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271. Editor's Notes [SIS C&C Review $]
... the Milesian school- the post catastrophic paradigm shift in ancient Greece Bill Napier: cometary disasters, cosmic dust and ecological disasters in historical times David Pankenier: natural catastrophes in Chinese mythology and tradition Benny Peiser: the stratigraphy of Bronze Age catastrophes Irving Wolfe: the 'Kultursturz' at the Bronze Age- Iron Age interface. Depending on accommodation required, the approximate ... and discussed its implications for evolutionary theory. 'Remembering the End of the World' A new video with this title has just been released by Kronia Communications as the first in their Mythscape series. Remembering the End of the World features David Talbott and 'provides a compelling and visually stunning overview of the mythical age of the gods, when the gods were planets' ... and Gunnar Heinsohn asks some awkward questions about the archaeology of the Middle East, focussing on the site of Hazor. Phillip Clapham suggests a radical solution to the identity of the mythical substance shamir and I have included a brief review of current debate on Einstein's relativity theory. This issue also features a major review by Geoffrey Gammon on David Rohl's A Test of ...
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272. Black Sea Flood [SIS C&C Review $]
... Star barking a warning against an approaching intruder. In 1883 Gerald Massey's Natural Genesis attempted to demonstrate the Noah flood story was written and preserved in the stars. Massey used Egyptian mythology to support his theory. What is interesting about McHugh's work is that by 700BC precessional change had affected the visibility of the outline of the ark or boat in the sky. ... East. Proponents of the idea have latched on to what had been an obscure 1999 dissertation by a student at Brigham Young University. John McHugh dated the Biblical cum Sumerian flood myths to 6000BC, a date very close to the proposed Black Sea inundation. The dissertation was rejected for publication by a major journal but has since become a news story that has ... back to haunt them. The title is interesting to sky-focussed catastrophism, The Deluge: A Mythical Story that was Projected onto the Constellations. McHugh claims the story was in effect pinned down in the stars, presumably at some stage after the event. This happened before the invention of writing by the Sumerians and the constellations were used as a picture book to ...
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... of an ancient king by a stranger(34) was added; and finally Sophocles invented the story of Antigone.(35)** [* Niobe, in Greek mythology, was the daughter of Tantalus, and thus a sister of Pelops. She was the wife of Amphion, king of Thebes.- LMG [** For Velikovsky's discussion ... . 374. 32. Cf. Crusius, Sitz. Bayer. Akad. A, 22 (1905), p. 751 with n. 2; Gruppe, Griechische Mythologie und Religionsgeschichte, 1906, p. 654. 33. Athenagoras, "Legatio pro Christianis", 14, in J .-P. Migne ed., Patrologiae Cursus Completus, ... , vol. VI, col.918. 34. Cf. Dirlmeyer, Rhein. Mus f. Philol. 98 (1955), p. 28. (His book Der Mythos vom Koenig Oedipus (1948), unfortunately, has been unavailable to me. Cf. the review by Ailenbeck in Gnomon 22 (1950), pp. 178/179 ...
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274. ADS Abstracts [SIS Internet Digest $]
... suggest that the variability of Betelgeuse (alpha Orionis) was known in pre-classical Greece, and that this knowledge is reflected in the myths associated with Orion and other figures in Greek mythology. There is corroboration in parallel myths from other cultures. ... , the variation in long-period variables, the filamentary structure of the Crab Nebula, novae, radio galaxies, barred spirals, quasars, and the jet of M 87. Further mythological evidence for ancient knowledge of variable stars by Wilk, Stephen R. in The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers, vol. 27, no. 2, ... 171 ( I suggest that the variability of Betelgeuse (alpha Orionis) was known in pre-classical Greece, and that this knowledge is reflected in the myths associated with Orion and other figures in Greek mythology. There is corroboration in parallel myths from other cultures. ...
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... From: Horus Vol. 1 No. 2 (Summer 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents...more Myths Monuments and Mnemonics: A Visit To Easter Island By David Griffard The pristine beauty of Easter Island, sparsely populated and largely free of the signs of modern civilization, rises from the Pacific 27 South of the equator and over 2, 000 miles ... by later European explorers, these tales are all that is left in human memory of this remote island-cosmos. Together, the record unfolds a dream-like saga, a mixture of the mythical and the real which, like the dream of an individual, often contains clues to memories long forgotten. Though the moais now stand mute and mysterious, their time in the ... For however long this tiny kingdom evolved in isolation, this story and other traditions that were preserved, link the basic beliefs of people on Easter Island to a general mainstream of mythico-religious ideas shared by other ancient cultures. This common area of human mental life has not been explained to everyone's satisfaction because of opposing beliefs about the cause of these shared traditions. ...
