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11. The Saturn Thesis (Part 2) [Aeon Journal $]
... If we're talking about radiating objects, then how about a spoked wheel? Talbott: Why not a spoked wheel, or, I should say, the spoked wheel associated with mythology? But first, for the sake of convenience, let's separate the wheel of many spokes from the common four-spoked version I will discuss in a while. A great wheel turned ... both meanings fitting precisely with the larger symbolism of the Radiant Venus. The petals of the flower are the streams of life radiating from the axial center. Numerous representations of the mythic plant, or flower, show a remarkable correspondence with the more abstract, archetypal image of the Radiant Venus. And often the illustrations explicitly assimilate the expanded petals of the flower ... the same thing. FIVE-RAYED STAR AEON: Well, we've gone from a three-pointed star to a four-armed cross. How about the five pointed star we also meet so often in mythological symbolism? Talbott: With the five pointed star we face a certain ambiguity if we follow our own rule of letting the myths explain the symbols. One does not find, ...
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12. The Saturn Thesis [Aeon Journal $]
... possibility, things will begin to make sense. There was an "age of the gods," when the planets were the gods, and the entire story content of global mythology traces to this unique period. The Egyptian Ra who, having once shone on Earth, eventually removed himself to a more distant realm. What lies behind the myth? AEON ... note the types of physical markers one might look for, based on the implications of our reconstruction. It is not sufficient for a unified theory to predict the content of the mytho-historical record or to embrace all of the recurring themes of myth. This particular theory is predicated on a natural environment physical scientists have never dreamed of, and that means it must ... , there's not just a growing scientific and scholarly interest in the role of comets and planetary upheavals, but the first signs of interest in myth, including the possibility that ancient myths and pictographs might contain evidence of past natural events-- global catastrophes, cometary intruders, natural spectacles in the sky. Examples would include Victor Clube and William Napier, ( ...
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13. Samson Revealed [Aeon Journal $]
... ancient Greece as if historical. Hamlet's Mill As compelling as is the swaggering figure of Samson, it is curious to note the relative dearth of research into his place in comparative mythology. Joseph Campbell's The Hero With A Thousand Faces, for example, barely mentions him. The same is true of Stephen Langdon's Semitic Myth-ology. Indeed, aside from a handful ... in the West, where is the gate of the setting sun, we recognize in these two peaks (masi), through which he has to pass, not only the mythic pillars of Herakles in the far West, but the portals of Gaza through which Sam-son issues, and the columns through which he goes to his death." (65) ... the sky are upraised." (1471) 79. Judges 16:21. 80. The blind hero, frequently a great sinner against the gods, is a universal mythological figure. In ad-dition to Hoder and Samson, one might cite Lykur-gos, Keresaspa, Oedipus, Paris, and Bellerophon. See E. Cochrane, Martian Metamorphoses (Ames, ...
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14. The Cosmic Mountain [The Saturn Myth] [Books]
... the "pillar of heaven" pictured as a lofty mountain, and supporting the sky at its northern Pole. In fact, many writers now affirm that the Olympus of Greek mythology was simply the north polar 'World-mountain' of the Asiatic nations." (137) But the point is only rarely acknowledged today, and most treatments of the subject still ask ... means of disclosure; the mountain... is impregnable; it is connected with fertility; and it is a cosmic centre." (154) Noteworthy is "the mythic and cosmic dimension of the pillar or mountain. That is, it joins the upper and lower world; in it is contained a super abundance of life, of water; ... ibid., 481. Compare ibid., 393. Compare ibid., 400. Compare ibid., 446. Compare ibid., 71. Quoted in Piankoff, Mythological Papyri, 29. Budge, Gods, Vol.I, 354. Frankfort, op. cit., fig. 39. Pritchard, ed., Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating ...
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15. Reconstructing the Saturn Myth [Aeon Journal $]
... From: The Cataclysm (Aeon) I:1 (Jan 1988) Home¦ Issue Contents Reconstructing the Saturn Myth David Talbott The origins of ancient mythology; the birth of the first civilizations; a violent history of the solar system: these are the primary themes of the general theory highlighted in the following pages. If the thesis is correct, ... understand the motive of those who first raised a knife in sacrifice, believing that their actions fulfilled a divine proclamation? As a universal practice sacrifice must be viewed against a pervasive mythological tradition, in which the practice is first performed by the gods. It is impossible not to notice also how often, in the myths, cosmic order depends on it. ... , (1) I must emphasize that the initial direction of my own research followed the uniquely Velikovskian idea that the planets were the gods and that the great dramas of the myths related to interplanetary conflagrations. It was Velikovsky who (in an unpublished outline) also suggested that in the earliest age remembered by man, the Earth may have been a satellite ...
