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... which derives avowedly from the 2nd century AD, but may in fact originate from earlier times, shows an ice sheet covering much of Norway and glaciers running across southern Sweden, presumably not long after the Ice Age [55. (a) Detail from 1532 map of Oronteus Finaeus, re-oriented on present South Pole (tip of S. America at the bottom). (b) Present extent of Antarctica. Shaded area shows ice cap where land falls below extrapolated sea level. Figure 6 a-c. After C. H. Hapgood: Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings [53.( c) Hadji Ahmed's World Map of 1559. The Tertiary period from the Oligocene onwards saw a sharp decline in global temperatures- at middle latitudes by as much as 17 degrees Celsius. Since Antarctica had a warm climate for most of the Tertiary, it would seem not to have reached its present position at the South Pole until the end of the period. In eastern Antarctica Pliocene deposits dated to 4 million years ago have included the remains of dolphins, indicating that ...
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32. Catastrophes: the Diluvial Evidence [SIS C&C Review $]
... fashion. Lyell's uniformitarianism, which was gradualism by another name, ruled without serious challenge for a century or more [9, 15, 18. 20th Century Catastrophists Possible catastrophist scenarios, often speculative in nature, continued to be put forward, to little effect. Hugh Auchincloss Brown (1879-1975), an engineer who graduated from Columbia University, proposed in a 1948 private publication that the tilt of the Earth's axis could change in catastrophic fashion, the disturbances being triggered by the weight of polar ice. Ten years later, Charles Hapgood, a science historian from Keene State College, New Hampshire, began to argue for a similar theory, in which only the crust moved, not the whole Earth. However, these ideas made little impression on orthodox scientific thought [7, 22. Scenarios based on extraterrestrial impacts fared no better. That was hardly surprising, given that the starting point in many cases was the assumption that some myths and legends were based on catastrophes of cosmic origin, which was not regarded as a serious possibility by University-based academics. One ...
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... core and mantle. The double-top model is supported qualitatively by the work of the Formosan oceanographer Ting Ying H. Ma, who was cited by Velikovsky in The Velikovsky Affair, p. 243, and in "The Ocean" [KRONOS V:4 (Summer 1980), pp. 24-25. From his study of fossil corals, Ma deduced that the position of the equator with respect to the crust had changed from one geological age to another in a manner that could not be explained by continental drift alone. According to Hapgood, by 1949, Ma was forced by the accumulated evidence "to adopt a theory of total displacements of all the outer shells of the earth over the liquid core" down to a depth of several hundred miles.(15) Later, Ma hypothesized that Globigerina ooze alternating with red clay results from the repeated sudden displacements of the solid Earth. "When the solid earth shell is displaced the depth of the ocean floor shifted from lower to higher latitudes would be suddenly reduced so that a region for red clay rises into ...
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34. Society News [SIS C&C Review $]
... in ancient maps. Hancock paid tribute to early investigators but did not mention Velikovsky. Trevor Palmer observed that Velikovsky was trying to shorten time whereas Hancock is trying to lengthen it. John Crowe said Hancock's thesis involves astronomical retro-dating to give the date of around 12/11,000 BC but changes in the earth's pole positions, orbit or length of day would render this inaccurate. Hancock is clearly a catastrophist but by implication he does not believe the polar axis has shifted significantly in the last 13,000 years. However Charles Hapgood, whom he quotes extensively, believed (like Velikovsky) that the pole positions had shifted in the relatively recent past. Perhaps neither Hancock nor his researchers read Worlds in Collision but from some of the phrases he uses this seems unlikely. David Roth said he quotes Earth in Upheaval, so he clearly knows about Velikovsky. John said the only Velikovsky book referenced is Earth in Upheaval but his researches through ancient myths and legends cover much of the same ground as Velikovsky in Worlds in Collision. He confirms Venus to be of ...
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... lay somewhere on an arc centered on New Delhi with a radius of approximately 81 degrees. Such an arc would pass through not only Baffin Island, but also Greenland and a long stretch of Canada's arctic coast. The ancient pole, then, could lie anywhere along this arc. Here is what I believe actually happened: On the endpapers of Charles Hapgood's Path of the Pole(4) is a map showing putative positions of the north pole during the past 80,000 years. Citing paleomagnetic studies of Pleistocene volcanic deposits, Hapgood argued that from about 50,000 until some 12,000 to 17,000 years ago, the pole was situated at a point near 60 N., 80 W. This is just south of Baffin Island. Hapgood believed that polar displacements have occurred many times in the Earth's past, accompanied by violent folding and faulting. His mechanism is climatic, not astronomical: centrifugal force, acting on the gradually accumulated mass of ice at the poles, periodically displaces the whole lithosphere. Although Hapgood did not publish his theory ...
