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... of vital importance to our conference. If more than one great catastrophe has affected the Earth in historical times, how do we decide which effects, and which reflexes in mankind's myths and legends, relate to which catastrophe? The problem is illustrated by another study I want to remind you of: Michael Reade's paper on 'Senmut and Phaeton' (Reade 1977 ... Exodus period. These probably accompanied most meteoritic fireball phenomena, by no means all of which were global in their effects. In establishing a historical context for the battle between the mythical monster Typhon (or his various equivalents) and a deity, Velikovsky appeals to Rockenbach's De cometis, printed in 1602, in which the appearance of the comet Typhon is synchronised ... the synchronism. Possibly he was quite correct. However, this does not mean that we should relate every classical reference to the Typhon battle (or its various parallels in other mythologies) to the Exodus period. It was on this precise issue that Velikovsky referred to the difficulty of disentangling events which had occurred at different times: a Jupiter-Typhon battle had already ...
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... A Midsummer Night's Dream and Antony and Cleopatra, Wolfe attempted to trace the Shakespearean patterns of encounters between lovers back to patterns of encounters between planets as anthropomorphized and allegorized in Greco-Roman mythology. In Midsummer Night's Dream the quarrel between Oberon and Titania is described as resulting in the flooding of banks, contageous mists, and disruptions of the seasons; the tribe is ... , with no subsequent intervention necessary; but this was too radical for the L.G.S. When Lyell, a young Whig lawyer, then proposed the subtler argument that diluvial theories were mythological and impeded science, the L.G.S. elected him president and Stroke congratulated him. And when Agassiz in 1839 presented his theory of the ice ages with catastrophic explanations, it was ... sources of Shakespeare's inspiration in manipulating these themes were unclear. At one level it is arguable that acquaintance with ancient authors (such as Ovid) who showed marked predilection for catastrophic myths would be sufficient stimulus to the imagination of the Elizabethan poet; on another it is just possible to think of such stimulus as activating unconscious memory of the events transmitted biologically. ...
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... dates by using information hidden in the Bible that is not accessible to the common man. 2 Enlightened people who know that the Bronze Age was devastated repeatedly by global cataclysms whose mythological fallout fires the minds of apocalyptics. These enlightened people take pride in debunking the apocalyptics and, therefore, are not concerned with future doomsdays. They descend from the Jewish prophets ... Review 1995 (Vol XVII) "Proceedings of the SIS 1995 Braziers College Conference" Home¦ Issue Contents Imaginary and Expected Catastrophes: Apocalyptic Desire and Scientific Prognosis Gunnar Heinsohn I Myths and legends describing catastrophes of the Bronze Age provide the hardcore information for the texts of apocalyptic preaching. In mainstream scholarship and theology these catastrophes are no longer understood as real events ... . Paradoxes Resolved, Origins Illuminated, Berkeley/CA, North Atlantic Books, 1993; E. Tollmann, A. Tollmann, Und die Sintflut gab es doch. Vom Mythos zur historischen Wahrheit, München, Droemer, Knaur, 1993; D.S. Allan, J.B. Delair, When the Earth Nearly Died. Compelling Evidence of a Catastrophic World Change ...
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374. Psychoceramics [Aeon Journal $]
... applications dispel the peculiar mysticism behind nuclear transformations and cosmic interactions that has pervaded these disciplines in recent decades? Can its familiarity with turbulence at critical interfaces be adapted to solving the mytho-historical puzzle of terrestrial catastrophes, of which the ancients were in frightful awe? Can its multifaceted functions establish a much needed renaissance in intellectual pursuits, or will its psychoceramic misapplication take ... Absolutely not!" How thinking and times have changed since then. On the same occasion, the moderator gave an informative disclosure that the Galilean satellites were named after the female mythological paramours of Jupiter, whereupon I pointed out to the assembly that Ganymede was actually a boy-- an inelegant tidbit which was conspicuous by its absence in the national press. ... speculative jump one might also consider that planetary cosmogony is not a cosmological orphan under the chaos-plasma umbrella. The mechanism behind such a filamentary structure may yet be the thread by which mythologist David N. Talbott's linear planetary array is strung together, (37) despite my own reservations regarding the unstable dynamics of his polar configuration model. Non-linear systems-- whether ...
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375. The Electric Universe [SIS C&C Review $]
... Electric Universe grew out of an interdisciplinary approach to science and the realisation that a new plasma cosmology and an understanding of electrical phenomena in space could illuminate work being done in comparative mythology. By using information from a wide span of human existence and knowledge, the Electric Universe can provide answers to many questions that seem unrelated. For example, records of the ... Ev Cochrane, Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion, 1997. See 'It will be argued that many of the greatest mythical themes reflect ancient man's obsession with the red planet. Indeed, we will attempt to show that Mars' prominence in ancient consciousness is directly attributable to the peculiar behaviour of the ... 27. Astronomers vilified Velikovsky and declared his idea of a cometary Venus theoretically impossible. However history shows that it is generally safe to ignore such pronouncements by experts. As comparative mythologists like David Talbott [28 have since shown, there is overwhelming evidence that some planets towered in the sky over ancient mankind. For the reconstructed events to have occurred since the ...
