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141. German Conference: from Gunnar Heinsohn [SIS Internet Digest $]
... where Ulysses committed the first reported genocide of occidental civilization (Odyssey IX: 39 ff.). The Kikonians are considered extinct around -1150 but they are well alive after the supposed dark age in Herodotus' -5th c. as well as in Strabo's -1st c. Even Ismaros recovered splendidly. Orpheus the Thracian is also called a Kikonian by Greeks and Romans (Vergil, Ovid) alike. To mainstream all these references to Ismaros and the Kikonians are mere boastings of learnedness, i.e., of how well the boasters knew their Homer. In short, no good reason so far to reinvent the Dark Age of Greece abolished by Velikovsky in 1945. The finest papers were on scientific dating. The most original was given by a forest botanist-- Menting-- who tried to explain how his field sees the reforestation of Europe after the end of the Ice Age 12,000 or 13,000 before present. The botanists know that today it takes 60 to 100 years to cover a certain space with forests as we know them in Europe. They ...
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142. Thersites a Jumping Trojan? [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 2000:2 (Dec 2000) Home¦ Issue Contents Thersites a Jumping Trojan? CCNet, 25 May 2000 In this paper, we examine the dynamical evolution of the asteroid (1868) Thersites (According to Homer, Thersites was not only the ugliest of all Greeks that took part in the Trojan war, but also had the most intolerable personality. His nasty habit of making fun of everybody cost him his life, as the last person for whom he spoke ironically about was Achilles, the mightiest warrior of all Greeks, who killed Thersites with just one punch!), a member of the Trojan belt. Thersites is librating around the Lagrangian point L 4 [see Internet Digest 1999:1, p.6, following, however, a chaotic orbit. The equations of motion for Thersites as well as for a distribution of neighboring initial conditions are integrated numerically for 50 million years in the Outer Solar System model (OSS), which consists of the Sun and the four giant planets. Our results indicate that the probability ...
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143. Sacred Science Institute [SIS Internet Digest $]
... #101 $44.44 The Last Change In The Earth's Axis by Fred G. Plummer: 1894 Baumring Pick on the Orientation of the Earth's Axis& Its Changing Position. Important to Understand the Precession of the Equinox. Contents: Proposition; Axis Orientation of Various Planets; Geological Facts; A Former Equator; Former Pole; Change of the Axis; Change of Directions; Orientations of Ancient Mounds; Pyramids; Change of Climates; Floods; Ancient Astronomy& Geography; Ancient& changing Zodiac; Mythology; Enoch Tells Of It; Homer Sings of It; The Drift; Occult Connections; The Earth Cracked; Puget Sound Fracture; Some Forgotten Past. Very Important! CAT#135 $33.33 Researches Into The Origin Of The Primitive Constellations Of The Greeks, Phoenicians& Babylonians& The Law Of Kosmic Order: An Investigation Into The Physical Aspect Of Time by Robert Brown: I: 1899 2 Volumes 520p.; II: 1882 87p. Part I, Primitive Constellations. Contents: Primitive Constellations Of Greeks; Signs Of Zodiac; Mythology; Lunar Zodiac; ...
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144. Ancient Giants and Gods [SIS Internet Digest $]
... in relation to the development of early civilisations: Egyptian building. The seminal books of Bellamy, Saurat and Hoerbiger. The latter's cosmic ice theory. Chapter 10: Giants in Greek history and mythology- the long traditions. Belief of the Greeks in their own mythology and its influence on them. Greek religion: its nature, particularly in relation to giants and god-like beings. Chapter 11: "Codification"/elucidation of information (and belief) in gods, giants, heroes and semi-divine beings: according tothe poets Hesiod and Homer. Later view and influence of Plato. Chapter 12: Giants and Gods in northern mythology and belief. Part 2: of this study (in progress), we will be looking at some of the radical theories of present day writers about gods and giantism; "extraterrestial" visitation; primal races; mankind`s collective "amnesia"?; the mutation of mankind in the remote past? Mankind`s future; a new (human) race? These are some of the themes we shall explore. ...
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... at his time. My thanks go to Emilio Spedicato for providing the talk summaries. Opening address to the participants Nieves Mathews De Madariaga Dear friends, dear friends of Immanuel Velikovsky, dear Emilio. explorer, on Velikovskian lines, of the frontiers of Paradise; dear Shulamit, translator of your father's work for the country of his choice. As an old friend of Velikovsky, who sent him tit-bits of confirmation throughout the last twenty-five years of his life- and queries which he answered to my complete satisfaction (on calendars, on Homer, on Stonehenge) I wish I could hear viva voce all you have to say about the changes in planetary orbits and in the earth's axis after near collisions; about the geological and dendrological evidence of recent catastrophes of extraterrestrial origin; about the electromagnetic forces which play so vital a role in Velikovsky's cosmological scenario, and about the fascinating interplay between the rejection and the recognition of scientific genius. Above all I wish I could hear your arguments and counter-arguments, agreements and disagreements. I shall be with you in spirit, and ...
