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91. The Prophecy In Paleontology [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... similarity between the account presented by paleontology and that given in Genesis. This observation has been made in the day-age theory, one of several theories which attempt to reconcile Genesis with geology. 5 Earth science teaches that geological history falls into five major stages. Leaving aside the first day, on which only light was created (this being thus a division antedating ... earth itself), and the seventh day, which was one of repose, the Bible likewise presents a scheme of geological history divided into five stages. There is no need to take the Genesis use of the term day in a literal twenty-four hour sense; there was no such earthly rotation on the first day, before the earth existed, anyway. ... parallels the later four Gospels of the New Testament, each telling the story in its own way. 25 There is indeed a curious parallel between the categories of time employed by geologists to divide the earth's paleontological record and those conventionally adopted in history to divide the human record. In each case there is an early period of controversial length which acts as an ...
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... biota and at another time (like now) 10,000 feet of old continental glaciers? Just a refresher for you temporary Haliburtonians listening to this epistle: uniformitarian astronomy and geology stipulate no meaningful changes in basic geophysical parameters during the last 400 million years. Among these parameters are the length of the day (which has been slowly increasing over geological time ... violated for geologically immense periods of time within the last 100 million years. Impact occurrences, whether by meteorites or comets, are not the only or even primary exceptions to uniform geological processes. While the fossil discoveries referred to in this address are not more recent than the Pliocene (2 to 5 million years ago (MYA)), I think that ... 90 degrees Fahrenheit warmer while the tropics do not even warm up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit? Where did the meltwater go? If the tropical rainforest zone averaged 100 degrees Fahrenheit, geologists claim a drying trend would set in, killing the trees. As the Sun's rays fall directly near the equator while the poleward sides of the Arctic and Antarctic circles experience months ...
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... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 3 No. 1 (June 1978) Home¦ Issue Contents Knowledge and Entropy- an Evolutionary Outlook Pietro Passerini Geological Institute, University of Florence Florence, Italy. FOREWORD Since the middle of the last century, theories involving catastrophes have become unfashionable. It is somewhat ironical, tbough probably not coincidental, that they are banished ... the official biography of the Earth just now a real cataclysm appears to be materialising with ever more evidence. What presently occurs is, of course, quite different from the events devised by early authors and figured in popular images. And yet, in a timespan practically instantaneous with respect to the history of the Earth, mankind 'has subverted the Earth's scene, ... mankind has to realize. But, after all, evolution itself was brought about by small mutations stored cumulatively. Let us sum up The Earth's history is being diligently reconstructed by geologists; meanwhile, mankind is largely, though often unwittingly, pre-ordaining the geology of the future. Human knowledge plays by now a geological role overpowering that of most other evolutionary forces ...
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94. Nemesis for Evolutionary Gradualism? [SIS C&C Review $]
... , whereas the true situation is much more finely balanced [96, 97. Another determined not to accept unsubstantiated claims in favour of extraterrestrial catastrophism is Tony Hallam, Professor of Geology at the University of Birmingham. Hallam is not interested in defending outmoded gradualism. He agrees with Stephen Jay Gould [2, 4 that 'catastrophists such as Cuvier were the true ... ---360 DEVONIAN---408 SILURIAN---438 Early ORDOVICIAN Palaeozoic---505 CAMBRIAN---590 PRECAMBRIAN Figure 1. Table of the geological periods, with approximate dates using the potassium-argon method and uniformitarian assumptions. A periodicity in extinctions? The fossil record as a whole is too poor for it to be known with ... have been interpreted as indicating the gradual replacement of dinosaurs by mammals, the process starting before the end of the Cretaceous Period and going on into the Tertiary. However, the geologist Jan Smit and colleagues have argued that channels from the time of the Tertiary which cut through the C-T boundary have led to stratigraphic inaccuracies. They consider that all the dinosaur finds ...
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... of all main layers in the principal areas of digging, and the number of small bags thus collected exceeded 400. They were shipped to Cincinnati for scientific examination by specialists in geology and botany."(35) When, in 1974, we discovered this passage, we made inquiry, only to find that the samples had never been analyzed. The ... the origins of some of the world's clays? Clay is conventionally assigned to sedimentation or decomposed structural material, without inquiring as to possible volcanic or other sources. Yet, a geological walk along many a Greek island beach may pass across deposits of pumice dust and of grey clay that visually suggests bentonite. Donnelly claimed a cometary origin for a heavy rain of ... itself with logging the cores brought up from the near subsurface of wells under drilling.(40) It may be possible in the future to make a cooperative arrangement with petroleum geologists to provide such data. Apart from its usefulness to social and natural history, near subsurface samples may reveal chemical and morphological peculiarities of areas overhanging oil pools, such as distillates ...
