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... Johannesburg.(5) He is not by any means a conscious Velikovskian, yet his analysis of the play produces results which are surprisingly Velikovskian. First, he acknowledges the mythic, even divine status which is given to the lovers.(6) Speaking generally, he claims that all great tragedies contain archetypal patterns of general human experience, with a ... , near death through a poisoned garment, hurls the bearer of it on the horns o' th' moon, 4.12.45. We remember how Dr. Velikovsky showed that many myths of divine and sometimes horned animals scourging the earth are symbols of the catastrophic tempests,(3a) and so it is with the falling Antony, who Cleopatra says is more ... Together they are The senators alone of this great world Chief factors for the gods. 2.69-10. Thus, because Octavius is given a cosmic or at least worldwide dimension, the mythical magnitude of the love affair is matched by that of the political conflict. The consequences for Earth acquire the same significance, and indeed a greater one. In Old Testament terms ...
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... myths clearly point to an astral origin of all ancient religions. The problem that occupied the minds of the Classicists, Mesoamerican scholars, Orientalists, and students of social anthropology and mythology, was not solved in any one of these disciplines separately. Like the early memory of a single man, so the early memory of the human race belongs into the domain ... so the early memory of the human race belongs into the domain of the student of psychology. Only a philosophically and historically, but also analytically trained mind can see in the mythological subjects their true content-- a mind that learned in long years of exercise to understand the dreams and phantasies of his fellow man. Why is theomachy the central theme of ... cosmogonical myths? Should not a thinking man pause and wonder why the ancients in both hemispheres worshipped planetary gods; why temples were erected to them, and some are still standing; why sacrifices, even human sacrifices, were brought to them? Why was Saturn or Cronos or Brahma the supreme deity to be replaced by Jupiter of the Romans, Zeus of ...
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... First Occasion, when the neteru-gods are supposed to have arrived in Egypt from Atlantis. The shared use of this date cannot be coincidental. All we can say is that Egyptian mythology does indeed seem to reflect events which occurred in a distant epoch known as sep tepi, the First Occasion. This is particularly so if we look at the Building Texts on ... , Russia, the United States, South Africa, Europe and Australia. Something devastating happened during this epoch and there is every reason to assume that it was recalled in the myths and legends of indigenous peoples around the world who preserved a memory of it across countless generations. Although 9000 BC is not 10,500 BC, it conforms very well to ... Carthage in North Africa, seen here, Syracuse in Sicily, Ecbatana in Media and probably even Athens itself. As regards his Atlantic Island, Plato placed this, like other mythical islands of the Greek Hellenic world, in the Far West- the direction of the setting sun. It was in fact a variation of the concept of the Hesperides, the ...
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334. Geological Genesis [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... has been made. However, the writer apologises for any oversight in acknowledging ideas without reference. Introduction The Review Article 'The Primordial Light' (SISR VII No.2) investigated the mythology surrounding the planet Saturn. It was proposed that such mythology indicates that Earth was once a satellite of what is now known as Saturn. A catastrophic disruption of this Saturnian system ... also have been slightly pear-shaped with the crustal land mass concentrated in a bulge turned towards its primary. At the centre of Pangaea where Earth was closest to proto-Saturn there was the mythological World Mountain [4, a place of continuous electrical discharge and activity [5. The continents would have formed the one land mass, surrounded on all sides by a large ... the outer planets and much remained in the original orbit as the asteroid belt. The events were witnessed by the peoples of the Earth and became the basis of the ancient catastrophic mythologies [56, beginning with the Genesis event 'Let There be Light'. During separation, Earth was saturated with radiation from proto-Saturn, which caused much mutation and was the catalyst ...
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335. The Father of the Gods? [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... be emitting low-energy radiations (4). Velikovsky believes that before its initial contact with Jupiter, Saturn was of far greater mass (5), and was disrupted. The mythological material in the Pyramid Texts supports this interpretation. Osiris (identified by Velikovsky as Saturn) in its earlier period, corresponding to the "Golden Age", was Atum, ... of heaven are born from the destruction of an earlier figure embodying the whole of heaven, or indeed, the whole of creation. If Velikovsky's methodology is to apply to these myths, our conclusion is clear. Earth was so close to the Saturn body that it must have been in its gravitational field,- a satellite of Saturn's. Saturn's Turbulent Past ... Primordial Light?" it was suggested that the Earth may have orbited as a satellite of Saturn within human memory, and that conditions then observed may have been retained in the mythologies of the peoples. Indeed, the evidence was presented to argue that this is the only viable interpretation to the material when analysed by the methodology of Dr. Velikovsky (1 ...
