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31. Scientific Dating Methods In Ruins [The Velikovskian $]
... , arguing against the overkill theorists, stated that "[ t heir selective acceptance of only `good' dates-- those that fit the model (for example, dates for human beings in North America no older than 12,000 [years BP and those for mammoths no younger than 10,000 [years BP)--may play fast and loose with evidence that [does not fit." (17) Charles Hapgood showed that mammoths lived in areas where an ice sheet was present at that same time. Furthermore, mammoth bones have radiocarbon dates of less than 10,000 years in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Mammoth bones were dated at 8,260 300 years old. In Santa Rosa Island, California, mammoth bones were dated at 8,000 250 years old. In Peace River District, British Columbia, an elephant tusk was dated at 7,670 170 years old. In Lapeer County, Michigan, a mastodon tusk was dated at 5,950 300 years old. In Caddo County, Oklahoma, a mammoth tusk was dated ...
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32. Evidence of An Inversion Event? [Aeon Journal $]
... reflected than at the present time. (14) This seems to have contributed to the perpetuation of glacial conditions. At the present time the southern hemisphere has lower average temperatures than the north for comparable latitudes. Due to the large glaciers in the north, this situation was probably reversed during the late Pleistocene, but average temperatures in both hemispheres were obviously lower than at present. The ice age Earth was dominated by large animals. On the tundra steppe of Eurasia there was a proliferation of animal life, that included the woolly mammoth and the woolly rhinoceros, the cave lion (larger than today's lion), the cave hyena and the enormous cave bear, the giant deer with antlers spanning 12 feet, the prehistoric bison and musk ox, the yak, the reindeer and the saiga antelope. Some of these animals ranged into Beringia and Alaska. South of the glacier in North America, there were mastodonts (in forest areas) and Imperial or Columbian mammoths (on the steppes). There were also horses and camels, flat headed peccaries, the ...
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33. An Unexplained Arctic Catastrophe [SIS C&C Review $]
... but what actually caused the formation of permafrost seems to be indeterminate. A modern assessment of this deposit shows that it is layered. at some localities. At the lowest level, the beds consist of sandy loams containing remains of temperate climate trees such as chestnut, ginkgo and lime. These are succeeded by a 150m-200m thick layer enclosing the remains of such non-Arctic animals as camel, beaver and bison, mixed with those of reindeer. The final (upper) layer, 35m-49m thick, contains the remains of the woolly rhinoceros, mammoth, horse, and bison [3l. All these layers are permanently refrigerated, the uppermost ground surface of the formation generally being, on average, free of frost for just one or two months a year [32, 33 It was this near-continuous frozen aspect of the permafrost that initially induced students of the remains of the mammoth, rhinoceros and other animals found with them to conclude that all must have been naturally adapted to survive an Arctic regime. Accordingly, for well over two centuries Siberian mammoths, rhinoceroses, and their ...
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... , but driven down to Earth's surface by decrease in the repulsion, until ultimately a "soft explosion extinguished the oxygen available to human and replaced it by methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or these together. We turn next to the famous case of the mammoths, not waiting for the chapter on extinction [6. One almost should say the "deathless" case, for it has endured the whole battle between catastrophists and uniformitarians, two hundred years -except that now it may even become the case of the "deathless" mammoth, for a late news report tells us that certain Russian experimenters are seeking to unfreeze and clone a mammoth cell with an existing elephant to give birth to a live mammoth. Were the original mammoths gassed into extinction? Instant death, fractured limbs, destroyed sometimes in herds and sometimes alone, discovered on hills (not in river channels), some found with their skins and innards intact, several found with food in their stomachs, even their mouths, often associated with an incongruous assembly of other species, they lived and ...
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35. As Worlds Collide [Kronos $]
... might just as easily arise from the crust being pulled apart by rotational disturbances as from gigantic convection currents within Earth's mantle. Evidence for glaciation is nearly world-wide. Many erosional phenomena attributed to ice-driven transport can be explained equally by the action of gigantic tidal waves; in fact the direction of much of the transport is poleward rather than equatorward.(22) Fossils and remains of sea creatures have been found atop mountainous areas of Earth .( 23) In mountain caves, animal and human remains are jumbled together with non-biological debris. Mammoth bones are found with those of men.(24) Carbon dating of three samples taken from a Bavarian mammoth tusk yielded an average date of -1955.(25) Velikovsky notes that northern Siberia was not glaciated in the last glacial age, while America was covered by ice to latitude 401.(26) From the flow of water through the Niagara gorge,(27) it has been argued that the last ice sheet might have melted as recently as the year -2000. The last ice sheet was centered south of ...
