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201. Comets and the Bronze Age Collapse [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... . Quite likely a large sector of the sky would be filled with such phenomena. Though the intensity would vary from year to year our ancestors, no doubt, expected a rather disconcerting light show on an annual basis. Striking evidence for this contention comes from well-preserved Neolithic observatories in Ireland. Martin Brennan (1983), who spent over a decade investigating these structures, published a wonderful documentation of their features. Though he assumes them to be a product of solar worship, his research is thorough and includes mythological references to these megalithic works- most intriguing from the standpoint of this discussion is Tara. Brennan states that: "Tara lies 10 miles southwest of Newgrange and, like Newgrange, it is steeped in ancient myth and tradition. It has always been associated with Samhain, the Celtic observance of the year's turning in November, and this event is well documented. Mythologically, the mound also has associations with the Tuatha De Danann, or the 'Lords of Light'. They arrive from the air and cast a darkness over the sun for three days ...
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... emphasis added. 69. Ibid., vol. 3, p. 1289. 70. W. G. Waddell, Manetho, Loeb Classical Library (William Heinemann Ltd., London, 1971), p. 9. 71. Rohl and James, op. cit., n. 4, p. 13. 72. Ibid., pp. 14-20, and also, forthcoming catalogue on the chronological anomalies of the Near East, in preparation for the ISIS Occasional Publications series. S.I.S. TOUR OF SCOTTISH MEGALITHIC SITES TOTAL COST OF TOUR APPROXIMATELY £450 The tour of the Megalithic Sites cannot take place in July 1987 owing to insufficient places being filled. It is, however, planned to organise such a tour in 1988: provisional dates July 20-30. Anyone interested in participating in next year's tour is asked to contact: SIS TOUR, c/o Sandra Parker, Willow Cottage, Front Street, Hutton Henry Hartlepool TS27 4RY, England, UK. Tel: (0429) 837034 \cdrom\pubs\journals\review\ ...
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203. Ice Cores and Chronology [SIS C&C Review $]
... The writer in 1971 [8 pointed out to a shocked and incredulous archaeological world that the Fertile Crescent contained neither tin, nor copper and that the Bronze Age had to originate outside of it. Further it contained neither silver, nor many of the metallic elements necessary to colour glass and glazes such as cobalt and antimony. All the technological developments of the Bronze Age had to originate outside of the Fertile Crescent and, what is more, in western Europe where deposits of tin and copper existed. Forty years ago Stonehenge and the megaliths of Europe were firmly believed to date at the most to 1000BC. Then came Carbon 14 (C 14) dating showing that Stonehenge and the megaliths of Europe were older than the Pyramids. It has also shown, a fact ignored by Egyptologists, that the Pyramids are some 500 years younger than was thought and fit in nicely with the advent of metallurgy in Europe at about 2000BC (see Table 1). It is clear that the Megalith Builders of Western Europe with their associated Beaker Folk were the first to exploit the ...
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204. Suns and Planets in Neolithic Rock Art [Maverick Science Website]
... discussion in A. Willcox, The Rock Art of Africa (Kent, 1984), pp. 1- 5. 4 H. Breuil& H. Obermaier, The Cave of Altamira (Madrid, 1935), p. 12; F. Windels, The Lascaux Cave Paintings (London, 1949), p. 127. 5 This image is taken from M. Devlet, Petroglify Mugur-Sargola (Mockba, 1980), Figure 20, p. 237. Close parallels can be found in E. Twohig, The Megalithic Art of Western Europe (Oxford, 1981), Figures 49 and 217; and E. Anati, Camonica Valley (New York, 1961), p. 95. On the age of these petroglyphs Anati writes: "The most ancient Valley carvings dealing with sun worship belong to the end of the Stone Age, to the second half of the third millennium BC. At that period the sun is drawn as an isolated disc; seldom is it accompanied by a person with hands upraised in an attitude of prayer, ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 8  -  08 Sep 2006  -  53k  -  URL:
... of the wars of the gods, or Clash of the Titans. Internal consistency is one of the crucial tests of a theory, and any suggestion that the "age of giants" could refer to a period of unusually large human beings must be subject to the consistency test. It is certainly true that around the world, folk traditions associated various cultural remains with the activity of giants. They marveled at pyramids and towers and broken walls of former peoples. Popular Arabic tradition identifies "giants" as the builders of Middle Eastern megaliths. The Greeks proclaimed that a generation of giants had built the great fortifications at Tiryns and Mycenae. Scattered megaliths across Europe invited the same idea. Throughout Mesoamerica and South America it was claimed that the massive remains of earlier cultures had been constructed by giants. Similar ideas will be found in the South Pacific. Well, it is certainly true that if earlier generations were big enough, then building some of the larger monuments might have been easier. But if this explanation is entertained, should we not apply it also to ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 8  -  21 Mar 2007  -  31k  -  URL:
... by the lack of data and by the ideological prejudice of Solarian scholars who, regarding the gods as divinely named anthologies of fiction, were in no condition to distinguish the true identity of the gods to whom sacrifices were made. THE PEOPLES OF SATURNIA The multiple kingdoms of Atlantis that Plato described may have been of the political and social order of Saturnia. Atlantis was a set of kingdoms of related cultures [20. It was perhaps Celtic and in close touch with the Tethyan-Mediterranean culture. Its survivors may have been the Stonehenge and megalithic builders of Western Europe. They remained under the influence of the Minoans, Phoenicians, and Mycenaeans. Atlantis can be best defined by a line enclosing all of the European northwestern continental platform from the Bay of Biscay to Scandinavia on the north, from the western banks of Ireland into Denmark and France. It is difficult to decide whether the Pillars of Hercules that led to the several kingdoms were at Gibraltar, or whether the "Pillars" referred to the innumerable megalithic dolmens that later lined the shores in honor of Hercules, ...
