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81. The Cautious Revolutionary [SIS C&C Review $]
... extinctions late in the Ordovician, Permian, Triassic and Cretaceous periods, and possibly one in the late Devonian, were statistically distinct from background extinction levels [9. This raised the inevitable question as to whether all were associated with global cataclysms. Later, Raup and Sepkoski argued that these and other mass extinctions occurred at regular, 26 million year time intervals, which suggested to them an extraterrestrial cause [10. Gould has always been prepared to offer some support to catastrophism. In one of his essays he writes, "Charles Lyell, the godfather of geological gradualism, had pulled a fast one in establishing the doctrine of imperceptible change. He had argued, quite rightly, that geologists must invoke the invariance (uniformity) of natural laws through time in order to study the past scientifically. He then applied the same term- uniformity- to an empirical claim about rates of processes, arguing that change must be slow, steady and gradual, and that big results can only arise as the accumulation of small changes. But the uniformity of law does not ...
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82. Geology [Alternative Science Website]
... or primary rocks that are being dated. For further information Click Here Exhibit 3. Old or Young? Sedimentary rocks laid down during the Earth's history are found in clear-cut strata, one on top of another like a pile of carpets. The classic uniformitarian interpretation of this finding is that the layers are successive episodes in sequence, that each layer is younger than those underneath it and that the cracks or joints between layers represent pauses in sedimentation. This has been the central belief of the Earth sciences since it was enunciated by Charles Lyell in 1833. Since 1985 French geologist Guy Berthault has carried out a series of laboratory experiments involving pouring sediments into large tanks of moving water to study the internal structure of the strata, and how lamination takes place. Samples of laminated rocks were crumbled to reduce them to their original constituent particles of varying size. The particles were sorted (and colored to make them easier to identify). They were then mixed together again and allowed to flow into a tank, first in a dry state, and later into water. ...
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... .... Book Review by Wal Thornhill. ELECTRIC UNIVERSE QUESTIONS. ..Wal Thornhill and the Kronians ARE WE GETTING THERE?.... Dwardu Cardona and Wal Thornhill EXCERPTS FROM THE INTRODUCTION TO _Seeing Red, Quasars, Cosmologies and Academic Science_....... .by Halton Arp---- LOOKING UP by Mel Acheson At NEW SCENARIOS ON EVOLUTION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM, the recent conference held in Italy, a paper by Franco Ricci-Lucchi parsed the decline in prestige of geology since the time of Lyell. "Geology is considered by many people as a minor or ancillary science, or even a non-science, under the influence of thinkers such as Karl Popper (what is not amenable to experiment is not falsifiable; therefore it is not science...) and of a restricted notion of science... according to which the book of the universe is written in mathematical languages...." "Geology deals with a) past events, which are not reproducible; b) individual or unique objects and phenomena ...
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... Grand Canyon are sharp and do not show much erosion into the mile deep valleys. That argues for very recent formation. Geologists cannot decipher the history of the Grand Canyon because their training never envisaged electrical erosion as a result of interplanetary thunderbolts. Nor did it teach that thick strata and anomalous deposits can be dumped from space in hours. Interplanetary electrical forces can raise mountains, twist and overturn strata, dump oceans onto land, preserve shattered flora and fauna in the rocks- all in a geological instant. Since the days of Lyell, early in the nineteenth century, geologists have managed to lull us all into insensibility with vast time spans and piecemeal explanations for each morphological feature of the landscape. The question that should be asked is whether the slow causes they invoke are sufficient to the task they are asked to perform. Fossils do not form under normal circumstances. The sharp outlines of mountains and the tortured strata within them look like still frames from a dramatic action movie. And when it comes to assigning ages, cosmic thunderbolts cause radioactivity, change radioactive ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  21 Mar 2007  -  33k  -  URL:
85. Thoth Vol. IV, 7 April 15, 2000 [Thoth Website]
... wilderness turns out to be occupied. After centuries of denial that catastrophic events occur, after volumes written to disparage the idea, after calumnies composed to bury investigations under the headstone of pseudoscience, the invaders are embarrassed by the indigenous catastrophists. So the indigenes must be eliminated and history re-written to make the invaders into the good guys: Velikovsky is blamed for the centuries of disrepute, and the invaders can claim to have rescued "impact studies" from the depredations of crackpots. The unsavory truth is that Uniformists since the time of Lyell have done all they could to derogate ideas containing any hint of catastrophism. And they largely succeeded: No scientist would mention catastrophic events or their proponents (else he would quickly find himself no longer a scientist: Where, pray tell, is Gordon Atwater?). Catastrophists were shunned as superstitious crackpots or religious fanatics. No small part of Velikovsky's greatness was his courage and genius in presenting such a well- researched and well-argued case that the wall of silence was breached, even if only to scream vituperations at him. ...
