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... encountered is that those animals which are now predators (such as wolves and leopards) were then scavengers. If, as seems reasonable, we may equate the pre-lapsarian world of mythology with the pre-Holocene world of paleontology, it can be assumed that the faunal diversity of aureal times was considerably greater than that of our epoch. At any rate, much of ... , much less to experience. Such consciousnesses could have been associated with- if not attached to- inorganic phenomena of all sorts, from minerals to stars. Moreover, most mythic traditions concur in asserting that, in the Golden Age, human beings associated easily and often with beings that were discarnate or only intermittently incarnate, ranging from awesome cosmic deities to ... place on the consistently sacred status of twins, ranging from the Dioscuri, or "divine youths", of ancient Greece to the Ibeji of West Africa, in the world's myths and legends.(69) The fact that such twins often have animal characteristics further implies that, as regards numbers of offspring at a single parturition, there was formerly less ...
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132. Venus, Mars ... and Saturn [SIS C&C Review $]
... the forthcoming The Many Faces of Venus. Summary Velikovsky's book The Age of Saturn has never been published but researchers in the USA have continued to investigate the role of Saturn in mythology and history. This article presents a summary of their ideas, which suggest that the ringed planet was a major influence on Earth in the past. As we near the end ... Would anyone viewing the planet Venus in its current manifestations ever be moved to describe it in such terms? In addition to their shared terminology, Venus and comets also share various mythological themes, including an association with the death of great kings, the end of the world, eclipses of the sun, pestilence, earthquakes, etc. Such ideas are particularly ... the Eye of Re was the morning star' [31. Yet if the planet Venus was only recently involved in a series of spectacular catastrophes, as is deducible from the myths surrounding Inanna and her analogues [32, it follows that the 'Eye of Ra' must also be linked with ominous portents and catastrophic events of one sort or the other. ...
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... evidence concerning the north and south temple builders, including those who built pyramids as well. To do this we must deal not only with the buildings, but with the associated mythology, or, rather, with the astronomical part of the mythology, for there seems to be very little doubt that in the earliest times, before knowledge replaced or controlled imagination ... and there is evidence that many of the absolute contradictions met with, and statements which it is impossible to reconcile, may all depend upon the point of view from which the mythological statements were made. But when astronomy helps us to the point of view, the mythological statements, and even the genealogies, become much clearer and unmistakable, and contradiction vanishes ... rather, with the astronomical part of the mythology, for there seems to be very little doubt that in the earliest times, before knowledge replaced or controlled imagination, everything was mythologically everything else in turn. It is for this reason that trusting to genealogies especially seems like building on sand. That Father-ship and Son-ship in the earliest days were mythologically something quite ...
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134. Mons Veneris [Aeon Journal $]
... continue to object that claims as extraordinary as those of Velikovsky and the Saturnists require extraordinary evidence to be believed. With this catch phrase they dismiss at once all testimony from ancient mythology as being unduly reliant upon interpretation and, hence, ultimately subjective in nature. Evidence from ancient art is similarly dismissed as the product of creative imagination. Archaeoastronomical traditions, if ... cylinder seals first appeared in the fourth millennium BCE and remained popular for some three thousand years. (1) It is commonly acknowledged that certain scenes on these cylinder seals represent mythological tales surrounding the various gods. (2) Various aspects of Sumero-Akkadian cosmology would also appear to be illustrated. For example, a common motif on Akkadian cylinder seals shows the ... , p. 11. 27. S. Kramer, Sumerian Mythology (Philadelphia, 1944), p. 76. See now S. Kramer& J. Maier, Myths of Enki, the Crafty God (New York, 1989), pp. 82-83. 28. H. Frankfort, op. cit., p. 95. 29 ...
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... : Aeon I:2 (Feb 1988) Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky and the Problem of Planetary Identification Ev Cochrane One of the most difficult problems facing the researcher in comparative mythology concerns the planetary identifications of the ancient gods. This problem is especially critical to those scholars investigating the theories of Immanuel Velikovsky, whose book Worlds in Collision was premised upon the ... particular locale where they existed alongside a small circle of gods in well-defined roles. The recruitment of these local gods into larger pantheons frequently results in an obscuring of a god's original mythological role. To attempt to assign planetary identifications to the 12 gods of the Olympic pantheon, for example, based upon their position in that pantheon, would be a complete waste ... the latter's assumption of power in Babylon. (17) In accordance with this reform Marduk was allotted the role of Enlil as King of the Gods in the various rituals and myths dealing with Babylonian cosmogony (the Enuma Elish for example). What would be the consequences for comparative mythology if it turned out that Hammurabi had paid little heed to the original ...
