparative mythological analysis, after all, which inspired his revolutionary views with regard to ancient history, and thus it is imperative to evaluate both the merits and the problems with this approach. ... . De Santillana and von Dechend, in Hamlet's Mill, make the following observation: "There is a peculiar blind aspect to Mars, insisted on in both Harranian and Mexican myths. It is even echoed in Vergil: 'caeco Marte'." (91) The blind hero, frequently a great sinner against the gods, is a universal mythological figure ...
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52. The Saturn Problem [SIS C&C Review $]
... and Moon (Sol and Luna; Greek Helios and Selene), though sometimes identified with the great gods Apollo and Diana, played practically no role at all in the rich mythology of the Romans and Greeks. Even in ancient Egypt, where the Sun-gods Ra and Aten were undoubtedly important, they were not necessarily paramount. Osiris, the most important Egyptian ... All the same, Velikovsky had raised an interesting possibility. The idea that Saturn once 'exploded'- though not as a nova- might still explain many of that planet's baffling mythological associations, from the belief that it was once 'king' of the universe to the descriptions of its sun-like brilliance. Since Velikovsky's death in 1979, some of his successors have ... and consider his attributes in terms of the ancient astrological way of thinking. We never find overall consistency between the world's mythologies on any matter, which is hardly surprising, as myths- even if stimulated by universal experiences- are very much shaped by the needs of the individual culture that develops them. Even so, a clearly recognisable pattern emerges from the ...
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... past two decades, it must be said that little historical evidence of the Venus-comet has been added to the material originally assembled by Velikovsky. This lack is particularly noticeable in comparative mythology, the discipline which forms the backbone of Velikovsky's theory. Here, virtually nothing new has been brought to light bearing on the Venus question. In a series of essays, ... within the memory of man.(1) Velikovsky, of course, did not look to astronomy for his evidence of interplanetary disturbances, but to history. Ancient religious and mythological texts provided the primary sources for Worlds in Collision; and in the end, it will be these sources that offer the acid test of his thesis. The overriding issue in ... ancient races. 3. Rules of Research In exploring the roots of ancient myth and symbolism, we suggest a few simple rules of research. I. The world supply of myths and symbols should be consulted as a test of any major hypothesis. Surely this was the major thrust of Worlds in Collision. It is the concordance of global testimony that gives ...
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... as such by the adherents of the relative faiths, all trinities are false. 2. Saturnian Deities The correct identification of planetary deities rests on direct evidence and/or comparative mythology. In other words, such identifications are not a matter of personal choice but are either offered by the ancients themselves or dictated by the content of myth. It will not ... were frozen on the spot. 10. Finalities That, in brief, is the Saturnian scenario which is slowly but steadily gaining acceptance. It is what the totality of the mythic record dictates. The detailed evidence of this model, only a little of which has so far been published,(62) is much too voluminous ever to be contained within ... Sun, the Moon, and Venus as a ''trilogy''(1) when it is obvious they meant "trinity". I'm not certain what this says for their mythological expertise but it is not a reassuring indication. Even had they used the word "trinity", it would still have been incorrect. While it is true that, generally ...
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55. The Death of Heracles [Aeon Journal $]
... associated with the planet Mars-- the fiery planet par excellence. Readers of this journal will no doubt recognize that this conclusion finds ready accord with the author's thesis that the mythology of the Greek strongman traces to events involving the red planet. (63) The Disease of Heracles If indeed the grand myth of Heracles' immolation refers to events associated with ... is safe to say that the present thesis, if proved correct, will forever modify the way we view the recent history of the solar system, not to mention the archaic mythic heritage bequethed to us by our ancestors. Appendix: The Burning Hero in Comparative Mythology Having concluded that the myth of Heracles' immolation traces to a cataclysmic spectacle associated with the ... theme of this series of essays upon Heracles is that the Greek strongman can serve as a prototype for reconstructing the myth of the warrior-hero. Nearly every fundamental motive belonging to the mythological dossier of the warrior-hero is attested in the cult of Heracles. Nearly every significant episode in Heracles' career, in turn, receives illumination by comparison with analogous episodes from the ...
