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... give up sand; sand is continental. Is this fall-out, turbidity currents of unobserved ferocity coming off the slopes, early winds over empty beds? Shelton ends his book on geology much as I end this chapter, musing about hypothetical studies, "and finally, before we can do any of these things, we must be able to tell one rock ... 80% of sedimentary rock are shales composed of mud or clay, 10% are of sandstone and 10% are of limestone. The old problem of sediments missing from the geological column became more worrisome with the discovery that the ocean bottoms do not carry their proportionate burden of sediments, much less the extra quantity to fill the gap in the geological column ... the Earth, largely founded upon the layerings of sedimentary rock of the continents, have long been suspect simply because of the disarrangement and, indeed, chaos of the sediments. Geologists customarily still speak of erosion as the source of all sedimentary rock [7, following a process of weathering of source material, transportation, deposition, and lithification which compacts and ...
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82. Martian "Blueberries" in the Lab [Thunderbolts Website]
... process has achieved a similar result. It should encourage further experiments using higher energies. Dr. Ransom s experimental work has laid a foundation for a radical reassessment of planetary geology. If concretions can only be replicated by electric discharge, we can no longer view them or the strata in which they appear through the lens of prior theory. ... . After spectroscopic analysis, the Martian spherules were identified as “hematite concretions”. Hematite is an iron-rich mineral and is the primary constituent of the soil surrounding the blueberries. Geologists surmised that they are Martian counterparts of terrestrial concretions, which are commonly believed to have formed through water-induced mineral leakage. But this only widens the mystery. Theories about the formative ... of concretions are little more than untested guesses. No geologist has seen a concretion being made or has made one in a laboratory or has disproved a competing theory. (But geologists have shown that the more a guess is repeated, the more it s apt to be called a fact.) For many years Electric Universe theorists have proposed that ...
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83. A Maya Record of Two Thousand Years? [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... Vol. 288 (1980), 230-35. Hawkes, J., Atlas of Ancient Archaeology. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1974, 149. Kuenen, P.H. Marine Geology. New York: Wiley, 1950. Lamb, H.H., Climate: Present, Past and Future. London: Methuen, 1977, Vol. xi.-- ... are difficult to justify individually, but as parts of an argument they lead to a result that may be tested for reasonableness and consistency against oral tradition, history, archaeological and geological records, and retrocalculations by astronomers. This pattern is followed here, beginning with the conclusion that pages 70-74 of the Dresden Codex are an historical record of geophysical and astronomical events ... Middle Kingdom in Egypt, and the Middle Bronze Age in general. In America the middle of the second millennium B.C. is described as a period in which great climatic and geologic change took place, such as the cutting of the Niagara Gorge, deposition of the Bear River delta, and formation of the brackish Great Basin lakes. Dating the beginning of ...
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84. news and views [Thunderbolts Website]
... formed the working group after finding one another through an international conference, are based in the United States, Australia, Russia, France and Ireland. They are established experts in geology, geophysics, geomorphology, tsunamis, tree rings, soil science and archaeology, including the structural analysis of myth. Their efforts are just getting under way, but they will ... if Dallas is right and they find 10 such events, we'll have a real contradiction on our hands." Peter Bobrowski, a senior research scientist in natural hazards at the Geological Survey of Canada, said "chevrons are fantastic features" but do not prove that megatsunamis are real. There are other interpretations for how chevrons are formed, including erosion and ... . Dr. Bobrowski said. It is up to the working group to prove its claims, he said. William Ryan, a marine geologist at the Lamont Observatory, compared Dr. Abbott's work to that of other pioneering scientists who had to change the way their colleagues thought about a subject. "Many of us think Dallas is really onto something, ...
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... , featured by below-sea-level deserts, towering escarpments, fissures, volcanoes and craters. Few men have explored the region, and until recently it was terra incognita as far as its geology and even its exact geography were concerned. Now, however, the discovery of detailed evidence for the drift of continents and the growth of oceans has focused considerable interest of the ... From: Aeon II:4 (1991) Home¦ Issue Contents The Afar Triangle As the Nether Reaches of Eden and Babel Lynn E. Rose Introduction The geological literature describes the Afar Triangle in Ethiopia and Djibouti as unusual in several respects, but especially in that it is the only spot on Earth that seems to have features characteristic of an ocean ... as if they were otherwise interchangeable. The conventional view, with which I am inclined to agree, is that the continents and the ocean floor are significantly different. Thus the geologists have come to speak of oceanic "sima" (coined from si licon and mag nesium) and of continental "sial" (coined from si licon and al uminum) ...