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96. The Center Holds [Pensee]
... in so doing it will be impelled to broaden its theoretical understanding of a problem which Einstein singled out as crucial, the co-operation of electromagnetism and gravitation in the same domain. GEOLOGY The second relevant discipline dealing with inorganic materials is geology. Velikovsky considered its problems the most imperative and turned to them after finishing Worlds in Collision. Earth in Upheaval has left ... incomplete, they will have to pay more serious attention to the fact that alterations between strata are abrupt. It is, of course, impossible to reconstruct celestial events from the geological record alone. Confronted with evidence from times before the memory of man, the geologist can only describe the nature of the change the earth underwent. Nevertheless his position is unique ... fact, it devotes only limited space to chronology of catastrophes described in Worlds in Collision; much of the material is meant only as decisive evidence for catastrophism in general. The geologists therefore are left with the enormous labor of distinguishing, to the limited extent possible, among effects of a series of catastrophes extending indefinitely back in time. No longer free to ...
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... the new credo: 'All theories are rejected which involve the assumption of sudden and violent catastrophes and revolutions of the whole earth' [6. Even George Cuvier's masterpiece of catastrophist geology [7, which Lyell wanted to wipe off the realm of scholarship, was not yet conceived. Lyell's master disciple Charles Darwin was not born until forty-four years after Boulanger's insight ... still defies an understanding of its triggering mechanism. [36 In 1977, Canadian mainstream scholars were the first to consider celestial bodies as the agents of mass-extinction on the earth within geological time [37. Two years later, father and son Alvarez and their collaborators applied this approach to the termination of the dinosaurs [38. Since then, an unending stream ... the model of the Deluge and the great revolutions of the terrestrial crust'. [1 Nicolas-Antoine Boulanger [2 (1722-1759), who left us this statement, was a geologist, sociologist and civil engineer [3. For Diderot's Encyclopaedie he wrote the entries Déluge, Corvée and Société. The evolutionist dogma of an extremely slow, peaceful and uniformitarian development ...
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... "sociobiology" from crime to racism. Gould does not shun controversy, but throughout he remains the spokesman and champion of Darwinism in all aspects of biology, palaeontology, and geology. His essays provide a valuable insight for the non-specialist into the workings of the modern Darwinist mind and are generally lucid and instructive and always valuable- whether one agrees with Gould's ... read Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval once, which is more than can be said for some of Velikovsky's "critics". Gould turns, quite naturally, to the geological evidence for catastrophes in the latter volume, but he feels that Velikovsky has handled it "rather badly and carelessly". But I doubt if Gould's criticisms will cut much ice ... correlations of such phenomena as faunal extinctions, tektite falls, volcanic maxima, climatic changes, glacial retreats and advances, sea-level changes and geomagnetic reversals. Gould, like every good geologist, should be well acquainted with the scores of papers on these correlations in Nature and other journals. Gould's next criticism, "the exclusive use of outdated sources", is ...
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99. Catastrophic Theory of Mountain Uplifts (A Crustal Deformation Theory) [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... . (caption) The Catastrophic Era Orbits of Venus, Earth and Mars. A common feature of these theories is their dependence upon "gradualism." In the parlance of geology, the dogma of gradualism is called "Uniformitarianism." This eight-syllable word embraces the idea of millions of years for accomplishing anything involving crustal deformation. Explanations based on gradualism always ... of recent catastrophism is arriving almost daily from the various space probes now speeding toward the ends of the universe, from sophisticated computer modeling once thought impossible, and from archaeological and geological discoveries around the world. Readers are urged to follow these exciting developments. The two-gravity hypothesis presented above has been jointly conceived and created bySamuel R. Windsor, a marine engineer ... (Jan 1991) Home¦ Issue Contents Catastrophic Theory of Mountain Uplifts (A Crustal Deformation Theory) Donald W. Patten and Samuel R. Windsor Introduction Astronomers, geographers, geologists and others search for a theory that addresses the causation of mountains. Mountain ranges, mountain systems, mountain cycles, volcanoes, and basaltic outflows all cast shadows over a culture ...
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... solid evidence. According to Nilsson, evolution has been refuted by both geological catastrophes and genetic stability (including the stability of intraspecific variation). Just as a century of uniformitarian geology had obscured the fact of a catastrophic past, so half a century of evolutionary genetics had obscured the fact of genetic stability. Velikovsky was pleased to refer to Nilsson's extensive documentation ... quit blinking at solid evidence" (p.19). The crux of the controversy is still what constitutes the solid evidence. According to Nilsson, evolution has been refuted by both geological catastrophes and genetic stability (including the stability of intraspecific variation). Just as a century of uniformitarian geology had obscured the fact of a catastrophic past, so half a century ... Erosion (by water, wind, or ice) is an excellent negative explanation: everything can be worn away given enough time. But it is of little positive value. Geologists cannot convincingly explain with little-by-little how a huge rock formation is lifted in a single piece from its place of origin and left resting much higher on top of newer strata. Nor ...
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