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151. C&C Workshop 1988, Number 2: Contents [Journals] [SIS Workshop]
... Crater hunting * Gravity violates Newton's laws * Of mice and ancient men * Ice age mysteries * Electricity in astronomy * The moons of Uranus * Advanced ancient technologies * Pluto's atmosphere * Revisionist dinosaurs * Ebabbara evidence * Pore power * Comet, meteor catastrophes 22 REVIEWS: Aeon - A Symposium on Myth and Science 29 The Life and Death of Megaliths 30 All That Glisters is not Gould 32 Stranger in the Valley of the Kings 33 The Archaeology of Ritual and Magic 34 LETTERS from M. A. Cook, D. P. Shelley-Pearce, J. D. Weir, C. H. Seitz, D. Cardona, E. W. Crew, P. Clapham, ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Sep 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/workshop/w1988no2/index.htm
... p. 9. 71. Rohl and James, op. cit., n. 4, p. 13. 72. Ibid., pp. 14-20, and also, forthcoming catalogue on the chronological anomalies of the Near East, in preparation for the ISIS Occasional Publications series. S.I .S . TOUR OF SCOTTISH MEGALITHIC SITES TOTAL COST OF TOUR APPROXIMATELY £450 The tour of the Megalithic Sites cannot take place in July 1987 owing to insufficient places being filled. It is, however, planned to organise such a tour in 1988: provisional dates July 20-30. Anyone interested in participating in next year's tour is asked to contact: SIS TOUR, c ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/review/v0801/36shosh.htm
153. Book Reviews [Journals] [SIS Workshop]
... , we note briefly as regards No. 1, that Velikovsky nowhere designates the Venusian catastrophes as responsible for the Ice Ages but rather earlier catastrophes caused by the planets Jupiter and/or Saturn. Velikovsky's theories on these matters are still awaiting publication. Point No. 2 does not seem conclusive since the question of the destruction of the world's megaliths depends very much on (a ) the overall violence of the catastrophe and (b ) the solidity of the structure of these edifices. Also, as noted in No. 1, it seems doubtful if these structures predated any but the Venusian catastrophe, which latter was less damaging than the Genesis catastrophes. The Tower of Babel is ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/workshop/no3/13books.htm
... Annual General Meeting of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies The present state of Radiocarbon Dating Nick Thorpe held at the Library Association on 14th September 1986 Morning session Nick Thorpe's comments during his slide show on some of the sites that will be visited during the Megalithic Tour, and his talk on Radiocarbon Dating Peter James, introducing Nick Thorpe: He is in the Department of Anthropology at University College, although he is basically an archaeologist. He is working largely on the Late Bronze Age prehistoric cultures of Great Britain such as the Wessex Culture, and through that has become interested in questions of radiocarbon dating. He has done a lot of work on re-dating the Wessex Culture by the rather ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Jul 2001  -  URL: /online/pubs/articles/talks/sis/860914ix.htm
155. Aeon Volume V, Number 6: Contents [Journals] [Aeon]
... Immanuel Velikovsky and Dale Murphie to task over their identification of Thutmose III as the Biblical Shishak. Page 47 The Use of the 7-Base Measuring System in Ancient Britain and the Continent by Alban Wall An investigation into the 7-base system of measurement as used by the ancient Basques of the French and Spanish Pyrenees, and how this might relate to the megalithic structures of prehistoric Britain. Page 65 Paradise- The Lost Frontier: Early Voyages to the Forbidden Isles by Gunnar Thompson A detailed study of pre-Columbian voyages to the New World in medieval times, including an exposť of the role which the Roman Catholic Church played, especially in its attempt to safeguard the route to the Americas which it originally ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Sep 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/aeon/vol0506/index.htm
156. First Report [Journals] [SIS Review]
... adoption. Officers and a working committee will be elected within the framework of the constitution. In the meantime, however, your organisers have formed a temporary ad hoc committee to see this formation period through. Perhaps I should introduce them, their addresses are below. Dr. Euan Mackie , an archaeologist specialising in the Scottish Iron age and Megalithic Astronomy, is an Assistant Keeper at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow University. He has written a number of articles reviewing the catastrophic approach, and has even succeeded in breaking into the New Scientist with an article that will appear in a later newsletter. He has attended a number of the American symposia and is friendly with Dr. Velikovsky ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/review/newslet1/01first.htm
... * Seeking the Bronze Age Mines * "Trees Remember the Weather" * Comet Catastrophes * Once a Binary System * Sea Floor Spreads in Jerks - and Ends up on Mountains! * History of Astronomy, a Jaundiced View * Tunguska Event Caused by Comet * Oceanic Meteorite Impacts? * Man's Origins outside Africa * "Kamikaze" Comets * Megalithic "Earth Energy" * Lunar Magnetism 22 BOOKSHELF 36 VIEWS IN BRIEF 36 LETTERS from Lord Walsingham, Hugh Eggleton, Eric Crew, (Rev.) Nicholas J. G. Sykes and J. E. Aitchison 38 Copyright (C ) 1982 Society for Interdisciplinary Studies THE VELIKOVSKY DEBATE TODAY EDITOR: Bernard Newgrosh EDITORIAL TEAM: Jill ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  01 Sep 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/workshop/vol0501/index.htm
... chronology. The next question I asked was: Did the Glasgow Conference influence our approach to Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision thesis? ' The answer here is: Visibly very little, but in terms of creative output, very substantially! ' At Glasgow we were made aware of problems with radiocarbon dates, of Earth axis tilts and the alignment of megalithic observatories, and even of the paucity of archaeological evidence to support the thesis of catastrophes caused by extra-terrestrial agents in historical times. On the latter, there has been a striking absence of catastrophist literature supporting Velikovsky's Mars events' of the 8th and 7th centuries BC. It was noted at Glasgow that the archaeological record for the end of ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/review/v1993cam/135earth.htm
... between Stonehenge and King Arthur. Rapidly warming to his subject Emmett began with the legend of Merlin creating Stonehenge by the magical transportation of stones and before long we were plunged into an exuberant consideration of Celtic myth and chronology and their interconnections with world myths. Emmett concluded that Stonehenge was not built by an unknown Stone Age people but that the megalithic world was that of the Celtic civilisation in the early first millennium BC. This controversial chronology included a down-dating of the pyramids to the same period, thought to mark the end of a period of cataclysm. Arthur has endless parallels with the universal hero-god and was therefore a sky god of the early British. His misplacement into the early ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/review/v1999n1/58soc.htm
160. Graham Hancock's Heaven's Mirror [Journals] [SIS Internet Digest]
... From the programme series Quest for the Lost Civilisation broadcast on 21, 28 September, and 5 October 1998. The evidence accumulates throughout the series - from the enigmatic and spectacular Nazca Lines in Peru, the largest pieces of graphic art work in the world to the Callanish stone circles of the Outer Hebrides, seemingly randomly-placed megaliths which capture' the sun and moon at crucial moments in the year with a precision that would be hard to match even today. The global implications, which Hancock gradually draws out, are of a previously unidentified race of navigators and seafarers whose civilisation was destroyed in the cataclysm that overtook the world at the end of the last Ice ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 14  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/i-digest/1998-2/06graham.htm
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