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... From: Kronos Vol. XI No. 2 (Winter 1986) Home¦ Issue Contents "Uniformitarianism in Linguistics" by Craig Christy (John Benjamins, Philadelphia, 1983; 139 pp., $20) Reviewed by Roger W. Wescott Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics Drew University, Madison, N. J. To any linguist who has, as I have, an interest in earth history and evolutionary theory, the title of this book looks exciting. Even if the author turns out to be an unregenerate uniformitarian, I thought, it will be interesting to see how he defines "linguistic catastrophism" (or its equivalent) and how he evaluates it. Unfortunately for these expectations, it turns out that Christy never uses the phrase "linguistic catastrophism" or any expression even roughly synonymous with it. Moreover, his use of the word "uniformitarianism" is so broad and so loose as to make it virtually equivalent to "science". He does, to be sure, use the word "catastrophism" without any specific disciplinary reference. ...
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... 2) What brings us to consider his work here is that he posits a view of myth that is generally regarded as entailing an uncompromising rejection of any historical considerations, a view, we suggest, of which the ascendancy in contemporary intellectual circles may be one significant factor in the prevailing deafness to the theses of Immanuel Velikovsky. For Levi-Strauss, the function of myth is in essence logical: the formation and transformation of patterns of binary opposition, the particular terms of which are arbitrary. His models are linguistic, specifically the structural linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure and Roman Jakobson. To these structural linguists whether we call a bird a bird, or Vogel, or ucello, or pajaro, or oiscau, is unimportant. What is germane is a function of "alteration or opposition" between elements which "in spite of having no meaning of their own, participate in meaning".(3) According to Levi-Strauss, in the creations of human societies the rules of kinship, just as much as myths, are of "the same type of phenomena as ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. III No. 1 (Fall 1977) Home¦ Issue Contents Ancient Transatlantic Contacts? A Review of Fell, Van Sertima, and Von Wuthenau Roger W. Wescott Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics Drew University, Madison, N. J. AMERICA B.C.: Ancient Settlers in the New World, by Barry Fell, A Demeter Press Book, Quandrangle/The New York Times Book Company, New York, 1976, $12.S0. THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS (dust jacket subtitle: The African Presence in Ancient America), by Ivan Van Sertima, Random House, New York, 1976, $15.00. UNEXPECTED FACES IN ANCIENT AMERICA, 1500 B.C. -A.D. 1500: The Historical Testimony of Pre-Columbian Artists, by Alexander Von Wuthenau (Foreword by Cyrus H. Gordon), Crown Publishers, New York, 1975, $12.95. After decades of disfavour, diffusionism is experiencing an undeniable resurgence-- at least in terms of recent publications asserting an Old World presence in pre-Viking America. All three of the above books ...
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4. Editorial [SIS Internet Digest $]
... Earth Changes 2000 conference in Montana, USA (see p. 23), and Our Violent Solar System in Portland, USA (see p. 23). A report on the Society's Autumn conference, "A New Universe for a New Millennium", with Halton Arp, John Crowe and Wal Thornhill will appear in C&C Review 2001:1. Ian Tresman In Memoriam: Roger W. Wescott 1925- 2000 It is with regret that I have learned of the death of Roger Wescott. Roger's expertise was in linguistics. He received his Ph.D from Princeton in 1948, and from 1966 to 1991, he was Professor of Linguistics of the College of Liberal Arts, NJ. The author of over 600 publications, including 40 books, many have appeared in the catastrophist literature. His latest book, Predicting The Past is described in Internet Digest on p. 14. Readers interested in some of Roger's work may like to refer to the following: Getting it Together reviewed by David Roth in Workshop 1992:1; Aster and Disaster: Toward ...
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... , (Vol. VI, Nos. 1, 2& 3 of The Velikovskian by Charles Ginenthal). Using scientific and technological data, he outlines evidence that proves that ancient Near Eastern history is not as long as historians have claimed. The evidence includes: Sothic dating Radiocarbon dating Pottery dating Metallurgy as it is applies to pottery dating, as well as to carving and inscribed granite and diorite Egyptian and Mesopotamian stratigraphy are also analyzed along with the evidence of: erosion agronomy climatology agriculture glass technology domestication of the horse and ass linguistics forensic anthropology musical instrumentation of the hepatonic diatonic scale And much more! Published Mesopotanian stratigraphical research, based on geology and archaeology now indisputably prove 700 to 800 years were added to history by the archaeologists. Linguistics related to Hebrew, Greek and Hittite along with agronomy, climatology, irrigation, burial customs and artifacts, domestication of the horse and ass and other topics all converge to indicate that history is much shorter than what historians claim has been established. For the first time in one work this evidence is presented to scientifically prove ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. IV No. 4 (Summer 1979) Home¦ Issue Contents The Twelfth Planet: by Zecharia Sitchin (Stein and Day, New York, 1976; 384 pages, $12.95) Reviewed by Roger W. Wescott Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics Sitchin writes well. His book has good graphic illustrations. His scholarly sources- including the works of such orientalists as Henri Frankfort, Thorkild Jacobsen, and Samuel Kramer- are of high quality. And his contention that our solar system has undergone drastic changes in its planetary composition is refreshing to any reader willing to view natural history from a standpoint other than one of rigid uniformitarianism. Once these acknowledgements have been made, however, it is difficult to find much to commend in The Twelfth Planet. Sitchin is a dogmatist. His favorite expressions are such phrases as "without question" and "there can be no doubt," which, regrettably, he applies to the most questionable assertions and the most doubtful interpretations. I do not fault Sitchin either for maintaining that the solar system ...
