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41. The Moon In Upheaval [The Velikovskian $]
... Zeilik (A), Astronomy, The Evolving Universe, 4th ed. (New York, 1985), p. 143. 10. Nicholas M. Short, Planetary Geology (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1975), p. 75. 11. Ibid. 12. Thomas A. Hockey, The Book of the Moon (New York ... [bulge is some seventeen times as great as would be calculated from present tidal forces...It is difficult to believe that the interior of the Moon can support such stresses for geological periods of time. (20) What Urey means is that the lunar bulge cannot be many millions of years old, otherwise the bulge would be removed by isostatic forces. ... fact, the fossil magnetic fields appear related to random impact events, not to the simultaneously implanting of an unidirectional outside field. The lack of any general homogeneity has led Moon geologists to reject the notion of any external cause, such as the one Velikovsky predicted. (112) Once again, random impacts are called to the rescue despite all the evidence ...
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42. "As Above, So Below" Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Straight-Line Phenomena [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... and Geomagnetic Reversals." Scientific American, vol. 217, no. 1 (1967), 33-38. Gretener, P.E., "Significance of the Rare Event in Geology." American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, vol. 51 (1967), 2197-206. Hamilton, Robert H., "Scientists Closing in on Ability to Pinpoint Event ... is based on a "dynamic model of the earth,"' as outlined by Hamilton [1978:13, Chief of the Office of Earthquake Studies in the U.S. Geological Survey: Material from the earth's hot interior rises beneath the oceanic mountain ranges and intrudes into the oceanic crust or extrudes onto its surface, thereby generating new crust. As the ... [1953 and Gallant [1963, 1964 have long sought to alert us. In response to the latter's article geologist Dietz [1963:40 agreed: "I believe that geologists are indeed guilty of looking down all of the time, when sometimes we should be looking up." When they do, as they must, perhaps then we shall begin ...
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43. The Rise of Blood Sacrifice [Aeon Journal $]
... phenomenon." (59) A subsidence of Mesopotamia by "many tens of metres in vertical extent" plus a "subsequent uplift" is a scenario more recently suggested by geology. (60) Such a vast geological catastrophe might account for the depth of the deposits but still falls short of explaining the absence of marine mollusks etc. This latest elucidation ... therefore cautiously labeled "one of possibly many explanations." (61) With the riverine flood theory more or less debunked, the pendulum may swing back (62) to the 1920s and 1930s when a cosmic origin of many clay deposits on the Earth was being discussed in both geology (63) and astronomy. (64) Meanwhile, ancient references ... 53) This curious sterility was not to be expected for the tremendous flood of riverine origin required to accumulate up to 370 cm of silt. When, two decades later, geologists found out that the water of the Shatt el Arab, around which the flood yielding sites are located, is practically silt-free, (54) the riverine theory could no longer ...
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... of that publication. Part of that letter read: "On December 5, 1956, through the kind services of H. H. Hess, chairman of the department of geology of Princeton University, Velikovsky submitted a memorandum to the U. S. National Committee for the (planned) IGY in which he suggested the existence of a terrestrial magnetosphere reaching ... to account for this paradox, [32 but the most popular to date-- which, incidentally, does away with Whitehouse's "old-looking surface"-- concerns "a geological event of global proportions [that wiped out all the old craters some 800 million years ago." [33 This "geological event" was more catastrophic than anything Velikovsky could ... Velikovsky's original detractors had been living in. It isn't even the newer Solar System they had packed their bags and moved to. Cosmic Catastrophism Eventually, of course, astronomers, geologists, and even historians, decided to jump on the cosmic catastrophism band-wagon. It was bound to happen. All of which brings to mind a conversation that Ev Cochrane, the ...
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... . Like Velikovsky, Donnelly is not intimidated by the artificial boundaries between various so-called disciplines. He draws his evidence from astronomy and history, legend and myth, as well as geology and paleontology. One difference between Donnelly and Velikovsky is a nominal one. Whereas the latter has a separate book, Earth in Upheaval (1955)-- on most of ... geological and paleontological evidence for his theory-- Donnelly incorporates all of his material into one volume. But discounting the clues Donnelly uncovers in his investigation of science, Ragnarok, again like Worlds in Collision, is primarily a compendium of ancient history, legend, and myth-- and his analysis of myth anticipates Velikovsky's. While neither man refers to Euhemerus ... " which he describes as "sudden and overwhelming,"(18) supposedly brought an end to "the lovely Tertiary conditions...".(19) Today's geologists date the end of the Tertiary at around two million years ago. But Donnelly places it between thirty-one and twenty-eight thousand years ago, or twenty thousand years before his dates for ...