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146. Editorial Statement [Kronos $]
... opinions nor that of Dr. Velikovsky.- The Ed. KRONOS, an independent, non profit quarterly Published by KRONOS PRESS Address all correspondence, manuscripts, and subscriptions to: KRONOS c/o Warner Sizemore Glassboro State College Glassboro, N. J. 08028. Subscription Rates $7.00 A Year-- $11.00 Overseas Airmail-- $2.00 Single Issue After June 1, 1975 Single Issue Cost Will Be $2.50 CORRIGENDA Page 81, line 15 for obivous, read obvious line 19 read: obvious-- of Homer, Lucretius, and Ovid alone. I have in mind the... [Other minor typographical errors do not alter basic sensibility.Page 70, Material taken from: Myths to Live By, by Joseph Campbell Copyright (c) 1972 by Joseph Campbell. Reprinted by Permission of the Viking Press, Inc. \cdrom\pubs\journals\kronos\vol0101\000edit.htm ...
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147. Epic Postscript [Kronos $]
... King of Kings El Cid Constantine and the Cross Barabbas Joseph and His Brethren Sodom and Gomorrah Cleopatra Becket Esther and the King The Cardinal The Fall of the Roman Empire The Greatest Story Ever Told The Bible A Man for All Seasons To the above list of movies, one could also add Julius Caesar, Ulysses, War and Peace, Macbeth, and Hamlet, all of which appeared between 1953 and 1964. This group, along with the previously cited Helen of Troy, constitutes a significant compendium of the literary work of Shakespeare, Homer, and Tolstoi, translated to the film media. The possible psychological importance of these three authors in wartime or in a war-filled atmosphere has already been mentioned in footnote #11 of the preceding article. REFERENCES 1. In 1973, Paramount Pictures released the sensitive motion picture Brother Sun, Sister Moon- a story of St. Francis of Assisi. Its death was almost instantaneous. It could be argued that the movie was a poor one which was the reason for its failure. Having been one of the rare few who ...
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... , 1966), and Cyrus Gordon (in Before Columbus, 1971), of whom Gordon stops at the third millennium B. C., while Hapgood pushes back into the Mesolithic Period. My personal inclination is to be sympathetic with Bailey and his confreres, if only because they have the intellectual courage to examine and deal with ancient evidence that most historical investigators of the past century and a half have swept under the scholarly rug. Of necessity, Bailey draws much of his evidence from ancient myth and legend-- especially Homer. In his interpretation of fantastic beings and occurrences, however, he is a strict Euhemerist. For him, gods and titans are honorific synonyms for Bronze Age rulers and noblemen. Doctrinal differences between early religions do not, in his view, refer to any praeternatural reality but symbolically reflect clashes of economic interest among early peoples. On balance, I am persuaded that Bailey and his fellow "ecumenists" are right about the reality of a world-wide Bronze Age network of travel and trade. On the other hand, I am ...
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... time when the story of Niobe* (whose Anatolian origin is seldom disputed,(32) and who once is said to have been worshipped as a goddess by the Cilicians(33)) became intimately associated with the region around Mount Sipylos in Lydia as well as with Boeotian Thebes. At that time, of course, it had been completely forgotten that the prototype of Oedipus had lived in the ancient capital of Egypt, and it was merely by coincidence that, for some still unexplained reason, that capital was known to Homer as "Thebes". In Boeotian Thebes (where the house of Cadmos was believed to have been a short-lived foreign dynasty), the indigenous story of the killing of an ancient king by a stranger(34) was added; and finally Sophocles invented the story of Antigone.(35)** [* Niobe, in Greek mythology, was the daughter of Tantalus, and thus a sister of Pelops. She was the wife of Amphion, king of Thebes.- LMG [** For Velikovsky's discussion of ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  05 Mar 2003  -  18k  -  URL:
... person as the pharaoh called Sesostris by the Greeks. Today we know that under the name of Sesostris the Greeks merged the deeds of more than one pharaoh, including Thutmose III. Velikovsky claims that Shishak is the same person as Thutmose III. d) The invasion of Egypt by the Hyksos took place after the Exodus, not before. e) Current Greek chronology must be shortened by about five hundred years, eliminating what today we call the Greek Dark Ages. According to Newton, the Trojan War took place one generation before Homer. It is rather bizarre that Newton used this chronological scheme in order to dismiss the evidence for the occurrence of past cometary impacts. It seems that he built his chronology when he was still in agreement with Whiston and used it later for a different purpose. The new scheme of chronology is used by Newton in order to justify more far-fetched historical theories. The lowering of the dates of ancient chronology is used to claim that civilization began quite late. The knowledge of writing would have begun to spread only after the eleventh century ...
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