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... of traumatic events, apparently experienced on a global scale. Using a comparative method, he pieced together a coherent story. In support of his reconstruction he found physical evidence from geology, paleontology, and archeology. He also formulated a series of predictions-consistent with his hypothesis, but unexpected by previous theories. He predicted that the planet Jupiter would emit radio signals ... Jupiter, particularly Europa. And it is on Europa that reddish coloration is found alongside the largest furrows (they are not cracks in the ice). None of the usual geological principles are much use in interpreting the features seen on Jupiter's moons. For that matter, it remains to be seen whether they apply on Earth. "Seeing Red" seems ... the natural events shaping the surfaces of planets and moons. As our probes sent back vivid images of planetary surfaces and the surfaces of the remote moons of Jupiter and Saturn, geologists drew primarily on a count of craters to "date" the surfaces. They simply projected theoretical impact rates backwards across great spans of time, and the results were the presumed ...
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52. Cosmic Heretics [Aeon Journal $]
... from Harlow Shapley; Latham had shepherded Worlds in Collision through Macmillan; and Wittenberg was an expert on libel law. Deg also invited Harry H. Hess, Chairman of the Geology Department at Princeton, who had given V. a forum, and was helpful on several later occasions; V. counted him as a friend; Deg had met him and ... the planet Venus was involved as prime cause. A mosaic of legends from the Near East, Greece, Italy, China, and the Americas could be fashioned, and enough geological evidence would be assembled to tolerate the suppositions of the legends. V. was not as rooted in Newtonian and Darwinian prejudices as the typical Anglo-American scholar. He could also contemplate ... : The Velikovsky Case." Immanuel Velikovsky, as you probably know, is a highly controversial figure whose book Worlds in Collision incited the wrath of a number of astronomers and geologists twelve years ago. Several other works dealt with similar themes of prehistoric catastrophe, social upheavals, and the origins of myth. Another book, somewhat distinct, is Oedipus and ...
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... Notes on the Cylinders from Thebes", AJA 70 (1966), p. 194. 33. "Worlds in Collision in the Light of Recent Finds in Archaeology, Geology, and Astronomy", supplement to Earth in Upheaval (New York: Doubleday, 1955; London: Sidgwick& Jackson, 1966; Abacus, 1973), following second ... for the synchronisation of the histories of the Ancient East, in Worlds in Collision these cataclysms were reconstructed from historical documents and traditions of ancient races; in Earth in Upheaval the geological and palaeontological evidence was presented to substantiate the same claims, and only some scattered archaeological evidence was adduced. The task of collecting and interpreting the archaeological evidence of a great natural ... years, the view that the Papyrus Ipuwer describes a natural catastrophe has been repeatedly presented (by GALANOPOULOS, geologist at the University of Athens, and by HEEZEN and NINKOVITCH, geologists at Columbia University [4). Moreover, these scientists followed my interpretation of the papyrus as describing the plagues of Egypt known from the Book of Exodus, and thus also ...
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54. Catastrophist Geology [Catastrophism Geology $]
... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 1 No. 1 (June 1976) Home¦ Issue Contents Catastrophist Geology Han Kloosterman A magazine to be dedicated to the Study of discontinuities in Earth history Circulated among the participants of the Charles Lyell centenary symposium, London. Uniformitarianism holds that the processes governing the Earth's organic and inorganic past were the same as those apparent today ... if we do not accept catastrophes in evolution we have to postulate major gaps in the sedimentary record. We can of course, by retrograde extrapolation over millions of years, relate geological features to the cumulative effects of now active small-scale agents such as the raindrop and the sandgrain. Without this method of research geology cannot exist. But to state that it is ... and inorganic past were the same as those apparent today, and that they operated then at the same intensity and rate as now. When they consider this definition thoughtfully, many geologists realize that they do not really agree with it. Too many events in the Earth's history do not fit a uniformitarian system- enormous calderas, plateau basalts, ice ages, ...
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... hypothesis (as did James Hutton before him), and replaced it with the notion that geological processes proceeded gradually- all geological processes. In his major work, Principles of Geology, Lyell said that abrupt transitions in the geological record would one day be shown to be erroneous, when transitional strata were discovered. Gradualism superseded Catastrophism. Darwin's and Lyell's world ... new kinds of animals and plants, by God's hand. Lyell rejected so non-scientific a hypothesis (as did James Hutton before him), and replaced it with the notion that geological processes proceeded gradually- all geological processes. In his major work, Principles of Geology, Lyell said that abrupt transitions in the geological record would one day be shown to be ... , the great French geologist and naturalist Baron Georges Cuvier proposed what came to be known as the Catastrophe theory, or Catastrophism. According to the theory, the abrupt faunal changes geologists saw in rock strata were the result of periodic devastations that wiped out all or most extant species, each successive period being repopulated with new kinds of animals and plants, by ...