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... mind incest is associated with the total disruption of nature- that is what it stands for. But it is a disruption that leads to a healthier condition than before, as mythology knows. An old world age sickens and perishes, but is subsequently replaced by a younger, healthier new age. Oedipus could not resist becoming attracted and involved, and perishes ... published in the previous issue of KRONOS, Vol. III, No. 4, Summer-1978, pages 3 to 18. Francis Fergusson, in his study of the ritual and mythic basis of drama, The Idea of a Theatre, (32) argues that Hamlet consists of five dramatic divisions that are similar to the prototypical five-part structure of Greek tragedy in ... that infects Denmark is not merely political but moral, not simply physical but metaphysical. To appreciate how closely the moral norms in Shakespeare's plays are related to those of ancient vegetation myths, we need only to note how often images of disease and corruption are used to symbolize the evil that has blighted Hamlet's Denmark.(43) Thus, Hamlet's observation that ...
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... tree stump actually displays a plaque claiming the site as the home of Adam and Eve. (167) Like some of their modern counterparts, ancient geographers had also accepted the mythological place names of their own myths as bona fide geographical locations. Bahrein is not in the Tigris-Euphrates delta. But the two rivers do empty into the Persian Gulf and this might ... been enough for the ancients to accept Bahrein as being at, or just beyond, the "pi narati," or "the mouth of the rivers," of myth. Also, while not exactly due east, as the myths insisted, Bahrein did lie in that general direction. To clinch the matter, there was also the renowned fresh water ... we shall be turning our attention to them below. So what, then, is the truth about Dilmun? Let me first say that originally Dilmun was the name of a mythical land that enjoyed an Edenic state of affairs in which beasts and men coexisted in a harmonious environment. This is convincingly illustrated in the eulogy contained in the myth of Enki and ...
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138. SIS Silver Jubilee Conference: Abstracts [SIS Internet Digest $]
... In his first two books, one challenging astronomy, and the other geology, how could science have got it so wrong. At that time I hadn't realised that history (mythology) was the third prong of his attack. This just couldn't be right. But I felt that I had to find out. With the advent of Pensée, with Ralph ... Venus which, in its turn, would have appeared centered on Saturn. I will make no apologies here for the fact that this theory was constructed on the basis of the mytho-historical record rather than through astrophysical considerations. I will only say in passing that, other than its mythological content, the mytho-historical record also incorporates the world-wide astronomical beliefs of our ancient ... , and that these beliefs coincide with their mytho-religious convictions. Ancient astronomical beliefs can therefore be considered together with mythology as a unified whole regardless of the fact that what comes to light in an in-depth research of such subjects ends up describing a Solar System that was entirely alien to the one we now inhabit. The reconstruction of this model, together with its ...
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139. Chapter XXVIII: The Fixed Year and Festival Calendars [Dawn of Astronomy (Book)] [Books]
... old and a new style in force. Before I pass on, it may be convenient, in connection with the above month-tables, to refer in the briefest way to the mythology relating to the yearly movement of the sun, in order to show that when this question is considered at all, if it helps us with regard to the mythology connected with ... as founded on a fixed year, as we can do this in the case of the Medînet-Habu calendar. In this the astronomical element of the calendar is quite overgrown by the mythological. -Not only was the daily and yearly course of the sun a most important event for the Egyptian astronomer, but the priest also had in his sacred books many mythological records ... circumpolar constellations. I think there is no question that we are dealing here with these constellations, though the figures have been supposed to represent something quite different. There are also myths and symbols of the twelve changes during the twelve hours of the day; the sun being figured as a child at rising, as an old man when setting in the evening ...
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... Theory and Springs of Art." Dr. Wolfe attempted to trace the Shakespearean patterns of encounters between lovers back to Patterns of encounters between planets as anthropomorphized and allegorized in Greco-Roman mythology... Wolfe acknowledged that the sources of Shakespeare's inspiration in manipulating these themes were unclear. At one level it is arguable that acquaintance with ancient authors (such as Ovid ... the Collective Amnesia John V. Myers and Lewis M. Greenberg Copyright© June, 1975 by John V. Myers and Lewis M. Greenberg Prologue No one who critically examines mythic texts with Velikovskian eyes can fail to be impressed by the tenacity with which clues to the true nature of a transmuted cataclysm survive the ingenious workings of the collective amnesia. ( ... bringing to the forefront of Japanese film theater a whole new parade of all-powerful primeval monsters. This archetypal legacy was incidentally observed by the eminent psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. "Ancient mythological beings are now curiosities in museums. But the archetypes they expressed have not lost their power to affect men's minds. Perhaps the monsters of modern 'horror' films [Godzilla are ...
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