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71. Precursors [Kronos $]
... of Whiston and mocked it, saying: "Whiston fancied that the earth was created from the atmosphere of one comet and that it was deluged by the tail of another. The heat which remained from its first origin, in his opinion, excited the whole antediluvian population to sin, for which they were all drowned in the deluge, excepting the fish, whose passions were apparently less violent." He was thus supporting the attitude of Voltaire against the ideas of Whiston. As it is known, Lamarck before Cuvier, and Lyell and Darwin after him, "proved" that there were no cataclysms, and thus Cuvier was put on dusty shelves. Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901), a member of the American Congress in the days of Lincoln (1863-1869), ran in 1900 as a candidate for the Vice-Presidency on the "middle-of-the-road-populists" ticket. In between his political activities he wrote a few books which brought him the title the "Prince of U. S. Cranks". In one of the books he tried to solve the authorship of the ...
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72. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Sept. that: "Many well-qualified scientists of the highest standing would today accept many of [Bishop Samuel Wilberforce's criticisms of Darwin... Today it is the conventional neo-Darwinists who appear as the conservative bigots." And Professor A. Hallam told the BA that, whatever the merits of a cometary hypothesis to account for the mass extinction of many life forms at the end of the Cretaceous period, there are striking relationships to be found in the geological record between mass extinction phases and changes in sea-level. What price now the Lyell and Darwin orthodoxies of 1950? Just as Velikovsky predicted, his astral catastrophism has entered the leftiest halls of science- through their back doors. Hickey Rides Again source: New Scientist 13/8/81, p. 406, 10/9/81, p. 645 The claims of Leo J. Hickey of the Smithsonian Institute (Nature 6/8/81, pp.529-31) that floral changes at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary indicate gradual rather than catastrophic change for the death of the dinosaurs which came in for rough handling ...
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... of having been written by someone who, while "at the brink of the bore-hole", succumbed to snow blindness replete with its panoply of hallucinatory horrors. A future appendix will provide further elucidation of the inaccuracies propounded in defense of quantavolution under the guise of analyzing objectively the Greenland ice cores. Some may object that the interpretation of the Greenland ice core stratigraphy is contaminated by uniformitarian principles. Such would be the case if logic and credulity were strained by interpreting an obviously chaotic-looking regime as being the result of uniformitarian processes, as Lyell did in the nineteenth century [see George Grinnell, KRONOS I:4( 1976), pp. 68-76. However, it is quite another matter, in the absence of physical evidence, to strain logic and credulity by interpreting an obviously quiescent-looking regime such as the Greenland ice cores- as having experienced recent catastrophes, yet look precisely as they would be expected to look had no catastrophes occurred. To assert the occurrence of global, cosmic catastrophes at the time and of the magnitude described by Velikovsky in Worlds in Collision ...
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... that the words of the anthropologist, A. L. Kroeber, which were quoted above, will ring all too real, namely: "What we have left on elimination of values is an arid roster of cultural events which we are constantly tempted to animate by reintroducing the values we have banned, or else by back-handedly introducing values from our own culture." (22) In reading the literature surrounding the Velikovsky affair, I find little indication that we are sensitive to the social realities of our time any more than Charles Lyell when setting forth the doctrine of uniformity. By deliberate suppression of morality in the act of creation on the part of scientists, we have dismissed as irrelevant the issue of moral accountability so that space explorations become a cover for military needs. Yet, it is an astronomer, not always appreciated by the proponents of Velikovsky, Fred Hoyle, who charged: "It is exactly what I have always felt about the space program --that the astronomers were being used as a facade of respectability for an essentially military project." ( ...
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... -- Buckland, Sidgwick, and Murchinson (who gave the classification of formations used today); of vertebrate paleontology-- Cuvier; and of ichthyology-- Louis Agassiz-- never doubted that what they observed was the result of repeated cataclysms in which the entire globe partook. Actually, Charles Darwin, observing the destruction of fauna in South America, was convinced that nothing less than the shaking of the entire frame of the Earth could account for what he saw. But the introduction of the principle of uniformitarianism by Charles Lyell, a lawyer who never had field experience, and the acceptance of it on faith by Charles Darwin, are a psychological phenomenon that I observed again and again. Exactly those who, like Darwin, witnessed the omnipresent shambles of an overwhelming fury of devastation on a continental scale, became the staunchest defenders of the principle of uniformitarianism, that became not just a law, but a principle that grew to a statute of faith in the natural sciences, as if the reasoning that what we do not observe in our time could ...
