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251. Deluges [Books] [de Grazia books]
... Flood of Dardanus was probably of the 8th century B.C . The story of Atlantis may be contemporary with the Saturnian flood. We note that the Atlantic Ocean was called the Sea of Kronos. Atlantis would then have sunk in the flooding of the continental shelves by the Noachian Deluge. In a prescient line, Bellamy thinks: "Genesis I is a dragon myth without a dragon, a deluge myth without a deluge."[7 ] This would be the initial deluges of the first, Uranian period of Chaos. The Greek myths of Ouranos and Okeanos were concerned with universal deluges of the earliest catastrophes, involving the breakup of the Super-Uranus partner of the Sun. ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 18  -  29 Mar 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/degrazia/lately/ch13.htm
... be read into an ancient law, upon which basis ever more questions might be raised and solved. Therefore, the talmudists developed an ahistorical method of textual exegesis through which they could examine one scriptural passage in the light of some other passage or even noncanonical exegesis. A famous instance of this is in the commentary of the Midrash Rabbah on Genesis 1:1 , which interprets the words, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth on the basis of Proverbs 8:30, Then I was by Him, as a nursling [amon]; and I was daily all delight, in order to justify the theological concept of Torah as an eternal blueprint for all ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 18  -  30 Jul 2008  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/aeon/vol0206/005jew.htm
... the "name," "gloriously wrong," as opposed to Gould's "victors" or heros. What is the cardboard or stereotype game that Lyell played? According to Gould, Lyell used Biblical fundamentalism or Bible baiting to bash his opponents. As Gould aptly remarks, "In particular, Lyell noted that the 5000-year time scale of Genesis had faded from respectability by 1800, and that his scientific colleagues could only stand accused (at most) of not allowing sufficient millions [of years] in their revised estimates . . . . But later textbooks have usually blurred this distinction and imagined that the catastrophists of Lyell's own day still adhered to the Mosaic chronology . . . ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 18  -  26 Mar 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/ginenthal/gould/11gould.htm
254. The Organization of the Solar System [Journals] [Aeon]
... this case another Emanuel, took the core of Swedenborg's idea and brought it to widespread acceptance. This hypothesis happens to be very popular in the halls of contemporary science; it has had a few revisions but no genuine overhaul and no real alternatives for over two centuries. The other general approach has been that of fiat creationism. This 6-day genesis has been affirmed in some theological circles as a great, if inexplicable achievement of The Lord. In this approach, the solar system (including the Sun) was suddenly brought forth from nothingness, along with satellite systems, comets, asteroids, meteor streams and galaxies all within the last 10,000 years. Fiat creationists resort to ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 18  -  30 Jul 2008  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/aeon/vol0104/077organ.htm
... guest came not from Thebes, but from Sheba in South Arabia. Excavations at Marib, the capital of Sheba, as well as at other South Arabian centres such as Timna (capital of neighbouring Qataban, not to be confused with the Timna north of Ezion-geber), Shabwa and Hureidha (in the kingdom of Hadhramaut, biblical Hazarmaveth, Genesis 10:26) have so far revealed little of the 10th century BC, but finds from the 8th or 7th centuries BC onwards attest a prosperous civilization with a high degree of literacy, sophisticated irrigation systems, well-developed skills in metallurgy, and fine temples which show "a distinctive architecture in stone that was second only to that of ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 17  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/review/v0801/12queen.htm
256. Second SIS Cambridge Conference Report [Journals] [SIS Internet Digest]
... by ground truth in the archaeological, geological, climatological and historical records. Depending on one's chronology and the geographic region under discussion, the Bronze Age started c.3500 BC and continued for two or three thousand years until approximately 1500-500 BC, encompassing not only the main construction phases of Stonehenge and its megalithic counterparts elsewhere, but also the genesis of kingship, priesthood, human and animal sacrifice, the evolution of religious views from polytheism to monotheism and significantly to astronomers a burgeoning interest in the celestial sphere. The heart of the astronomical thesis is that changes in the Earth's near-space astronomical environment, corresponding to the orbital evolution and hierarchical fragmentation of a giant comet - possibly the progenitor ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 17  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/i-digest/1997-2/05sec.htm
... , from 30 to 50 miles wide, which contains Lake Nyasa, the Shire River, and the lower Zambezi. Geologists are agreed that the great systems of East African Rift Valleys, with the extinct and active volcanoes which are strung along them, date from geologically recent times. We now present for consideration and discussion the account of their genesis which Hoerbiger's Cosmogonic Theory affords. The Great Rift, for there can be no doubt that all these pieces are part of one single system extends for almost 4000 miles, that is, nearly one-seventh of the circumference of the globe. For a longitudinal gash of that length only an extra-terrestrial causation seems feasible. The Great Rift encloses the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 17  -  26 Mar 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/bellamy/life-history/04-escape.htm
258. The Succession of Gods [Books] [de Grazia books]
... and one time, as we have asserted, how do all people settle upon the sky and often the same creation stories of first generation gods, as we shall see? "Diffusion," one might venture; from the first Adam and his home locale, there went forth the common focus and story (" Just as the Hebrew Genesis says!"?). If so, the first human must have achieved the diffusion; there would be no humans to pick up the story elsewhere. In his book of Timaeus, Plato accepts and rationalizes in its early pages the existence of "everything visible, and which was not in a state of rest, but moving ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 17  -  25 Mar 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/degrazia/divine/ch02.htm
... made few attempts to chase up the other sources of quoted material. I would be grateful if those who find that their masterpieces have been used without ascription will accept this paragraph as my grateful acknowledgement to each and every one of them. Old Testament Tales, Part I' (OTT1) showed that Bietak's dig at Tell ed-Daba supports the Genesis story of Joseph, so its writer Moses must be a historical character too. But how much of Moses' autobiography in Exodus and Numbers is true? We deal first with matters supported by physical or literary evidence, or which were in the public domain and so probably founded on fact. Later on in the series we deal with ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 17  -  13 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/review/v2004n2/28testament.htm
... From: In the Beginning: God by H. S. Bellamy CD Home | Contents In the Beginning: God List of Passages Quoted and Commented Upon THE BOOK OF GENESIS i. 1 - 28; 14 -16; 20; 21; 26; 27; 29. ii. 1; 4-9; 5; 7; 8; 9; 11; 15; 17; 19; 21. iii. 7; 8; 17; 18; 22; 24. iv. 8; 15. v. 2. vi. 1; 2; 5; 7; 8; 11; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17. vii. 1 ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 17  -  26 Mar 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/bellamy/god/passages.htm
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