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... submarine slumps, and the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake. Am.J. Sc., 250/12: 849-873. Holmes A., 1965: Principles of physical geology. T. Nelson, London. Howell Jr. B. F., 1959: Introduction to geophysics. McGraw- HrIl, Toronto. Lovering T.S., 1935: Theory of heat conduction applied to geological problems. Bull. Geol. Soc. Am., 46/1: 69-93. McLaren D.J. 1970: Presidential Address: time, life and ... ). Such anomalies will persist as long as the geological subsurface configuration remains unchanged. They are of a continuous nature, but generally of a much smaller magnitude than the intrusive anomalies. One must also note that the discontinuous heating will nonetheless leave a permanent record. Geophysicists refer to the two types of anomalies as transient and steady state anomalies. Agents of Erosion and Sedimentation; Uplift and Subsidence. Landslides, slumps, turbidity currents, flashfloods, and major storms are agents of instant erosion and deposition. Their frequency is high enough ...
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... "occasional" doubts raised concerning the Venus-greenhouse model and notes that other possibilities have been suggested, including "thermal energy from a hot interior... (e.g., Velikovsky, 1950;.. .) ." Next comes his argument, based on geophysical surmises concerning the Earth, for a 10-kilometer-thick crust on Venus. The final paragraph on this NASA-supported-research paper neatly excludes Velikovsky and other recalcitrants from the human race: "In summary, this exercise yields an approximate but quantitative demonstration of what everyone suspected anyway-- ... . 108-110) and Melvin A. Cook in his Prehistory and Earth Models (London, 1966). In his total disregard for the problems of chronometric science, Dr. Morrison assumes an attitude no different than that of his colleague Prof. Derek York of the geophysics division at the University of Toronto and a Foreign Principal Investigator for the Apollo Project (1971-72). The latter is an inveterate defender of orthodox geology and geochronology. He too discounts the possibility that "there is something seriously wrong with the radiometric clocks or our ...
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63. THE LATELY TORTURED EARTH: 1.Quantavolutions [Quantavolution Website]
... , Mt. St Helens could find a place under a second category, the atmosphere, which was much affected locally by the eruption. The clouds of water vapor ultimately fell upon the ground and the seas and circulated widely in the hydrosphere, another principle arena for geophysical activity. Except for a few insects and plants, the close-in biosphere was wiped out by the disaster. Some biosphere specimens of homo sapiens cleverly moved to a safe distance and observed the events; a few persons were killed. So in the instance, forces ... to the total, to be sure. But this number has been increasing exponentially in the past several years and by the year 1993, I would expect that fully a quarter of all publications in natural history will treat of quantavolutions. Going farther, in geology and geophysics a number of scientists are deliberately hypothesizing catastrophes at the boundaries of several geological ages and adducing old and new evidence, especially by chemical examination of sediments, to prove that they occurred. The space programs of U. S. A. and U. S ...
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64. CHAOS AND CREATION: Bibliography [Quantavolution Website]
... March 6). Frickenhaus, August H. (1912), Tiryns, vol. I Athens. Funkhauser, John g.& J. J. Naughton (1968), "Radiogenic Helium and Argon in Ultramafic Inclusion from Hawaii," 73 Journal of Geophysical Research, 14 (July 15), 4601-7. Furneaux, Rupert (1964), Krakatoa, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N. J. Galanopoulos, Angelos& Edward Bacon (1969), Atlantis: The Truth behind the Legend, Bobbs-Merrill Co ... Presses Universitaires de France, Paris. Lessing, G. (1888), Laokoon, trans. by E. C. Beasley; G. Bell and Sons, London. Levin, B. Y. (1968), "The Interaction of Astronomy, Geophysics and Geology in the Study of the Earth," in The Interaction of Sciences in the Study of the Earth, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 165-180. Lewis. Gilbert N. (1934), "The Genesis of the Elements," 46 The Physical ...
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... ridge, volcanically produced. Figure A: Sketch of the main ridges and fractures of the Pacific Indian ocean bottom with main trenches. Possible Trans Asian and Trans-Euro-Mediterranean rifts are added to the drawing, which is adapted from O. G. Sorochtin, ed., Geophysics of the Ocean (in Russian), vol. II, fig. 17. The lithosphere (crust) is everywhere shallowest beneath the ridge lines. Thousands of seamounts shooting up from the ocean bottoms are not drawn here. FIGURE B (Click on the ... , for example, and say that the volume of the Earth remained unchanged thereby. Since this rise occurred, along with many other bulges, then a considerable expansion might be demonstrated by survey without resorting to theoretical physics. The globe has many slight bulges. Russian geophysicists have recently described its shape as formed by at least two geometric networks of lattices, a many-faceted figure [9. So there may even be a pattern to the expansion of the global crystal. The latticework can be viewed as expansion joints; the total pattern ...
