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41. Rocks From Where? [Horus $]
... From: Horus Vol. 1 No. 1 (Winter 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Rocks From Where? by Alex Marton You mean we didn't have to go to the Moon? Or to send probes to Mars to get them? An article in the 17 March, 1983 issue of the British magazine New Scientist announces in its title: Extraterrestrials have landed on Antarctica. Before 1969, all the expeditions to Antarctica had together found only four meteorites. Then, in December 1969, Japanese scientists stumbled upon nine black fragments within a short distance from each other. After studies of these finds were reported at a meeting of the Meteoritical Society in Davos, Switzerland, in August 1973, excitement gripped the Antarctic scientific community, and many more finds have come to fight since then. Among them, one meteorite stands out: ALHA81005. The reason it is unique among Antarctic meteorites is that it is suspected of coming from the Moon. From the time of its discovery in January, 1982, it was obvious that this specimen differed from any others found ...
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42. Dragons [SIS Internet Digest $]
... 62 The Mabinogi-- Britain was oppressed by the scream from a dragon (which made men weak and women miscarry). The dragon was at war with a foreign dragon. King Lludd defeated them by first getting them drunk on mead. Shah nama by Ferdowsi [Arkana, London, 1967, pp. 26-27-- King Faridun assumed dragon shape to test the spirit of his three sons. Mackenzie, Donald A., China and Japan [Braken Books, London, 1986-- much information on dragons. For Japanese legend, see esp. the legend of Susa-no-wo, god of the Ocean and brother of the sun-goddess, who slew a huge dragon which was annually devoured daughters of an earth-god. From this dragon, he got the Kusangi sword. Much later, this sword was lost, and (in another legend), an emperor recovered it from another dragon-king in a palace at the bottom of the ocean. Chinese dragons are generally connected with water. They often live in pools, bring rain, and cause floods and tides. ...
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43. Velikovsky's 360 days/year calendar [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 1996:2 (Feb 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents Newsgroups: sci.archaeology Velikovsky's 360 days/year calendar From: Ykon, Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 13:45:40 +0900 Recently I've read Japanese translation of the "Fingerprint of the Gods". I was felt this is very interesting readings. And also I thought arguments in this book is something look like Velikovsky's "World in Collision". I hardly say which part is same but they are same kind of thinking on ancient catastrophic event such as "Water Flood" myth. I know Velikovsky's argument is very dangerous one and his theory is not welcomed to the most of Archaeologist and/or Astronomer. But even if most of his arguments are wrong, I feel some part of his idea is, as if, true. For instance, at chapter 8, he says most of ancient (< BC.1500) people used calendars which are all counted 360 days a year. Some archaeologist concluded ancient people used the 360 calendar ...
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44. The Encyclopedia Mythica [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 1997:2 (Feb 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents The Encyclopedia Mythica An on-line Encyclopaedia of mythology featuring articles and illustrations. Includes Chinese, Etruscan, Egyptian, Greek, Haitian, Japanese, Latvian, Mayan, Native, American, Norse, Persian, Polynesian, Roman, Welsh and others. There's also a pronunciation guide and list of ancient feast days. ...
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45. The Atlantis Blueprint [SIS Internet Digest $]
... 6,000 Degrees Celsius. Nine skeletons in the Libyan Desert- the mystery of tektites- bore holes and high temperatures- Lord Rennell contacts Hapgood- 6,000 degrees Celsius- powdered metallurgy- Shawn Montgomery introduces Rand to Brown's Gas- alchemy and glass- Jules Verne's prediction- Yull Brown escapes the Iron Curtain- Shawn interviews Brown- gold mining in the Americas- portable forges- Dr. Oswaldo Rivera and the age of Tiahuanaco. Chapter Six: Ancient Voyagers. Stone balls of Costa Rica- ley lines- ancient Japanese pottery in America- David Kelley and the Mayan calendar- trans-Pacific voyagers- James Bailey and ancient mining operations- Chatelain and the amazing Ninevah number- Jane Sellers on Egyptian precession- John Lash on the Dendera zodiac- Homo erectus crosses the sea- when did civilisation begin? Chapter Seven: Fallen Angels. Enoch is abducted- James Bruce seeks the source of the Nile- the Ark of the Covenant- The Book of Enoch- Watchers- Angels with measuring cords- The O'Briens write The Genius of the Few- ancient ...
