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141. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... the Turin Canon giving over 150 years of 13th Dynasty with an absurd average of 3 years per reign. Obviously, if a couple of centuries of darkness have been added into the SIP (in addition to those added into the TIP) they will have caused distortions in the history of neighbouring countries which are Egyptologically dated (similar to the distortions outlined by James et al. in Centuries of Darkness for the TIP). This is exactly what we find:- i). C. E. F. Schaeffer in his mammoth Stratigraphie Comparee et Chronologie de l'Asie Occidentale [reviewed by G. Gammon (1980) in SIS Review compared the strata of the 3rd and 2nd millennia from many sites in the Levant, Anatolia, Cyprus, etc. He summarised the evidence in a long fold-out table (No. IX) in which the stratigraphy and chronology at the main sites were tabulated in columns side by side. Right across this table run several interruptions to civilisation, the most prominent one being marked at about 1600 BC and labelled at almost every site ...
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... human beings sick, It enfeebles them His word- when he makes his way above- Makes the country sick. [16 The motions, noise, and gases of a heavenly body of large dimensions seem to be indicated here. The god Mars is referred to in Babylonia as the God of Noise. There is an insistent connection of noise with the planet Mars. The connections between heavenly sounds, sacred events, and the beginnings of music appear to be secure. From Chernikov, in the Ukraine, Soviet scholars reported finding mammoth bones converted into skull drums, shoulder blade kettle drums, and lower-jaw xylophones, at an estimated date of 20,000 years. If the instruments, all of the drum family, are correctly identified, it would mean that the settlement was fully human, with a religion. For nowhere is there any indication of musical instruments or musical sounds that are not connected with the heavenly host. When the Wonguri tribe of Australia conducts today its holy dream time ceremonies, the assemblage beat sticks together; the dancers keep rhythm; ...
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... manufacture may be an abundance of cosmic electric potential. Hibben once voyaged the far North with an eye for catastrophic remains. He remarks that the Pleistocene ice sheet (if it truly existed as such) never covered the central regions of Alaska nor parts of the Aleutian Range. He reports, as have others, the several hundred feet of frozen muck deposited in various unglaciated areas. In the muck are volcanic ash layers, peat, animal and vegetable matter in vast quantities, and ice fragments. Below the muck have been found mammoth bones, human artifacts, and tree stumps in their original position as they had grown. The total effect is of several simultaneously interacting high energy forces, whose total rate of burnup of the Earth's rotational energy must have in hours, not in a million years, taken up the equivalent of five minutes of the Earth's rotational energy, and perhaps then, indeed, as a prior condition, the Earth's rotation may have slowed by that much, or more. All effects of high energy deteriorate exponentially, we repeat. Often ...
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... and in Smith's opinion, the rushing waters could have gouged out the valleys within weeks. The English Channel is not the only area to have left a record of violent storms and widespread flooding at this time. Millions of trees in low-lying Norfolk were flattened, with their tops all facing north-east. Extensive beds of similarly oriented tress are also found in the north of England, in Ireland and Scotland [81. Prodigious numbers of dismembered animal bones and uprooted trees were scattered across northern and western parts of Alaska. Great herds of mammoth and rhinoceros drowned on the islands that now fringe the Arctic ice cap. Mammoths in the then temperate clime of northern Siberia were plunged into temperatures that froze them to death within days [82. Winds dessicated the Sahara and eroded its rocks, sweeping sand over valleys that had not long previously resounded with rushing water [83. COLUMN FAUNA NARRATIVE CAMBRIAN Marine Invertebrates FLOOD: Obliteration of bird and animal life on the land Marine Vertebrates CARBONIFEROUS Amphibians Uplift. First Major Orogeny PERMIAN Extinction horizon Regeneration of plants and animals Reptiles Birds Mammals ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  05 Mar 2003  -  88k  -  URL:
... blasted away in the greatest of catastrophes, that which saw the material constituting the Moon pulled out largely from what is now the Pacific Ocean Basin. Once again, the reader is referred to the statement of this theory in the aforesaid volumes. I have mentioned earlier the controversial works of Ameghino that claimed an extremely old date for the fossils of men of the Pampas. Nor can the halt always lead the blind; a radiometric dating by the uranium-thorium method gave an age of 81,000 years for a human tool made of mammoth bone. It is from Old Crow Basin in the Yukon, and was reported by Richard Morlan of the Ottawa National Museum of Man. In California and Mexico, claims of around a quarter of a million years of age have been made for two sites of human operations [6. Artifacts at the Calico site (California) were assigned by uranium-thorium tests an age of 200,000 20,000 years. Similar dates were assigned by both fission-track dating of volcanic material and uranium dating of a camel pelvis to the Hueyatlaco ...
