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... Illustration by Owen Stratichuck.) The Egyptian Ptah, fashioning the cosmic egg which, according to Zysman, symbolized the auroral oval. There is, however, nothing in Egyptian mythology which even hints at such an interpretation. Zysman touched upon this subject at the 1990 Autumn Meeting of the British Society for Interdisciplinary Studies and, according to Jill Abery, he ... From: Aeon IV:4 (Apr 1996) Home¦ Issue Contents The Reflective Canopy Model and the Mytho-historical Record Dwardu Cardona 1. Introduction In November, 1991, I was invited to Haliburton for a seminar, sponsored by the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, by Milton Zysman who specifically wanted me to criticize the reflective canopy model he had painstakingly ... sky" simply reflects the sun god's former position in that section of the sky. Space does not here permit further examples but an extensive investigation of the sources would indicate that mythological mentions of the zenith-- and they are few indeed-- are merely misunderstandings of similar nature. Rather than stressing the zenith as the celestial station of the immobile sun ...
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102. Planetary Worship [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... to be more important 'spirits' than the planets"(4) for, despite what he believes, the major deities of mankind were those associated with planets. And while mythology may not be exclusively concerned with planetary matters, the greater part of its corpus most certainly is. Facts can neither be uniformitarian nor catastrophic. In this respect, uniformitarian thought ... validated by an actual ancient source that upholds it. After all, when it comes to what the ancients believed, it is the ancients that we must believe. Granted that mythological serpents do not always stand for comets, Boyles, like others before him, is guilty of an oversimplification when he states that such serpents stood for "the ocean [which ... to prove the point, the Neo-Babylonians worshipped not only the effigies of gods but also their planetary symbols.(18) In speaking of origins, Boyles states: "Cosmogonic myths, being some of the most ancient, clearly demonstrate that the oldest gods stood for the big, immediate realities: fire, earth, sky and water, sometimes Sun and ...
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103. The Ring About The Earth at 2300 BC [SIS C&C Review $]
... on cultural and geophysical events occurring at 2300 BC (excerpts of this book have been published by the SIS) and the second book dedicated to the thesis that all the early mythology developed from an encounter of the Earth with a massive meteoroid stream in 2300BC. This paper is a continuation of the saga of the event at 2300 BC. Based on my ... would not have occurred in the case of a volcanic eruption. The religions have, of course, disappeared but their residual mythology remains. There is general agreement that the significant mythological literature in the Middle East originated in the last centuries of the third millennium BC. Kirk [2 addresses the mythology of the Sumerians in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and that of ... Akkadians who conquered them at 2340 BC: 'Most of the surviving myths in Sumerian were written down, on the tablets we possess, as early as about 1700 BC, but can be shown on linguistic and other grounds to have originated by about 2300 BC. Many of the surviving Akkadian myths, on the other hand, are known primarily from Neo-Assyrian tablets ...
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104. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... understanding early myths. I regret that this mild exhortation has so irritated Cardona, who clearly finds the ability to recognise more than one level of meaning within the complex language of mythology "incongruous", preferring the cosiness of oversimplication. Thus I am lumped together with Bob Forrest as "one of Velikovsky's harshest critics", which is about as accurate as ... the goddess Hathor, however, Anthes writes that she is the heavenly cow (pp.17-18) and suggests that the cow was one of the Egyptian concepts for the heavens. The mythological allusion of the Pyramid Text above was very much alive in later times, and I am particularly reminded of the portrayal of Thutmose III (or Amunhotep II) under the protection ... by something')_ presumably in some past age- and that it was believed "to cross the sky in a boat." He also added that "in the myths of several nations, the Sun was accompanied by two wolves." Being more than mildly interested in these subjects, may I avail myself of the pages of WORKSHOP in asking ...
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105. On Comets and Kings [Aeon Journal $]
... . Velikovsky's scenario envisaged a period of universal darkness, the fall of great kingdoms, and expectations of the end of the world. Velikovsky's vision is generally faithful to the universal mythology of the comet, which --although it has been largely eradicated from the annals of science under the auspices of modern astronomy --periodically resurfaces upon the appearance of a prominent comet such as ... intriguing of which is the region of the heart, where these signs appear as pendant-like ornaments. (99) This cardial setting of the Ik-sign is strikingly reminiscent of Venus' mythic role as Quetzalcoatl's heart. (100) Stross summarizes his discussion of these glyphs as follows: "The Maya glyphs IK and quincunx (bi, be) share structurally similar ... of comets as pre-rational interpretations of the fortuitous appearance of a comet together with some natural disaster, moreover, fails to address why the various ancient cultures arrived at the same peculiar mythological "interpretations". Such an approach not only tends to belittle the rational powers of our ancestors, it would appear to be at odds with the fact that ancient man was ...