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36. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Stephenson and Kevin Yau tell of how the early history of Halley's comet has been deduced from ancient Chinese observations, which were stated less accurately than medieval ones. It is clear, however, that the Chinese distinguished "bushy stars" (= tailless comets) from "broom stars" (= tailed ones). The illustration from the silk book of the 168BC Han Tomb at Mawangdui, Hunan Province, shows a series of objects which are surprisingly similar to the cup and ring and ladder markings of western European megaliths. Recent Mammoth Extinction? source: THE EGYPTIAN GAZETTE 13.9.24 Until recently, scientists have believed that the mammoth became extinct in Europe between 8000 and 13000 years ago, and was then confined to central and eastern Siberia. This belief has been refuted by the find of mammoth bones dated to 5000 years ago to the south of Arkhangelsk, according to a PRAVDA report. This apparently shows that the mammoth lived in the area throughout much of the last ice age, and poses new questions as to its mode of extinction. Mysterious Mummies source: ...
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... a bituminous coal. Evidence summarised by Velikovsky of periodic world-wide catastrophic occurrences, with the sudden destruction of living matter and its collection together in vast deposits by sea transport, includes the following: Deposits of "muck" occur above gold-bearing gravel beds in Alaska, in the valleys of Rivers Tanana, Yukon, Koyukuk and Kuskokwim. "Muck" is a frozen mass of animals and trees, the animals dismembered, the trees uprooted and splintered. Enormous quantities (millions) of trees and animals are present, the animals including the mammoth, mastodon, superbison and horse. Fossil tusks of mammoths from the Ivory Islands of the Arctic Coasts of Siberia have provided half the world's supplies of ivory since 1582. In 1797 the body of a frozen mammoth was discovered in N. E. Siberia with flesh, skin, and hair complete (Digby). Since then many others have been found in similar condition. The ground must have frozen suddenly, entombing the bodies to account for this surprising state of preservation (Whitley). The Liakhov Islands and the New ...
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38. Deluge [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... (1891); Sir J.G. Frazer, Folk-lore in the Old Testament (London, 1918); M. Winternitz, Die Flutsagen des Alterthums und des Natuervoelker E.g., the Malaya story in Andree, Die Flutsagen, p. 29. s [Cf. the Vatican Codex, first published by Humboldt, and the accounts of Ixtlilxochitl and Veytia among others.[ Cf. A. C. Caillot, Mythes, legendes, et traditions des Polynesiens (Paris, 1914); H. H. Howorth, The Mammoth and the Flood (London, 1887), pp. 455ff.Berosus ? story of the Deluge is quoted in Eusebius ? Praeparatio Evangelica Bk. IX, ch. 12, and in Cyril ? s Contra Julianum, Bk. I. ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  31 Aug 2000  -  6k  -  URL:
... 182 is 364, so is 4 x 91, 14 x 26, 13 x 28. None of these sets looks very 'decimal'. None was intended to, of course. They are intended rather to suggest predecimal ways of approaching number, since early man was not particularly decimal in his orientation to the world. He was lunar among other things. The exemplary work of Alexander Marshack suggests that this was the case as long as 20,000 years ago, when man began notating lunar phases on pieces of bone and mammoth tusk. [8 Early man was trying to find a set-theory way of counting the day of the year. Decimal methods (10 x 36) didn't even come close. Duodecimal counting (12 x 30) produced the same result and thus also had to be discarded. The smallest base that could produce 364 was 4. Prehispanic Americans indeed idolized this number, and now one reason is perhaps clear. But the Chinese had found a number which, when multiplied by 73, would produce the optimum year-number, 365. ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  05 Mar 2003  -  16k  -  URL:
40. A Mountain Was in Travail [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... New York Post TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1948 A Mountain Was in Travail 2,500 Square Miles for Israel; 42,500 Square Miles for Abdullah By OBSERVER A mountain was in travail. The United Nations, the so-called peace loving nations, the self-styled free nations of the world, for almost two years busied themselves with the Palestinian problem. Committees and commissions, the General Assembly and the Security Council, all labored heavily. This fall the mammoth organization swam over the ocean from the metropolis of the New World, New York, to the metropolis of the Old World, Paris, where it resumed its ponderous deliberations on Palestine. The mountain was in travail. For twenty months great nations, world powers, exalted statesmen, shrewd diplomats, presidents of states made declarations before their nations, before parliaments and congresses, to the press and on the air, concerning Palestine, its partition, the granting of statehood to the most ancient nation on earth. If the ticker tape with all these words were stretched in a straight line, it would ...
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