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... us believe that whoever wrote this portion of Genesis was borrowing from these corrupted Mesopotamian myths. If we rely solely on the text of Genesis, without being biased by the Babylonian mythology, we find no trace of any contest with a living monster in the sense of the Babylonian myth of the fight of the gods. Thus there in no intrinsic ground whatever ... is so minute as to be almost non-existent." [10 It is an amazing fact that where there are similar details in the Genesis account of Creation and in the Akkadian myths, almost without exception the Akkadian uses different words and expressions from the Hebrew. Yahuda notes that, whilst some Akkadian words and expressions are used in the Hebrew, they do ... its being used in the masculine as a poetical expression for sea" [16. Both Yahuda and Wiseman would concur that this whole approach to Biblical interpretation is due to "mythologising tendencies" which, employing all possible and impossible kinds of combinations, in Procrustean fashion, seek to work into the Genesis stories- and even into the narratives of the Patriarchs ...
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302. The Age of Purple Darkness [Aeon Journal $]
... cit., Vol. I, p. 72. [14 Ibid.; ¬tharvaveda, IV:16:5. [15 A. B. Keith, Indian Mythology (1964), p. 85, in The Mythology of All Races, edited by L. H. Gray, Vol. VI. [16 Ovid, The Metamorphoses ... references in myth to a time of darkness with which creation was humanly perceived to have commenced. [1 Observable stellar, or substellar, sources of light are excluded from the myths. Cardona cites, for example, a version of the ancient Egyptian creation myth, as reconstructed by Dr. Brugsch, wherein: "Nothing existed except a boundless primeval mass ... ) will be used in lieu of a bar; other diacritics had to be sacrificed. The Age of Purple Darkness Roger Ashton Scientific Problems The Purple Darkness is a phase of mythical history with which a longer paper will deal in more detail.To be analyzed are the astrophysical, geophysical, biological, and other implications of the darkness with which myth maintains that creation ...
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... king mentioned by Tiglath-pileser III (743-726 B.C.). This suggests that Shalem, the evening manifestation of the Venus Star, was identical with Athtar, well known in Arabian mythology as the Venus Star.* In the inscription of Mesha of Moab, Athtar is compounded with the national god CHEMOSH as Athtar-Chemosh. Further, in Judg. II:24 ... its sacred grove nearby, and in the cave where once the Christ Child whimpered, there sounded lamentations for the beloved of Ishtar-Astarte Venus. (See H. Rahner, Greek Myths and Christian Mystery (N.Y., 1963), p. 149 and notes 3 and 4; also see J. G. Frazer, Adonis, Attis, Osiris ( ... thing."(84) Intemally, the religious developments under Solomon may have "compromised the old faith" in the eyes of some Israelites who saw "Israel's original covenant mythos [being subverted, and Yahweh himself obliterated. To such Israelites what had begun to happen in the days of Samuel and Saul constituted, as some of the narratives now preserved ...
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... man "like ourselves" is "highly renowned and prosperous" and is one of those "illustrious men of such families" as provide the noble and royal characters of Greek mythology, is it not implicit that Aristotle and the others in the audience are of like status? It also seems to be implied that Aristotle would like for tragedy to be an ... moving incidents like these."(32) Nearly all of Greek drama was about "mythical" figures from such houses as these. Velikovsky argues that most of the world's myths and religions are of planetary and catastrophic origin. Stories of the adventures of various deities were inspired by the interactions of certain of the planets (Kronos and Zeus, Athena and ... . They are compelled, therefore, to have recourse to those houses whose history contains moving incidents like these."(32) Nearly all of Greek drama was about "mythical" figures from such houses as these. Velikovsky argues that most of the world's myths and religions are of planetary and catastrophic origin. Stories of the adventures of various deities were ...
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... that peoples experienced these things. What we're lacking is general acceptance of the mechanism. But what the actual occurrence of globally effective catastrophes would have done to the mind, to mythology, and all the rest of it has such tremendous explanatory power that it's wrong in doctrinal, Lyellian, uniformitarian way to say that "well, no such thing could have ... previously supposed. So that's an area where a catastrophic event is being considered seriously now by a number of marine biologists. Editor: Well, my point is that the source myths of people, their creation myths -their own origin myths almost always begin with or include some kind of catastrophic event. Whoever settled Easter Island, the myth was that a particular ... have changed since he [Velikovsky published the books in 1950. There are no longer any arguments as to whether catastrophes of a celestial nature could have been the source of these mythical notions. But at the time he brought his books out there was a hue and cry very much the same as what's been happening to you- the same kind of thing ...
