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21. Notes and Themes [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... of references to Moses in Isaiah I leads to the thought that Isaiah was not at all reverend to Moses ? s memory. The fact mentioned in the Book of Kings that, urged by Isaiah, king Hezekiah destroyed the brazen serpent made by Moses, an object of worship three arters of a millennium after Moses, strengthens the impression that Isaiah was antagonistic toward Mose and his cult. Also in the rest of the prophets Moses is menionted very rarely and mostly not at all. Compare with this the references to Moses in the Koran. There is hardly a sura where Moses is not mentioned, and mostly more than once. Moses-Zarathustra-Quetzalcoatl In the times following the global cataclysms the survivors banding into groups of migrants looked in their despair for leaders. Such a figure was Moses for the migrant masses that retreated from Egypt toward Asia. Such a leader was also Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. Zoroaster of the Persians arose in a similar role, possibly, afte the same catastrophe. These leaders became lawgivers. However, it is hardly possible that the temple or traveling sacrarium ...
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22. The Female Star [Aeon Journal $]
... with Lucifer, the morning star, by Jerome." [8 The ancient Sumerians knew the planet Venus as Ninsi'ana, "Red lady of heaven." [9 This name is attested in inscriptions of Amar-Suen (conventionally dated to 2046-2038 B.C.) and shortly thereafter in the sacred marriage hymn of Iddin-Dagan (c. 19 74-1954 B.C.). In ancient Persia, Venus was identified with the voluptuous goddess Anahita, viewed as an agent of war and fertility. [10 A vestige of these beliefs is apparent in the Koran, which describes the transfiguration of a young woman into the beautiful star Zohra, the latter being the Arabic name for Venus. [11 As Puhvel points out, related accounts name this young woman Anahid. [12 The same basic idea is found among the aboriginal peoples of Siberia, where the Yakut knew the planet by the name Colbon, envisaged as a beautiful girl. [13 A legend first recorded in the last century goes as follows: "She is the bride and sweetheart of Satan's son-- Ürgel ( ...
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23. The Biblical 40-Years Periods [SIS C&C Review $]
... 15:7, 40yr (re Absalom's conspiracy) is used as a 'familiar' number by mistake instead of 4yr. He notes its occurrence in Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus. The 40 years on the Mesha stele is mentioned. He notes that Genesis 50:3 gives 40 days as the period of Egyptian embalming of Jacob, as commanded by Joseph. Many other instances of 40-year periods were collected by Hirzel from Greek and Roman writers. The Arabs use 40 frequently as a 'round' number. He quotes from the Koran:'... till he reached his full strength and attained the age of forty years' and states that these are 'words which explain the tradition that Mohammed received his call to be a prophet at the age of 40...'. He notes that, according to Brugsch, '40 years' in Persian today means nothing more than 'many years'. The name of the centipede in Persia translates as 'forty-foot'; the Turks call the same creature 'forty-footed'. Lepsius assumes that 'arba'im, the Hebrew for ...
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... period of the T'ang dynasty. This list is not exhaustive; it is what I have so far uncovered and does not include solar and lunar eclipses. DATE OBSERVATION RETRO MATCH? COMMENTS 1. Ca. 618- 621 'About the time of the Prophet's mission there were many meteors and other strange appearances in the heavens which tradition says, frightened the astrologers from the high observatories where they used to watch at night, and threw out all their calculations' [30. Not applicable I found this remark in a commentary on the Koran. While not dealing in specifics, it implies observational difficulties, which might include the planets. 2. 682, month 8, day 3, Japan (August 12, 682 ?) [31 A body that is glossed as Venus passes from east to west at twilight An anomaly Observation dates using solar eclipse data. At that time, Venus was a morning star, a couple of asterisms west of the Sun. 3. 692, month 8, day 3, Japan (Sept. 15, 692? [ ...
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... grafted onto Christianity. Aristotle's entire view of the world is predicated on the assumption of an unending cyclical repetition of time in the natural world and among the celestial bodies. To use Aristotelian "reason" for the interpretation of apocalyptic "revelation" is therefore nothing less than to attempt to synthesize two diametrically opposite views of the solar system. In the Islamic experience it is remarkable that all the phases of Christianity are telescoped. Islam begins with the preaching of Muhammed at Mecca, in short fervent recitals or warnings called Surahs in the Koran, whose message is entirely that the world is about to come to an end and that when this happens the elect will be saved and the evil will be damned. After the Hegirah, in which he moved to Medina, Muhammed's preaching becomes legislative and longwinded, concerned with working out codes of existence. The world had not come to an end, and his apocalyptic fervor waned. Within a few generations after his death, schools of jurisprudence cropped up; debates were held on juridical interpretation of the Koran; theological controversies ...
