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21. Thundergods and Thunderbolts [Aeon Journal $]
... new interpretation of the thundergod as a visible planetary power. Aided by new discoveries in plasma physics, particularly as elucidated and reconstructed by Wallace Thornhill and Anthony Peratt, the curious mythology associated with the omnipresent thundergod suddenly begins to unravel, revealing a fascinating tale of interplanetary thunderbolts and apocalyptic cataclysm. It would be impossible to do justice to the vast body of ... Indra's stirring of the wheel's axle offers a striking mythical analogue to Perkunas' rotating his lightning-club in the nave of the solar wheel. THE WORLD PILLAR In order to understand the mytho-historical context and multivalent imagery of the thundergod and his weapon, it is necessary to consider the dynamic history of the polar configuration. As the polar configuration evolved through time, the ... by his Philistine captors, was forced to grind away at the mill like a common slave. [109 As Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend showed in Hamlet's Mill, mythological traditions regarding a magical mill-- said to grind out peace and happiness-- are intimately related to ancient conceptions surrounding the polar region and axis mundi. [110 Rather ...
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22. The Birth of Athena [Aeon Journal $]
... , the emphasis, and over emphasis, of a patrilinear structure." (5) Harrison's interpretation was subsequently adopted by Robert Graves, the most popular modern writer on Greek mythology. (6) In the past century it was common for scholars to interpret Athena's birth in terms of a nature-allegory. Roscher, for example, compared the epiphany of Athena ... - the famed grandmother of Hiawatha-- likewise fell from heaven as a comet. (25) The fall of the goddess from heaven, in fact, is a widespread mythological motive. (26) In Mesoamerica, for example, it was reported that Xochiquetzal-- the Aztec Aphrodite-- was expelled from heaven and fell to earth in demon-like ... "-- has an obvious significance if a comet was the source of reference. (30) The myth of the goddess' fall from heaven-- like most great myths-- becomes subject to rationalization at the hands of poets and chroniclers. The setting is localized and the goddess humanized to the point where the celestial source of the imagery is ...
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... societies... astronomy and astrology have [thus had an important impact... in the direct depiction of heavenly bodies [and in the symbolic representation inspired by astral mythology.... Certainly one must in this connection speak not so much of a consistent and uniform body of iconographical themes, as of an emotive source of conceptual inspiration, ... . This has thus prevented them from perceiving the real reason behind an influential cosmos though they unequivocally conclude that the great myths of the world do have a common origin, that mythic actions are those of celestial bodies, and that mythic geography is not that of the Earth but rather the heavens. (3) In point of fact, "astrogeography" ... single man, so the early memory of the human race belongs to the student of psychology. Only a philosophically and historically, but also analytically trained mind can see in the mythological subjects their true content..."-- I. Velikovsky, From AAAS Speech (1974) Introduction Somewhere between the infinite reaches of outer space- the Cosmos- ...
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... their original meaning. Some images persisted side by side, creating chaos in the former harmony. Through losses and additions new complexes of symbols developed which are best reflected in Greek mythology. One cannot always distinguish the traces of the old since they were transformed or distorted."(1) This, however, only holds true within individual groups and societies ... been too bright for any surface markings to be detected by the unaided human eye. But that Saturn was seen to spin prior to its flare-up is indicated in more than one mythic record. 13. F. K. Movers, Die Phonizier (1841-1856), Vol. II, p. 652. 29. Mater Dei 1. H. Hirnschall ... happens to be female. The Cretan goddess was similarly depicted as a woman in a long flounced skirt.(10) The argument that these examples appear relatively late on the mythological scene would not hold much water. Phoenician goddesses are invariably depicted as bare breasted but wearing flounced skirts.(11) So also with the "fertility" statuettes, such ...
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25. Mythopedia [SIS Internet Digest $]
... The data presented on this website is divided in various sections: 1. 'Mythodology' contains most of the 'dry stuff'. It explains the theoretical background of our views on mythology and offers a new and complete methodology for an emerging science of myth; 2. Mythomatics traces the myths of the world via the rigid processes of comparative and structural mythology back ... I have included some text samples on this website. All are invited to comment on this. The key discoveries: (a) Regular evolutionary principles: Over the centuries, mythological ideas have constantly developed according to certain predictable processes you might call the 'regular evolutionary principles of mythology'. (b) Visual prototypes: The ultimate origin and significance of the ... in the sky were recorded on stone in thousands of petroglyphs found all over the world, enacted in thousands of rituals celebrated until the present day, and narrated in thousands of myths. The data presented on this website is divided in various sections: 1. 'Mythodology' contains most of the 'dry stuff'. It explains the theoretical background of our views ...