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... and currently resides in Prague. He is the author of Passport to Liberty. He formerly served as special secretary to Immanuel Velikovsky. Ev Cochrane is the author of Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion, and, more recently, The Many Faces of Venus: The planet Venus in Ancient Myth and Religion. He has also published numerous articles on comparative mythology and archaeoastronomy. He previously served as an Associate Editor of KRONOS and is currently the publisher of AEON. Marinus van der Sluijs studied comparative and historical linguistics, as well as Semitic languages and cultures, at the University of Leyden, Holland, and specialized in Indo-European linguistics. Following some years spent in traveling, he commenced on a full-time study of comparative mythology and is currently researching several forthcoming publications in the field. E. J. (Ted) Bond (Ph.D., Cornell), graduated with an honors B.A. (Philosophy& English) from Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada) in 1953 and completed his M.A., also at Queen's, in ...
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8. Quantalism: The Big Picture [Aeon Journal $]
... in the life sciences, the social sciences, and what some continental European scholars call the "spiritual sciences" (humanities and religious studies). In zoology, the term species itself is quantal, in the sense that, genetically-- and hence operationally-- speaking, every animal can be unambiguously assigned to a species and no animal falls between species. In this sense, species contrast with subspecies, such as human races or canine breeds, which can, and do, both intergrade and interbreed. Analogously, in linguistics, the subdiscipline of phonology makes extensive use of what is called "the quantum principle," in accordance with which, at some levels, speech-sounds are overlapping and hence non-quantal, whereas at other levels they are distinctive and hence quantal. (The technical term used for intergrading and non-quantal speech-sounds is allophones. The corresponding term for contrastive and quantal speech sounds is phonemes.) Despite its supposed nobility, the lion is not averse to cannibalism. Lions often kill and eat alien cubs. Catastrophism and Animal Behavior Velikovsky's intellectual ecumenism ...
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... the goddess and could not have existed to be applied to the concept of "love" until its patron had been "born", named and (for whatever reason) assigned her area of work. Both these postulates, however, are contradicted by etymological considerations, which clearly indicate that the word did exist at a very remote period of antiquity. Before we go any further, therefore, it would be as well to take a moment to forestall accusations of blinkered specialism and to "legitimise" the etymological arguments Principles of Linguistics Etymology is one of the oldest-established branches of linguistic science, and has developed alongside the techniques of comparative linguistics which gave rise to the concept of an "Indo-European family" of languages (including Celtic, Germanic, Latin, Greek, Slavonic, Persian and Indian languages) and the rather more nebulous concept of a "Proto-Indo-European" (IE) mother tongue. To an outsider, the Indo-European hypothesis and the principles of etymology may appear to be characteristic examples of intra-disciplinary dogma, and it should be emphasised that there is only ...
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... (an off-shoot of the Am. Humanist Assn.) "dedicated to promoting evolutionary science". The incentive for it is the admitted fact "that creationists today can often run circles around the people they debate". The editorial statement introduces the first issue- Summer 1980. The first article of this issue is Frank Awbrey's "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Creation Model". Needless to say, neither it nor any subsequent piece in the journal mentions the alternative, secular creationism of Nilsson. 6. E.g. linguistics: cf. Gray 1980, Hall 1981, Gray,1981. REFERENCES Anderson, Norman G. 1970 "Evolutionary Significance of Virus Infection,"Nature 227: 1346-7. Asimov, Isaac 1977 "Foreword: The Role of the Heretic," Scientists Confront Velikovsky, ed. Donald Goldsmith (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University),7-15. Austin, Steven A. 1979 Depositional Environment of the Kentucky No. 12 Coal Bed (Middle Pennsylvanian) of Western Kentucky, with Special Reference to the Origin of Coal ...
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