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... VI:4 (Summer 1981), p. 47. 267. Tacitus, The Histories, V, 7. 268. C. Burland, "North American Indian Mythology," Mythology of the Americas (London, 1970), pp. 63-64. 269. Pliny, Natural History, ii:18. 270. Ibid., ii ... gods. Were the ancients trying to tell us that thunderbolts did in fact emanate from the planets? The answer is that they were and they discussed the subject not only in mythological terms, but in scientific ones as well. It seems that planetary discharges, in the form of cosmic thunderbolts, were a phenomena with which the very ancient were well acquainted ... ) Dwardu Cardona Copyright (c) 1983 by Dwardu Cardona 20. The Thunderbolt In a separate paper(264) I have indicated that there is nothing in ancient records, myths, or legends, that implicates Mars or Venus as the agent of destruction in the Sodomitic catastrophe. Neither is there anything that substantiates Alfred de Grazia's contention that the agent was ...
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... 100 km west and bowed into a 120 arc. Nowhere on Earth is there a more majestic cataform than this one in the California/Oregon backyard. IMPLICATIONS FOR CATACLYSM IN MYTHOLOGY The preceding descriptive material may be useful in analysis of mythological reality. The data has four general categories: Craters and explosion conduits Crustal arcs and translations Injectites (pseudotachylite, granophyre ... , ejectites (ash, tektites, bombs) Lahars (including long distance rock slides) A giant explosion such as that of the K/T "event," if endogenous, could have been preceded by perhaps three thousand meters of doming (" world mountain" growth?). On explosion, the great dome could have emitted a "pillar ... tangential component could cause plate translation in its direction of travel. Whether such motion would be sensed by an observer in the chaos of dust and darkness is doubtful. Concerning the myths of Earth rotational suspension, it is evident from the translatability of crustal blocks that there is little coherence between layers of the earth. Therefore, if something stopped the surface, ...
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223. Notes on the Androgynous Comet [SIS C&C Review $]
... into the external world was... his generative faculty. The universe teemed with sexual symbols to the primitive, the only analogy he could make, and the earliest cosmographic myths and rituals of all religions were natural spontaneous equivalents of human behaviour in love." (5) Father J. Winthuis, doing missionary work at the time of the First ... (1942), pp. 359-60; Baumann, Das Doppelte Geschlecht. Ethnologische Studien zur Bisexualität in Ritus und Mythus (1955); M. Delcourt, "Hermaphrodite. Mythes et rites de la bisexualité" dans l'Antiquité Classique, 1948..." 17. See F. Lajard: "Vénus Orientale Androgyne", in Nouvelles Annales of the ... , Das Geschlecht der Gottheit (1934); G.S. Marr, Sex in Religion, an historical Survey (1936); J. Bubeaux et M. Leroy, Le mythe du Phénix (1939); J. Carcopino, Aspects mystiques de la Rome paienne (1942), pp. 359-60; Baumann, Das Doppelte Geschlecht. Ethnologische Studien zur ...
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... the dog. Thompson has referred to Mayan perceptions of Venus as the "sun's dog", and he has convincingly discussed the "hunting dog" of Kekchi (Mayan) mythology as Morning Star, which as a planet is named Xulab.(20) He suggests in this connection "that the term xul or a word with that root was used ... and New Worlds that drew characteristics of Sirius in the Old World to an association with Venus in the New. Pre-Columbian diffusion of the sort suggested has consequences for the persuasiveness of mythological sources as evidence of independently witnessed world catastrophes, although it does not constitute evidence that such events were not independently witnessed. Such diffusion is, however, of considerable interest on ... see only points of light on a dark field. Hertha von Dechend and Giorgio de Santillana, in their book, Hamlet's Mill, take this as an indication that the astronomical myths of China and Mesopotamia derive from a common origin."(50) VENUS AS SPEAR In Mesoamerica Venus is strongly associated with the spear or the flint tip of a spear ...
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225. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... . The fourth and final volume of this series, which has been previously noted in this column, retains the high standard of its predecessors. Any attempt to compress the world's mythology into four volumes must run up against severe problems of selection and condensation, and material is sure to be omitted (in this case, for example, there is no mention ... provide a useful key to the student. Certainly such condensation highlights a proposition of particular interest to Velikovskians- stated by the editors in their general introduction thus:- "Certain mythological paradigms (mythologems) and symbols such as those of the flood, the theft of fire, the monster/dragon in its cave, the ladder from earth to heaven, ... "poisoning by cyanide released by the fallen comet and... a catastrophic rise in calcite-compensation depth in the oceans after the detoxification of the cyanide". PEARS ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF MYTHS AND LEGENDS: OCEANIA AND AUSTRALIA, THE AMERICAS by Sheila Savill (Pelham,1979: £7.50). The fourth and final volume of this series, which has been ...
