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261. HORUScope [Horus $]
... now move on to the article "Venus: A Battle Star?" by C. E. Bowen. Venus figures as the most prominent planet in Mexican and Central American mythology. The importance of the relative positions of Venus and Earth in their affairs may indicate an earlier preoccupation with the relation between these relative positions and the timing of space flights between ... nor even their presence on the ancient Earth and it is acknowledged that many vignettes of history can be read as "contact" evidence. Some have suggested that even the great myths about the battle of the planetary gods represent a distorted story of an ancient space war. But the combined testimony of ancient people seems far more committed to natural upheavals (in ... , HORUS follows the perspective that the key to understanding the source of much fundamental mythology and cosmology may lie here. The concept that natural cataclysms are the source of the corresponding mythical tales has so much explanatory power- especially for the behavioral scientist- that something almost certainly must be wrong with the conventional view that ancient people merely were weaving fantasies about their ...
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262. The Domestication of the Human Species [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... and we should be wary of equating any great campaigner with a leader who left little, or inferior, monumental work. Professor Wilson devotes a substantial section of his argument to mythology and he proposes that currently popular theories of a unified, conceptual symbolism innate within all mankind are mistaken. He argues that the advent of buildings marks a major development in cosmological ... their relationship to society and the Universe, and in striving towards its permanence and perfection as the perpetuator of power, the arts and technology evolved. There are some ideas regarding mythological symbolism, which are greatly at odds with views often expressed within these pages, but which are interesting none the less. The sacred enclosure is seen as that area enclosing the ... with the fire god at the centre. This develops into the ideal of the walled city. It is also pointed out that gardening preceded agriculture and could explain the prevalence of myths such as that of the garden of Eden. Wilson considers that architecture influenced the structure of society and symbolic thinking and not the reverse. The temporary dry season settlements of the ...
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263. Annotated Bibliography for Catastrophism [SIS Internet Digest $]
... Pan-Babylonians. Butterworth, E. A. S. The Tree at the Navel of the Earth. Walter de Gruyter and Co., Berlin, 1970. Butterworth considers the mythology of the World Tree and the Tree of Life with emphasis on Asiatic variants. He also discusses important symbols (the lunar crescent, the bowl, the sun, the thunderbolt ... Publications Inc., New York, 1963. Allen's book was originally published in 1899 under the title Star Names and Their Meanings. Allen provides a history of the literary and mythological uses of the stars and constellations, including the history of the lunar and solar zodiacs, the legends associated with various constellations and star groups, and the history of astrology. ... A. "The Worship of Meteorites." American Journal of Science (fourth series), 153 (1897), pp. 1-14. Brown, Peter Lancaster. Megalyths Myths and Men. Harper and Row, New York, 1976. Brown reviews science in pre-neolithic times, including the hypotheses of Alexander Marshack that engraved bones over 8,500 years ...
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264. Angel & Catastrophism Part II [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... evidence here. The horns have been demonstrated as a universal mythological feature in connection with the aspect of an approaching comet. It must be remembered, however, that horns in mythology- Biblical or otherwise- are an ambivalent feature since they are associated both with gods and devils. In spite of Hyam Maccoby's letter in S.I.S Review Vol. II, No ... with an apparent falling of a cometary body from the sky. All the features associated with the devil are clearly in evidence here. The horns have been demonstrated as a universal mythological feature in connection with the aspect of an approaching comet. It must be remembered, however, that horns in mythology- Biblical or otherwise- are an ambivalent feature since they ... Apart from this digression, it remains true that today, horns are more commonly associated with the devil. The tail of the devil is just as clearly depicted in all ancient myths and is just as clearly a cometary feature in catastrophist interpretation. Finally, the devil is traditionally accompanied by the smell of burning sulphur as witnessed by Saints and the psychically receptive ...
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265. Human Sacrifice - Then and Now [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... society through sacrifice. He became the father of a great nation by agreeing to sacrifice his son Isaac. At this point it can be contended that the sacrifice actually occurred. Mythology is full of examples of dying, resurrected gods at the founding of societies. A variation is founding twins with the death of only one and we begin to get a glimpse ... serpent. A Mochican image has a jaguar head with a headdress like a radiating sun, it is often associated with a human figure with only one eye and it enters into mythological combat with fantastic creatures. Clearly the jaguar is a far more complex image than simple reverence for a powerful beast of prey. Inescapable is the conclusion that the jaguar is closely ... which humans played the part of gods. Kingship was 'lowered from heaven' after catastrophes associated with a celestial body, the great serpent later known as Inanna/Ishtar. Worldwide myths place the invention of sacrifice and prayer after a destructive flood and archaeological evidence shows that throughout the Bronze Age societies were destroyed from time to time, often by fire. Heinsohn ...
