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91. Focus [SIS C&C Review $]
... thrown in question by such phenomena as the deviation between carbon-14 and tree-ring dates. This was followed by the geosphere, and evidence that the world was shaken, rivers were changed in their courses and mountains were moved. Proposition No. 3 was posed: "Every geophysical feature or process in the world capable of exhibiting the effects of discontinuous stress will show that such stress occurred c. 3450 BP." In the biosphere it was claimed that the events of the period caused changes in the numbers, habitat and/or genetics ... , in which PETER WARLOW presented his views on Reversals of the Earth- his subject for the meeting. The programme was enhanced by location shots of the Lake District as backdrops for a discussion of catastrophes, and balanced by the inclusion of DR ROGER BANKS, a geophysicist from Lancaster University, in the discussion at the close. Following this, Mr Warlow further elucidated his theory with the help of numerous working models (including tippe-tops and a globe which could be mounted two ways) and with reference to bowling balls, toy gyroscopes ...
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... ,000 years ago to descend upon Australia? Nor can evolutionists cease to stretch time and beat retreat to shortened time. If the time is drastically shortened for paleoan-thropology, the radio-dating techniques collapse. Then all which depends upon the techniques-- prehistory, paleontology, geophysics, geology, climatology, etc.-- will come under revolutionary assault. Against the background of this stupendous reversal in prospect, other conclusions about fossil man pale. The australopithecines existed alongside homo erectus and other types of man, as well as many kinds ... employed. I can only state the nature of the problem and alert the reader to the ultimate surprises that may be awaiting historical anthropology in this setting. To do so, I quote here from an exchange of letters with Dr. Melvin A. Cook, a geophysicist, recipient of a special Nobel prize for his studies of explosives, and author of Prehistory and Earth Models. (1966). On March 10, 1976, I wrote Dr. Cook the following:... Presently I am perusing the three volumes ...
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... of the internal history of the planet. It should be noted that heat of solidification of the inner core might have initiated mantle convection which, in turn, later would result in fractionization of actinides in the postulated liquid layer atop the solid core. (8) Geophysical record of the Golden Age magnetic field of Earth. The magnetic field at and near Earth's surface during the Golden Age probably was stronger than the average before and since. It was not even approximately dipolar: the vector difference between Saturn's field and Earth's externally generated ... of, say, insects and less complex life forms. A search for such proliferation during the last ten millennia should be made. A spike in extinctions of species should be associated with any proliferation found. (7) Actinide shell and growth of solid core. Geophysicists generally accept the theory that solid inner cores of planets formed by solidification of liquid cores formed during planetary accretions. The present theory requires that the actinide shell formed atop a solid inner core after the latter formed; diffusion of nickel and iron through the shell to ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 113  -  05 Mar 2003  -  87k  -  URL:
... 161: 680-84. Munk, W. H. and MacDonald, G. J. F. (1960): The Rotation of the Earth, Cambridge. Ness, N. F. (1965): "The Earth's Magnetic Tail." Journal of Geophysical Research 70: 2989- 3005. Newton, Isaac (1687/1946): Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. Translated by A. Motte. University of California Press. Newton, R. R. (1969): "Secular Acceleration of the Earth ... Motions." Icarus 8: 265-69. Michelson, I. (1969): "Dodging the Lumps in the Lunar Pudding." Nature 223: 128-29. Michelson, I. (1970): "Mascon Modification of Apollo-Type Orbits." Pure and Applied Geophysics 79: 5-13. Muller, P. M. and Siogren, W. L. (1968): "Mascons: Lunar Mass Concentrations." Science 161: 680-84. Munk, W. H. and MacDonald, G. J. F. ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 113  -  05 Mar 2003  -  51k  -  URL:
... . In Newton's own words (Science 166 [14 November 19691, p. 825), his studies make it "almost certain that there have been large changes in the accelerations [of the earth and the moon within historic times... [and known geophysical mechanisms explain neither the ancient value of [the lunar secular acceleration nor the large change in [it within historic times... ." Newton's article is subheaded: "Paleontology, satellites, and ancient astronomy yield accelerations that geophysics cannot yet explain." ... would be unjust, of course, to infer from such remarks that Newton has sought to produce evidence for changes of the magnitude of those described in Worlds in Collision. Indeed, he has specifically endorsed a remark by Professor Otto Neugebauer (Isis 41, 1950, p. 245) concerning "the perfect regularity of celestial motion" during the eighth century B.C. At the same time, however, there is nothing in his published works to indicate that he has considered the possibility that the relatively "large changes" he reports ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 113  -  05 Mar 2003  -  66k  -  URL:
... 77 C. W. Thomas, "Lithology and Zoology of an Antarctic Ocean Bottom Core," Deep-Sea Research, Vol. 6 (1959), pp. 5-15; idem, "Late Pleistocene and Recent Limits of the Ross Ice Shelf," Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 65 (1960), pp. 1789-1792; idem, "Late Pleistocene and Recent Climates as Inferred from Ocean Bottom Cores," Science in Alaska (1965), pp. 73-82. [78 D. W. Cooke& D ... Hays, "Estimates of Antarctic Ocean Seasonal Sea-Ice Cover During Glacial Intervals," in C. Craddock, ed., Antarctic Geoscience: Symposium on Antarctic Geology and Geophysics (Wisconsin, 1982), pp. 1017-1025. [79 K. J. Licht, et al., "Chronology of Late Wisconsin Ice Retreat From The Western Ross Sea, Antarctica," Geology, Vol. 24 (1996), pp. 223-226. On the web, see also P. Heinrich's Fingerprints of the Gods: Exhibit 7- ...
