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... stars. The slow precessional turning of the Zodiac constitutes the Frame of Time, the revolutions of the planets are the subdivisions by which Time is measured, and the terms of mythology are the scientific language in which the ancients formulated the "geography," the "history," and above all the meaning of the heavens. It should be immediately apparent ... worldwide storehouse of symbols and motifs that once constituted the coherent astronomical-astrological science of our pre-literate ancestors in all parts of the world. The events of myth, and especially the great mythic catastrophes of devastation by fire and flood, are seen as a mapping of major changes in the celestial order onto the familiar dimensions of terrestrial society and geography. These changes are ... Dechend and de Santillana in that brilliant and far ranging study of astro-mythology, Hamlet's Mill. Stated as simply as possible, the essential thesis of Hamlet's Mill is that the great myths are a worldwide storehouse of symbols and motifs that once constituted the coherent astronomical-astrological science of our pre-literate ancestors in all parts of the world. The events of myth, and especially ...
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202. Beliefs Connected with the Cross and the Swastika [Migration of Symbols (Book)] [Books]
... Aryo-Indians 3 had the East in front, the West behind, the North on the left and the South on the right, like the Celts and Semites. In pre-Columbian Mexican mythology the West God, Quetzlcoatl is in front, the East God, Tlaloc is behind, the North God, Tezcatlipocal is on the right and the South God, Huitzilopochtli) ... Pharaohs, Vol. 1, p. 255; R. Mitra, Indo-Aryans, pp.72-3; Fornander, Polynesian Race, 1, 240; D. A. Mackenzie, Myths of Pre-Columbian America, p.287; De Groot, The Religious System of China, Vol.III, p.983 and IV, p.26. 5. Dacier's Horace III, p.339; Virgil's Aeneid ... ; X. Stonehaven. From caves at East Wemyss, Fife: V, XI, XII, XIII, XIV. After Stuart's Sculptured Stones. The doctrine of the four mythical Ages of the World (the Hindu Yugas) was, it would appear, originally connected with the four cardinal points, and all that these signified. The same may be ...
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203. The Early Years: Part Two [Aeon Journal $]
... mythological symbols, replacing sexual conflicts for the forces of nature as explanatory devices. One could make a case that Velikovsky merely modified the Kuhn-Abraham system by insisting that the events of mythology and religion should be understood as literal rather than as symbolic occurrences. Other intellectual movements that were current in Berlin at the time may also have had their effect upon the Velikovskianism ... as "the most talented" of Freud's early followers; (6) as early as 1910, Abraham had applied the psychoanalytic method to Adalbert Kuhn's "meteorological" interpretation of mythological symbols, replacing sexual conflicts for the forces of nature as explanatory devices. One could make a case that Velikovsky merely modified the Kuhn-Abraham system by insisting that the events of mythology ... series of small planetoids, each one successively acting as a terrestrial satellite before plunging into its adoptive parent, causing massive floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, celestial portents, and catastrophe myths. Hoerbiger had begun synthesizing these thoughts in September 1894 in collaboration with German high school teacher Philipp Fauth; they published Hoerbiger's Glacial-Kosmogonie in 1913, but the book was ignored until ...
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204. The Kaaba [Kronos $]
... south Arabia and southern India. Nor were these contacts cursory. Linguistic analysis has uncovered a proliferation of Sanskrit and Arabic roots in the Malay language. More than that, Malay mythology is of very mixed character with Arab influence predominating.(33) According to the Malay Charmbook, god himself created the Kaaba which is believed to have been "the Navel ... to Muslim tradition, Noah's ark sailed around a certain rock seven times.(31) Saturn is directly and/or indirectly connected with the ark of the flood in the mythic epics of various nations.(32) Is this what lies behind the Meccan tawaf? Are Muslims unknowingly commemorating the circling of Noah's ark when they circumambulate seven times around their ... help of his son Ishmael, he did so according to god's plan on the very same foundations that had been laid down by Adam.(12) But even as a mythological embellishment of an historical event, none of this can be accepted. If the corroborating Jewish legend is correct, the Kaaba was already standing as a "pagan" shrine when ...
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205. The Homeric Question [SIS C&C Review $]
... are studied, the more doubts there are about the dogma of Homer's age and the early Iron Age of Greece. In contrast to our New Chronologists, who want to prove mythology and sacred history, critical historians are well aware of the fact that the reliable history of early Greece cannot be detected before the late 6th century BC: 'The age of the ... centuries during the Dark Ages (before the epics were finally written down), I believe that the process occurred much faster. I believe that the oral period of the Greek myths only lasted for about three or four generations, perhaps even less than that. However, the first written poems and myths about the Mycenaean catastrophe were certainly not yet compiled in ... the Greek historians used extremely long genealogies and generation lengths for their calculations, the use of which led to grave time differences for Homer's century. All of these ancient dates and mythical genealogies are worthless since they were calculated retrospectively during the late 5th and later centuries. Theopompos of Chios, an historian of the 4th century BC, nevertheless saw Homer as a ...