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... bombardment episodes. The 'Shiva Hypothesis' sees cyclical mass extinctions of life on Earth resulting from comet or asteroid impacts and provides a possible unification of important processes in astrophysics, planetary geology and the history of life [18. The argument runs that collisions with modest-sized Earth-crossing asteroids and comets, a few kilometres in diameter, precipitates environmental disasters (dust clouds, ... Palmer (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, 1999, ISBN 0-306-45751-2, £55) Reviewed by Richard Huggett The aim of this book is to show how recent geological discoveries have shaken the tenets of neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory. The neo-Darwinian synthesis, which combines genetics with traditional Darwinism, sees evolution as a serenely slow, little-by-little process of natural selection ... with the accompanying spread of anoxic bottom waters. Bolide impacts have become the flavour of the month and discussed in several popular books [e.g. 15, 16 17. Some geologists think that bolide impacts are potent agents of evolutionary change that have shaped the biosphere. One-off strikes may have 'lethal radii' that cover continents. North America, for instance, ...
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87. New Scenarios for Solar System Evolution [SIS Internet Digest $]
... whole universe evolution is for completeness discussed in both the version presently accepted by the majority of scientists (the big bang scenario) and in possible alternative versions. The session on geology discusses a number of questions associated with the crucial and difficult problem of accurately dating events in the far past but more importantly for the consequences on the dating of the Homo Sapiens ... of Antarctica facing Australia. The coast of Antarctica facing the Atlantic, therefore, was placed at a much lower latitude and was completely free of ice, as witnessed by conclusive geological evidence. At the end of Pleistocene, an asteroid or a comet impact triggered a shift of the poles, according to the mechanism explained in the previous communication. This resulted ... groundrules permitting researchers to test the hypothesis and draw reliable conclusions. Alexander Tollmann, University of Vienna, Austria: the Deluge in the Peoples Traditions and Geological Evidence In 1992 the geologists Edith and Alexander Tollmann published a monograph which claimed that the Noachian Deluge was the consequence of a cometary impact about 9500 years ago. A series of geological facts supported the claim ...
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... Pangaea and continental drift. There can really be little doubt from the observed experimental facts that this is indeed the case. This situation, however, carries drastic implications for historical geology, but no more drastic than they faced in IGY when continental drift, instead of growing continents, became evident. If they had faced the situation as did one of their ... in vogue ever since. (It was shown, for example, in the excellent colour film 'Atlantic' beginning in 1990.) More significantly, however, Carey converted the geological world to his 'Rheid' concept of geotectonics [3, a concept which, on Carey's own admission, ran contrary to the science of rock mechanics. Moreover, Carey knew ... the oceanic and continental crusts behave as fluids over periods of billions of years. Thus Carey was basing a theory on a theory, thus 'begging the question'. Polls of geologists ran so strongly in favour of continental drift that the earth scientists declared 1959 as International Geophysical Year (IGY) and settled soon thereafter on Pangaea, the primordial continent, and ...
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... with that explanation too, it was proposed that it once flowed NE along one of the present-day side tributaries such as Cataract Creek. See: and The New York Times, June 6 2000, "Making Sense of Grand Canyon's Puzzles" by Sandra Blakeslee Now let us consider a 21st century solution ... is held generally responsible for carving the Canyon. However, even before the Glen Canyon dam stemmed its awesome desert floods, the river seems hopelessly inadequate to have formed such a geological spectacle. The Colorado River flows west from the Rockies and encounters a raised plateau known as the Kaibab Upwarp. Instead of turning away from that barrier it continues through the plateau ... from the symposium, leaving little evidential support for the original theory that a simple progression of water erosion formed the Canyon we see today. "Since the 1930's and 1940's, geologists have searched for other explanations-- that the Canyon once drained to the south-east (reversing the route of the present-day Little Colorado, then joining the Rio Grande and into the ...
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90. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... of "sociobiology" from crime to racism. Gould does not shun controversy, but throughout he remains the spokesman and champion of Darwinism in all aspects of biology, palaeontology and geology. His essays provide a valuable insight for the non-specialist into the workings of the modern Darwinist mind and are generally lucid and instructive and always valuable- whether one agrees with Gould's ... at least read Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval once, which is more than can be said for some of Velikovsky's "critics". Gould turns quite naturally to the geological evidence for catastrophes in the latter volume, but he feels that Velikovsky has handled it "rather badly and carelessly". But I doubt if Gould's criticisms will cut much ice ... correlations of such phenomena as faunal extinctions, tektite falls, volcanic maxima, climatic changes, glacial retreats and advances, sea-level changes and geomagnetic reversals. Gould, like every good geologist, should be well acquainted with the scores of papers on these correlations in Nature and other journals. Gould's next criticism, "the exclusive use of outdated sources", is ...
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