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61. No title [Mythopedia Website]
... is geen taal die geen woorden uit andere talen absorbeert, er is geen taal die niet verandert, en er is geen taal die geen ambivalente woorden of zinsneden heeft. In de loop van de geschiedenis heeft onze taal myriaden Engelse, Franse en Latijnse woorden geabsorbeerd. Maar ook de oudste vorm van het Nederlands was al een conglomeraat van Oud-Germaanse taalelementen en elementen die uit heel andere talen afkomstig waren. Iets als 'zuiver Nederlands' is pure fictie. Schuttingtaal is ook niet van gisteren: de meeste vulgaire woorden kunnen bogen op een respectabele etymologie, die getuigenis aflegt van een zeer hoge ouderdom. In het geval van delicate of niet-delicate woordkeus is de taal niet de schuld van de verloedering, maar betreft het meer een sociale ontwikkeling. Veel verstandiger is het om zich te bezinnen op de vraag waarom deze en andere veranderingen in de taal zich voltrekken. Taal verandert niet zomaar, maar op grond van meestal ondoorzichtige taal-intrinsieke processen. Er is een need voor verandering in de taal zelf, en daarom volgen de ontwikkelingen slaafs. Kort gezegd is er niets om zich druk over ...
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62. Letters [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... few remarks. The stele of Merneptah, which says ? that Palestine ? is a widow ? and that ? the seed of Israel is destroyed ?, indicates that Merneptah obviously inflicted a defeat on Israel...? (AiC, p. 9). It is somehow startling that Breasted supplies the happenings recorded on the stele with the Heading ? Hymn on the Victory over the Libyans (Israel Stela)? (Anc. Rec., Vol. III, para 602). Libya does not fit either geographically or etymologically into the list of subdued peoples mentioned on the stele. According to Breasted the text reads: ? The kings are overthrown, saying ? Salām ? ? (Fn. ? The Libyans are represented also using this Semitic word in Ramses III ? s war with them.?). ?... Wasted is Tehenu (Libya), Kheta is pacified, Plundered is Pekanan with every evil, Carried off is Askalon, Seized upon is Gezer, Yenoam is made as a thing not existing, Israel is desolated, ...
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63. ?Star of the Sun? [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Greeks used to call Saturn Phaenon, ? the shining one.? (6) If Saturn was always as inconspicuous as it is at present, what could have caused the races of antiquity, as if by common consent, to give to Saturn the appellative ? sun ? or ? the shining one ?? ? The astrologers certainly must have found it increasingly contrary to reason to associate the star that gives us light and life with one of the palest, and the slowest of the planets.? (7) The folk etymology of the Hebrews explained the name Khima as meaning ? about a hundred (ke ? me-ah) stars.? (8) The Bhagavat Gita contains the following description of a deity: ? If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one... the shatterer of worlds.? (9) All that we have considered up to now indicates that Saturn once exploded in a nova-like burst of light. The date of this event ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  31 Aug 2000  -  9k  -  URL:
64. Mystery of the Cosmic Thunderbolt(6) [Thunderbolts Website]
... the right portrays the hero's defeat of the three-headed monster Geryon. We have already noted that, across the centuries, former celestial gods were brought down to earth through storytelling, presenting an enigma for the chroniclers. How would later poets and historians describe the thunderbolt with which, in the more archaic tales, the warrior-god vanquished heaven-spanning serpents, dragons, or chaos monsters? In some cases the electrical character of the weapon simply disappeared. But in an astonishing number of instances, the lightning connection was preserved either through metaphor, or etymologies. Just as the spear of Achilles retained the connection to the thunderbolt of Zeus (it "flashed lightning round"), the poet Hesiod describes Heracles leaping into battle "like the lightning of his father Zeus". The hero's connection to the "thunderbolts of the gods" was no accident, a fact confirmed by cross-cultural comparison. In the Grail cycle of myths, lightning receives the name Lanceor, or "Golden Lance", an archaic name of Lancelot. Lightning is also linked to the sword Excalibur, which ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  29 Nov 2006  -  11k  -  URL:
... The over two million words of this collection of works by the author and collaborators present the full range of ideas and phenomena that pertain to this theory. It may be well to warn promptly against claiming any relationship to quantum field theory in physics, although dire consequences to gravitation concepts may inhere, because of the seeming all-sufficiency of new electromagnetic theory. Such a global change of perspective requires a search for new evidence, a reformulation of old evidence, a reconsideration of anomalies, changes in meanings of words and phrases, explorations of etymologies of words and concepts, and a reexamination of assumptions, often when they are so accepted as to be trite and so trite as to be ignored-- removed, indeed, from our very cognitive structures. For example, there is an immense idea that persists in the literature to the effect that the Moon was torn from the Earth; this story is told not only by scientists such as George Darwin and George Fisher but also by myths of various cultures. Invariably, if a discussion of the matter is allowed at ...