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207. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... with early agriculturists. He points out that present day hunter-gathers often have a very rich culture and have plenty of spare time to pursue it, whereas primitive agriculture was hard work and led to population growth, stratified societies, slavery, mass warfare and authoritarian state religions. Is this behaviour really culturally superior? Europe National Geographic Sept 97, geographica, July 97, geographica, Science Frontiers No. 115, Jan-Feb 97, p. 5, Daily Mail 11.11.97, The Sunday Times 20.7.97, The Observer 20.4.97 The world's oldest known megalithic cemetery lies in northwest Ireland. Most of the remains buried there were cremated and date from 4800 to 3200 BC. Now a new tomb has been found from the same period and close by but the bodies were simply buried and most artefacts have no counterparts in the original cemetery. Were there two different cultures living together? Over in south-west England a new megalithic ceremonial site twice the size of Stonehenge has been discovered. It dates from between 3000 and 1500 BC and consisted of three stone circles, the largest of which was ...
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... whinstone not far from the stone circle and cairn cemetry at Cauldside Burn, Kirkendbright (8C) (8D) (8E) (8F) (8G) (8H) (8J) 1860 engravings of cup-and-ring marks, mainly from the Northumberland group (8L) One corner of the Panorama Stone. St. Margaret's Church, Ilkley, opposite. See Fig. 9 (8K) A detail of one of the carved uprights in the passage of Gavrinis Cup-and-ring design rubbed from a rock on Drumtorddan Farm, Wigtownshire Remains of a megalithic tomb at Proleck, County Louth. The capstone weighs about forty tons An intriguing contrast in patterns between two rocks only a few hundred feet apart at Derrynablaha, County Kerry. Figure 8 Cup and ring marks and 'tomb' (Beal after Evan Hadingham, Circles and Standing Stones, Sphere Books, 1978) The four pieces, now satellites of the moon, circled within a mantle of orbiting debris, all of them highly luminous in the sun's light, but the satellites were more so than the mantle and remained visible from ...
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209. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... He showed that the language and terminology dated it to 400 years later than its supposed origins. How many other important documents are fakes? Anachronistic Technology The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Channel 4 TV, 2000 An attempt to reconstruct the hanging gardens of Babylon built by Sennacherib at Nineveh, as described in the literature, led to the conclusion that giant Archimedes screws were used to lift water and massive bronze casting was required but both were anachronistic. The screw attributed to Archimedes was not invented till 400 years later. ARCHAEOLOGY More on Megaliths National Geographic Nov. 99, 'geographica', Secrets of the Dead, Channel 4 TV,17.7.00, Science Frontiers 126 Nov-Dec. 99, p. 1, 131 Sep-Oct. 00, p. 1 A 22 foot wooden circle has been found on the North Sea coast of England where it has lain for 4,000 years covered in peat. A bronze axe was found nearby. At Stonehenge a skeleton, found 80 years ago buried in a shallow grave, has been investigated. It proved to be that of ...
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210. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... accepted belief of orthodox astronomers, I enclose page 8 from The Scotsman 30/5/80, entitled "Is the Sun really shrinking?" Two American researchers find that the Sun is smaller than it was 400 years ago and, analysing measurements from Greenwich Observatory between 1836 and 1953, report that the sun is shrinking at the rate of about 2 arc seconds per century, equivalent to 10Km. each year or more than 1 meter per hour. At this rate it will disappear in 100,000 years. Investigators into megalithic astronomy assume that the size of the solar disc has always remained constant. Will these findings mean that, for example, Dr. Mackie will have to revise his conclusions on megalithic astronomy (e.g. Pensee Winter 1974-5)? W. Shannon, Edinburgh. Biblical Eschatology Dear Sir, Comparing the last sentence of your Editorial( Workshop vol. 2 no. 3. p.2) with the article following, by Mr. R. Forshufvud, reminded me of a newspaper cartoon a number of years ago. A man was ...
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