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66. The Unworkable Polar Saturn [Aeon Journal $]
... mythical narrative and description was the reconstructed myth in which miniature narratives and detailed attributes of gods are squeezed and cramped into the setting of such visible phenomena as are supposedly imaginable for planets; 6) The planetarily constituted reconstructed myth forms part of a lost celestial history with geophysical counterparts; and 7) This purported lost history has as much or more objective basis than the vision of celestial and geophysical history entertained by members of the Scientific Establishment, on the basis of the evidence they have chosen to accept. Until now, not a ... situation, it would seem to reflect the supposedly Saturnian god being to every nightly hour what the Sun is to every hour in the day. This is precisely what reconstructed myth cannot be made to say. Planetarily reconstructed myth is totally incompatible with what is mechanically, geophysically, geologically, palaeoclimatically, and palaeozoogeographically feasible. That is why this model must be explored further. While the model in total isolation does not seem to be subject to celestial mechanical impossibilities, it may be argued that the gravitational perturbations due to the presence of ...
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... , "Dating and Climatic Interpretation of Two Deep Greenland Ice Cores", in Greenland Ice Core: Geophysics, Geochemistry, and the Environment, edited by C. C. Langway, Jr., H. Oeschger, and W. Dansgaard (Washington: American Geophysical Union, 1985), pages 71-76. D. Evans and H. Freeland, untitled remarks in the section, "Variations m the Earth's Orbit: Pacemaker of the Ice Ages?", Science, 4 November 1977, pages 528-529. J. Gribbin ... Deep Ice Core", Science, 24 December 1982, pages 1275-1276. More recently, Dansgaard, Clausen, Gundestrup, Johnsen, and Rygner have reiterated this revision in "Dating and Climatic Interpretation of Two Deep Greenland Ice Cores", in Greenland Ice Core: Geophysics, Geochemistry, and the Environment, edited by Langway, Oeschger, and Dansgaard (1985), pages 71-76. Thus a great deal of mileage has been gotten from those two ocean cores. It is clear that Hays, Imbrie, and Shackleton were unable ...
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68. Return to the Tippe Top [SIS C&C Review $]
... ice age are all part of one single process, and evidence for one is evidence for the other. Velikovsky and his supporters have tended to treat the reversals and the tilts as related but separate problems. In like manner, our conventional cousins in the world of geophysics have treated the problems of ancient and recent ice ages as separate matters. Their solution for the evidence of ancient ice caps in equatorial regions is to move the surface of the Earth: but to explain the recent ice age features they invoke the different explanation of ... by virtue of George Darwin's analysis in Phil. Trans. of 1877 [20. Yet ice ages had been accepted as fact for 120 years. Continental drift, as it was still called in the 1950's, had not been accepted: "The position of most geophysicists... is that... there is neither indication nor even the possibility of continental drift"; "they know of no force capable of producing the required movement" [21. Geomagnetic reversals were just about to be born; reports of symposia ...
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69. The Ten Points Of Sagan [Kronos $]
... and what of the archaeological and paleontological evidence? Where are the extensive faunal extinctions due to such floods?" The evidence was cited by me on 300 pages of Earth in Upheaval, a book the reading of which is indispensable for the discussion of this and other geophysical problems raised by my work. Omitting purposely any reference to all literary heritage of ancient civilizations, Earth in Upheaval brings geological and paleontological evidence from all parts of the world by culling it from the scientific literature of authoritative field studies. The other question raised in ... " (Science, vol. 185, 107-8, 19 July 1974). Sagan writes: "There is no sign in rock magnetization of terrestrial rocks ever having been subjected to such strong field strengths." In this Sagan errs: The problem that vexes the geophysicists is exactly this --how to explain the remanent magnetism of terrestrial rocks and lavas which is in great excess of what the global magnetism could have imparted in them when they were cooling below the Curie Point; the excess is several hundredfold and even thousandfold and very much ...
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70. H. H. Hess and My Memoranda [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... on guyots. Upon reading it I wrote a rather merciless criticism of his idea that the accumulation of sediment caused the submergence of the sea bottom and with it the submergence of the flat-topped guyots. In his response he showed graciousness. By mid-1956 preparations for the International Geophysical Year were gaining momentum. On December 5, 1956, I gave to Hess a memo describing, in brevity, several projects for inclusion in the IGY. (The Year, due to start July 1, 1957, would continue until the end of 1958 ... Before he decided whether to follow this course (perhaps, expecting a negative attitude by faculty members, he tarried), an initiative came from Dr. Franklin Murphy, at that time chancellor of the University of California at Los Angeles. He asked UCLA ? s geophysicist, Professor Louis Slichter, to organize a committee for the same kind of inquiry I had proposed to Hess. Murphy ? s initiative, however, foundered and the story needs to be told separately. It embraced the period from January to November, 1964. ...
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