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... , to give but a few examples. Thus Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend were not entirely correct when they stated that 'all the stories, characters and adventures narrated by mythology concentrate on the active powers among the stars, who are the planets.' [26 Regardless of the impetus behind its origin, a fair share of primitive mythology does concern ... 'the star of nine moons' [21. The greatest calamity that these people remember is that of a universal flood- which gives the lie to those who claim that Deluge myths are unknown in Africa- and even this is connected with Efe/Saturn [22. But what then of non-planetary disasters, of ordinary floods, famines, and thunder, ... ? Thus I agreed with him when I stated that 'I will not deny that the mysteries of everyday life, as they pertained to primitive peoples, were also conducive of the myth-making process' and that there is 'enough evidence to prove Boyles correct on this point' [7. There was therefore no call for Boyles to state that 'Cardona's idea of primitive ...
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... beliefs. (3) Composed by various scribes throughout the centuries and renowned for numerous conundrums and internal inconsistencies, these texts are not without their difficulties for the researcher of comparative mythology. Such problems notwithstanding, the Pyramid Texts represent the oldest body of literature dealing with the various celestial bodies and, as such, they constitute a vital link in any theory ... too Sirius is apparently absent from the leading pantheons and religious cults. (47) The planet Venus, however, figured prominently in all known pantheons and in numerous rituals and myths. Perhaps most relevant to our thesis here is the fact that the earliest calenders of the Maya were designed to accord with the movements of the planet Venus. (48) ... flooding was predominantly celestial in nature. Mars and Venus If Horus is to be identified with the planet Mars, and Spd.t with Venus, how are we to understand their various mythical relations? The simplest explanation, of course, would be to understand their relations by reference to Mars' close proximity to Venus. Is there any evidence that ancient skywatchers were ...
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278. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... and unable to trade food. Beowulf in Kent History Today Dec 98, p. 4, The Sunday Times 16.8.98, p. 18 This item should perhaps come under the mythology section as Beowulf was the Anglo-Saxon dragon-slaying hero figure found universally in myth. Charred remains of a Viking longboat discovered off the north Kent coast have led a local archaeologist to boost ... , May 97, article by Jared Diamond. Why do they need to wall themselves up in a fortified ivory tower? Do they sense that their foundations are crumbling? The myths of science New Scientist 8.8.98, pp. 20-21, 25.4.98, p. 50, 22.8.98, p. 49, 12.9.98, pp. 37-39 and p. 46 Scientists short ... be true and 'look more like a twelfth century historian's attempt to provide a glorious Carolingian imperial connection'. Just like some early British accounts try to establish a connection with the mythical King Arthur? ARCHAEOLOGY Older than Stonehenge Scientific American June 98, p. 18 A site of astronomically aligned megaliths has been found at Nabta, in southern Egypt's Sahara desert. ...
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... abbreviations stand for works repeatedly cited. ERE (An Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, James Hastings, editor, 13 volumes, Scribners, New York, 1908-26) MAR (Mythology of All Races, Louis H. Gray, editor, 13 volumes, Cooper Square Publishers, New York,1964; reprinted from 1916 edition) MIFL (A Motif-Index of ... Ovid's Latin phrase aetas aurea.(1) The Roman poet Horace called it tempus aureum- "the golden time".(2) The Egyptians too thought of this mythic stage as a period, which they referred to as "the first time" or "the times of Ra".(3) For others, it was "the ... soft hard pliable unyielding womanly masculine childlike officious gentle harsh peaceful militant permissive censorious accepting demanding abundant parsimonious unitive divisive (18) To the extent that they exhibit consensus, the world's myths of origin directly or indirectly depict an aureal order that differed sharply from the historic order in various ways: l. The sky, instead of being dominated alternately by the Sun ...
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280. Aeon Volume IV, Number 5: Contents [Aeon Journal $]
... released video, Remembering the End of the World, produced by Kronia Communications Inc., and distributed by Palemesa Ltd. Ev Cochrane is the author of numerous articles on comparative mythology and archaeoastronomy. He previously served as an Associate Editor of KRONOS and is currently the publisher of AEON. He is presently preparing two manuscripts for publication: The Many Faces of ... concerning its genesis. PAGE 17 The Saturn Thesis (Part 2) The second part of an in-depth interview with David Talbott, in which he continues to illustrate the coherence of mythological motifs as they pertain to the unfolding Saturnian scenario. PAGE 29 Mons Veneris Why was the ancient sun-god said to have risen and set over the same mountain? Why was this ... and Immanuel Velikovsky, Page 62. Pacific Meridian Publishing Co., books, Page 81. Book: Origins: Today's Science, Tomorrow's Myth, Page 82. Kronia, Mythscape Video Series, Page 108. Aeon Volume IV, Number 5 CONTRIBUTORS Robert Driscoll studied physics at Caltech and mechanical engineering at Case Tech. Now retired, he is a member ...
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