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131. Letters [Journals] [SIS Workshop]
... history: P. Reibisch, Kreichgauer, Simroth and, decades later, the Austrian Louis Suball. Diplom-Ingenieur Suball left Austria in 1939 for South America and became Professor of Geology at the University of Cochbamba, Bolivia. In 1958 he published, at Verlag Fromme (Vienna and Munich), his alternative Earth history Die Neuentdeckung der Erde ( ... 2005:3 (October 2005) Home | Issue Contents Letters Dear Reader As a small book of popular science, part of a series edited by John Gribbin, the geologist, Sue Bowler, wrote an introduction to plate tectonics for non-geologists (Restless Earth, 2002). On p. 13 there is an illustration of a terrestrial globe ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 680  -  26 May 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/workshop/w2005no3/03letters.htm
132. Letters [Journals] [Pensee]
... It is possible under Velikovsky's thesis that there have been other rains of petroleum, but I find it rather difficult to believe that such a repeat of circumstances occurs frequently in geologic time. In any event, I still feel that he deserves at least an open assessment of his predictions. If they do not stand the test of time, ... are still questionable. I cite, for one example, the reference in some of the articles to the article by Smith in the Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists relating to petroleum found in very young sediments. As you know, Velikovsky and A. T. Wilson have both said that the petroleum came as a rain from ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 680  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/pensee/ivr03/47letter.htm
133. Ice Cores and Common Sense (Part II) [Journals] [Catastrophism & Ancient History]
... same narrow window in time that obsesses him. It is absurd to call even previous glacial episodes several hundreds of thousands of years ago "the remote past." In geological terms, this is anything but remote. According to Rose, the geologists are engaged in a race with the astronomers "to see who can come up with the ... thousand years ago. He doesn't say what happened 6000 years ago. Perhaps that is when the Earth is supposed to have been a satellite of Saturn. He resents the geologists for being interested in studying the ice ages, as they fall outside this time period, the last such age having ended some 10,000 to 11,000 ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 680  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/cat-anc/vol1202/117ice.htm
134. Falling Dust and Stone [Books] [de Grazia books]
... , according to Velikovsky, 52 years after Exodus, and at the least he shows that this hail was not ice but of stone [4 ]. The student of geology today is realizing that what falls from the sky is not only nickel, iron or stone fragments. There is a continuity of materials. P.M . Millman ... moraines. It may be in much of the clay of the Earth, in red loams of many countries, in abyssal clay of varied red and blue hue. The geologist Johan Kloosterman tells a story from Brazil : Early this year, Professor Doeko Goosen in Enschede, Holland, told me that there was something odd about the iron content ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 680  -  29 Mar 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/degrazia/lately/ch08.htm
... . GATE WHITNEY: Chambers' Journal, Feb. 1914. The Ice Age or Glacial theory was introduced as a possible explanation of certain phenomena that has confronted geologists since geology became a recognized science. The objection to it is that what was originally a mere deduction has in course of time become accepted as proven fact. It has operated ... . D. GATE WHITNEY: Chambers' Journal, Feb. 1914. The Ice Age or Glacial theory was introduced as a possible explanation of certain phenomena that has confronted geologists since geology became a recognized science. The objection to it is that what was originally a mere deduction has in course of time become accepted as proven fact. It ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 680  -  31 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/beaumont/britain/104-comet.htm
136. Monitor [Journals] [SIS Review]
... an orbit entirely within that of the Earth. This may mean there are a whole lot more out there; they are difficult to see and not previously expected. The geology of Mars New Scientist 6.6 .98, p. 6 New images from the Mars Global Surveyor appear to show traces of a sea shore and ponds and ... begin to be voiced in respectable journals, students may be taught the old paradigms and put under pressure not to consider new ideas on pain of failing their exams. A geologist who was forced to learn about land bridges and ignore the evidence for continental drift wonders how many of today's heresies will be tomorrow's orthodoxies. Two physicists turned sociologists decided ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 679  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/review/v1998n2/41monit.htm
137. Catastrophist Geology Year 2, No 1 [Journals] [Catastrophist Geology]
... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 2, No.1 . June 1977 Texts Home | Catastrophist Geology Home Catastrophist Geology Year 2, No.1 . June 1977 A magazine dedicated to the study of discontinuities in Earth history In this Issue Comments Eric W. Crew, Richard J. Pike Worzel's Deep-Sea ash is Vocanic Johan B. Kloosterman ... send money-orders in favour of Catastrophist Geology through Banco Holandes Unido S/A , Caixa Postal 1242-ZC-00, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Editorial board: Johan B.Kloosterman geologist Rio de Janeiro Charles Finkl pedologist Fort Lauderdale,/USA Doeko Goosen pedologist Enschede-/Holland Alistair F.Pitty geomorphologist Hull/Great Britain Peter Gretener geophysicist Calgary ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 679  -  01 Sep 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/catgeo/cg77jun/index.htm
... archaeology to borrow the techniques of other disciplines. "Indeed [archaeology] would never have advanced this century in the way it has without interdisciplinary help, because as in geology and other historical sciences, each rare clue to the past needs the fullest exploitation and the most careful evaluation."(1 ) Thus the employment of the soil ... direction of glacier flow. In a number of cases, the long axes have been found to lie normal to the direction of the ice flow. As a precaution, geologists have found it necessary to determine the path of the glacier from other geological evidence(s ). Concordances between conclusions obtained from striae and from petrofabric considerations demonstrate, ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 678  -  06 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/kronos/vol0803/052petro.htm
... expressed in number of years before the present. In other words, dates in both systems are referable to a single method of counting time. This is not true of geological and archaeological measurements, except in relatively rare instances. Measurements of time in these fields are inferred from processes, the rates of change or progress of which are not ... that geologic strata containing fossils of the very youngest order have been found on the tops of mountains. This observation is even more significant in the light of the fact that geologists would prefer to recognize mountain formation as a gradual process, occurring throughout much of the period of the geologic ages. The placement of this phenomenon very late in geologic ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 673  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/no-text/exodus/exodus-v2.htm
... , attention should be drawn to the extraordinary islet called Staffa, which lies seven miles to the north of Iona, the islet famed for Fingal's Cave. It is a geological phenomenon, for over its entire size of two miles circumference it consists solely of thousands of basaltic columns of all sizes, some entire, many broken or bent, ... the area. It is uniquely one solid mass of basaltic material and that alone. Nothing in the world can compare with this islet. It is a geological freak. Geologists speak guardedly of a "plutonic event" in these parts, but a meteorologist who has made a study of meteoric phenomena. may grasp the technique which created the ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 673  -  31 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/beaumont/britain/304-real.htm
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