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... prevalent at the time of the Conquest. Mr. Bowen was elected to the ISCBM Board of Directors last Spring and, since then, has served as Treasurer. Alex Marton (B. S. in Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Houston) Mr. Marton is an electrical engineer who, with his wife, Nancy, currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida. He served in the U. S. Navy as a submariner (4 yrs.) Alex has maintained a longtime interest in the sciences, history, linguistics, and mythology, and has been a member of the ISCBM Board of Directors since its incorporation. He is a published writer and poet, and an accomplished sailor. Donald S. Riggs (B.S. Ed. B.A. Music, Capital Univ.) Don Riggs is a television host and producer for WPXI -TY (NBC), channel 11, in Pittsburgh. He began his television career in the late forties as a parttime announcer, singer, puppeteer, and film editor at WBNS-TV Columbus. He was brought to ...
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32. Book Review - Mythologies [SIS Internet Digest $]
... as one might find in an encyclopaedia (a thirteen page account of Zoroastrianism and a ten page survey of Finno-Ugric mythology were among my favourites). As well as such straightforwardly descriptive articles, there are also more involved ones. A long (but solitary) article on Oceanic religion and mythology covers in some detail the history of European study of the subject and the way in which observers' prejudices have distorted their reconstructions. The contributors to Mythologies draw on sociology, on history-- "the religious policies of Augustus" --on linguistics, on literary criticism-- "myth in twentieth-century English literature"--, and on other disciplines; there are no narrow disciplinary constraints. Many of the articles tackle broad methodological or theoretical issues, often using their ostensible subject simply as a starting point. While there is no attempt to fit everything into one theoretical framework and individual articles take a wide variety of approaches, if you hate structuralism and have no time for Levi-Strauss then a number of the articles will be unpalatable. Another major influence is Dumezil. The ...
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33. The Mind Exploration Corporation [SIS Internet Digest $]
... David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, a six-part audio production, a pilot television program, and a world conference in early 1999. Distance Learning Program (DLP) The Company will offer a series of World Wide Web based courses utilizing materials developed from the Company's conferences, documentaries and publications, together with materials designed specifically for the Distance Learning Program. The curriculum will be developed by the Company in cooperation with an internationally respected team of scientists and scholars. Dean of the program will be Professor Roger Wescott, founder of the anthropology and linguistics departments of Drew University, and may include: Cosmic Mysteries From Our Past- The study of recent, large-scale catastrophes and their effects on ancient cultures around the world. Students will examine the evidence for global upheaval within human history, a subject rarely considered by mainstream science. The field of evidence will range from ancient symbolic, mythical and ritual commemorations of catastrophe, to the most recent space age revelations of past planetary violence. The Electric Universe- Exploring the surprising role electricity plays in the physical world. Students will examine ...
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34. Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found [SIS Internet Digest $]
... of a huge volcanic cataclysm of worldwide extent, this continent sunk away underseas, disappearing forever. Lemuria, on the other hand, is an even older version of Atlantis. Lemuria is indeed the same as the Garden of Eden and other such Paradises that in fact existed Q3: How can you claim to have discovered Atlantis, when so many other great authorities have failed before? A: First, it is solidly based on scientific results from both the exact and the human sciences including geology, astronomy, paleontology, archaeology, linguistics, ethnology, comparative mythology, comparative religion, philosophy and so on. Second, we had the luck to find the Key to the ancient myths and traditions, so that the difficult alchemical allegories and the mythical enigmas which mainly have to do with Atlantean secrets became crystal clear to us. The problem of Atlantis requires both supports, that of Occult tradition and that of "Official" Science. Q4: You claim Atlantis is located under the South China Sea. Is it not true that "if it is Atlantis, ...
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35. Year Two Thousand and One [SIS Internet Digest $]
... greatest progress over the past year resulted from liaison with such distinguished experts as astronomer Halton Arp, plasma cosmologist Tony Peratt, and geologist Robert Schoch. Our plan is to expand and accelerate such liaison in the coming months as we look ahead to the July world conference. In this regard, we will welcome suggestions from readers. We are seeking to identify uniquely open-minded researchers with the highest qualifications in these areas of interest: cosmology, astronomy, physics and mathematics, geology, history and philosophy of science, anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, comparative mythology, and comparative religion. We would particularly like to hear from readers who are in a good position to assist us in liaison with such experts. Peratt Instabilities. Certainly the most promising developments of all in the year 2000 relate to the surprising information we received from Tony Peratt, Associate Director for Experimental Programs at the Los Alamos Laboratory and author of Physics of the Plasma Universe. Tony has devoted many years to the study of unstable plasma discharge configurations and personally documented what are now called, in plasma science ...