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336. Tree Symbols [Migration of Symbols (Book)] [Books]
... periods in which "there are exerted the sterilizing influences of the heavens. The belief that the "milk" of unripened corn was of divine origin is met with in the mythology of the Zuni Red Indians: Corn shall be the giver of milk to the youthful and of flesh to the aged, as our women folk are the givers of life to ... Home¦ Issue Contents CHAPTER IV Tree Symbols Poetry of Trees- Nigerian "Tree Worship"- Ancient Egyptian "Tree of Life"- Associations of with sky and water- Mythic origin of plants- Sycamore, fig and Mother goddess- Tree "milk"- Honey and milk-Pharaoh a baby after death- Celestial milk- Milk ceremonies -" Milky Way ... Prose Edda of Iceland, "ran from her teats, and thus she fed Ymir." These "milk rivers" were the rivers of the four quarters. In most mythologies in which the milk rivers are met with, a cult animal is connected with the milk-yielding tree, as the cow of Hathor was with the sycamore fig. Artemis of Ephesus ...
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... myth and ritual to literature. Their inspiration was Sir James Frazer's The Golden Bough, and it is from these two roots- social psychology and cultural anthropology- that archetypal and mythic criticism have grown, in such landmark works as Maud Bodkin's Archetypal Patterns in Poetry, Northrop Frye's Anatomy of Criticism and Joseph Campbell's The Masks of God. All of these people ... our racial collective past, determines a large proportion of our present, determines the sorts of things we do as man-we make war on ourselves, we make religions, we make myths and legends. It is Dr Velikovsky's belief that one of the major impulses behind these universally recurrent natural human activities, and thus a paramount influence accounting for their form, content ... then produces a new version of the archetypal mould which is perhaps original in superficial detail but is similar in general action, themes and substructure to many literary works and tales and mythologies of other and earlier ages. It is the unconscious recognition of the prototype by the great narrative artist which repeatedly causes the appearance of similar narratives in dissimilar cultures. This must ...
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338. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... It is significant that crows or ravens are represented as accompanying Saturn, Bran and Odin, and not representing them. Elizabeth Gaudry, Eastbourne. [In EVERYMAN'S DICTIONARY OF NON-CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY, Egerton Sykes writes: "Bran originally appears to have been a king of a crow or raven totem clan and the legendary assumption that he was mythical king of the underworld ... construction in parts, thus lending support to the ancient stories of alterations to the family of Saturn in recent astronomical times. The Greek name for Saturn is Cronos. In GREEK MYTHS, Vol.1, p.38, Note 2, Robert Graves writes: "He is pictured in the company of a crow... Cronos probably means 'crow'... ... EVERYMAN'S DICTIONARY OF NON-CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY, Egerton Sykes writes: "Bran originally appears to have been a king of a crow or raven totem clan and the legendary assumption that he was mythical king of the underworld appears to be unjustified." However a connection with the underworld via Osiris/Saturn would seem fitting by virtue of the above letter. Elizabeth Gaudry's letter ...
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339. In Defence of the Revised Chronology [SIS C&C Review $]
... the trouble to read the whole text.. you will soon realise that the whole text is mythological". Then, after quoting from the text: "What has this mythology to do with the Exodus?" But, again, if Day had taken the trouble to read Velikovsky, he would have seen his arguments refuted in advance'. " ... to the naos of El Arish, Day asserts: "If you will take the trouble to read the whole text.. you will soon realise that the whole text is mythological". Then, after quoting from the text: "What has this mythology to do with the Exodus?" But, again, if Day had taken the trouble to ... kingdom, where he was engulfed in a whirlpool. The name of the pharaoh is given in a royal cartouche which proves that the text was not regarded by its writer as mythical". (6). Besides ignoring this clear internal evidence, Day must be aware that the arguments he builds on an interpretation of the text stand on a very shaky ...
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340. The Trouble With Aztex [Kronos $]
... "Ancient Knowledge of Jupiter's Bands and Saturn's Rings," KRONOS II:3 (Feb. 1977), pp. 65-70.-- LMG This brings us to the mytho-historical record which Ellenberger deplores for its "absence of detailed, explicit accounts". But if ever Ellenberger trod unfamiliar ground, it is precisely here, for the record in question ... ? (74) Are not the four Galileans the most prominent of the Jovian satellites? None of this information-- and I could supply more-- is reliant on mythic interpretation so that Ellenberger's objection on this point is worth exactly zero. Today's primitives could only have obtained this information from their ancestors; and their ancestors from theirs. But somewhere ... Saturn" for, while I did coin this term, my disconformity only extends to the supplanting of the word "daughter" by "child". And it is the myths, not I, that claim the Venerian deity to have been Saturn's daughter. The question should therefore be re-addressed to read: What do the myths mean by such a claim ...
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