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... myths clearly point to an astral origin of all ancient religions. The problem that occupied the minds of the Classicists, Mesoamerican scholars, Orientalists, and students of social anthropology and mythology, was not solved in any one of these disciplines separately. Like the early memory of a single man, so the early memory of the human race belongs into the domain ... a few scores of years ago, every fifty-two years connected with the Venus calendar? Why did the Ancient Assyrians mark on tens of thousands of clay tablets, free from any mythological theme, astronomical observations, but all data from before -687 are in contradiction to known values such as the duration of the daily rotation of the Earth, the time of the ... by the people of Lapland, the Voguls of Siberia, the aborigines of tropical Africa, the Tahitians in the South Pacific? Why is theomachy the central theme of all cosmogonical myths? Should not a thinking man pause and wonder why the ancients in both hemispheres worshipped planetary gods; why temples were erected to them, and some are still standing; why ...
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342. The Cambridge Conference [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... not so different from various other books, that the non-Jewish setting was simply to better project the theme of universal suffering and that Behemoth and Leviathan could have been borrowed from surrounding mythology, but the cosmic catastrophe imagery was not in dispute. Before our last lunch and departures we had time to hear an unadvertised paper read by Benny Peiser on the origins of ... in response to catastrophe. Ancient games arose from ceremonies where whole communities met to commemorate mythological catastrophes in their past. One of the oldest of these is the annual commemoration by the Jews of the biblical Deluge. Other cultures have similar flood myths and a few have acted them out in ritual games and festivals, held in the form of combats, sacrifices ... plasmoid form. The afternoon drew to a close with a consideration by David Slade of the possible role of volcanic eruptions in world wide catastrophes and their record in ice cores. Myths appear to be reporting the sighting of catastrophe causing cosmic objects but could the passing of such an object cause volcanic eruptions? Volcanoes can be seen as safety valves which only empty ...
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343. Society News [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... however, considers that he underrated the importance of another phenomenon which was the great auroral displays as a result of the energy of the ionised particles coming into the poles. In mythology the beginning and end of world ages are often associated with symbols such as the fire drill which sets the world on fire. The spiral image is a common one, especially ... activity engendered at periods of catastrophic destruction was also 'the divine spark' which was instrumental to the creation of new life forms. In answer to questions about the exact identifications of mythological characters with planetary bodies or other phenomena in the ancient skies, Milton gave his view that the cosmic geography of the Lost Universe was too complex and could probably never now be ... do with one of these periods. Another phenomenon caused by the spreading dust is a great enhancement of the zodiacal cloud; a picture of this was a marvellous look-alike for the mythical world mountain. Astronomers are at present very interested in the object Chiron, a cross between a comet and an asteroid, which is in a chaotic orbit beyond Saturn. Estimates ...
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... Leukra. Distinctions are made between torch-, sword-, lamp-, sabre-, discus-, and horsemane comets. The sickle-comet Typhon is referred to in countless mythic tales; this comet must have changed its shape since Pliny refers to it as a "spiral-shaped fiery knot" in Natural History II, 91. 3. W. Cundel ... , and the trees broke"- ), told of a star falling from heaven on account of which everything was burnt up.(14) In the nearly contemporary Ugaritic myths (Ba'al texts), is written the following concerning the goddess Anat:(15) "Up front, as a star, traveled The virgin Anat.. ." ... employed because of their extraordinary nature. 14. Adolf Erman, Die Literatur der Aypter (Leipzig, 1923), pp. 59-60. 15. J. Aistleitner, Die mythologischen und kultischen Texte aus Ras Shamra (Budapest, 1959), p. 40 (Ba'al Text in 11 A B, IV-V, 17-18). Due to a different punctuation ...
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... puma' symbol found at Uxmal in Yucatan. It is quite distinctive, two felines back to back, and this is a symbol that we find again and again in the mythology of ancient Egypt. It is a very common feature of ancient Egyptian art called Aker: the gods of yesterday and today, two lions back to back, often indicating the ... be some other agent of cataclysm which caused this to happen but of one thing I am sure: rather more than 12,000 years ago a great civilisation that haunts the mythic memory of mankind was destroyed and left very few traces for us to identify. I return here to Plato and the notion of the lost continent of Atlantis. Plato said he ... is quite simply this: it takes 2160 years to transit completely one house of the zodiac on the spring equinox and there are a whole series of numbers encoded in the ancient myths which relate to that figure of 2160 years. The ultimate authorities on this are Santillana and Von Dechend [2. Santillana was a professor of the history of science at the ...
