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401. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... reviewed this publication in WORKSHOP no.3 (Nov. 1978) p.13. At that time we considered that although Stonehenge Viewpoint and the works of Dr. Velikovsky shared a common domain of interest in respect of their enquiries into mythological matters, nevertheless, the Velikovskian interpretation of mythology was a very different one from that pursued by the editors of Stonehenge ViewPoint. As was pointed out in our earlier review, they interpreted most mythological phenomena in terms of a theory of 'ice crystal haloes'. However, more recent issues have carried some very ... PRIMORDIAL DRAGON- Stonehenge Viewpoint no 35 We last reviewed this publication in WORKSHOP no.3 (Nov. 1978) p.13. At that time we considered that although Stonehenge Viewpoint and the works of Dr. Velikovsky shared a common domain of interest in respect of their enquiries into mythological matters, nevertheless, the Velikovskian interpretation of mythology was a very different one from that pursued by the editors of Stonehenge ViewPoint. As was pointed out in our earlier review, they interpreted most mythological phenomena in terms of a theory of 'ice crystal haloes'. ...
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402. Mythscape Video Series [Aeon Journal $]
... confrontation with conventional science. The questions raised have haunted researchers for decades: Why do the same enigmatic symbols recur from one ancient culture to another? Why were the builders of the first civilizations so fearful of the distant planets? Why do the universal themes of world mythology speak so vividly of things neither seen nor heard today? The answers presented in the MYTHSCAPE series, illustrated with stunning computer animation, will not only surprise you, but may well change forever your ideas about human history and the history of the solar system. ... From: Aeon IV:5 (Nov 1996) Home¦ Issue Contents Mythscape Video Series REMEMBERING THE END OF THE WORLD VIEW IT ON YOUR OWN HOME SCREEN Produced by: Kronia Communications Inc. Distributed by: Palemesa Ltd. Is it possible that the history of the Earth is far more catastrophic than anything suggested in our textbooks? For several decades, independent scholars and researchers have explored this unanswered question. Remembering the End of the World tells the story of one such researcher, David Talbott, and his struggle to understand ...
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... ' is misleading when the geologists consider a few million years ago as 'recent'. Major geological changes may well have occurred within the last few thousand years but such a use of references is not convincing. Having established their geological case the authors then turn to the mythological record of conflagration, flood, celestial disorder, terrestrial chaos, darkness, hail, fire and ice. They conclude that all this could only have been caused by the close approach of another large, cosmic body which, though comet-like in appearance, was certainly ... follow this with the recently discovered evidence that a cloud of Aluminium-26 surrounding the Solar System indicates a recent and close supernova explosion. Surveying the various names given to the invading body in myth, they elect to call it Phaeton but are also aware that the various combat myths indicate that there were two bodies involved. They select the Mesopotamian myth of the dragon-monster Tiamat and the hero Marduk and use it as a basis for the catastrophic cosmic events supposed to have occurred around 9,500 BC. Depictions on cylinder seals of a star-like ...
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... effortless production, Ibid., p. 77. Despite the above, Heidel also continues to argue in favor of creatio ex nihilo. But this argument has now also been invalidated by numerous other scholars.) 3. G. H. Luquet, "Oceanic Mythology," in the New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology, (London, 1972), p. 466. 4. Exceptions, of course, exist- primarily among the myths of India and the New World. But even there, the destruction is described as ... "- A Criticism To the Editor of KRONOS: After reading Dwardu Cardona's paper "Let There be Light" (KRONOS,Vol. III, No. 3),1 found a problem with the author's conception of the role collective amnesia played in forming Creation myths. Explaining that mankind repressed painful memories of destruction and fear of god brought about by Saturn exploding as a nova, Cardona states: "Primitive man could not live under these conditions and his mind, in a collective attempt to retain its sanity, reversed the ...
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405. The Unworkable Polar Saturn [Aeon Journal $]
... separated components of circular arguments. The governing assumptions of this process are generally unstated. I list now those which I have thus far been able to isolate: 1) Myth contains evidence of something objective which formerly existed; 2) Tracing to an evident common origin myths whose metaphors are disjunct brings the investigator closer to perception of the objective origin than myths in their unreconstructed form allow, in other words, the origins have a unity in specific events and time; 3) In view of the fact than myths trace backwards to ... ecological possibility for owls, bats, moths, and a vast assemblage of the nocturnal creatures such as centipedes which sunlight or even room light kill, and also nocturnal flowering plants. The ecological adjustments of these forms of life long antedate human evolution, let alone human mythical tradition, in all of which there is no place for the bizarre situation of the model. Outlandish though it has transpired to be, this model is essentially what the spectroscopist Earl Milton proposed as his own version of the Earth's Saturnian situation, in private conversation ...