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76. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... came first! Indomitable Maverick source: NEW YORK TIMES 5.7.86 In a book review (THE NEMESIS AFFAIR by David M.Raup) John Gross outlines the theories of a modern-day astronomer/quasi-catastrophist and gives much space to Raup's views on the negative reaction by the scientific community. "Within geology and paleontology, according to Mr Raup, no piece of conventional wisdom is more strongly entrenched than the suspicion of 'catastrophism', of explanations that involve sudden and violent change." This Raup sees as a historical attitude, dating from the triumph of Lyell over Cuvier. Raup would like to see greater openness towards new ideas, "but all too often normal professional safeguards can have a paralysing effect, and progress depends on the presence of the indomitable maverick." Gordon Jonas, reporting this item to us, thinks this is the nearest they could get to a mention of Velikovsky! A Catastrophe, 10,000 BC? sources: THE ECONOMIST 28.6.86, pp.98-99; NEW SCIENTIST 3.7.86, p.30 and 17.7.86, pp.29-32 There have been many mass extinctions in the history of Earth ...
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... growth of industrial disaster areas such as Manchester, were among the causes motivating liberals to reform Parliament and give the people greater representation. The London Geological Society, a liberal group, was quite conscious that the cause of reforming Parliament would be well served by theoretical justifications as lofty as those invoked by the Tories. Grinnell traced the earlier effort of Stroke to ascribe catastrophic events to laws of volcanic uplift established by God at the beginning of time, with no subsequent intervention necessary; but this was too radical for the L.G.S. When Lyell, a young Whig lawyer, then proposed the subtler argument that diluvial theories were mythological and impeded science, the L.G.S. elected him president and Stroke congratulated him. And when Agassiz in 1839 presented his theory of the ice ages with catastrophic explanations, it was too late; the data for catastrophism were immediately taken over by the uniformitarian Gestalt. 3) Dr. Irving Wolfe (department of English studies, University of Montreal). "Shakespeare and Velikovsky: Catastrophic Theory and the Springs of Art." Concentrating on two ...
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78. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... for evolution. They see this as brought about by the gradual incorporation into animals and plant cells of viral genes from space- "... the increasing aggregate of cometary genes against which terrestrial natural selection has been able to operate". To this reviewer it is a paradox that they can write on page 8: "In science one must steel oneself not to decide the correctness or otherwise of ideas according to subjective prejudice. In science, fact reigns supreme."- and follow this on page 152 with: "Lyell believed deeply in the long-term constancy of the terrestrial environment, a belief which modern geology has fully vindicated at any rate for the past 1000 million years." It is quite clear that neither of these eminent men can have read Velikovsky's Earth in Upheaval! Earlier in their book they claim that mediaeval doctors were enabled to stumble on the truth that "poisoned" air spreads plague because "there was no overpowering edifice of scientific theory to stifle imagination, nor was there a scientific orthodoxy that influenced a sifting of those correlations that ...
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79. Reconsidering Velikovsky [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... the Solar System, breaking up into several smaller comets, causing meteorite streams which still hit the Earth now at regular intervals, and which is also responsible for fireballs of the Tunguska variety that cause large-scale destruction and, in his view, may have caused a number of 'dark ages'. This stimulating opening lecture, with the frequent use of slides to illustrate his points, gave us an overall view of the bombardment to which the Earth has continuously been subjected. Clube pointed out that the generally accepted uniformitarian view since Darwin and Lyell prevails largely because, when Biela's Comet broke up in 1845, there was hardly any noticeable effect on the Earth. Prior to that date, and since Velikovsky, the catastrophic nature of the approach of comets was well known. Their danger has been noted from the time of the Sumerians down to that of Newton and Halley. Evidence of natural disasters in historical times was found by Claude Schaeffer in all the excavation sites in the Middle East. Victor Clube drew to our attention many past events which could be associated with comets ...
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80. Paradigm Lost? [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... be disrupted by at least two major catastrophes. Until recently, that view would have been close to scientific heresy, and many still make the mistake of associating the catastrophist opponents of Charles Lyell's uniformitarianism with biblical fundamentalists. Not so Sagan and Druyan, who write: 'There were distinguished geologists who held that floods and other catastrophes might explain the Earth's landforms, but that the Noachic food wasn't enough. It would take many floods, many catastrophes. These scientific Catastrophists were comfortable with Lyell's long time scales. But for the biblical literalists Lyell posed an awkward problem. 'In turn, our present-day knowledge of events at the end of the Permian Period poses an awkward problem for those who support Lyell's view that 'the Earth has been shaped by the same gradual processes that we observe today, but operating not merely over a few weeks, or a few thousand years, but ages'. As Sagan and Druyan write: 'Towards the end of the Permian Period, the map of the Earth seems to have been violently reworked. Whole oblasts of Siberia were inundated with lava ...
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