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231. Problems With The Morning Star [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... with the sacrifice of one noble at times of the invisibility of Venus, in order to make the Morning Star appear again[18. Cochrane and Talbott argue that the Mesoamerican mythology and symbolism of Quetzalcoatl/Feathered Serpent indicate a description of Venus in its earliest cometary form when seen as an encircling enclosure around Saturn[11. As such the Feathered Serpent ... a shape changer associated with the colour black and destroyer of the Toltecs through pestilence. A change in the calendar system seems also to be associated with him[19. His mythological origins point to a further identification with Saturn in the possession of only one leg, or one enormous foot[19. Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl were antitheses. In one myth they ... goddess of love, was in fact the Greek Evening Star while Athena was the warlike Morning Star aspect of Venus only[2. James proves his point by recourse to the myths and symbols of the Eurasian civilisations of the Hittites, Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians, where the often masculine, evil aspect of the Morning Star is contrasted with the feminine, ...
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232. Indra [Kronos $]
... compared with the sevenfold ring which surrounded the Saturnian Sun of Night in primeval times.(15) These seven rings were also the original Pleiades.(16) In Hindu mythology, the god of the planet Mars (Kartikeya/Skanda/ Kumara)(17) was, like the Maruts, said to have been a child of Agni(18 ... According to him, these comets then accompanied Mars as it supposedly swooped close to Earth in a series of near-collisions during the 8th and 7th centuries B.C.(11) The mythological origin of the Maruts, as indicated above, does not bear this out. Although they eventually became Indra's companions, the Maruts owed their origin, not to Venus and/ ... Velikovsky's Sources, Part 2 (Manchester, 1981), pp. 129-139. 14. V. Ions,op. cit., p.96; W. D.O'Flaherty, Hindu Myths (Harmondsworth, 1975-76), p. 348. (NOTE: It would actually have been more correct to say that originally there was only one Marut (see V. ...
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233. Chapter XIII: The Egyptian Heavens the Zodiacs of Dexderah [Dawn of Astronomy (Book)] [Books]
... a great deal more. It is noteworthy that the illustration of the very first astronomical point which we have to consider brings out the fact that it is impossible to disconnect Egyptian mythology from astronomy. In the southern half of the zodiac, the lower part is occupied by stars represented in the guise of different mythological personages, sailing along in boats; and ... . There is no difficulty in recognising some of the zodiacal signs, but there the resemblance to the modern zodiac ends, for the reason that each of the strange processions of mythological personages represents not only constellations, with some of which we may be familiar, but a great deal more. It is noteworthy that the illustration of the very first astronomical point ... date mentioned. This undoubtedly, to a large extent, justifies what Dupuis had long before pointed out-- that the perpetual reference to the Bull found in ancient records and mythologies arose from the fact that this constellation occupied an important position at a critical time in the year, which would indicate a very considerable lapse of time. This idea was justified ...
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234. Myth and Method [SIS C&C Review $]
... its empirical conclusions. It is not my purpose to attempt an account of the development of his method, rather to describe basic features of it in a mature stage. Among mythic, folklore, saga and ritual texts there are those which can be regarded as embodying models of catastrophic cosmogonic events and their terrestrial correlates. For brevity I shall call the latter ... From: SIS Review Vol 1 No 1 (Jan 1976) Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky's Mythological Approach and its Validation Myth and Method Ian Grant IN THIS ESSAY I contribute to the characterisation of Velikovsky's mythological method and suggest that the proper basis for deciding on its validity lies in the testing of its empirical conclusions. It is not my purpose to attempt ... ) reconstruction of the corresponding cosmogonic event can be arrived at. Successful application of the method calls for some appreciation of the metamorphosis processes which have produced the extant cosmogonic texts. Myths incorporate social structures and behaviour and biological processes; and, indeed, they are shaped by social processes. Framing myths in terms of family and sex pair relationships is very common ...
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235. Ra as Saturn [SIS Internet Digest $]
... specific and strange characteristic. Atum was honored as a sun of night.(22) Now, I ask you, does the Sun shine at night? Students of Egyptian mythology have long grappled with the exact meaning that lies hidden beneath this strange characteristic of Atum. The best that Wallis Budge could offer by way of an explanation was that Atum, ... . Ra as Saturn From: Dwardu Cardona <> Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 09:59:28 -0700 Some of The Reasons Concerning Why The Mythological Ra Could Not Have Been The Sun. From the paper read at the Portland World Conference.... Thus, for example, Ra was often lauded as "Lord ... so naive as to invent a concept in which even the most ignorant of their peasantry could hardly have believed? What we see, here, again, is an attempt by mythologists to interpret, not only myth, but also ancient astronomical lore, by reference to the PRESENT celestial arrangement, not even imagining that the ancients could have been alluding to a ...