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... Saturn. Pupil of the Eye. In the myths, the planet Mars is the warrior-hero, whose birth from the Venus goddess is one of most frequently encountered themes of world mythology. Prior to the birth of Mars, the reddish planet was seen inside of Venus, giving rise to the planet-god's identity as the innermost "heart of the heart," ... the model satisfies the requirements of a general theory: it accommodates and explains the data in a consistent way, while removing countless anomalies that have frustrated previous efforts to place ancient myths and symbols in a comprehensible light. It is particularly noteworthy that none of the common Venusian themes, when examined in detail, are explicable by Venus' appearance today-- ... From: Aeon II:4 (1991) Home¦ Issue Contents The Mythical History of the Comet Venus (Part I) David Talbott INTRODUCTION Taking the mythically-based model of the polar configuration as a reference, (1) it is possible to reconstruct from ancient testimony the remarkable history of the planet Venus in prehistoric times. The integrity of this reconstruction ...
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... deities who represented this celestial body. The literature dealing with this particular aspect of the universal record is now quite comprehensive. No researcher can honestly delve into ancient cosmic lore, mythology, and the origin of religion without coming face to face with this most obvious of ancient beliefs. The Saturnian deity, in his many guises, literally permeates all of mythology ... From: Aeon II:2 (1990) Home¦ Issue Contents The Reconstruction of Cosmic History Dwardu Cardona 1. The Mytho-Historical Record We are now entering a period when more parties are beginning to discuss the Saturnian model independently initiated by David Talbott and myself. For some years, however, there have also been some competing models initiated by others. ... angles to the Sun with Saturn and ring occupying one of Earth's two celestial poles. The record's insistence that this pole was the northern one eliminates the southern. The world's major mythic themes must be recognized for what they are. It was, to say the least, rather surprising to see Rose alluding to such basic images as the enclosed sun, the ...
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18. Morning Star* [Aeon Journal $]
... to look upon the Mesoamerican's great skill in numeration as a child of that planet and to state that their intellectual life pulsed to its periods. Certainly a significant portion of their mythology involved that planet, and their concepts of family legitimacy and challenge were colored by the bonds that united the planet to the sun, the fount of all authority." ( ... trying to resolve which deity stood for which "star" is something else-- which brings me next to Moe Mandelkehr's recent assertion that the Morning Star mentioned in the earliest mytho-historical records was not originally the planet Venus. (10) One thing that can be stated for certain is that not all morning stars are to be identified as Venus-- ... the misty skies of his native country. One question that arises is this: Would such a rarely seen body, such a difficult object to observe, have inspired the numerous mythological tales associated with this planet? Could humankind have really counted this speck of light, seen for but a few days each year, when seen at all, as one of ...
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... does not come in contact with reality, except to cover it at once with a thick veil which conceals its real forms; this veil is the tissue of fabulous beliefs which mythology brought forth. Thus the believer, like the delirious man, lives in a world peopled with beings and things which have only a verbal existence" (1). ( ... of Jung's use of Greek myths and Velikovsky's analysis of the Oedipus myth in Oedipus and Akhnaton will indicate how far apart the two men are. Velikovsky seeks the origin of the mythic story line; Jung is content to see in myths a classic analysis of the manner in which human beings work out their interpersonal relationships. Jung never answers the question of why ... by Franz Boas, who focused on the hidden meanings found in myths. Boas wrote in his essay, "Mythology and Folklore" (in General Anthropology), that "Mythological concepts are the fundamental views of the constitution of the world and of its origin" (2). The problem with this theory was that it did not get down to ...
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20. Heracles and the Planet Mars [Aeon Journal $]
... Heracles' attack upon Hades. (7) Pindar wrote that Hades could not hold his staff unshaken against the attack of Heracles. Nilsson concluded upon his investigation of Heracles' mythology that the combat with Hades was the most ancient of the hero's deeds. (8) Fontenrose has made much the same point: "The original and typical Heracles legend, ... imagined as a city ringed around by seven walls and so entered through seven successive gates." (51) The seven-fold range of mountains, more than likely, is a mythic doublet of Huwawa's 7-fold aura. Huwawa's seven-fold halo/range of mountains confirms the intimate relation of the monster's stronghold to traditions associated with the Cosmic Mount. For as Eliade and ... allusion to an assault upon Olympus led by Heracles. The account is far from complete, yet one gains the impression that it holds the key to the understanding of Heracles' mythological career. From the brief passage it is clear that it was Hades who suffered the brunt of Heracles' attack: "Hades the tremendous made the best of it, when ...
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