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66. Titlepage [Quantavolution Website]
... SCIENCES by Alfred de Grazia METRON PUBLICATIONS PRINCETON, NJ, 08542,USA Notes on the printed version of this book Copyright (c) 1983 by ALFRED DE GRAZIA No reproduction in any form of this book, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews), may be made without written permission from the author. First Edition 1983 Metron Publications Box 1213 Princeton, N.J., U.S.A. 08542 Note: The word 'exo-terrestrial' is used in preference to 'extraterrestrial.' It is more exact etymologically, less romantic and sensational, and easier to pronounce. The design on the jacket is one of several drawings by Leonardo da Vinci of the "Deluge." He portrays the cataclysm as a terrific downbursting of water and whirlwinds. "Nihil difficile naturae est, utique ubi in finem sui properat."* Seneca De Quaestiones Naturae* "Nothing is difficult for nature. TABLE OF CONTENTS Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  03 Apr 2004  -  4k  -  URL:
... and yoni of ancient Hindu symbolism. The fear and delight of the first experiences with the Leyden Jar (see Heilbron's history of electricity and God's Fire) can be associated with unconscious sexuality, the "female" and "male" electrical connections used today. Electrical twinges have been associated with pleasures of masturbation and ejaculation since ancient times. The mountain-top orgies of Bacchus were associated with the relative ease of inciting electrical discharges there. "Diddle" has an unknown origin and long history. Although the Oxford Dictionary of English based upon etymological principles does not extend sexual meaning to "diddle" (out of prudery) the connotation is present in the rhyme and the usage is indestructible. Giorgio di Santillana and Hertha von Dechend talk in Hamlet's Mill (287) of Tammuz, the grain-god aspect of Osiris, the Saturn of Egypt. A festival of mourning over his death marked the opening of the Egyptian New Year. The holy event lasted through millennia; lamented was the god who was cruelly killed by being ground up between millstones. The authors were reminded of ...
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68. Vox POPVLI [Aeon Journal $]
... ? This would have produced a prolate Earth and would provide a real "underworld." David Talbott mentions the occurrence of "sun" pictographs and the possibility that many of them may depict the polar planetary conjunction. [5 There are "sun" petroglyphs in the U.S. that are accompanied by what appears to be a Celtic Ogam inscription identifiable as G-R-N, which is readable as Ogam consaine (vowel-less Ogam) for Old Irish grian, which today means "Sun." However, it would be interesting to know the etymology of Gaelic grian to see if it might originally have referred to some other Solar System body. Dwardu Cardona replies: As the Editor of AEON, I must begin first by thanking Mr. Smith for the kudos, hoping that he will find the present issue just as "handsome" and "uniformly interesting and thought-provoking" as IV:6. As one of the original proponents of the Saturnian model and scenario, I am also pleased with the questions he raised because it shows that readers are not only interested in the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  05 Mar 2003  -  17k  -  URL:
69. Aeon Volume V, Number 1: Contents [Aeon Journal $]
... Donald Patten and Samuel Windsor's hypothesis concerning the recent organization of the Solar System. PAGE 9 Second SIS Cambridge Conference: Natural Catastrophes During Bronze Age Civilisations A report by Birgit C. Liesching. PAGE 15 Circling the Rings-- by Henry Zemel A new hypothesis which proposes the one-time existence of rings composed of asteroidal debris surrounding the Sun in concentric bands, the slow shrinkage of which would have swept the ecliptic clear of such remnants. PAGE 23 Quantalism: The Big Picture-- by Roger W. Wescott An essay on the etymological origins behind cenocatastrophism which attempts to shed light on animal and human behavior as well as the vocabulary and metaphors of violence. PAGE 33 The Saturn Thesis-- (Part 4) The conclusion of AEON's interview with DavidTalbott, who continues to clarify the role of the Radiant Venus in its physical association as a planetary member of the Saturnian configuration. PAGE 57 Stairway to Heaven-- by Ev Cochrane In his drive to dispel one of the main objections against the identification of the ancient deities as representations of the planets, Cochrane ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  01 Sep 2004  -  9k  -  URL:
70. A FIRE NOT BLOWN: INTRODUCTION [Quantavolution Website]
... inter alia, that two kings of Crete are named Minos, one of the Old Bronze Age and one of the Iron Age, and likewise there is an ingenious Daedalus in Minoan times and the same much later as pioneer sculptor of realistic marble statues in Greece. Katreus was the important successor to the king-god Minos of Crete, and his name is made up of the two components, the aura of divinity and watching for something, here the essential electromagnetism. Nomen est omen is to be borne in mind at all times in etymology. A linguistic root may never just that, but is always something behavioral, real, connected with the direst and most blessed activities of homo schizo. Once more, astronomy, electricity, gods, and bulls find a score of linguistic links, and several identities and their associated myths become clearer. Linguistic evidence implicates Planet Venus, it would appear, in the bolts of Zeus (we know that Athene was the only God allowed to handle Jovian instruments) and in the highly controversial tablets that registered it as irregular over ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  03 Apr 2004  -  15k  -  URL:
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