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... comes after the "bronze ages" which follow the "Stone-ages." These terms and divisions now only perpetuate confusion in anthropology, history, philosophy, and perhaps even in geology. Thus, a common reference, the Columbia Encyclopedia, thinks that meteoric iron beads existed in Egypt as early as 4000 B. C. but iron smelting not until 1900 ... in the middle of the last century did man begin to exploit this oil, partly contributed by the comet of the time of the Exodus. Definite legendary, archaeological, and geological evidence of a holospheric catastrophe in Mesopotamia was provided by J. V. K. Wilson for a period tightly connected with Inanna (identifiable as Venus) [38. Large-scale ... ores --chiefly copper, iron, tin, uranium, and cobalt. In Angola and Rhodesia, as well as in South Africa, there are smaller deposits. Indeed, many geologists are of the opinion nowadays that the great rich ore deposits at least must have been brought into being through strictly localized, exceptional, and briefly operative causes. Iron, the ...
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... its recent amputation from Africa: the Red Sea is the surgical scar marking the line of severance [31. Indeed the phenomenon of "erosion" that is basic to uniformitarian geology is largely derivative. It is an attenuated effect of the catastrophes that carved canyons and raised mountains. All of these statements will be clearer in the light of later chapters. ... It grades, balances, and neutralizes charges to keep cosmic bodies in the state which we come to regard as "normal," that is, where time is lengthened and geological and biological processes, such as our very existence, can occur. Ralph Juergens has described the space-sheath system in connection with the encounters of the Earth and Mars [4, ... may be more important to history and more thoroughly destructive, but small and medium-sized meteoroid impact explosions, such as the Ishim, Tunguska, and Phaeton, are heavily damaging. Geologists Kelly and Dachille have calculated the effects of an explosion of a 200-mile diameter "Intruder", somewhat smaller than one which they believed fell at "Bermuda" within recent times ...
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... (1972). 82. Ibid; see above Fig. 83. Carli (1780) 307. 84. Semple's ancient geography suits nicely the ruling formulas of the old geology (cf. G. Grinnell, in Milton, 1978). 85. Ransom (1976) 134-6, 146-7; on Venus, Wash Post, Dec. 11, ... and sons of Herakles, took over the area. THE WOUNDS OF PLANET MARS Like Venus and the Moon, Mars shows the severe effects of its recent space encounters. The geological evidence for large-body encounters with Mars in a recent time can be summed up in nine points: 1. Argon, an important ingredient of Mars' atmosphere, is also found ... zero from Plato's account of Atlantic making out 900 years instead of 9000 years before Solon for the Thira disaster [53. Mairnatos followed suit. So did all the archeologists and geologists who pursued the popular study of Thira as the true Atlantis. But they and Velikovsky were using a different absolute age for the date -1500 Radiocarbon dating gave a variety of reading ...
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49. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... (but of different species composition) reasserted itself "within a few centimetres of the boundary". Cretaceous Catastrophe- 2 sources: Science 227 (1985), pp.1161-67; Geology Today Sept-Oct.85, pp.132-34; Nature 326 (1987), p.143 The leading opponents of the impact hypothesis are geologists C. B. Officer and C. L. Drake of ... Exodus" camp there. Mummified Forest? sources: New Scientist 25.12.86/1.1.87, p.25: Time 22.9.86, p.64: Daily Telegraph 19.9.86 Jack McMillan, a geologist with the Geological Survey of Canada, has mapped a 2.5 hectare site on Axel Heiberg Island in the remote Canadian High Arctic, less than 700 miles from the North Pole. This is one ... - 2 sources: Science 227 (1985), pp.1161-67; Geology Today Sept-Oct.85, pp.132-34; Nature 326 (1987), p.143 The leading opponents of the impact hypothesis are geologists C. B. Officer and C. L. Drake of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. In 1985 they presented a series of objections, among which was the observation that ...
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... from Harlow Shapley; Latham had shepherded Worlds in Collision through Macmillan; and Wittenberg was an expert on libel law. Deg also invited Harry H. Hess, Chairman of the Geology Department a Princeton, who had given V. a forum, and was helpful on several later occasions; V. counted him as a friend; Deg had met him and ... the planet Venus was involved as prime cause. A mosaic of legends from the Near East, Greece, Italy, China, and the Americas could be fashioned, and enough geological evidence might be assembled to tolerate the suppositions of the legends. V. was not as rooted in Newtonian and Darwinian prejudices as the typical Anglo-American scholar. He could also contemplate ... : The Velikovsky Case." Immanuel Velikovsky, as you probably know, is a highly controversial figure whose book Worlds in Collision incited the wrath of a number of astronomers and geologists twelve years ago. Several other works dealt with similar themes of prehistoric catastrophe, social upheavals, and the origins of myth. Another book, somewhat distinct, is Oedipus and ...
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