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236. Velikovsky & Saturnists & the Gods [SIS Internet Digest $]
... strictly 20th century, and ignores that fact that myths and legends were not created by people who were likely to think anything at all like the way we do. These "mytho-historical" paradigms, like the Saturn Myth, and Velikovsky's "theory" can be immediately rejected as illogical at the very core, precisely because there is no good reason to presume ... in myth precisely reconstruct the true dynamic behaviour of the celestial objects associated with them. However, the question that Tresman asks is strictly 20th century, and ignores that fact that myths and legends were not created by people who were likely to think anything at all like the way we do. These "mytho-historical" paradigms, like the Saturn Myth, and ... rejected as illogical at the very core, precisely because there is no good reason to presume that there is any such connection between reality and myth as they presume. Remember that myth-makers did not think or feel about the sky as we do. We fly around in the sky, and above it; the notion of people doing that was not high on ...
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237. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... and, given a catastrophic interpretation, the identification of specific catastrophes- particularly when the same planetary body may have been responsible for several of them. If only the scholars of mythology can be persuaded to examine Velikovsky's thesis, what riches might emerge! In the meantime the field is yours. WHITE, PETER: The Past is Human Angus& Robertson, ... "ten times weaker.. in order to shift the axis by one half of a radian." Classic Sourcebook O'Flaherty, W. D. (translator): HINDU MYTHS: a sourcebook translated from the Sanskrit. Penguin Classics, 1975 AT 80p, this anthology is an absolute bargain which should be in the personal library of all members. The ... "clarified butter" and ambrosia (the two types of Manna discussed by Reade?). There are also suggestions of perfume and wine- the latter having parallels in other mythologies (e.g. the Egyptian myth of Hathor/Venus and the destruction of mankind): perhaps Mr Reade might investigate possible fermentation processes. Finally, poisonous fumes are produced which ...
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238. Annotated Bibliography for Catastrophism [SIS Internet Digest $]
... of these myths in Worlds in Collision. Braghine, Alexander. The Shadow of Atlantis. Dutton, New York, 1940. Braghine collates geological, astronomical, historical, and mythological evidence to support the idea of at least one and possibly two global catastrophes having been witnessed by humans during the Holocene. He suggested that a giant comet entering the inner solar ... of Velikovsky often don't realize just how derivative of earlier catastrophists Velikovsky's work really was." Copyright© 1995 by Philip R. Burns. Bellamy, Hans Schindler. Moons, Myths, and Man. Faber and Faber, London, 1936. Bellamy, following the "ice cosmology" of Hoerbiger, suggested that humans had experienced two major catastrophes in the ... paper by twenty-seven years. Radlof, Johann Gottlieb. Zertrummerung der grossen Planeten Hesperus und Phaethon und die darauf folgenden Zerstorungen und Ueberflutungen auf der Erde; nebst neuen Aufschlussen uber die Mythensprache der alten Volker. G. Reimer, Berlin, 1823. In a remarkable display of prescience, Radlof essentially enunciates Velikovsky's theories almost 130 years before Velikovsky. Radlof suggests that ...
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239. How Much Did They Know? [SIS C&C Review $]
... if we knew them. So against this discouraging background, de Santillana and von Dechend set out their thesis. Their title links Shakespeare's Hamlet with Amlodhi, a figure of Icelandic mythology. "Amlodhi was identified, in the crude and vivid imagery of the Norse, by the ownership of a fabled mill which, in his own time, ground out peace ... surely essential, when proposing a natural phenomenon as the origin of a theme to be found in world-wide mythology, that the characteristics of the chosen phenomenon should match those of its mythic counterpart. Yet (as the quotation above indicates) the typical representation in myth of the end of a World Era is one of collapse, of toppling pillars, of floods ... that there was a great body of astronomical knowledge (together, indeed, with some pretty "advanced" theories) which was expressed verbally in the forms which we call "myths" (but tend to dismiss as "childish fantasies"), and concretely in constructions ranging from simple stone circles to elaborate temples. The books discussed here, very different ...
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... ceremonials and a general consideration of the temples at Karnak, to the worships to which the various temples were dedicated. And to do this we must face the problems of Egyptian mythology, so far as the names and origins of the various gods and goddesses are concerned. Plan of Denderah (Mariette) There is ample evidence that each temple was sacred to ... , referred to in Chapter XIII. Further, it is easy to show that Sirius at that date rose with the sun on the Egyptian New Year's Day; [5 in mythological language, she mingled her light with that of her father Ra on the great day of the year. As this is the first instance of such personification that we have come ... star Sirius. Taking, then, all these inscriptions together, we have an absolute astronomical demonstration of the fact that the "rising of Hathor," which is referred to mythologically in the inscriptions given by Mariette, was the rising of Sirius; that the star which" shone into the temple, and which mingled her light with the light of her ...
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