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36. Catastrophism and Ancient History [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... . The 360 Day Year An Ambiguity Resolved, John H. Fermor. June 1980 Volume II, Part 2 Heracles and Velikovskian Catastrophism, Arie Dirkzwager. When Earth Was Not Yet Created: An Account of Sumerian Cosmogony, Zecharia Sitchin. A Different View on the Chronology of Hazor, Marvin A. Luckerman. January 1981 Volume III, Part 1 The End of Mitanni and Some Related Problems, Lester J. Mitcham. Pharaoh So and the Libyan Dynasty, Arie Dirkzwager. The Punctuation Marks of Geological History, Charles H. Hapgood. July 1981 Volume III, Part 2 Freud and Velikovsky, Part I, Bronson Feldman. Are the Peleset Philistines or Persians? Donovan A. Courville. Herodotus on Thutmoses III and Amenophis II, Arie Dirkzwager. January 1982 Volume IV, Part 1 Freud and Velikovsky, Part II, Bronson Feldman. Syria and Ugarit, Lester J. Mitcham. The Israelite Origins of Monotheism and the Prohibition of Killing, Gunnar Heinsohn. July 1982 Volume IV, Part 2 Hittites and Phrygians, Phillip Clapham. The Road to Iron ...
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... by Jill Abery 7 Pentecost by James E. Strickling 11 Cosmic Catastrophe in PARADISE LOST by Bernard Newgrosh 13 FORUM: Questions and Answers on the Chronology of Rohl& James 21 VIEWS IN BRIEF 27 MONITOR:* Thera Theories* Demise of Nemesis?* Another Iridium Extinction* Slow Death for Dinosaurs* Life on Mars?* Volte Face by Gould* Reverse Plate Tectonics?* Oldest Shipwreck* Geological Unconformities* Erosion of Another Geological Dogma?* Continental Drift Measured* Frozen Evidence Rocks Kenyan Cradle* New Evidence from Stonehenge* Hapgood Supported* Comet Records* Recent Mammoth Extinction?* Mysterious Mummies* Respectability Does Not Earn Credit* Knock for Natural Selection* Arctic Warmth? 29 LETTERS from George R. Harvey, Derek Shelley-Pearce, C. Leroy Ellenberger, Walter Warshawsky, W. G. Shannon and Edgar A. Ostrander 37 Copyright (C) August 1985 Society for Interdisciplinary Studies THE VELIKOVSKY DEBATE TODAY EDITOR: Bernard Newgrosh EDITORIAL TEAM: Jill Abery, Ragnar Forshufvud, Rosemary Burnard, David Rohl and Derek Shelley-Pearce EDITORIAL ADDRESS: DEREK SHELLEY-PEARCE, 29 ...
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38. Society News [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... . John Bimson and Dr. John Fermor. There was, as usual, a lively discussion at the end of each talk, and once again, Peter Warlow demonstrated the action of his tippe-top. Elizabeth Chesley Baity is an anthropologist, and gave an account of her work on the "fire-bull" ritual, which appears to be of world-wide distribution and of early date. Something had clearly impressed early man; and she illustrated her talk with numerous slides in dealing with the works of Velikovsky, Schaeffer, Patten, Muck, Hapgood and others. John Bimson gave a lucid talk on the archaeological controversy over the copper workings at Timna and the dating of pottery found there and at related sites. He made a strong case for the original dating of Nelson Glueck as compared to that now widely accepted. Recent radio-carbon dating of charcoal from the Timna workings supports his (and Glueck's) chronology, and not the orthodox. A most stimulating talk was given finally by John Fermor on the matter of Sothic dating. He firstly gave reasons why Velikovsky's treatment of the ...
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39. Society News [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... The meeting was well attended with Members coming from as far as Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. Val Pearce had books and sets of Pensee available for sale and these were in great demand, and helped to make the day a great success. A more detailed account of the Proceedings will be appearing in the Review. S.I.S. Overseas Publications. Books reviewed or mentioned in Review or Workshop, which are unavailable or difficult to obtain in the Member's own country (such as Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Hapgood, as mentioned in Workshop vol.2 no.4 p. 14) can be obtained via Val Pearce. Please enquire by letter for information on cost, post and packing. These items are not stocked and will have to be ordered from bookshops; they will take a little longer in delivery. The list of publications available, together with prices, is included in this issue (see centre pages). A few stock items on the list are limited at present. New stock is expected shortly and we beg the indulgence of Members ...
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40. Bookcase [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Workshop Vol 2 No 4 (Apr 1980) Home¦ Issue Contents Bookcase Some recent publications available from any good U.K. bookshop:- Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, C. H. Hapgood. Turnstone Press have recently reissued this re-edited ex-Chilton publication. Hardback. Layout not as nice as the original. Subdue the Earth, R. F. Walworth& G. W. Sjostrom. Panther (Granada) 1980, in paperback. Presents an unusual approach to catastrophist geology. Doomsday: the Science of Catastrophe, F. Warshawsky, Abacus 1979, paperback. A run-down of catastrophic ideas which presents Velikovsky in good light. Ramses II and His Time, I. Velikovsky, Abacus 1980. Recently re-issued in this country in paperback. Please do not write to us for these books! \cdrom\pubs\journals\workshop\vol0204\14books.htm ...
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