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... . Thom is so seriously flawed that it belongs with that category of literature enumerated above. Ironically, the only chapter that can be excluded from such criticism, that by Eddy, concerns itself with the relatively modern sites of post-Columbia North America and is thus irrelevant to the subject at large. The chapter by the two Thoms, "Rings and Menhirs: Geometry and Astronomy in the Neolithic Age," can be dismissed for an entirely different reason. The most recent archaeological and scientific research has demonstrated that the Thomist hypotheses comprising the megalithic yard, the convoluted geometries of the stone rings, and the various astronomical alignments, are nothing more than the products of a massive misinterpretation by the Thoms of their own survey work.(2) Aveni's chapter on Mesoamerican astronomy, based mainly on his own Archaeoastronomy in Pre-Columbian America and Native American Astronomy, is a futile exercise as these volumes did little to further archaeoastronomy's cause. Vincent Malmstrom considered Aveni's Native American Astronomy as the "proverbial exercise of the blind leading the blind" for "The volume serves more to commemorate ...
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... 22 Explores the relationship between legends of past catastrophes, the scientific catastrophism of Cuvier, Schaeffer, Velikovsky (and more recent theorists) and beliefs in an impending apocalypse from cosmic or environmental agents. Benny Josef Peiser: Cosmic Catastrophes and the Ballgame of the Sky Gods in Mesoamerican Mythology 29 Rituals involving human sacrifice in Central and South America were linked to ritual ball games which relate to legends of cosmic ball games between sky gods, which appear to be based on real natural catastrophes. Heribert Illig: Cosmic Catastrophes and the Origin of Megalithic Cultures 37 Radiocarbon dating has completely changed megalithic dates, separating cultures which otherwise seemed clearly linked by the style and form of their artefacts. Has this created a falsely inflated chronology?. D S Allan and J B Delair: Scientific Evidence For A Major World Catastrophe About 11,500 Years Ago 41 The authors of When The Earth Nearly Died present the evidence: erratic boulders, animal and plant remains in the Arctic 'muck' and deep caves and nodules of metal ores on the ocean floor. Graham Hancock: Fingerprints of ...
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... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 26: Mar-Apr 1983 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Archeology in britain: straying from the party line In the final 1982 issue of New Scientist, Paul Devereux and Robert Forrest relate the history of leys in England. Leys are supposedly the intentional spotting of megalithic sites along straight lines extending several kilometers. Some alignments occur through chance, but several leys seem statistically significant. The puzzle is why ancient peoples bothered to align their edifices-- assuming they really did. Most professional archeologists believe leys to be figments of the imagination of amateurs. This being so, they must be incensed by the claims made two weeks later in New Scientist. There, stimulated by the earlier report on leys, a retired engineer presented his measurements of the magnetic fields around the Rollright Stones. He maintained that he was able to magnetically detect several converging leys and, in addition, a spiral pattern inside the stone circle. A psychic accompanying him independently perceived the leys and spiral. ( ...
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74. Standing-stone Cluster In Eastern Massachusetts [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 40: Jul-Aug 1985 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects STANDING-STONE CLUSTER IN EASTERN MASSACHUSETTS "Driving up the roadway into LeBlanc Park in February 1984, I saw a sight I had not seen since my travels in the British Isles. Situated on a mound was a cluster of weathered megalithic stones. I was filled with disbelief-- it just couldn't be-- someone was having fun with my senses; Western Europe, yes, but here, in Massachusetts, no. The reality of the scene before me was very difficult to focus on, the parallel with sites I had seen in Scotland and Ireland was astonishing." Thus wrote James P. Whittall, II, when describing a group of standing stones on a mound called Druid Hill, at Lowell, Massachusetts. The mound itself is 112 feet long by 56 feet wide. The stones are separated into two groups as shown. Since the site is near a highly populated area, it has seen some disturbance ...
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75. Horizons [SIS C&C Review $]
... , etc., etc.... For those who like a light-hearted but reliable look at errant reality F.T. cannot be too highly recommended. KRONOS, A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis, c/o Prof. Warner Sizemore, Glassboro State College, Glassboro, N.J. 08028, U.S.A. 1 year (4 issues): $15.00; overseas $20.00 (airmail). The third issue of Volume IV was published last spring, and contains two pieces by DR VELIKOVSKY and a discussion by DWARDU CARDONA of two megalithic sites (Kintraw and Ballochroy) examined by our contributor EUAN MACKIE in his papers in Pensée, as well as an extended "Forum" and "Vox Populi" section where writers reply to comments from readers. Regrettably, Cardona's contribution appears to have been written under the impression that MacKie's articles were attempts to discredit Velikovsky, and is therefore marred by the treatment of any "concession" to Velikovsky as a damaging admission. Of Velikovsky's own papers, one, entitled "The Correct Placing of Horemheb in History" (taken ...
