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... literature. Their inspiration was Sir James G. Frazer's The Golden Bough, and it is from these two roots-- social psychology and cultural anthropology-- that archetypal and mythic criticism have grown, in such landmark works as Maud Bodkin's Archetypal Patterns in Poetry, Northrop Frye's Anatomy of Criticism and Joseph Campbell's The Masks of God. All of these people ... whole world of human beings.35 Here we have the serpent, a poisonous Cleopatra and the destruction of Eden in one passage. If we recall what Velikovsky says about the relation between mythological serpents and the tail of Comet Venus, and about the poisonous consequences of Earth's contact with that very tail, and about its effects on the planet Mars, which might poetically ... groundwork of the human psyche."68 Levi-Strauss seems to be arguing along the same line when he claims We are not, therefore, claiming to show how men think the myths, but rather how the myths think themselves out in men and without men's knowledge.69 It is here that I must part company with both schools, with the Frazerians because they derive ...
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... identical." I.S. Shklovsku and Carl Sagan, Intelligent Life in the Universe (New York: Dell, 1968), p. 460, S. Langdon, Semitic Mythology (Boston, 1931), p. 93. 6. Lewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. Sizemore, "Cosmology and Psychology," KRONOS, Vol. I ... Tasmania was isolated. The Swan River aborigines distinguished and named at least eight phases in the waxing and waning of the moon....The moon... figured in widespread myths, waxing and waning, bringing death and regulating conception, the seasons of earth and of women.. .( 38) THE STONE AGE That the Tasmanian aboriginals manifest traditions ... deity at a certain time of year.(3) These structures were elaborately ornamented with precious metals and stones, relief sculpture, idols, and sacred inscriptions. Here the mythical images, symbols, names, attributes, and deeds of the principal celestial gods and "host of heaven"(4) record the astral focus of ancient religious belief. ...
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193. Sagan's Folly Part 1 [Kronos $]
... "Mars had near contacts with the moon and with the planet Venus, and, as a result of these two 'romances' the goddess Venus (Aphrodite) became associated in mythology with the moon as well as with the planet of that name" (emphasis added). As one can readily see, Velikovsky made no slip, though Sagan, in ... , the "diffusion" theory is a crucial weapon in his arsenal of criticism and is invoked early (pp. 10-12) in an attempt to discredit the totality of Velikovsky's mythological, theological, and iconic concordances (though these constitute only a portion of the large aggregate of concordances and evidence to be found in Worlds in Collision). The subject of ... to Yigael Yadin at Masada --where the descriptions in ancient writings have been validated as fact." However, as opposed to Velikovsky's view that the worldwide distribution of common elements in myths and legends is explainable only on the basis of common observation and experience of global catastrophes, Sagan expresses his own tendency to favor the "diffusion" theory. For Sagan, ...
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... 10) de Grazia argues, after Velikovsky, that the disturbed survivors of the devastating holocausts which occurred thirty-five and twenty-seven centuries ago would have intuitively formalized their terrible collective experience into myths whose events would retell the disasters in masked, sublimated form. This would have provided the survivors with a means of control over the memory of those events and thus a way ... ., however, does not necessarily provide the viewer with reality. Rather, it serves most often as a potent mythmaker, and one of the most well-defined and powerfully attractive mythical domains it creates, equal to the sitcom universe or the stylized world of professional sport, is the soap opera. Bold analysts of the genre like to call the soaps " ... they need together. Like an ancient bard, it creates a community by expressing its deepest thoughts in narrative. It is the collective meaning of these thoughts, of the soap-opera mythos, that we shall pursue. The burgeoning popular power of the soap opera has attracted increasing attention from academics, but most such studies have concentrated on the conscious and on the ...
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195. Forum Part Two [SIS C&C Review $]
... of the ancient myths and there are difficulties with its Exodus/Venus/Mars scenario but, as Bernard Newgrosh's paper on the priestess Enheduanna showed, there is a theme in mythology of strange cosmic goings-on involving Venus which refuses to go away- and as Wal Thornhill's paper showed, the latest satellite findings reveal Venus as a planet which looks as if it ... . Ages in Chaos may not be perfect but there is no denying the power and rightness of its general thrust. Likewise Worlds in Collision may have distorted some of the ancient myths and there are difficulties with its Exodus/Venus/Mars scenario but, as Bernard Newgrosh's paper on the priestess Enheduanna showed, there is a theme in mythology of strange cosmic ... questions arise regarding the Americas and China, the two most important civilisations whose chronologies do not depend on Near Eastern/Biblical dating systems. Why did their civilisations, their cosmic mythologies and dragon-inspired iconographies only emerge 1500 years later than the cultures of the Near East? According to conventional chronology, the Olmec culture only began during the late second millennium, and ...