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26. Darkness and the Deep [Aeon Journal $]
... began to swell." (76) Does the mytho-historical record have anything more to say about such a whirlpool or nebular cloud? Here we have to exercise great caution because mythology speaks of diverse whirlpools, not the least of which being the whirlpool of destruction into which the Saturnian configuration was said to have ultimately sunk. The mythic whirlpool we are after ... III:3 (Oct 1993) Home¦ Issue Contents Darkness and the Deep Dwardu Cardona See note* Below. 1. Introduction While the following study is based on the mytho-historical record, it is a highly speculative one. I make no qualms about it. It deals with that time, in the dim prehistory of mankind, when the Saturnian Configuration ... exercise great caution because mythology speaks of diverse whirlpools, not the least of which being the whirlpool of destruction into which the Saturnian configuration was said to have ultimately sunk. The mythic whirlpool we are after, therefore, would have to have preceded the creation. Coming immediately to mind is the Egyptian myth of Ptah forming the Saturnian Cosmic Egg on a potter's ...
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... From: Aeon III:1 (Nov 1992) Home¦ Issue Contents Towards a Science of Mythology: Velikovsky's Contribution Ev Cochrane When all is said and done it may well turn out that Velikovsky's most enduring claim to fame will be his singular contribution to comparative mythology; specifically, the thesis that many ancient myths commemorate spectacular cataclysms associated with the various ... ). (10) Levi-Strauss, on the other hand, looked to the structure and function of the human brain to explain the origin of societal patterns together with their attendant mythological motives. (11) The myth of Oedipus, according to this view, owes little to forbidden psychological urges, tracing instead to the universal tendency of human beings to think ... all is said and done it may well turn out that Velikovsky's most enduring claim to fame will be his singular contribution to comparative mythology; specifically, the thesis that many ancient myths commemorate spectacular cataclysms associated with the various planets. This is truly an original thesis, with little if any precedent in the writings of previous scholars. (1) As is ...
Terms matched: 8  -  Score: 4273  -  06 Mar 2003  -  50k  -  URL:
... other than its mythological content, the mytho-historical record also incorporates the worldwide astronomical beliefs of our ancient forefathers and that these beliefs coincide with their mytho-religious convictions. Ancient astronomical beliefs and mythology can therefore be considered together as a unified whole, even though in-depth research of such subjects ends up describing a Solar System that was entirely alien to the one we now inhabit ... in various periodicals. Summary The Saturnian theory proposes a line-up of the planets Saturn, Venus, Mars and Earth, all sharing the same axis of rotation. According to the mytho-historical record, this seemingly outrageous arrangement of planets existed in prehistoric times before it fell apart in a series of catastrophic events. In reconstructing the events in the formation and destruction of ... . In most visual representations of this myth, Mount Mandara is depicted not in the form of a mountain but as a pillar [142, thus validating the conviction that the mythic World Mountain and the Axis Mundi were one and the same. In fact, it has long been known to Indologists that Mount Mandara stood for the axis of the world [ ...
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29. The Ship of Heaven [Aeon Journal $]
... the model's predictive ability becomes all the more significant. Lastly, it is in the nature of a unified theory that it should explain all of the relevant data. If the mythology of the cosmic ship was inspired in its entirety by our proposed celestial forms, then no verifiable attribute of the ship should contradict the model at any level, general or specific ... the ship means the same thing as the two peaks of the cosmic mountain, then it must be concluded that the two peaks literally sailed around the central sun. If the mythological phrase "sailing upstream" means the rising of the crescent to the right of Saturn, then the sun god must sail upstream in the (archaic) evening, and downstream ... is a chance to see how well the theory is able to unify what has previously ap-peared as contradiction and absurdity. A Model of the Ship If the cosmic ship of the myths has any reference in the model I have proposed (Fig. 1), it is without doubt a figure of the revolving crescent. For if ancient man did indeed gaze ...
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30. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... Contrast this reaction to that which has greeted the evidence from which Velikovsky had adduced his catastrophe ideas. The past is catastrophic, he declared, because man's collective memory in the mythology of many nations tells us this is so. This aspect of his thesis was not particularly new, for Donnelly, Horbiger and Bellamy before him had similarly interpreted myth in a ... astronomical theory, and with the evidence of Chiron's recent catastrophist past their comet catastrophe scenario looks highly probable, there seems to be too many problems in making a synthesis with the mythological evidence put together by Velikovsky. But unless some sort of synthesis is possible we may see modern catastrophism diverge into two quite separate camps: one with a sound astronomical theory which ... , in their thesis, by comet Encke crossing the Earth. There is, therefore, an immediate problem for anyone who would create a modern synthesis for, according to the myths interpreted by Velikovsky, the early significant 'events' (e.g. the Exodus) were caused by Venus deities, goddesses strongly associated with the planet Venus. These goddesses often also ...
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