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106. On Mars and Pestilence [Aeon Journal $]
... to die", appears as the base in maraka, a word signifying pestilence, plague, and murrain. (89) Indeed, the word mar becomes personified in Sanskrit mythology as Mar, a god of death, plague and pestilence. (90) It is probable that the same root occurs within Semitic languages as well. (91) The ... information. Indeed, it was the vast nexus of characteristics shared in common between the planet Mars and Heracles which led me to postulate that the ultimate key to the myriad of mythological traditions surrounding the Greek strongman was the primeval appearance and unusual behavior of the red planet. (66) In this article we propose to expand the horizons of archaeoastronomy by exploring ... point. Jastrow summarizes the ancient conception of Nergal as follows: The various names assigned to him, almost without exception, emphasize the forbidding phase of his nature, and the myths associated with him deal with destruction, pestilence, and death...In Babylonian astrology, he is identified with the planet Mars, and the omen-literature shows that Mars in ancient days ...
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107. Velikovsky Symposium- Florida, July 12 [SIS Internet Digest $]
... I also understand the Polar Configuration theory to be a testable theory. The following table is an analysis of the numerical themes used in the text of "Chambers Encyclopaedic Guide to Mythology" (Edinburgh, 1991): I marked every number in the text and recorded the pattern of numbers for each chapter. In preparing the summary below, I have reduced ... agreed with this statement: "that there is considerable evidence to suggest ancient civilizations may have arisen in the shadow of celestial catastrophe, and if so would he agree that ancient myths and symbols deserve careful study and cross-cultural comparison to see if they might point to the nature of the upheavals." I found it very interesting that he agreed with both statements ... in cultural history over the entire globe." The image predictions for the -1-2-3-4- themes of the Polar Configuration theory can be seen, clearly and beautifully illustrated, in the Mythscape Series video "Remembering the End of the World" The image predictions for the -7-9- themes of the theory can be found in a careful reading David Talbott's recent writing in ...
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108. The Thunderbolt in Myth and Symbol [SIS Internet Digest $]
... Jan 15, 2001 A thunderstorm is a remarkable, often terrifying event. So it's not surprising that few scholars have paused to wonder about the prominent role of lightning in ancient mythology. [..Our comparative investigation has identified hundreds of recurring themes of myth, including numerous global images of lightning. [..Let us begin, therefore, with ... It was the first indication that, at a level of explicit detail, a convergence of myth and science may be possible. This, then, inspired me to reconsider the mythic thunderbolt in terms far more concrete than I had previously envisioned. Until then, I had treated the thunderbolt as a secondary symbol, a meteorological signpost only generally directing our attention ... braided hair, entwining ropes, streaming feathers, or undulating, twisting serpentine forms. Here the interactions of Venus and Mars within the configuration are most prominent, illuminating the global myths of the goddess and warrior-hero. (Several examples will be given in future installments in this series.) One of the forms I will present at the upcoming conference is that ...
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... universe on the modern era are similar to the problems of understanding myth itself. Susanne K. Langer, in her Philosophy in a New Key, refutes the doctrine that "mythology is essentially the work of epic poets." She writes: "The 'making' of mythology by creative bards is only a metamorphosis of world-old and universal ideas." ( ... read as allegories or metaphors rather than as the cataclysmic experiences themselves. (3) But literary men seem not to be the only mythmakers of a society. Indeed, the mythic process- that which makes the myth come alive seems not to be exclusively represented in the images and symbols used by the literati, but also in the actions of all members ... ) And Velikovsky's hypothesis of a "collective amnesia" speculates that whole nations "erased" terrifying cosmic cataclysms and buried them so deeply in their unconscious that when they appeared in myths and folklore they were read as allegories or metaphors rather than as the cataclysmic experiences themselves. (3) But literary men seem not to be the only mythmakers of a society ...
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110. Child of Saturn (Part I) [Kronos $]
... .(13) In view of the multiple answers to the question concerning Athene's real parentage, we are left with no choice but to apply the tested equations imposed by comparative mythology. As all students of Worlds in Collision and comparative mythology should know, the Venerian goddess had her counterparts in the mythology of almost every other race and people on Earth. ... Ken Moss-- Courtesy of the Louvre, Paris. It should, at the outset, be remembered that Velikovsky based his theory of Venus' ejection from Jupiter on the mythological record, and the mythological record alone. In fact, his only foundation for the event is Hesiod's tale of Athene's birth from the head of Zeus,(1) a ... states that: "We may tentatively interpret Hesiod's birth of Aphrodite as an account of the birth of Venus different from that of the birth of Athene-- that two birth myths were inherited by the Greeks, one about the goddess they associated with the evening star and one about the goddess they associated with the morning star, is a reasonable supposition. ...
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