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196. Enheduanna and the Goddess Inanna [SIS C&C Review $]
... female perspective, whereas there was no parallel female bardic tradition in ancient Sumer! Since Enheduanna is an historical person, belonging to a definite time and place, the political and mythic events which she records must also belong to that time. This is a very important point: we have in 'Nin-me-sar-ra' one of those rare eye-witness accounts whose particular historical locus ... occurred to have caused a wavering in her religious affiliation, and it is logical to conclude that the hymn actually describes this critical happening. 2. The 'tradition hypothesis' Most mythological material can be regarded as traditional writing, the copying (often with embellishment) of long established patterns of thought, motif, associations, etc. There are two main reasons ... . In recent years a number of mainstream academics have discerned some catastrophist reality behind myth: for example, the Assyriologist J. V. Kinnier Wilson explains a number of Sumerian myths in terms of terrestrial catastrophes [6; and the astronomers Victor Clube and William Napier propose a thesis of cometary catastrophe which treats many disparate sources as eye-witness accounts, myth included ...
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... today the dragon is so looked upon; but not so at the time of its origin. It is precisely in this that Sutherland missed one of his cues; for the mythology of the Chinese dragon shows him in close association with the very celestial body which caused the cataclysms so well described by Velikovsky in Worlds in Collision. Chinese Mythology In Chinese lore ... the five ancient kings. Because of this, he flew into a rage and flung himself at Mount Pu Chou which, like the original Olympus of the Greeks, was a mythological analogy for the sky.(8) Then "the column of the sky was broken, the link with earth was cut. In the north-west the sky collapsed. Hence ... Dragon that was slain by Nu-kua, the creator of humanity.(10) This attempt on the mythographers' part, however, failed because there is nothing in the two myths that connects them with each other and there is reason to believe that the legend of the Black Dragon refers to a much earlier cosmic catastrophe. Here mention should also be made ...
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... having taken place. In these myths, he went on, there is generally a physical description of supernatural causes: a snake-like creature with horns appears before the flood; Hindu mythology describes a fish with a single large horn. Other myths note the aspect of the Moon and seasonal indicators. Having studied various myths, Masse came to the conclusion that the ... successive, world-orders. This implied that such world-orders are in turn generated and destroyed. They tried to explain these processes as being caused by elemental interaction, thus steering away from mythic themes such as the battles of gods, divine displeasure, and so forth. They can, therefore, be called the first great uniformitarians. But they also indicated that there ... and understood, that fear tends to disappear despite the fact that one may still get zapped by a thunderbolt. Like previous and present catastrophists, Matthews, too, invokes worldwide myths of a great flood and a judgment day which seem to indicate that something colossal must have ravaged the Earth in historical times. Answers as to what this earth-shaking catastrophe could have ...
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199. A Celtic Destruction Myth: 'Togail Bruidne Da Derga' [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... up to be one of "The Three Great Oppressions." Traditional literature consistently says men first got pigs by a raid on the other world, and pigs featured in the mythology turn out to be transformed princes, often not of this world. In the Irish story of Magh Mucrime we learn of pigs coming out of the cave of Cruachan (" ... , despite the title, is to give an account of the death of a king, Conaire Mór, in the bruiden of Da Derga, but it is so loaded with mythic occurrence and so peopled with mythic characters that, whether or not a "real" Conaire ever existed, the drama clearly belongs less to this world than to the other. ... Contents A Celtic Destruction Myth: Togail Bruidne Da Derga Dorothea Kenny When Immanuel Velikovsky began to consider the Exodus stories as records of a series of real catastrophes, he canvassed many mythological systems in search of contradiction or corroboration. But, widely as he cast his net, he did not take in the Celtic area. Had he done so, he would ...
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... record against which to check the deductions drawn by paleontologists, rock art represents an objective record of mankind's enduring interest in the stars and offers a check upon conclusions deduced from comparative mythology. Among the most common petroglyphs are those typically interpreted as images of the sun. Included here are simple images featuring a circular disc from which "rays" emanate in all ... and, in any case, are typically explained away as poetic metaphor having little basis in reality. In deference to the currently prevailing opinion which would downplay the importance of ancient mythological traditions, we seek a more "objective" source of evidence with which to explore the nature of the ancient cosmos. In addition to the ancient literary traditions, another record ... XII:1 (Winter 1987). D. Talbott, "Mother Goddess and Warrior-Hero," AEON I:5 (1988), pp. 38-65; "The Mythical History of the Comet Venus," AEON II:4 (1991), pp. 29-48; E. Cochrane, "On Comets and Kings," AEON II: ...
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