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... princes are cast out in the streets. PI 6:3 The prison is ruined. T 967... the blast hurled him into the vast barnlike warehouse, driving him into the collapsing roof beam where five long nails in his back held him suspended several feet off the ground. T 977 Twenty-two of the victims were American prisoners of war... There were twenty-three prisoners in all. The twenty-third, a young soldier, was pulled out of the rubble alive, but he was killed by an angry mob of Japanese survivors. Hailstones and Trees Destroyed EX 9:25... and the hail smote every herb of the field, and brake every tree of the field. PI 4: 14 Trees are destroyed. T 974.... large trees were uprooted... Telephone poles ignited explosively. EX 9:24.... there was hail, and fire mingled with the hail, very grievous. PV 3:5 Much hail fell on all the tribes and the fire was put out because of it ...
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47. Epic Postscript [Kronos $]
... From: Kronos Vol. I No. 2 (Summer 1975) Home¦ Issue Contents Epic Postscript In contrast to the outpouring of Japanese Monster movies in the years immediately following World War 11, American film-making was crowned by the "Epic Age" whose major constituent was the Biblical Blockbuster. it was not until the box-office triumph of the war, violence, crime, and disaster movies- beginning in the late sixties- that Religious Spectaculars capitulated and virtually disappeared from the repertoire of American cinema.(1) Here is an interesting psychological phenomenon indeed, for while American movies have always been well represented by the horror, monster, science-fiction, war, crime, violence, and disaster genre, it was the Religio-heroic theme of the post-War years which captured (until now) the largest audiences and made the most money.(2) The movie theater became a quasi-temple as Americans immersed themselves in a vicarious religion of cinematic spiritual fantasy. [* It would appear that Americans resorted to the classic principle of epic conversion in order to sublimate the psychological ...
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48. Synchronous Rhythmic Flashing Of Fireflies [Science Frontiers Website]
... synchronized, and one is left wondering what means of communication they possess which enables them to coordinate their shining as though controlled by a mechanical device.' A generation later, a flurry of full- dress bioluminescence expeditions had obtained photometric, cinematographic and electrophysiological measurements from congregational displays in Thailand, New Britain, New Guinea and Malaysia, confirming the reality of mass synchrony and uncovering a variety of types. Contemporaneously, Otto and Smiley photographed group wave synchrony of flying fireflies in central Texas, Ohba recorded two frequencies of synchrony in a Japanese species and Cicero described spectacular and enigmatic bouts of chain-flashing, tightening into synchronized strings, by fireflies on the ground in, of all places, the Arizona desert. Thus, work of the past 20 years has shown that 'synchrony' is a complex of behaviors." (Buck, John; "Synchronous Rhythmic Flashing of Fireflies. II," Quarterly Review of Biology, 63:265, 1988.) Comment. Most theorists take the simplistic view that firefly displays are connected with mating and reproduction. Perhaps related are ...
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49. The Origami of Species [Kronos $]
... From: Kronos Vol. I No. 4 (Winter 1976) Home¦ Issue Contents The Origami of Species The Japanese art of paper folding --Origami --shows how many beautiful complex shapes can be formed from an essentially two dimensional object. One can appreciate the difficulties by attempting some of the more complicated patterns, where the paper convolutions almost seem to vanish within themselves in mobius-like fashion. In somewhat the same way, the genetic structure of biological organisms exhibits a conformation that appears to be, fundamentally, a three-dimensional geometric pattern --with its chemical properties as a natural outgrowth of the physical topology. Any changes in the molecular bits and pieces can radically affect the geometry, and this in turn would affect the chemistry through changes in molecular interactions. These changes which give rise to mutations are known to be caused by thermal, radiational, or chemical agents, but there is one additional agency which has not been explored in depth and might be, either singly or in concert with the other effects, responsible for inheritable changes that would also increase the possibility of giving ...
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50. Forbidden Science by Richard Milton [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... ignored by the scientific establishment, or whether you believe that they got it wrong and discovered nothing more than the slightly odd chemical and electrical effects you can get when you play around with palladium, heavy water and electricity in a test tube. Milton clearly takes the former view, claiming that 'Cold fusion is the perfect exemplar of the taboo reaction in science.'(p. 36), although this is somewhat undermined by the information that institutions around the world have spent $50-100 million on cold fusion research, and the Japanese government is planning to invest $25 million in a 5 year research programme. If that is being ignored, it doesn't sound too bad to me. Of course there is a genuine controversy and orthodox scientists have generally been hostile to Pons and Fleischmann's work. Milton derides these critics and includes in his thirteen final questions to challenge scientists (p. 234): 'What is the explanation of 'cold fusion'?', apparently expecting there to be no ready answer. He does not mention that in October 1992, while ...
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