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346. Einstein and Relativity [SIS C&C Review $]
... Leo is the 5th sign of the Zodiac. Might there have been 5 prominent visible pieces of a comet at some time? 3. TF O'Rahilly, Early Irish History and Mythology, Dublin:1964. 4. M Senior, Myths of Britain, BCA: 1979, p219 and Sir John Rhys, Studies in the Arthurian Legend, Oxford:1890 ... p254. 5. Arthur's table groaning with food was a medieval modernisation of the cauldron. It was suitably rounded and Arthur sat at the head of his knights and guests etc. 6) The Celts were living in the Danube valley in the second millennium BC and Early Celtic tribal movements, during the first millennium BC, were a forerunner of the Germanic ... Gaelic tales severed heads of renowned adversaries were washed, cleansed and paraded in fine trimmings and they could sing, move and speak; stone heads placed on stone pillars have obvious mythical parallels. The most famous tale of a head is that of Bran in the Welsh collection known as the Mabinogion. Bran was huge, a giant. He was able to ...
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347. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... light of it, it behooves Rees to explain why the Midrashim support an 18th Dynasty Exodus rather than a 6th Dynasty one. Also, his ideas of equating characters in Greek mythology is confusing. Is Rees trying to mythologize Israelite history or de-mythologize Greek mythology? Is he suggesting that the Patriarchs were Greek? Or Indian? Does his equation of Abraham and ... alteration was made, although, as Mr Friedrich has pointed out, perhaps it should have been updated. As Editor, I take the blame for this oversight. -BN Eclipse Myths? Dear Sir, I wonder how many other members watched the total eclipse of the Moon last August, and of those who did, how many were struck by the same ... explain why the Midrashim support an 18th Dynasty Exodus rather than a 6th Dynasty one. Also, his ideas of equating characters in Greek mythology is confusing. Is Rees trying to mythologize Israelite history or de-mythologize Greek mythology? Is he suggesting that the Patriarchs were Greek? Or Indian? Does his equation of Abraham and Sarah with Brahma and Sri imply that the ...
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... can contribute to its future. Conversely, among the things which must not happen are sexual relations before marriage, either between the young lovers or between Theseus and Hippolyta. In mythological terms, they must be preserved in ritual cleanliness and purity, to be able to share in the rites of social ordination at the end of the play. To Shakespeare, ... "myth" by modern critics. On the other hand, Jaarsma and Odenwald warn us that Shakespeare's cataclysmic images may indeed appear to be myth, but that... myths gain their strength from actual, physical events... they do not come alive out of mere convention. The power of myth and imagery for the Elizabethans was the catastrophic ... fertility type is a vehicle of meaning developed unconsciously by Western man to acknowledge indirectly these cosmic truths we cannot directly face. The action of a fertility play is therefore not "mythical" in the sense of false, but mythical as a contrived representation of natural phenomena. Concerning A Midsummer Night's Dream specifically, it will be argued that the passage from decline ...
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349. The Bible as History? [SIS C&C Review $]
... . For example, think of past heroic figures like Robin Hood or William Tell: what we remember of them is myth rather than history. The process continues today: modern myths about venerated sportsmen, entertainers or politicians are comfortable to live with whereas the historical reality is often more stark, less memorable and at times embarrassing. The Hollywood movie, the ... . Hughes points to the Book of Jubilees with its schematic set-up of 50 times 49-year cycles between the Creation and the settlement in Canaan. The purpose of such a chronology is mythical rather than historical: it expresses the belief that history is ordered according to a divine plan (cf. Wolfe's 'arrow'). He finds this applies to biblical chronology in ... a sort of synchronistic history such as has been recovered from Assyria and Babylon). Our problems arise from the efforts of the later biblical redactors, who tended to schematise and mythicise. Certain books of the Bible contain chronologies which are irremediably schematic, e.g. Genesis and Judges, so it is debatable how much 'history' they contain. For Hughes, ...
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350. Objections to the Revised Chronology [SIS C&C Review $]
... found her in this (?) place which is called Pekharti (?) (Velikovsky:- Pi-Kharoti): he seized her by force."- What has this mythology to do with the Exodus? Another place speaks of the defeat of 'the evil-doers' by the god Ra Harmakhis at the whirlpool. Velikovsky refers to this on page 42. ... in F. L. Griffith's The Antiquities of Tell el Yahudiyeh... (London, 1890), pp. 71-3 you will soon realise that the whole text is mythological. It is basically about the succession to the kingship of the gods at the sanctuary at Qesem- Ra or Tum, then Shu, then Seb. On page 43 ( ... Velikovsky himself notes that Terah in modern translations is translated as 'bridegroom'. This is clearly to be preferred in view of the context (Cf. G.R. Driver, Canaanite Myths and Legends, p.31 for translation). 9. THE EL-AMARNA LETTERS Velikovsky claims that Abdi-hiba, king of Jerusalem, is to be equated with Jehoshaphat. Abdi-hiba means 'servant of ...
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