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11. The Origin Of The Moon [The Velikovskian $]
... the Moon is so immensely improbable that one cannot take such a view seriously. In spite of this, I will show that of the four lunar origin theories, the fundamental geophysical evidence only supports the recent capture model; that this same evidence denies the reality of the other three hypotheses; and that recent research suggests lunar capture by the Earth. What ... Velikovskian Vol 2 No 3 (1994) Home¦ Issue Contents The Origin Of The Moon Charles Ginenthal The origin of the Moon has been an extremely controversial problem among astronomers and geophysicists for a long time. There are, at present, four major theories under consideration by members of the astrophysical community. Each of the four groups of advocates has been attempting ... , then Mercury would get most of the iron, leaving it with a large magnetic field and [leaving Venus devoid of one. (7) Thus, we have a geophysicist and an astronomer promoting a similar fissioning concept for Venus as Velikovsky proposed for Jupiter. Van Flandern points to the 3-to-2 spin lock [when Mercury spins exactly three times for every ...
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12. The Moon In Upheaval [The Velikovskian $]
... when the Moon is at perigee...[nearest Earth on its orbit a period when tidal forces between the two is strongest. Dr. Gary Lathan of Lamont Dougherty Geophysical Observatory at Columbia University, the principal investigator of seismic activity on the Moon, believes the two events can be correlated. His theory is that the tidal forces cause the Moon ... that, by uniformitarian cooling processes, ought to be frozen solid, and the only catastrophe congruent with all the other evidence is a tidal distortion. There are no laws of geophysics or thermodynamics which will allow for the Moon, per unit volume, to be hotter than the Earth over 3 to 4 billion years and then to cool to its present state ... a recent tidal distortion of the Moon, viz, the lunar bulge, maria, mascons and deep-focus moonquakes. With regard to each of these physical phenomena, the astronomers and geophysicists have, for over 30 years, been stymied in finding a plausible uniformitarian explanation in a manner that even remotely suggests consensus will ever be found for any of their gradualistic concepts ...
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... of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. An exchange of letters followed. One notes that the inquiry strikes into two lines of study: the possibly catastrophic origins of mankind and geophysical catastrophism. Firor's letter stuck in Deg's mind as he wrote the chapters on exoterrestrialism and the atmosphere in Lately Tortured Earth. June 3, 1976 Dear Dr. Firor: As ... body that wrenched away half of the crust, cracking the remainder and sending it sliding hither and yon toward the great basin exposed by the lost material. For the moment, geophysicists are enchanted by the shivers of movement and the designation of the creeping pieces as major and minor plates. I have seen the most marvelous reconstructions of the Earth going back " ... and Frank Dachille. That is: Target Earth: The Role of Large Meteors in Earth Science. Also more daring and provocative, and also highly professional in method, is geophysicist Melvin Cook's work that I already mentioned, Prehistory and Earth Models, published obscurely in England a decade later, which employed purely terrestrial forces in explaining Earth's features. Both books ...
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... [50. 34.* The magnetic dipole at the "center" of the Earth is actually 436 kilometers off-center, displaced toward the Pacific Basin. All of these are geophysical and astronomical arguments for Moon eruption, a recent eruption besides, and for more recent disturbances. The list of legendary arguments is to be presented at the end of the chapter ... came the expulsion from the Garden of Eden in the beginning of Jovea.) A QUESTION OF LUNAR PRIORITY Perhaps a case can be made, therefore, from legend as from geophysics, of the recent appearance of the Moon, following its eruption and the catastrophic cleavage of the Earth. We have noted a fervent universal worship of, and sacrifices for, ... direction in which Uranus Minor disappeared into far space. At first the Moon mass rotated. Then its face was fixed toward the Earth as it revolved. Alfred Wegener, the geophysicist who produced the continental drift theory in the 1920's touched briefly upon the missing sial of the Earth's structure, saying that "the outermost layer, re-presented by the continental blocks, ...
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15. The Electric Universe [SIS C&C Review $]
... . The apex of the cone points toward the impact. 46. L. O. Nicolaysen& W. U. Reimold, 'Vredefort shatter cones revisited', J. Geophysical Research Vol. 104, No. B3, pp. 4911-30, March 10, 1999. 47. R. Juergens, op. cit. [35. 48. ... 5, Winter 1974-5, pp. 27-39. 42. E. Asphaug,'... the images of Mathilde reveal some surprises and provoke an overdue reevaluation of asteroid geophysics. Mathilde has survived blow upon blow with almost farcical impunity, accommodating five great craters with diameters from 3/4 to 5/4 the asteroid's mean radius, and none ... . Kristian Birkeland experimented with electrical models of the Earth's aurora and showed that it must have a connection to the sun. His early death unfortunately allowed the views of the influential geophysicist, Sydney Chapman, to dominate. Chapman proposed an isolated Earth in which the ionospheric currents were self-contained. After the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts and a space filled ...