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406. NASA Astrophysics Data System Abstracts [SIS Internet Digest $]
... pp. 293-294. The astronomically determined dates of Phaenomena's origin are surprising ancient (about 2000 B.C). The contents of the poem, however, refer to rather advanced astronomical concepts that can not be accounted for as later revisions. They may be related with the mythology of the Egg-World. Data on the constellation's synchronous ascensions and crossing by the equinoxial and heavenly tropics might result from an ancient search at some Stonehenge-like observatories. In full at: ... IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (ISSN 0093-3813), vol. 20, no. 6, p. 590-600. A critical examination of the history of cosmology is presented, and ideas that lay the foundation for the plasma universe are introduced. Pre-Galilean cosmologies, mathematical myths, the limitations of Newtonian theory, science and old and new myths, special relativity, Eddington's cosmology, the big bang hypothesis, and mundane and celestial mechanics are examined. ...
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407. Aeon Volume IV, Number 4: Contents [Aeon Journal $]
... and practiced electrical engineering at the British Royal Admiralty in Malta, has acted as Contributing Editor for KRONOS and, later, as Senior Editor for the same periodical. He is a Founding Father of the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies and serves as an Editorial Consultant on Mythology and Cosmogony for the British journal Chronology and Catastrophism Review. An enthusiastic researcher and writer, he has now published over a hundred articles in various periodicals. Ev Cochrane is the author of numerous articles on comparative mythology and archaeoastronomy. He previously served as an Associate ... /xxx/cat/aeon/ Copyright (c) April 1996 IN THIS ISSUE. Front Cover Tyrannosaurus Rex. Photograph by D. Cardona. Editorial By Ev Cochrane and Dwardu Cardona Vox Popvli Our readers sound off. PAGE 5 The Reflective Canopy Model and the Mytho-Historical Record Dwardu Cardona criticizes Milton Zysman's auroral model of "the lost universe of the ancients" which has been proposed in lieu of the planetary theory. Page 13 The Milky Way Ev Cochrane reviews ancient lore concerning the Milky Way and comes to the conclusion that the ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 615  -  01 Sep 2004  -  6k  -  URL:
... "A planet on such an orbit would put on a spectacular cometary display..." (p. 48.) Thornhill found his motivation to leave the comfortable highway of orthodox astronomy and explore the lonely out-back of a new paradigm in the study of catastrophist mythology. Along the way, he incorporated insights from plasma physics and atmospheric electrical phenomena. The process of synthesizing these viewpoints into a new paradigm involved years of research, but Thornhill summarizes it admirably in a single picture, one so startling that it appears three times ... offers a visual invitation to toss aside the straightjacket of paradigm paralysis and to explore the Solar System from an electric point of view. He covers an enormous range of phenomena, from subatomic particles through stellar evolution, floodlighting our understanding of the universe with insights garnered from mythical symbols, space probes, and the plasma physics lab. As an illustration, let me compare the received explanation re the tail of Halley's Comet with Thornhill's electric account, both presented in light of photographs returned by the ESA spacecraft Giotto in March, 1986. ...
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409. C&C Workshop 1993, Number 1: Contents [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... in an impartial manner, sometimes critically but generally constructively. In some fields, SIS contributors have developed his work several stages further and Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop is intended to provide a forum for this continuing debate in the related subjects of revised chronologies, Biblical studies, mythology, astronomy, catastrophist geology and evolution. In its aim of increasing the possibilities for the exchange of ideas and information within the Society s membership, Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop can be of great value for relaying snippets of information, members opinions, reviews ... by Harold Tresman 9 Compelling Insights: Concluded in Sorrow by Dwardu Cardona 14 MONITOR 17 REVIEWS: Paradigm Lost? The Facts of Life and Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors reviewed by Trevor Palmer 22 Who Were the Neo-Assyrian Kings?- a review by David Roth 28 Moons, Myths and Man- reviewed by Phillip Clapham 28 LETTERS from R. Atkinson, P. Clapham, A. H. Andrew, E. Crew, J. Lasken, D. Roth 30 Copyright (C) August 1993 Society for Interdisciplinary Studies a registered charity ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 615  -  01 Sep 2004  -  5k  -  URL:
410. Folklore and Mythology Electronic Textstled [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 1999:1 (Apr 1999) Home¦ Issue Contents Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts Dozens of online myths and fables from across the globe, including: Aging and Death in Folklore; Air Castles; Animal Brides; Master Builder Legends,& Death of the Seven Dwarfs. ... Folklore and Mythology Electronic Textstled ...
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