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226. Society News [SIS C&C Review $]
... but certainly it's been oversold as 'the Atlantis mystery solved'. Neither James's account nor the account by the Flem-Aths will be the last book about Atlantis. Jill Abery asked where mythology ceases and actual history begins? Benny Peiser asked why James is only focussing on one catastrophe myth and not finding out if there are more, like Velikovsky, who used Atlantis ... . The word is he and he might have meant Plato. David didn't think James discusses the Diodorus Siculus reference. Trevor said James mentions the Amazons largely to show how the myths move from East to West. He showed that whereas they were originally thought to be in Turkey, later legends have them based in North Africa. Dionysius went to town with ... probably book 3), who talks about the war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans. This does not mean that therefore Atlantis existed, because many people think the Amazons are mythical, but it is mentioned entirely in non-catastrophic circumstances and is another reference for it. 11,500 BC Magdalenian 6 civilisation was quite advanced, inventing stone threshing and other things ...
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227. Chapter I: The Review [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... and Israel and quickly discovered that the events were seen throughout the Middle East. Investigation of other areas revealed that many locations in the world seemed to have created the same "mythology" about these events at about the same time in history. It was eventually clear that a global catastrophe had occurred around 1450 BC, but it was not the first nor ... to be expelled from Jupiter and interacted with other bodies in the Solar System until it acquired a stable orbit and became known as the planet Venus. Hence, the Greek "mythological" claim that a planetary deity representing Venus sprang forth from the head of Jupiter or was spewed out from Jupiter. The body that was to become Venus orbited the sun for ... accounts about a great flood. This occurs also in and regions that do not have even seasonal floods. That this is true has been recently reiterated by Bratton in his book Myths and Legends of the Ancient Near East 8 It is not always observed, however, that these accounts strongly suggest that the water causing the Deluge was not a result of statistically ...
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228. The Ankh [Kronos $]
... the equations cited were derived.) 35. G. Michanowsky, op. cit., p. 31. 36. J. Morgenstern, "Divine Triad in Biblical Mythology," Journal of Biblical Literature LXIV (1945), pp. 15, 16. 37. D. Cardona, "Let There Be Light," (see note ... was responsible for" a quantum jump in human achievement".(23) "My research [wrote Michanowsky indicates that this heavenly event actually became the source of the creation myths, the cosmological concepts, and the cultural traditions of much of our civilization. Directly or indirectly, it produced many of the archetypal figures we encounter again and again in the ... and no modern Egyptologist has satisfactorily identified it."(44) The ankh's connection with Saturn has been derived through its association, and direct identification, with Osiris. Those mythologists who sought the origin of the ankh seem to have overlooked the fact that Ankh was the same as Osiris, who was the same as Tammuz,(45) who was ...
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... down from Berkeley with a few of his friends to meet the good doctor. One of these Berkeleyites brought with her a large, elaborate stream-of-consciuosness pen-and-ink sketch which bordered on pornographic mythology, that she presented to Velikovsky. But, to the breath-holding relief of the nearby observers, he refused to make any psychoanalytic comments. I needlessly hoped that Velikovsky wouldn't notice ... . David Talbott came by, and a protracted discussion of sharply divergent views ensued, relating to the physical character of planetary bodies in a polar orbit. Juergens' grasp of mythic literature was limited, but he was highly skeptical of the conceptual models Talbott and I forwarded. However, he said that he'd look into the electrical character regarding the basic premise ... mostly trivia. But, one thing did stick in my mind as our talks centered around people we knew. Velikovsky, in reply to questions about Lewis Greenberg's investigations into the myths surrounding Venus and his contributions as an associate editor of Pensée, thought that Greenberg was rather precipitous in his use of source materials and hence appeared to leap-frog to conclusions that might ...
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230. Book Review - Mythologies [SIS Internet Digest $]
... for example). Some are extended expositions on broad themes such as one might find in an encyclopaedia (a thirteen page account of Zoroastrianism and a ten page survey of Finno-Ugric mythology were among my favourites). As well as such straightforwardly descriptive articles, there are also more involved ones. A long (but solitary) article on Oceanic religion and mythology ... "European Mythology", which also goes by the more descriptive title of "Western Civilization in the Christian Era". This includes articles on subjects ranging from King Arthur to myths about Napoleon and the use of mythology in contemporary science fiction. One consequence of this unevenness is that Mythologies is not suitable as a reference of last resort. A more serious ... From: SIS Internet Digest 1996:2 (Feb 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents Newsgroup: alt.mythology Subject: Book Review- Mythologies From: Danny Yee, Date: 11 Feb 1996 22:16:29 GMT Series: Mythologies. Titles: Greek and Egyptian Mythologies ISBN 0-226-06454-9; Roman and European Mythologies ISBN 0-226-06455-7; Asian Mythologies ...
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