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76. Mythic Ireland, by Michael Dames [SIS C&C Review $]
... . John's Eve, the 23rd of June (see Clube and Napier for the significance of that date). Men formed into ranks with hay and straw tied to poles which were set alight and carried in a perambulating procession around the hill. The funeral of Aine also took place on St John's Eve, a marvellous affair as it involved the fairies- the fair or bright ones (little pieces of Aine). The treatment by Dames of the tale of Dermot and Graney [2 is superb. There are more than 300 megalithic tombs in Ireland associated with the divine pair. Cnoc Grean is a hill to the NE of Lough Gur, known colloquially as bright cheeks. The Giant's Grave on top of the hill is an effigy of Graney(= brightness and beauty) according to Dames, and hundreds of stones are laid out in the form of her long flowing tresses. Irish bruiden stories were associated with Samhain (Halloween) and things that go bump in the night. The god hero was invariably enticed into a magic house or bruiden, a ...
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... evolution. Nibiru also played a key role in causing The Flood, causing it by nearly colliding with the Earth 13,000 years ago. In Alford's theory, the fact that so many breakthroughs in human knowledge, from the wheel and the boat to law, mathematics and metallurgy, are all supposed to have taken place first in Sumer, before 2000 BC, is proof that this is where his 'gods' landed and took charge of humanity's development. Alford believes this provides an explanation for all kinds of things: the massive megalithic stone platform at Baalbek 'was designed as a landing platform for the rockets of the gods'; the Sinai peninsula was the gods' Space Centre- with Jerusalem as its 'Mission Control'; the Great Pyramid, with its mysterious internal shafts and passages and finely-fitted stonework, was built as a 'water fuel cell' to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, so that it 'possessed a tremendously powerful source of energy, and could be operated with offensive capabilities. In addition, it functioned as a directional beacon and as a sophisticated ...
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78. The Mapmakers from the ice age [SIS Internet Digest $]
... a surprising planetary schema, with the help of the following maps. The first map (below) is a Mercator projection. The second map (below the first map) is built according to the principle of a stereographic projection centered on the point X (intersection of the meridian of Alexandria and of the tropic of Cancer). From this point, I have traced the circumferences the radiuses of which equal 36, 72 (2x36), 108 (3x36) and 144 (4x36) degrees. We notice that: The megalithic sites of Stonehenge (Great Britain) and of Carnac (France) are situated on the first circle. The ancient Chinese observatory of Gaocheng (area of Luoyang) and the site of Angkor Vat (Cambodia) are situated on the second circle. The remarkable solar observatory of Chaco Canyon (USA, New-Mexico), the Maya cities of Uxmal (Mexico), of Tikal (Guatemala) and of Copan (Honduras) and, finally, the Peruvian sites of Nazca and of Machu Picchu are found on the third circle ...
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79. A Mega-Megalith [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 131: SEP-OCT 2000 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects A Mega-Megalith A reader of our most recent catalog volume, Ancient Infrastructure, informs us that in our rambles through the archeological literature we somehow missed the "mother of all megaliths." The sketch portrays the Tombs of the Genii, as they appeared circa 1876. These towering standing stones were-- and perhaps still are-- located on the Kora River in what was Soviet Turkestan, Siberia. When you learn of their sizes, you'll realize that these lithic monsters must still be there, because modern machinery would be taxed to nudge them. The largest of these standing stones rises 75 feet above ground level and probably penetrates 12 feet below. Its weight is in the neighborhood of 3,800 tons! This is more than 10 times the weight of Er Grah, the largest standing stone in Brittany and more than twice the size of the massive Trilithon still languishing in its quarry at Baalbek, Lebanon. ...
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... presumed to account for a number of 'primitive' or 'retrograde' peoples and subgroups of larger populations, such that the elaboration which is the hallmark of civilization does not proceed. This catatonism is negative and refuses change. It fights the battle for world control within the person and the small clan or tribe. Its overburden of constraints, rejections, and taboos miniaturizes and trivializes. The externalized, exo-tribal culture is actually abandoned and condemned, leaving the members of the group motionless, aghast, face to face with awful eternal threat. MEGALITHS AND MEGALINES People built megaliths around the world, probably beginning six thousand years ago. A megalith is a worked or cut stone that weighs, say, over 10 tons, which alone or in conjunction with other stones mediates religious sentiments among the group and with the gods. The stones stand for ancestors, gods, holy circles, sacrificial altars, astronomical pointers, centers of convocation, and tombs. The efforts required to erect them demonstrate both strenuous collaborative discipline and fervid emotions. They are large to demonstrate the peak of ...
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