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36. More Evidence Of Precolumbian Contacts From Asia [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 108: Nov-Dec 1996 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects More Evidence Of Precolumbian Contacts From Asia The following news item appeared in the NEARA Transit: "Dr. George Carter excitedly reported news of a possible breakthrough in Asian/pre-Columbian contact. Dr. H.M. Xu is a Chinese scholar teaching linguistics at the Central Oklahoma State University at Enid, OK. There is a small publication reporting Dr. Xu's ability to read some Chinese characters plainly visible on several ceremonial jade adzes from La Venta, Mexico. The dates would be about 1100 B.C., relating well to the beginning of the Olmecs." (Anonymous; NEARA Transit, 8:7, no. 2, September 1996) NEARA= New England Antiquities Research Association. Comment. This is a first-class anomaly because mainstream archeologists wince visibly at the mention of ancient Chinese visits to the New World. Hopefully, details will be forthcoming. Reference. Our Handbook Ancient Man contains much more information on precolumbian contacts ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. II No. 2 (Nov 1976) Home¦ Issue Contents The God-Kings and the Titans: The New World Ascendancy in Ancient Times by James Bailey (St. Martin's Press, New York, 1973; $9.95) Reviewed by Roger W. Wescott Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics Drew University, Madison, N. J. Note: Reprinted with permission from The Comparative Civilisations Bulletin (published by The International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilisations), Haverhill, Mass., 01830, Fall-1974. The God-Kings is a fascinating book, boldly heterodox and eloquently argued. And it is visually attractive, being clearly printed and well illustrated. Its thesis, in brief, is that "establishment" historians, blinded by professional overspecialisation and the dogma of inevitable progress, have failed to consider the growing probability that there was regular transoceanic contact between the Old and New Worlds during the pre-Christian era. More precisely, says Bailey, during the period between the late sixth and the early first millennia B. C. there was a ...
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... Univ. of Pennsylvania), Professor of Philosophy, SUNY-Buffalo: Senior Editor. Warner B. Sizemore (M.A., Temple Univ., B.D., Lincoln University), Assistant Professor of Religion, Glassboro State College: Executive Editor. John D. Waskom (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Professor of Geology, Northwestern State Univ. of Louisiana, Natchitoches, Louisiana: Associate Editor Roger W. Wescott (Ph.D., Princeton Univ.), Rhodes Scholar, Professor of Anthropology& Linguistics and Chairman, Anthropology Department, Drew University (Madison, N. J.); President, Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States: Senior Editor. Irving Wolfe (Ph.D., Univ. of Bristol, England), Assistant Professor of English at the Université de Montreal: Senior Editor. Copyright© February, 1977 KRONOS PRESS. ...
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39. HOMO SCHIZO I: FOREWORD [Quantavolution Website]
... aspire to become homo sapiens? One can aspire to a fiction, but cannot achieve it. Occasionally, a person, or even a group, can reach a delicate equilibrium, which can be called "reasonable," thus becoming homo sapiens schizotypus. Anything more than that is most uncertain. The answers are tentative, as must be many scientific propositions. They may appear far-fetched, but rightly so, because they must be brought in from faraway fields. They would be more firm if only a few students of anthropology, linguistics, genetics, psychology, natural history, and early human behavior were disposed to drink deeply from their primeval fountain of self-doubt, and thereafter to re-examine their data. I regret not being able to credit the full literature and cannot pretend to have slighted nobody. Especially am I concerned about the lurking work which may have quite escaped research, the work that would have bolstered my strained defenses or, for that matter, penetrated them, and which will emerge later, in a recapitulation of the Mendelian scenario. I recall that ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. II No. 4 (Summer 1977) Home¦ Issue Contents Philistines, Persians, and "Peoples of the Sea": A Problem of Ethnic Identity Roger W. Wescott Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics Drew University, Madison, N. J. In Peoples of the Sea,(1) Immanuel Velikovsky continues to stimulate his readers and to invite reconsideration of conventional historical assumptions. Among the most provocative of his reformulations of antiquity is his assertion that the PRST(2) who led the sea-borne assault on the Egypt of Ramses III were Persians rather than, as has generally been supposed, Philistines. In purely linguistic terms, there is little question that the equation of PRST with Philistines (or Palestinians) causes fewer difficulties than with Persians (or Farsis), since in the former case the t is part of the base, while in the latter it must be interpreted as a suffix. To be sure, Classical (Middle Kingdom) Egyptian(3) had a commonly used nominal t-suffix, and if it had ...
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