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41. Editorial C&AH 3:1 [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... our subscribers to their friends. Please keep up the good work! In this issue we feature an article by Lester Mitcham, "The End of Mitanni and Some Related Problems." The chronological difficulties caused by Velikovsky's revision is going to be a long and arduous problem for all of us to settle. The second article, by Arie Dirkzwager, is "Pharaoh So and the Libyan Dynasty;" The identity of Pharaoh So is very vital to the task of the revision. Our third selection is a short paper by Charles Hapgood. It is our endeavor to encourage important authors in the field of catastrophism to submit material for publication in our journal, so that readers may become aware of their publications-- and fine work-- elsewhere in the field or in related, interdisciplinary fields. In this issue we initiate another new department which will alternate with our Book Review department. This "Theory Workshop" will contain articles which are speculative but highly interesting-- and should cause much discussion. We begin with Charles McDowell's "Solomon's Temple: An ...
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42. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... problem is in preparation.- P.J.J) Revelation The first time I read about Velikovsky was in 1972, in David Leveson's A Sense of the Earth (1971: The Natural History Press, New York). It is a quite readable book, and he is quite negative about Velikovsky. While admitting that Velikovsky attempts to answer certain legitimate questions such as the similarities among myths of widely separated peoples, Leveson accuses him of carefully selecting the evidence to support his theories (p. 155, 158). He relegates both Charles Hapgood and Velikovsky to "the literature of fantasy" (p. 160); from the fact that Einstein "was taken with the ideas of both these men", he concludes that "even genius must be suspect outside its own field" (p. 159). I did not become interested in Velikovsky through reading Leveson. The second time I read about Velikovsky was in 1973, in Norman MacBeth's Darwin Retried (1971: Dell, New York). He writes that when Velikovsky was attacked because in Worlds in ...
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43. The Oera Linda book [SIS C&C Review $]
... the racial memory and the events which ended the Bronze Age doubled? I would be interested in anybody's thoughts on the foregoing. Notes and References 1. Robert J. Scrutton, The Other Atlantis and also Secrets of Lost Atland, Neville J. Spearman Ltd, 1977. 2. John Grant, A Directory of Discarded Ideas, Ashgrove Press, 1981, p. 25. Grant refers to it as 'Orea Linda' (sic). 3. Berlitz calls it the 'Dera Linda' book (sic). 4. Hapgood, C. Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, Chilton& Co., Phil., 1966, pp. 126-127, (rev. ed. Turnstone Press, 1979). 5. Jurgen Spanuth, Atlantis of the North, 1976, English translation 1979, Sedgwick& Jackson. 6. Ibid. \cdrom\pubs\journals\review\v1998n1\21oera.htm ...
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44. Catastrophism and Ancient History. Vol 3 No 1. January 1981 [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History Vol 0201 Texts Home¦ C&AH Home Catastrophism and Ancient History A Journal of Interdisciplinary Study Volume III, Part 1 January 1981 CONTENTS The End of Mitanni and Some Related Problems Lester J. Mitcham 5 Pharaoh So and the Libyan Dynasty Arie Dirkzwager 19 The Punctuation Marks of Geological History Charles H. Hapgood 25 Departments Editorial Marvin Arnold Luckerman 3 Interaction The 360 Day Year: Science and Humanities, Arie Dirkzwager 29 Tyre: "Joy, shipmate, joy", Bronson Feldman 30 Another Pot Plant Reply, Lester Mitcham 31 A Further Response to Marvin Luckerman, John J. Bimson, Marvin Arnold Luckerman 32 Theory Workshop Solomon's Temple: An Astronomical Observatory Charles McDowell 37 Copyright 1980, Catastrophism and Ancient History. Catastrophism and Ancient History is published twice yearly. Address all correspondence to Marvin Arnold Luckerman. Executive Editor. 3431 Club Drive, Los Angeles, California 90064. ISSN 0-733-8058 ...