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16. Reversals of the Earth? [SIS C&C Review $]
... Earth's surface during its history, showing that it is a fairly regular process, like the reversals of the Earth's magnetic field. Whether this implies that the latter are due to geophysical reversals caused by the impact of cosmic bodies which produced the craters, or the reversals are more likely due to charged cores ejected from gaseous planets, is open to further discussion ... III:4, reproduced from Journal of Physics A, shows further support of Velikovsky by the scientific establishment. His paper will, I feel sure, represent a landmark in geophysics for stating a case for the physical reversal of the poles as viewed by an observer from space, corresponding with the reversals of the earth's magnetic field as viewed by a terrestrial ... does, whatever the position of the earth itself. It seems that the specialist mind is flummoxed more easily than we may have realised by concepts foreign to its conditioning. A geophysicist at Newcastle University (in one of Britain's foremost schools of physics) was so far from able to treat Warlow's suggestions seriously that in correspondence with the Editors he was totally dismissive ...
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... , 32. 17. R. Gentry, Medical Opinion& Review (October 1967), 65-79. 18. R. Gentry, abstract in EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 51 (April 1970), 338. 19. R. Gentry, Science 169 (14 August 1970), 670-673. Quite recently Gentry's name has been prominent in ... understanding, so long as doubt remains as to the reality of decay "constants," so long as the evidence for element-creation on Earth is ignored, and so long as geophysicists fail to examine the full spectrum of physics, all announcements of "success" in this endeavor must remain questionable. And in the meantime, the explanation of discrepant radiohalos seems ... curiosity of nature for many years. It was not until 1907 that the mystery of their origin was cleared up. In that year, John Joly, an Irish physicist and geophysicist, and O. Mügge, a German scientist, almost simultaneously came up with the explanation: The discolorations are the result of radioactivity in tiny inclusions (impurities) at the ...
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... the logic of existing science and rereading ancient documents: Dear Dr. de Grazia, (...) I meant to mention in my previous letter that at the American Geophysical Union Convention in Washington a paper detailed the possibility existing in Jupiter of nuclear detonation. This is not new, the idea that Jupiter is in fact a mini-sun, sub-critical, ... of ice core studies was about to appear. It seemed that Leroy was on the verge of taking up a macrochronist position in quantavolution, which by 1983 was fast emerging from geophysics and paleontology and which offered respectability to its clientele. One could thereupon dismiss all apparent human experience with catastrophe and get rid of the historical sciences and humanities. Deg contemplated the ... " So would the "activist-productive" e-category geologist Derek Ager, who, however, would not have to execute a vigorous flop, just a tilt. Melvin Cook, a geophysicist of the same ranking, would be found in f, and would probably move restrainedly into g. Robert Jastrow might occur as top elite in the d category of interested doubters ...
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... globe save where erased by other quantavolutionary processes. Several biosphere phenomena may be hypothesized as indicative of exoterrestrialism in quantavolutions. The pandemonium accompanying quantavolutions is not likely to have left a geophysical record. "World-wide sound at 100+ decibels, approaching human physical limits" can be considered, given, for instance, the thousands of square kilometers of high audibility of ... and catastrophic morphology as effects of flood and tide. Proving precisely a deluge, as distinct from, even although associated with, floods and tides, is a difficult problem for geophysics. The evidence is of a kind elaborated earlier in this book -the search for the sources of oceanic water, chemistry of seawater, and so on. Still it may be ... he replies "Of course." If the astronomer is a true empiricist and even a sceptic, he says "We don't know," and asks the paleontologists, the geophysicists, the ancient historian, and the mythologist for help. M. G. Reade, a confectionary engineer, navigator, and scholar, addressed himself to the evidence of the ...
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20. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... another body? The Sun affects the mind Science Frontiers No. 91, Jan-Feb 1994, p. 1 When the admissions dates of psychiatric patients were checked against various parameters of geophysical activity, significant correlations were found with high levels of solar radioflux, sudden magnetic disturbances in the ionosphere and the index of geomagnetic activity. Lightning lights Science Frontiers No. 91 ... that spreading segments do not produce a fixed amount of crust each year or erupt lava all the time. Periods of intense activity seem to be triggered about every century. Other geophysicists studying ancient vast outpourings of lava such as the Kerguelen Plateau, an elevated region of sea floor just north of Antarctica and the continental Deccan Traps in India, have concluded that ... developing the Greenhouse Effect theory of ice ages have been using evidence from ice cores which indicate that CO2 levels were lower during colder periods and higher during warmer periods. Now one geophysicist declares that these results are in considerable error. The usual techniques rely upon air being analysed being the same composition as that originally trapped in the ice but at depth the pressure ...
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