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... destruction as for instance among the Israelites and Egyptians, also much concerning changes of habitat, abandonment of settlements, changes in behavior. Ovid is not to be believed when he said that the passage of Phaeton at this time burned the Earth and turned Africans to black from the heat, but it is not unbelievable that so many of the non-black peoples of Africa were destroyed that the continental population noticeably blackened after the event. Those who deny marine disasters can of course rely upon the absence of datable fossil events, but there are mammoth destructions datable to the time, and a Woods Hole Oceanographic Expedition to the Black Sea uncovered a general layer of coccoliths that occurs at the -3500 level and could not simply have died normally and drifted to the bottom en masse. The ancient historian Josephus said that nature, in a revolution, produced "mutations in the bodies of men, in the earth, in plants, and in all things that grow out of the earth." There is little fossil evidence yet uncovered from the period or most of what there is ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  03 Apr 2004  -  24k  -  URL:
... read as many of his sources as you can, and then more often than not, track down their sources as well, because he favors pop science books, and then bring yourself up to date on the subject with supplementary reading, because the information in some of them is badly out of date. Ginenthal turns out several hundred pages more of it every year. I set out to answer his ice-core travesty, and later widened my scope to include passages from his books, Carl Sagan& Immanuel Velikovsky and Extinction of the Mammoth-- which also deal with paleoclimate-- with equal ineptitude. But if I read all this stuff, I wouldn't have time to read anything normal. The really hard part is bringing oneself to read it in the first place. The syntax is often as tortured as the logic. I'm not as obsessive as Ginenthal, and I need time off from this literary coprology for other pursuits. A representative sample will do. These productions are all pretty repetitious. No, I did not secretly read the paper that Ginenthal ...
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148. Velikovsky in America [Aeon Journal $]
... which are much heavier than air but hang suspended in the sky, he neglected to mention the usual explanation, which is couched in terms of Brownian motion. (56) It is no wonder that Shapley never deigned to reply to Velikovsky's impudence. He merely passed the letter on to one of his colleagues, the same Donald Menzel who had been mentioned in O'Neill's article. Menzel was no stranger to unusual ideas; in the 1920's he had even published a piece about how the ancient Eastern Mediterranean civilizations could have been destroyed by mammoth volcanic explosions. (57) At Shapley's urging, Menzel eventually sprang to the attack, but he bided his time until suitable opportunities arose. (58) In addition to Shapley and the Harvard College Observatory, Velikovsky sent his pamphlet to a dozen other scientists and to a score of large-circulation libraries. The only response he got, besides long-lasting hostility from Shapley and his close colleagues, was a letter from the Harvard College Observatory requesting a donation. (59) All the while, Velikovsky was eking out a meager living ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 3  -  05 Mar 2003  -  117k  -  URL:
... one percent results in an insignificant rise of temperature of the troposphere, but the UV radiation multiplies 100,000 times." The ozone shield would capture most of this if it were as strong as today. Recent planetary, cometary, and meteoroid catastrophes, which are more probable but are not discussed here by Salop, would engender infinitely greater radiation storms [26. Most large mammal species were wiped out in the late Pleistocene, 70% by one estimate, in ways that would imply worldwide atmospheric revolution, as with the mammoth. The quantavolution of hominid into homo sapiens could have occurred on one of numerous occasions. Given the lesser resistance of the mammals and man to radiation effects, and granted findings such as Ericson's and Salop's, there is further reason to hypothesize the mutation and drastic adaptation of humans. If the proto-men (the Hominid 'X') of this era were spread over at least the Afro-Asian world, some estimates, no matter that they must be highly speculative, are in order. The creatures must have been numerous. In a ...
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150. A Harbinger of the Exodus? [SIS C&C Review $]
... after a peroration covering and going beyond the Elihu material. The next chapter returns to larger fauna- wild goats and asses, peacocks and ostriches, the horse, and also an unknown animal (v. 9) translated as unicorn in the AV. Chapter 40 then introduces behemoth- 'the chief of the ways of God', which 'eats grass as an ox', 'moveth his tail like a cedar', 'can draw up Jordan into his mouth', and whose 'nose pierceth through snares'. Whether elephant, woolly mammoth, or some other creature, there is no question that behemoth is an animal: it is equally certain that leviathan of chapter 41 is not. 'Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out. Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or cauldron. His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth' [Job 19-21. 'He spreadeth sharp pointed things upon the mire. He maketh the deep to boil as a pot: he maketh the ...
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