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376. A Comprehensive Theory on Aging, Gigantism and Longevity [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... in size? 1 As a third and seemingly unrelated question, are the ancients' claims of longevity on the order of 900 years to be taken seriously rather than considered as mythology? Is there a biological mechanism resulting in ancient gigantism or longevity? The theme of this work consists of heterodox, but defensible answers to these and similar questions. It is ... rationalists and allegedly illumined cynics like Kant, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Goethe, etc., who assumed that these ancient Jewish records as regards longevity were obviously fantastic, mythological constructs lacking a real basis in fact. We must notice that if this is indeed fantasy, or fiction, or whatever, then it is fantasy with pattern: (1 ... fiction. It is, however, only the beginning of the problem for scholars. The pattern nevertheless continues: (5) Moses, the genius of ancient science fiction, mythologized a typical transient decay curve-- a very respectable scientific achievement. The author of the Book of Job (6) also advanced a similar "hoax" circa 1660 B.C ...
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377. Our Rock Who Art in Heaven [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 2000:1 (May 2000) Home¦ Issue Contents World Wide Web focus Our Rock Who Art in Heaven This book compares stories in the Bible with stories in mythology with current information/speculation about comets, meteor showers, and impact events Mythology isn't about precession or morality, and the Bible isn't a history book. In this iconoclastic work, Ms. Brook explores the Bible as mythology- as a history, not of ordinary human events, but of extraordinary celestial events for which astronomers ... Euripides' Bacchae, many elements of the final scene- with the Christ crucified between those two thieves- are found perfectly paralleled in various versions of a Hindu tale of the war-god Skanda and his twin demon offspring. For the reader who is interested in classical and mythological texts, a gold mine lies herein. A fascinating blend of religion, mythology, astrology, astronomy, and etymology. Journey through the heavens- and land squarely back on Earth. Be prepared to jettison any traditional views of the Bible. Contents: 1 ...
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378. Matters Arising [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Workshop Vol 4 No 1 (Jul 1981) Home¦ Issue Contents Matters Arising Who was Apollo? In WORKSHOP 2:4 (April 1980) we published a letter from R. A. Herring on the subject of the identity of the god Apollo in Greek mythology. Mr Herring had visited many of the important Greek sites and had been struck by the fact that most of them owed their prominence to the cults of Athena and Apollo. He wrote: "Athena's role can be readily seen in the light of Velikovsky, ... ideas and can place Apollo in his rightful place?" A number of SIS members have voiced their opinions and we have compiled from them the following response. The conventional identification for Apollo is that of a sun god. Robert Graves, a notable authority on Greek myths, observed that Apollo was identified with "the immortal Sun"(1) He made the proviso that the Sun had a very minor role in early Greek myths, however, and made the suggestion that the cult of Apollo as a solar deity may have ...
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379. The Pleiades in Aboriginal Mythology [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Workshop Vol 5 No 3 (Sep 1983) Home¦ Issue Contents The Pleiades in Aboriginal Mythology J. E. AITCHISON Recently I began some investigations into the possibility that Aboriginal myths might have some synonymity with the myths of other cultures. My initial intent was to draw on Aboriginal myths related to the planets and major constellations and try to find parallels. For my primary source of data I have been using an exceptionally well-presented anthology of Aboriginal stories called Australian Dreaming.(1) The path of my research ... me into the realm of catastrophism because much of the content of Aboriginal myth has to do with geographic and climatic change: there is no slow, orderly procession in any of them- the Aborigines never heard of Darwinism. The Aborigines had, however, witnessed a series of events associated with the Pleiades, and it was a story woven around this constellation which lit my candle of awareness. In a myth associated with the Clarence River Basin of northern New South Wales it is stated definitely that great climatic changes occurred when one of ...
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380. Alan Alford's The Phoenix Solution [SIS Internet Digest $]
... OSIRIS: The death of the god Osiris. Was Osiris an exploded planet? A summary of Van Flandern's exploded planet hypothesis. Was Horus a term meaning planet? Was the Eye of Horus a planetary satellite? An update on Planet X and its role in Egyptian mythology. Has Planet X exploded? 7: ISIS UNVEILED: Osiris- the god who fell to Earth with fire and a flood. Was the separation of Geb and Nut a cosmic catastrophe? Revealing the secret identity of Isis and other Egyptian goddesses. Corroboration of ... ago. This profound knowledge- of catastrophism in the heavens and on Earth- was adopted by the emerging Dynastic elite as a means of legitimising their rule as 'divine' kings. Over the centuries, the religious knowledge became encoded into the Pyramid Texts and numerous other myths and legends. But after several thousands years the original meaning of these myths was lost. It became possible for Alford to recapture the ancient wisdom, as a result of the painstaking work of Egyptologists during the past two centuries, and the recent pioneering work of ...
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