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306. The Sun Of Night [Kronos $]
... Thompson was one of the first to notice that the Babylonians designated the planet Saturn as Shamash.(21) Yet Shamash, as a cursory glance through any work on Assyro-Babylonian mythology will show, was, very much like the Egyptian Ra, the usual Babylonian name for the Sun. In fact, variants of the word "shamash" still mean " ... . The Book of Genesis, 1:16. 35. Morris Jastrow Jr., op. cit., p. 172. 36. Donald A. Mackenzie, Myths of Babylonia and Assyria, Gresham, London, p. 314. 37. E. A. Wallis Budge, Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection, Dover, New York, ... , we wish to restrict our attention to Saturn which Velikovsky also insisted once to have been a sun.(15) 2. The Sun of Night. Today, no mythologist will contest the fact that Kronos was the Greek name of the planet Saturn. Yet Macrobius, in the fourth Christian century, identified Kronos as the Sun.(16) ...
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307. Discussion [Aeon Journal $]
... Huwawa to "the burning petroleum fires of Kirkuk Baba'." This idea was resuscitated in 1979 by J.V. Kinnier Wilson who sought to explain just about all of Mesopotamian mythology on a near-identical basis. According to Wilson, most, if not all, of the Mesopotamian deities originated as embodiments of natural phenomena associated with gas escapes and explosive petroleum geysers ... lack of credentials? Velikovsky once remarked that "Science is not licensed." Stephen Jay Gould recently remarked: "It is important that we as working scientists combat [the myths of our profession as something superior and apart. The myths may serve us well in the short and narrow as rationale for a lobbying strategy-- give us the funding and ... , know best, and that the records of the past were intrinsic nonsense. Velikovsky never claimed that all, or most, or even any, historical records should be "mythologized" or "spiritualized" to describe cosmic catastrophes. Rather, he brought to the historical records the same willingness to accept the ancient records as fact, until proven otherwise. ...
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... of that disruption. (4) Occam's razor has been wielded to eliminate Jupiter from the first, detailed model (Fig. 1). Those versed in the data of mythology will have to argue whether this is justified. For morphological and syntactical economy the declarative mood is used, usually without reference to the overall hypothetical status of the model. CONSTRAINTS ... . EARTH AND ITS MOON According to myth as interpreted in terms of the polar configuration, Earth was the southernmost of the planets visible from those regions of Earth in which the myths originated. (14) The present models conform to this; however, more southerly planets could be added, providing only that the ratio of magnetic dipole moment to mass of ... pp. 29 ff; idem, "On Testing the Polar Configuration," AEON I:2 (February 1988), pp. 95 ff; idem, "The Mythical History of the Comet Venus," AEON II:4 (May 1991), pp. 29 ff. 15. This writer has concluded that a more realistic cloud model ...
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309. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... D. Cardona: 'Velikovsky's Sources: Pro et Con', Kronos XI:3 (Summer 1986), pp. 86-87; idem: 'Planetary Identities: II- The Mythology of Homer', C& C Workshop 1989:1, pp.5-6; idem: 'Velikovsky's Martian Catastrophes', Aeon II:3 (Jan. 1991), p. ... and all too clearly belongs to the highly nationalistic faction that placed Josiah on the throne and eradicated alternative belief systems. The Joshua story, however, has managed to preserve distinct mythic material, of indeterminate heredity and/or age. How can the history of the ancient world be reset around biblical chronology, it might be asked. Egyptian chronology is much ... the 'full moon'. Another son, the East Wind, dallied with a maiden whom he changed into the Morning Star. If all this catastrophism is not of Red Indian mythological provenance, could any literary member please enlighten me as to Longfellow's sources? Jill Abery, Sittingbourne, Kent Eruptive Origins, etc Dear Sir, In Workshop 1990:1, ...
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... at the speculation that fills the void. Although the main point of this letter will concern resonances, I would also like to comment briefly on ejections, inversions, and the mytho-historical record. Regarding ejections, Cardona proposes that "the possible ejection of the planet Venus from Saturn must have cropped up among Velikovskian scholars prior to the publication of [his 'Child ... considering the immensity of the physical problems attending Velikovsky's planetary near-collisions and the absence of any credible solutions so far, it would be prudent to entertain alternatives to the literal interpretation of mythological and related material. A fruitful paradigm should be expected to solve more problems than it creates; but this has not been the case with Velikovsky's specific reconstruction. The need to ... of what the planet-gods were really about. Regarding the mytho-historical record, in which Cardona places great stock, the absence of detailed, explicit accounts means the emphasis is decidedly on myths, legends, and religious traditions. This makes interpretation a key process, raising the question of how valid is their literal interpretation, as Velikovsky, Cardona, D. Talbott ...
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