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45. Velikovsky: astronomical evidence/Martian [SIS Internet Digest $]
... Feb 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents Subject: Re: Velikovsky: astronomical evidence/Martian From John Ritson, Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 22:58:51 +0100 Mark Hopkins (mark@omnifest writes:> There's an article in a November or December issue of the> 1985 Scientific American that presents evidence of a huge> shift of the entire crust of the planet. A Hapgood-like> explanation was invoked to account for this [1, [2:> [1 Charles Hapgood did a highly detailed reconstruction> based on sea floor evidence and radiocarbon evidence that> explained the most recent periods of glaciation by 3 shifts> in the Earth's Crust....which conflicts with ice-core data, sea-floor sediment data, microfossil data...> [2 The Wandering Poles of Mars, I believe the Sci. Am.> article's title was. The shifts were explained as being> possibly due to the centrifugal effect of the ice caps. The article 'Polar Wandering on Mars' by Peter H. Scultz ...
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46. Pole Shift Forum [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 1999:2 (Oct 1999) Home¦ Issue Contents Pole Shift Forum Pole Shift Forum exists to host informed debate about earth-bound mechanisms that might possibly cause such an event. We don't intend to debate popular extraterrestrial mechanisms, such as asteroids. Some have suggested over-accumulation of ice at the pole as a possible cause. Currently features Charles Hapgood, and Dr Walter O Peterson's "Solar Electrojet" based on "Auroral Electrojets"- an auroral phonomenon causing current to flowing through the Alaskan Pipeline. ...
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47. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... , to which a fact-filled chapter is devoted. White adds a further chapter on the possible existence of lost civilisations, particularly with respect to ancient maps which in some cases seem to show the Antarctic with ice-free coastlines and then moves on to a section headed "Prediction- What modern researchers have to say". The section comprises seven chapters, each summarizing and commenting upon the work of a different author. Readers of SISR will surely be familiar with the names of the first four of these, namely Hugh Auchinloss Brown, Charles Hapgood, Immanuel Velikovsky and Peter Warlow. These four, I think, merit the title "researchers", but since two of them specifically avoid predicting any future event, the section title is really a bit misleading. White, however, gives what seems to be a fair summary of each work and there is some value in having the ideas put side by side for comparison; but the diagrams that White has concocted to illustrate each basic idea are most confusing, and I have to recommend that they be ignored. With ...
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48. Science Frontiers #38, MAR-APR 1985 [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 38: Mar-Apr 1985 Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues Last Issue Next Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Contents Archaeology Who Built the East Bay Walls? Ancient Engineering Feat Antarctica Revisited, Hapgood Acknowledged Astronomy Quasar, Quasar, Burning Bright; What Shifts Your Spectral Light? Unidentified Object Young Interplanetary Dust Neptune's Incomplete Ring Biology Whales and Dolphins Trapped Magnetically Listening with the Feet Life in the Dark Bad Year for Water Monsters Geology Galloping Glaciers Geophysics: The Sick Man of Science Geophysics Ball Lightning and Blue Flashes Green Cloud with Light Rays Still Another Mystery Cloud The Sounds That Shouldn't Have Been Expanding Phosphorescent Rings Two Snowflake Anomalies Psychology Hypnosis and Memory The Subtle Placebo Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, MI5, NSA, etc) Free resource for people thinking about working at home. ABC dating and personals. For people looking for relationships. Place your ad free. ...
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49. Who Mapped Antarctica In Pre-medieval Times? [Science Frontiers Website]
... was almost nonexistent. Such changes in ice cover are consistent with the modern theory of Antarctic climate changes. Apparently, the seas surrounding Antarctica were a bit warmer before 1500, and some unidentified early mariners brought knowledge of this continent back to Europe. (Weihaupt, John G.; "Historic Cartographic Evidence for Holocene Changes in the Antarctic Ice Cover," Eos, 65: 493, 1984.) Comment. Obviously missing from Weihaupt's analysis is any consideration of the famous Piri Re'is map and reference to the work of Charles Hapgood; specifically his Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings. From Science Frontiers #36, NOV-DEC 1984.© 1984-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, MI5, NSA, etc) Free resource for people thinking about working at home. ABC dating and personals. For people looking for relationships. Place your ad free. ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  29 Apr 2005  -  5k  -  URL:
... to Central Asia. (Caucasian, probably Celtic, bodies from 2000 BC have recently been found in Sinkiang.) This book is worth taking notice of, however one views the authors' conclusions. Derel Briarley References 1. Enoch is apocalyptic literature. It is not general practice to interpret it literally but Knight& Lomas have to some extent. 2. B.G. Tilak (1903) proposed an ancient Arctic civilisation based on descriptions of apparently polar days and nights in the Vedas- Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, C.H Hapgood 1979, Turnstone Press, London, p. 229. ...
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