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41. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... '. Nasar is a verb meaning 'to make a sacrifice'. Nisir and Nasar are cognate. (2) TO MAKE A SACRIFICE. In Akkadian and Chaldean, the consonants 'N' 'S' and 'R', in that order, comprise a verb meaning 'to make a sacrifice'. An altar of sacrifice is one of the first things Noah undertook upon disembarking from the Ark according to the Genesis record. (3) MT. JUDI. Whatever his source, Mohammed wrote in the decade of 620 AD in his Koran that the Ark landed on Mt. Judi. Fasold's site is 'Mt. Cudi' in Turkish. The Turkish letter 'C' is pronounced like the 'J' in English. Mt. Cudi is Mt. Judi phonetically. (4) PLACE OF PILGRIMAGE. Ziyaret Dagi, the mountain immediately to the west of Mt. Judi, in Kurdish means 'to make a voluntary pilgrimage'. For the subsequent 2,000 years after the Flood the Ark site was indeed a place of voluntary pilgrimages, according to both Berossus and ...
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... Kilamanjaro Kilauea, Hawaii Kimberlites Kimberly mines kinetic energy kinetic molecular theory king list King shepherd King, Clarence I. King, Henry, C. Kinnekulle, Sweden Kinsborn kinship kitchen midden kitharis Klamath mountain arc Kloosterman, Hans Knossos knowledge Knudtson, J. A. Kobuk Sand Hills, AK Koch, R. H. Koestler, Arthur Kofarh, Robert E. Kogan, Shulamith Kohoutek, Comet Kojiki scripture Koko Nor, China Kola Bore Hole Kola Penninsula, Russia Komarek, Edourd V. Sr. Kondratov, Alexander Kopal, Zdenek Koran Korea kosher kosmos Kosmos-s Kotelnoi island Kotor, Gulf of Koyukok River Krakatoa Kramer, Richard Kramer, Samuel Krishna Kronia Group, publishers of AEON Kronos, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies krypton Kugler, Francis Xavier kuh-i-Namack Kuhn, Thomas Kukla, G. J. Kumar S. Kumara Kurdistan Krten, Bjoeren Kurtz, Paul Kuwait Kwale islands Kweilin karst A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z L La Brea pit, California La Cluna cave La ...
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43. The Cosmic Mountain [The Saturn Myth] [Books]
... Clifford, op. cit., 78. Op. cit., 6-7. Psalm 36: 7-8. Gaster, op. cit., 27. Ibid., 7. Op. cit., 68. De Santillana and von Dechend, op. cit., 208-9; MacCulloch, Eddic Mythology, 333. Gaster, op. cit.; Rig Veda ix 74, 6; ix, 113, 8. The Biblical Fountain of Life, states Gaster, "has abundant parallels in folklore. In the Koran, for example, we read of the wondrous paradisiacal fountains, Salsabil and Kauthar ('Abundance'); while the North American Indians knew... of a Fountain of Youth and Vigor on the paradisal island of Bimini (or Boiuca). A hula chant from Hawaii likewise makes mention of such a fountain; while in Celtic belief it was held that in the midst of the island of Avalon flowed a rill from which a sprang a fountain the waters of which gave life to the spirits of the departed. An old ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 3  -  15 Nov 2001  -  182k  -  URL:
... , 1950), pp. 99-100. [108 W. A. Heidel, The Day of Yahweh (N. Y., 1929), p. 465. [109 Tacitus, The Histories, V:iv. [110 E. G. Suhr, op. cit., pp. 72 ff. [111 Ibid., p. 72. [112 A. B. Cook, op. cit., pp. 1175-1176. [113 N. J. Dawood (translator), The Koran (Harmondsworth, 1978), p. 445. [114 D. N. Talbott, op. cit., pp. 314-315, 330. [115 A. B. Cook, op, cit., pp. 1952-1053. [116 F. B. Jueneman, op. cit., p. 40. [117 E. G. Suhr, op. cit., p. 84. [118 J-P Hallet (with A. Pelle), Pygmy Kitabu (N. Y., ...
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