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206. Quantalism: The Big Picture [Aeon Journal $]
... forefront of psychiatric exploration, having been the first to postulate the electrical nature of epilepsy. Yet, as a generalist, he spanned the academic spectrum from physical science to global mythology. Turning again to etymology, I see significance in the fact that the literal meanings of the two Greek-derived words physicist and physician are the same; both mean "naturist, ... form hawwah, meaning "one living." This name has generally been interpreted as indicating that Eve was the source of all human life. Following the quantalist principle that all mythic creations should be construed as re-creations or re-directions, I prefer to interpret the name of Eve as having meant "one (of the only pair still) living (in their ... emotional fulfillment as it may have existed before the catastrophes and might exist again. The Golden Age Just as Reichian theory supplements Velikovskian theory by filling in some of its gaps, mythological material may supplement Reichian theory in an analogous manner. For myth strongly suggests that there was a fundamental difference between pre-lapsarian and post-lapsarian consciousness. In historic times, consciousness has, ...
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207. Chapter II: The Events [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... belief of even the most imaginative or the most pious person." 32 However, the rest of the world did seem to notice. The same series is found throughout ancient mythology. Rocks falling from the sky, apparent changes in the motion of the heavenly bodies, earthquakes, whirlwinds, great fires and tidal waves were recorded by many nations. The ... was found inscribed with hieroglyphics and performing the un-shrinely task of being a cattle trough. The name King Thom was written in a royal cartouche, which indicates an historical instead of mythological characteristic of the writing. Two cities were built by the Israelite slaves for the Pharaoh of the Oppression. One was Pithom. Pi-Thom means "the abode of Thom. 18 ... have details changed to fit the location, but having a story acquire the proper day-night sequence, as it traveled, is probably too much to ask of the theory that says myths originated in one location and "diffused" throughout the world. EARTHQUAKES As Venus and Earth had a close encounter, gigantic earthquakes occurred. According to Ipuwer, "The towns ...
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... with the majestic brightness of heaven." Marduk, then, the son of Ea, or Ķa, was finally as definite a. spring equinox sun-god as Amen-Ra in Egyptian mythology was a summer solstice sun-god. We have, then, the undoubted facts that in Southern Babylonia, to start with, the sun-worship had to do with the winter half of ... Semitic culture, the winter season was changed for the spring equinox-- that is, a worship identical with that of the pyramid builders who intruded into Northern Egypt. The Myths of Horus and Marduk. In my references to the myth of Horus in Chapter XIV I have shown that in all probability an astronomical meaning is that the rising sun puts out ... that the almost entire absence of Set temples and east and west pyramids up the river indicates that, so far as these structures go, we lack the links which astronomically and mythologically connect the Delta with Babylonia either directly or by common origin. From Prof. Sayce it is to be gathered that the most ancient people yet glimpsed there inhabited the region at ...
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... , but to Capricornus and other winter constellations, and as in Egypt so in Babylonia, for the first references to the constellations we have to refer to the religion and the mythology. So far as I have been able to gather, any myth like the Egyptian myth of Horus involving combats between the sun and circumpolar star gods is entirely lacking in Babylonia ... some of the ecliptic constellations is among the best known. Jensen shows that the first notions of the Babylonian constellations are to be got by studying the sun-gods, and especially the mythic war between the later sun-god Marduk and the monster Tiamat. I have already referred to Marduk; he is the Spring Sun-God, and it has also been stated that the greatest ... indicating symbolically the beginning of spring in the sky-- whether the idea originated in the brains of the masses or in that of a learned scholar, whether it bad a mythological or a more scientific basis-- a name was given in the first instance to the region in which the sun was at the beginning of spring, or to that west ...
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... , I:153-157. E. E. Clark, Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest (Los Angeles, 1960), pp. 43, 138-141. Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology (London, 1959), pp. 438, 440. B. Nelson, The Deluge Story in Stone (Minneapolis, 1931), pp. 183-187. REFERENCES 1 ... two themes occur sometimes independently and sometimes together.(1) It is the Confusion which is the main topic of this work, but certain aspects of those "scaling" myths not explicitly associated with this theme are, nevertheless, of some relevance to our examination. The widespread occurrence of the "scaling" theme would at first seem to be a ... "However, God defeated their purpose by giving each man a different language, making it impossible for them to understand each other."(3) Also: "The mythical story of its [Tower of Babel's construction... appears to be an attempt to explain the existence of diverse human languages."(4) A careful examination of ...
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