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... redshifted much more than most galaxies', the quasars were thought to be situated in the outback of the universe and therefore unrelated to the foreground galaxies. Then Halton Arp discovered statistical and physical connections between quasars and galaxies. The assumption that redshift was an indicator of distance was undermined. But proponents of a non-cosmological redshift sometimes continued to place the galaxies and their connected quasars at the galaxies' cosmological redshift distances, exposing a cosmological-sized cavity of consonance, with quasars and their parent galaxies at the bottom. Geologists since the time of Lyell have strung together rocks and fossils on a thread of assumptions about the constancy and uniformity of tectonic and erosional forces. The resulting bracelet of explanatory charms has been put on display as the Chronology of the Earth. Each stratum is tied to a particular date with a knot of radioisotope dating, which in turn assumes constancy of decay rates and uniformity of isotope ratios. But when various theories of catastrophic change were accepted by several schools of geological theorists, such assumptions of constancy and uniformity were discarded. Nevertheless, the Chronology of ...
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87. The Pitfalls of Radiocarbon Dating [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... the finds concerning natural events (Worlds in Collision, Earth in Upheaval) from finds concerning the true chronology of Egypt and of the ancient World in general (Ages in Chaos). Libby ? s discoveries, published in 1952, gave immediate support and even vindication to three independent conclusions of my research into natural events of the past. In Worlds in Collision I claimed that the time since the last glaciation needs to be drastically shortened: the figure considered valid in 1950, the year Worlds in Collision was published, was still Lyell ? s of 100 years earlier, namely 35 thousand years. Libby found (and I quote Frederick Johnson, who participated in his volume, Radiocarbon Dating) that ? the advance of the ice occurred about 1 1,000 years ago... previously this maximum advance had been assumed to date from about 25,000 years ago,? actually 35,000 if one looks up the literature of the time. A few years later Rubin and Suess of the Geological Survey of the U. S. A. ...
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88. Precursors [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... idea of Whiston and mocked it, saying: ? Whiston fancied that the earth was created from the atmosphere of one comet and that it was deluged by the tail of another. The heat which remained from its first origin, in his opinion, excited the whole antediluvian population to sin, for which they were all drowned in the deluge, excepting the fish, whose passions were apparently less violent.? He was thus supporting the attitude of Voltaire against the ideas ofWhiston. As it is known, Lamarck before Cuvier, and Lyell and Darwin after him, ? proved ? that there were no cataclysms, and thus Cuvier was put on dusty shelves. Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901), a member of the American Congress in the days of Lincoln (1863-1869), ran in 1900 as a candidate for the Vice-Presidency on the ? middle-of-the-road-populists ? ticket. In between his political activities he wrote a few books which brought him the title the ? Prince of U. S. Cranks ?. In one of the books he tried to solve the authorship of the ...
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89. My Challenge to Conventional Views in Science [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... . The founders of the sciences of geology Buckland, Sedgwick, and Murchinson (who gave the classification of formations used today); of vertebrate paleontology Cuvier; and of ichthyology Louis Agassiz never doubted that what they observed was the result of repeated cataclysms in which the entire globe partook. Actually, Charles Darwin, observing the destruction of fauna in South America, was convinced that nothing less than the shaking of the entire frame of the Earth could account for what he saw. But the introduction of the principle of uniformitarianism by Charles Lyell, a lawyer who never had field experience, and the acceptance of it on faith by Charles Darwin, are a psychological phenomenon that I observed again and again. Exactly those who, like Darwin, witnessed the omnipresent shambles of an overwhelming fury of devastation on a continental scale, became the staunchest defenders of the principle of uniformitarianism, that became not just a law, but a principle that grew to a statute of faith in the natural sciences, as if the reasoning that what we do not observe in our time could ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  31 Aug 2000  -  44k  -  URL:
... 5. The correspondence of high C production with the period at which a woman faces the traumatic need to split her baby from herself makes me think that the body protects itself (or the 'mind') from the effects of this traumatic experience by exuding into the blood a specific defense against schizophrenia. About this time there occur also various petulant scribbles on his readings viz.: Glancing through The Scientific American's handsome volume on Human Variations and Origins, I see many errors behind the skillful graphics. There is Eiseley's idiotic article on Lyell, for example. The 'distinguished' academician knows much about his man's surface and nothing about his dynamics, nor does he understand the real conflict between uniformitarian and catastrophic evolution. Eiseley's reputation comes from a deadhead riding the commonplace, uttering mystic words. Later in the book I see all manner of speculations treated as facts, simply because they come from scientists. Man's spotty history is given a coherence by rhetoric, not data or even good theory. I see a picture. I read a caption. It shows an extremely ...
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