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266. Did Saturn Explode Twice? [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... advocated the possibility that Saturn gave birth to Jupiter in the original draft of this article, I no longer hold this view although it is well known to those familiar with Greek mythology that Zeus/Jupiter was one of the children of Cronos/Saturn. It would appear that Earth was a satellite of the original Saturn which was a star in the true ... same way as Pluto menaces Neptune's orbit. One day Saturn and Jupiter met and formed a temporary binary system. Venus was undoubtedly born of Jupiter* as is verified by the mythological records and it is significant that this should happen in Noah's lifetime according to Jewish mythology (Ginzberg's Legends of the Bible p. 69). The birth of Venus from Jupiter ... , is the Jewish sabbath. It is curious that the Christians adopted the day of the Sun for their sabbath to replace the day of Saturn. It is recorded in many myths throughout the world that the cosmic egg (Saturn) split into two thus forming heaven and Earth or the Sun. This can be explained by the fact that after the first ...
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267. Book Review [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... , on the whole, pleasantly written volume offers the promise of being a stimulating and serious attempt to reinterpret ancient Near Eastern religion and human prehistory. Relying on Babylonian and Biblical mythology in the main, and displaying some apparent erudition, Sitchin develops a model for the origins of civilisation that reminds one at once of the catastrophist theories of Immanuel Velikovsky and Robert ... by an extremely narrow outlook and frame of reference. He must be one of the last people this century to imagine that Mesopotamia was the centre of civilisation, and that Mesopotamian myths, by virtue of having been written down earlier, are somehow the 'originals' of those of other Near Eastern cultures (including Greece and Egypt). He restricts himself almost ... "Twelfth Planet" on the civilisations of America, Europe, Africa and the rest of Asia is not even considered, and outside of the Near East and Greece, the mythologies of the rest of the world are not even acknowledged to exist. Sitchin's method then is remarkable jejune- identify the planets (up to 12) and 'spacegods' in the ...
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268. Martian Metamorphoses [SIS Internet Digest $]
... turn, will serve as a recurring point of comparison in our analyses of the war-gods of other cultures. As the title attests, this book is fundamentally an exercise in comparative mythology. Our subject of study is the figure we have designated the "warrior-hero." It can be shown that a vast corpus of myths surrounding this figure survives from virtually every ... themes in modern cinema. Some will be familiar to our audience-- those surrounding Heracles, Perseus, Odysseus, and Samson, for example. Others, such as the mythological traditions associated with the names Nergal, Indra, Thor, and Cuchulainn-- although equally compelling-- will perhaps be new to the reader. Contents: 1. Introduction ... book is fundamentally an exercise in comparative mythology. Our subject of study is the figure we have designated the "warrior-hero." It can be shown that a vast corpus of myths surrounding this figure survives from virtually every corner of the globe, such traditions being traceable in the most ancient literature as well as in recently collected oral accounts. Many of these ...
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269. The Hamlet's Mill International Conference [SIS Internet Digest $]
... could move easily between different cultures and languages and be safely handed down in reliable and constantly vital pictorial form from generation to generation. Over the millennia, however, these ancient mythic metaphors and allegories degenerated into mere folk tales, often with an overlay of ignorant superstition and 'local colour'. As a consequence, scholars have come to regard the whole genre ... and the Opening of the Stargates. The gates of heaven, and how these time markers indicate the start and end of long ages spanning millenia. [ John Gordon: Mythological Astronomy- Sacred Science of the Ancient Mysteries. Examining how myths in cultures all around the world indicate they could have been intended as sacred metaphors and allegories, intended to convey ... of both astronomical cycles and human spiritual existence. John Lash: The Hidden Path in Kali Yoga. On the Dendera Zodiac and how the 26,000 year cycle it describes identifies the present moment in cosmic timing, and the oldest known date. Dr William Sullivan: The Myth of Pre-History. Why anthropology has a structural, inbuilt resistance to human history ...
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... , as well as such functional applications as the calendar, musical scale, and the alphabet. A book-cover blurb quoting the French savant, Charles François Dupuis, that: "Mythology is the work of science; science alone will explain it," is well-intentioned window dressing, and only suggests what wonders are contained in the book. The authors' sense ... fair. Hamlet's Mill deserves more than a concise treatment. Much more. Frau Von Dechend undertook a revised, second edition in (Die Mühle des Hamlet. Ein Essay über Mythos und das Gerüst der Zeit, Berlin: Kammerer und Unverzagt, 1993), but a possible English translation is still being considered. Actually, it's much worse. I telephoned ... wanted their students to think for themselves. They've given us much to think about with Hamlet's Mill. Wondering what happened to the wonder, Rick Selected Bibliography: Die kultishe und mythische Bedeutung des Schweins in Indonesien und Ozeanien, Ph. D. dissertation, Frankfurt University, 1939. Der Mythos von der gebauten Welt als Ausdrucksform archaischer Naturwissenschaft, Frankfurt University habilitation ...
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