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... a cometary explanation of such themes was allowed? The problem is that these very images are too frequent and too active for translators to consider them as cometary motifs. In world mythology there is no limit to the magical and celestial beards, flames, and dragons. Once one has conceded the possibility of a cometary explanation, where would it end? Would ... 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents On the Nature of Cometary Symbolism David Talbott and Ev Cochrane BACKGROUND In our previous paper (KRONOS X:1), we proposed a unique mythological connection between a former "sun" god and a prehistoric comet. The old god we recognized as Saturn, the central, polar sun of earliest remembered times; and the ... we identified as Velikovsky's comet Venus, an active participant in the events of Saturn's epoch. Numerous myths and closely related symbols, we suggested, appear to associate a comet-like Venus with the band of the "enclosed sun", the ancient image of Saturn. Though conventional schools have yet to reckon with, or even acknowledge, any such association, it ...
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57. Homer in the Baltic [Aeon Journal $]
... for his torment, was buried on Mount Sipylus-- indicate that this matter is not limited only to Homeric geography, but seems to extend to the whole world of Greek mythology. Heinrich Schliemann, with his Greek wife Sophia, excavating at Hissarlik. Did he really discover Troy? (Illustration by Fortunino Matania.) What about Troy? Right in ... -- is one of the Shetlands (perhaps Yell), where there are strong winds and tides. The Cyclops lived on the coast of Norway (near Tosenfjorden; the mythic name of their mother being Toosa). They coincide with the Trolls of Norwegian folklore. The land of Lestrigonians was in the same coast towards the north. Homer says that ... century bc brought these tales from Scandinavia to Greece after the decline of the "climatic optimum." Then they rebuilt their original world, where the Trojan War and many other mythological events had taken place, in the Mediterranean; through many generations the memory of the heroic age and the feats performed by their ancestors in their lost homeland was preserved and handed ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 3512  -  09 Jan 2005  -  54k  -  URL:
... gods, especially Wotan. (137) Indeed, during his years in Vienna, one of Hitler's favorite books was Legends of the Gods and Heroes: The Treasures of Germanic Mythology. (138) And, from a purely personal standpoint, Hitler "wanted to be seen as a heroic figure straight out of German history books". (139) ... ". (125) One can only imagine Hitler's glee in being presented with this artistic manifestation of archetypal power and alter ego. The founding of Rome which begins with the mytho-historical tale of Romulus and Remus, who were suckled by a she-wolf, "reflects an old notion of the wolf or dog as ancestor of human kind...[the ... link to wolves may have had additional import in his own mind. The lupine connection would have been especially appealing to one who fancied himself the heir to both Classical Antiquity and mythic Nordic paganism. (120) In fact, except for his enthusiastic admiration for Frederick the Great, Hitler never really embraced a specific historical period of Germany's past. Instead, ...
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59. Letters To The Edttor [Aeon Journal $]
... magnitude of changes would be necessary to disrupt the configuration and produce the present configuration? 5. How long would the configuration have had to persist to result in its representation in mythology? Present discussions seem to be focused on the third question. I offer the following as starters for an analysis: Requirements: The planets arranged on a common alignment axis would ... year. Addressing the disputed Lagrangian libration point L2, the terrestrial planets Venus, Mars, and Earth could not remain axially and stably aligned with each other as postulated in the mythic model of the polar configuration but would orbit about one another circumscribing the L2 libration locus. These planets may themselves remain somewhat axially aligned with the Saturnian body although it would be ... then he shows Mars and Venus in circular outlines. In these orientations, not only will Saturn exhibit a crescent phase but also Mars and Venus, which wrecks all of the mythological images that he wants to support. Fourth, if Saturn were about 7.8 million miles from Earth, its apparent diameter (in the un-ablated size) would be about eight times ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 3480  -  05 Mar 2003  -  39k  -  URL:
... From the late 17th century, when William Whiston believed that comets played a crucial role in the history of mankind, (1) t o the present, some students of mythology have been aware that cosmic events were being described in myth and ritual. Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, who were puzzled by the ancient "notion" of a ... obscure; but I will concede that a planet may be synonymous with a demiurge, or primal god. That, however, is all I will concede. The panoply of mythic gods were contained in the multivariate effects displayed in the plerosphere, very few of which were actually planetary. These gods, or their attributes, were not by any stretch of ... form the mythologically significant parts of the plerosphere, making the night sky as all-pervasively bright as in the moments of pre-dawn. This night-glow is an often-overlooked but critically important aspect of mythological literature, since it does not permit observation of the stars in the celestial sphere. Only after the final cataclysm and eventual clearing of the mists in interplanetary space do constellations appear ...
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