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... storms that would wreak havoc on Earth or, worse, by large-body encounters wrecking the atmosphere. Cook suggests that the helium-4 is still increasing; the atmosphere is not in equilibrium; and if retrocalculated, a recent beginning or reconstruction of the atmosphere must be confronted. Geophysicists and meteorologists nevertheless retain the concept of the atmosphere as a whole being in equilibrium. This is probably not so, even in the short run of a thousand years. The idea is difficult as commonsense, considering that all the way from sea level into outer ... . In the heterosphere, atomic oxygen, helium and hydrogen are the abundant elements. Some of the helium and hydrogen is on its way into farther space, but is replaced, it is believed, to produce an equilibrium. However, Melvin Cook, a quantavolutionary geophysicist, has asked, "Where is the Earth's Radiogenic Helium?" [11. Cosmic-ray sources are alleged to generate helium at 3x10 9 g/ year. The same amount is estimated to be generated from the uranium and thorium in rocks of the lithosphere. ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 113  -  03 Apr 2004  -  46k  -  URL:
... notion of entropy, merged with the character of Wiener who, he thought, might have committed suicide in Stockholm. Not long afterwards he came upon a book of Melvin Cook in the New York University library stacks: published in 1966, this difficult technical work on geophysics was by all odds the most competent and confident assault upon the premises of long-time geochronometry to be found. Cook's model of crashing ice caps and slitting continents set up the basis for Deg's geology. The main problem was to reconcile his own exoterrestrial first causes with ... some time with every method of measuring time that exists and in every case maybe found some Achilles Heel. To give one instance, it is possible to make a case for Olduvai events to have been contemporaneous with the destruction of the Cities of the Plain-- geophysically, anthropologically and in legend. Not a good case, to be sure, but there has never been a study with this hypothesis in mind. And what I have discovered is that the whole world of rocks, skies, nature, and culture can be ...
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99. Nemesis for Evolutionary Gradualism? [SIS C&C Review $]
... as a whole is too poor for it to be known with any certainty when individual species became extinct, but the picture becomes a little clearer, in statistical terms, if taxonomic families (groups of species) are investigated instead. Jack Sepkoski of the Department of Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago, has compiled a record of the appearance and extinction of some 3300 families of marine animals, of which about 2400 are extinct, assigning each event to within the confines of one of the internationally agreed stratigraphical stages [47-49. Using ... 1277-1279. 54. I. Anderson: 'Catastrophe theory rocks evolution debate', New Scientist 101 (15 March 1984), p. 9. 55. S. V. M. Clube and W. M. Napier: 'The role of episodic bombardment in geophysics', Earth and Planetary Science Letters 57 (1982), pp. 251-262. 56. S. V. M. Clube and W. M. Napier: The Cosmic Serpent (Faber and Faber, London, 1982). 57. E. ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 113  -  05 Mar 2003  -  60k  -  URL:
100. Pole-Shift [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History VIII:1 (Jan 1986) Home¦ Issue Contents Pole-Shift Richard W. Noone During the International Geophysical Year (1958), Charles H. Hapgood published a book entitled Earth's Shifting Crust that was highly praised by Harvard geology professor Kirtley F. Mather and Albert Einstein. It set forth the idea that a great many problems which have remained unsolved in the history of the earth could be explained by the assumption that the earth's outer shell has slipped over the interior, thus changing the positions ... and Mary G. Grand, who recorded the event. After some introductory remarks Professor Hapgood explained that in the development of the theory he himself had been concerned mainly with the geological and paleontological evidence, while Mr. Campbell had contributed the basic concepts in mechanics and geophysics. What follows are the notes of that conference. Professor Hapgood explained further that Mr. Campbell's calculations had now advanced to a point where he felt that a consultation was necessary. The principal question was whether the tangential portion of the centrifugal effect resulting from the ...
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