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... and I therefore willingly leave it in better hands." Charles Babbage (1792- 1871) was Lucasian Professor of Mathematics (1828-39) at the time, a dabbler in geology, theology, and manufacturing, and had recently made an unsuccessful bid for a seat in parliament. In 1837, he would publish his The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise, an attack ... From: Kronos Vol. I No. 4 (Winter 1976) Home¦ Issue Contents The Origins of Modern Geological Theory George Grinnell* This paper was first presented in May of 1974 at the Symposium titled Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia held at the Univ. of Lethbridge (Alberta). Foreword "I think any argument from such a reported radical as ... living by any stretch of the imagination. He was a member of Parliament. Indeed, what is extraordinary about the London Geological Society is that none of the original members were geologists. "The little talking dinner club," as Davy put it, was a club for gentlemen given to talk, not to hammering rocks. The following year 26 Fellows ...
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... E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS RECOLLECTIONS OF A FALLEN SKY VELIKOVSKY AND CULTURAL AMNESIA CHAPTER SIX CATASTROPHISM AND UNIFORMITY A Probe Into The Origin of the 1832 Gestalt Shift in Geology* George Grinnell History Department McMaster University [* This article has been subsequently published in Kronos: A Joumal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis (Kronos Press, Glassboro, N. J. ... of collective amnesia. PART I THE POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS OF EARLY 19TH CENTURY GEOLOGY In 1807, Humphrey Davy wrote to his friend William Pepys: "We are forming a little talking geological dinner club, of which I hope you will be a member." Of the original thirteen members, four were doctors, one was an ex-Unitarian minister. Two were booksellers ... imagination pursue the subject for a living. He was a Member of Parliament. Indeed, what is extraordinary about the London Geological Society is that none of the original members were geologists. "The little talking dinner club" as Davy put it was a club for gentlemen given to talk, not to hammering rocks. The following year twenty-six Fellows of the ...
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... polystrate trees often discovered running through several coal measures (the strata that contain coal seams). Attention was drawn to these by Professor Derek Ager, Head of the Department of Geology, University College, Swansea, and the champion of "neo-catastrophism" in geology, in his seminal work, The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record (Macmillan 1973, reviewed by ... . in Zoology from the University of Southern California, and is a member of the AAAS. He has previously published articles in the Journal of Paleontology and the Bulletin of the Geological Society of America. The presence of the marine annelid Spirorbis in coal measures presents serious difficulties for the prevailing uniformitarian theory of the autochthonous origin of coal. EDITORIAL PREFACE: Theories ... 8. This has been known from the time when coal and associated strata were beginning to receive detailed attention over 100 years ago. The swing in the early nineteenth century by geologists to concepts of uniformity and geological ages influenced the palaeoecological interpretation of Spirorbis. Obviously the "bog theory" of coal formation cannot accommodate the abundant presence of a marine organism. ...
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59. Catastrophist Geology [Catastrophism Geology $]
... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 3, No. 1 June 1978 Texts Home¦ Catastrophist Geology Home Catastrophist Geology Year 3, number 2 December 1978 In this issue: Letters B.P. Radhakrishna, Harold Aspden Earth's Gaseous Core (comments) F.D. Stacey, W.H. McCrea, Axel Firsoff, Clyde M.Stacey Late Paleozoic Tornadoes and Synsedimentary Brecciation of Chert Nodules ... separately or together: does it study discontinuities in Earth history? does it clarify what catastronhist qeoloqy is about? does it focus on subJects neglected or tabooed in the main stream geological journals? Cover. Triassic fossils, after A. de Lapparent, 1883: Traité de Géologie. I. Voltzia heterophyl la Brongt., a conifer from the Bunter Sandstone ... is Cr$ 300,- in Brazil, US$ 13 outside Brazil. Please send checks in favour of Johan B.Kloosterman to the above address. Editorial board: Johan B.Kloosterman geologist Rio de Janeiro Charles Finkl pedologist Fort Lauderdale, USA Albert V.Carozzi sedimentologist Urbana, USA Peter Gretener geophysicist Calgary, Canada Pietro Passerini geologist Florence, Italy Doeko Goosen pedologist Enschedé, ...
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60. Catastrophist Geology Year 1 No 2 [Catastrophism Geology $]
... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 1, No. 2. December 1976 Texts Home¦ Catastrophist Geology Home Catastrophist Geology Year 1, No. 2. December 1976 A magazine dedicated to the study of discontinuities in Earth history In this issue: Comments Chemical Abstracts, Chester Davids, Stephen Henley, A. Cramwinckel and Peter J.James. Ferralite events- a ... Johan B.Kloosterman Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism Alistair F.Pitty Horizontal Landslides during the 1960 Chile Earthquake Haroun Tazieff Mass movements in level areas Doeko Goosen Overnight Valley Formation in Siã Nicolau Johan B. Kloosterman Geological buzz-phrase generator Pete Kilroy The Yuty crater on Mars V.Axel Firsoff The Martian Deluge Johan B.Kloosterman Articles in other magazines Meetings, past and future Apophoreta- 2 Publisher: Johan B.Kloosterman Caixa ... (in threefold!) only if that is absolutely necessary for your (expletive deleted) burocracy; by sending a review (sympathetic or not) to the magazine of your Geologists' Association; by checking whether your Institute or Company has taken a subscription yet. If the answer is negative, find out whether the cause is ignorance, narrow mindedness, ...
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