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26. Society News [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... the god wanted that; otherwise you would be in jail or in hell. In my opinion this is wrong- anybody is capable of being good they are respected and loved by others and poverty is removed from society. This can be done if you follow the real path advocated by Z and the other Eastern teachers, as well as Jesus. The subject has been studied but not practised. Tyranny takes its place. People sell themselves to the rulers. That is the worst thing happening in the world today. In the Koran- every human being has got an evil feeling by inheritance. Cyrus The man who spread these ideas all around the world was Cyrus. Mowllana Abul Kalam Azad told AS about Cyrus. It seems, unfortunately, that the Cyrus the world is proud of is not known in Persia, because Mullahs have overreacted to what seems to be the depiction of Cyrus in one of Islam's holy books, confusing him with Alexander. Alexander had a hairstyle curved like 2 horns, as did Cyrus. In Daniel 8:6: 'and ...
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... " is used to explain energetic solar flares. Meanwhile plasma physicists have churlishly pointed out that solar flares are purely electric discharges). So when confronted with the conclusions drawn from the standard solar model, which is central to modern cosmology, I agree with Gregg Easterbrook who wrote in The New Republic of last October 12; "... for sheer extravagant implausibility, nothing in theology or metaphysics can hold a candle to the [Big Bang. Surely, if this description of the cosmic genesis came from the Bible or the Koran rather than the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it would surely be treated as a preposterous myth." It is worthwhile pointing out that the form of the magnetic field of the Sun matches the expectations of an Electric Sun, with field lines being evenly spaced rather than bunched near the poles like a normal dipole magnet. The even spacing occurs because of electrical repulsion of a net excess of like charges streaming along magnetic field lines and carrying the current of the stellar discharge. It is in fact indirect evidence for the flow of ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  21 Mar 2007  -  28k  -  URL:
... Amy Acheson THE BIG BANG AS A RELIGIOUS WORK By Dwardu Cardona Wal Thornhill wrote:... when confronted with the conclusions drawn from the standard solar model, which is central to modern cosmology, I agree with Gregg Easterbrook who wrote in The New Republic of last October 12; "... for sheer extravagant implausibility, nothing in theology or metaphysics can hold a candle to the [Big Bang. Surely, if this description of the cosmic genesis came from the Bible or the Koran rather than the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it would surely be treated as a preposterous myth." CARDONA OFFERS: But the theory DID come from a religious work. Here's a short selection from [not yet published Chapter 1 of GOD STAR by Dwardu Cardona: Begin quote: In fact, even that so-called pillar of astrophysics, the Big Bang Theory, had been much earlier posited in a RELIGIOUS work. In the Book of Genesis, Elohim, usually translated into English as "God," begins the creation with ...
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29. The Sacred Circuit [Migration of Symbols (Book)] [Books]
... door thrice widdershins, or carried round by the north, against the course of the sun... John Sinclair, after carrying his distempered sister backward to the Kirk of Hoy, laid her to the North. Lane, in his The Manners and Custorns of the Modern Egyptians, 19 tells that when Egyptian Moslems, except the Wahhabees, visit the tombs of celebrated saints to perform meritorious acts for the sake of these venerated persons", they "walk round the maksoorahor the monument from left to right reciting passages from the Koran'' inaudibly, or in a very low voice, before its door, or before each of its four sides". Lane refers also to a ceremony performed to remove a "stye" from the eye: A person goes out before sunrise, and, without speaking, walks round several tombs from right to left, which is the reverse of the regular course made in visiting tombs. 20 The left-hand encircling of the tomb appears to have been, in the first instance, a ceremony of drawing forth from the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  29 Mar 2004  -  39k  -  URL:
... development, and continued existence of civilization. It serves the practical needs of modern communication so well that we sometimes forget its close connection in times past with divination, mystical powers, and esoteric interpretations. "Even in modern times we can observe the widespread use of the magic effect of writing. Here we may mention the phylacteries with sacred writings which the Jews wear during prayer, and the inscrip-tions on the doorposts of Jewish houses which are supposed to protect the inhabitants from harm. The Moham-medans carry amulets with enclosed verses from the Koran. Among Christians we find the custom of fanning a sick person with the leaves of the Bible, or of having him swallow a pellet of paper with a prayer written on it." (1) In societies where knowledge of writing is highly restricted, its sacredness and magical character is particularly emphasized. "The ancient Near East, where normally only the priest-scribes would write, is full of mystic reconstructions about writing." (2) If writing can be defined as human communication by means of visible marks expressing elements ...
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